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Mr.CBB’s Personal Finance Reading List #7 Air Fare Wars~ Air Canada Price Guarantee!

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From Storage Wars to Product Price Wars and now to Air Fare Wars with Air Canada heating up the runway with a promise of an Air Fare Price Guarantee.

Yes you heard that right and Air Canada is communicating this to its price savvy customers stating that if they book online they WILL get the BEST price Guaranteed.

So, after you book and purchase your ticket “if you find a cheaper price for the same flight, itinerary and fare brand on another Canadian website Air Canada will give you a travel credit $50 plus the difference in the air fare costs”  according to Ben Smith, Air Canada’s chief commercial officer. Wow, I’m impressed although West Jet has something similar promising the lowest prices.

This reminds me of the Canadian Tire Price Match Guarantee where they will not only match the price but give you 10% back in Canadian Tire Money to spend in the store. I know I’ve always plotted my purchases around these perks and will continue to do so as long as they are available.

I don’t know what it is any more but every where we look competition gets hotter and options just keep getting better although every dollar counts when it comes to saving. They know what consumers want, “The Best Prices” and they should stop at nothing to provide them to us even if that means price wars, business is business after all. As most Canadians continue to balance the family budget they also tend to stop spending as much money especially when consumer debt is a big part of the picture.

Canadians are always looking for ways to save whether it be price matching, cutting coupons, deal sites, coupon codes and now even money-saving apps like Checkout51 and Freshpoints Canada for the Iphone. Many stores have a price match guarantee and even a price adjustment policy which for some last up to 90 days.

We purchased our water softener from Sears Canada which has a price adjustment policy for the 90 days so if they sell it cheaper we can head in and get reimbursed the money.

It’s perks like these that the customers want to see because there is nothing worse than finding the same product for less.

With Air Canada I think it’s a great idea and will help bring back some of the customers as prices have always been much higher to fly with Air Canada hence why most people look for cheaper fares.

 Any time an organization steps outside with it costs, that cost rolls right down to the consumer. With all the technology and marketing a big company like that should be able to take it on themselves rather than shovelling it to online retailers which costs Air Canada a commission. Will this work is the question?

Only time will tell but money talks, there’s no doubt about that.

Mrs.CBB and I both never bothered  heading to the Air Canada site after realizing prices were just far too expensive.  I guess you get what you pay for. All I ever worried about was getting from point A to point B safe, a good cuppa tea and space.

I don’t care how cheap the flight is but if I must have smokey the bear breathing and drooling on me they can keep their money especially if it is a long flight. If it’s a short flight I’ll suck it up but anything over 8 hours I’ll pay the extra.  

I’ve got a few good stories I might share one day.

I’ve travelled to many countries and I’ve never once booked through an agency.

I would always search the internet looking for the best prices for air fare and book that way to save some money most often avoiding the direct airline websites due to cost.

There were times I would chat to people on the plane and they would tell me what they paid and I would either bite my lip or smile because I knew I got a better deal.

It pays to look around but it also helps when the big boys like Air Canada throw these types of money-saving motivators into the mix.  I’m sure this is only the beginning and we will see more air fare wars coming out of hiding because like anything money makes the world go round.

How do you book your travel flights?

What was your worst experience on a flight?

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