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PF Weekly Reading List # 19 And ‘Tough Titsday’ Class Win or Loss For Business!

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dumbells Gym

When a business is looking to take risks like Cross-Fit in South, Brooklyn by naming one of their exercise classes “Tough Titsday” it was inevitable that they would at some point upset someone. Problem is, the name really wasn’t a risk in their eyes because the meaning behind it really is different from what we apparently perceive it to be.

Should business owners really watch what they say and how they say it for fear of offending potential clients or is it simply common sense? These days it seems everything is posted online and nothing is private any more not even an email or a delinquent account. I touched briefly on this topic back a couple of weeks ago about business suicide and social media and now another case of what’s right and what’s wrong and who really cares has surfaced.

Sometimes it almost seems as if you can’t please everyone and the reality is, you can’t. The owner David Osorio of the gym went on to ban a complaining member who questioned the professional judgement and the name of the class which was named by female coach, Margie Lempert.

So where one female saw this as no big deal another chose to speak up because she took offence to it and believes it was inappropriate. Is this a case of misogyny or simply a way to encourage women to get in the gym and pick up the weights?

He also went on to say that he didn’t ban her because she was voicing her opinion. Sounds to me like it was a back and forth struggle to get each others point across which turned personal and ended in what seems something that could potentially have been avoided.

The reason why I denied her membership was not because she voiced her opinion, nor was it because she took issue with the name of the class. I told her she couldn’t join because after several attempts to discuss the issue in a civil manner, including inviting her to the next TTD meet, she continued on to criticize me personally.

As a small business owner, I have the luxury of denying a patron service if I feel they’ve been unreasonable or disrespectful, and in this instance I felt exactly that.

What is Tough Titsday?

Good question for those intriguing minds that want to know and from the Cross-fit website this is what I found out…

Tough Titsday – Novice Ladies, it is time to get your estrogen on. This four-part series is geared for beginning lifters who want to develop competency on the four barbell lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Press. We’ll focus on technique development, how to establish appropriate warm up and work set weights for the novice lifter, as well as the mental aspect of preparing to manage heavier loads. Titsday is a practical class using moderate volume and weight; it should complement your regular CrossFit life.

The customer simply asked if they could change the name to something more “neutral” as she found the word “repulsive”.

“It is rare in our culture that we foster and celebrate women in strength, so I am especially proud that I was a part of a business that goes out of its way to do so,” Lempert writes. “As for the name, well, it is just as it seems, a subversive, cheeky reclamation of silly vulgarity.”

Now I’m not agreeing nor disagreeing with the way organizations choose to do business but the reality is that money talks.

Win or Loss

We as society will always be offended by one thing or another, some react differently to the way something is said or portrayed especially when it is not intended which can create a negative air. We all know email is the worst for that because we read something the way we want to hear it not as the writer intends it to be. It’s tough trying to get a point across sometimes.

Marketing, advertisements and business models go hand in hand and some organizations will stop at nothing when it comes to targeting their intended audience. If money is being made I’m sure this class will remain as it is, Tough Titsday.

Whether it’s a win or loss sometimes we have to accept it is what it is as the owner is ultimately the one holding the key to their castle. We have the final decision how we spend our money so if she didn’t like the name she could easily go elsewhere and be done with it as there are many women who don’t seem to mind the class at all.

Maybe she is the voice for all the women who don’t have the courage to speak up because they feel the same way. Alternatively inviting the views of your paying and potential clients to spearhead or name the classes together might also help have them champion the organization.

Sad part is that it’s the business owner who potentially has everything to lose unless they have a client base to sustain the organization and the angry customer, well they just go somewhere else. Maybe jazzing up a class name with simple, motivating powerful words like, “You Can Do It”, or “Push for Strength” might be more welcomed. Clearly it’s causing more pain then gain.

Where one person doesn’t like something there maybe 10 more that don’t mind it like those that frequent the class. Then again, what one person thinks, may mean 10 others think and so on, but in an unspoken cloud of  “I’ll take my business elsewhere”. What I mean is we don’t often see the money we missed because we are so focused on the money we’re making that we forget about the rest. I always say a little bit adds up to a lot over time, win or loss for this organization, well, only time will tell.

Would you be offended and spend your money elsewhere if you were to take a class and it was called “Tough Titsday”? or would you just take it as it is, a name and get on with what you came to the class to do, get fit and get strong?


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out. I really appreciate it. I agree with planting our pennies. I don’t think it is that big of deal. I would still go to the class if I liked it. For years inappropriate phrases, ads, and marketing techniques have been used at gyms and fitness facilities. Why would things change now?!

    1. I’ve noticed a mix of no or I don’t care as it really seems as if it’s up to the person and how these types of marketing and adverts bother them. Some people could care less where others it’s a big no no. Thanks for dropping in Miss T!

  2. It’s definitely inflammatory and the gym certainly knew what they were doing. If they’re taking heat for it now they only have themselves to blame!

  3. Interesting thoughts. I’m with many of the others: I’m not crazy about the name, but would take my biz elsewhere as opposed to raising a fuss. As a biz owner though, I probably wouldn’t go there. Not that I’m afraid of offending people in general, but I would be more afraid of making clients/potential clients feel less than valued with a name like that. But, his biz, his choice. Almost everyone gets offended at something or another, and you can’t please them all. 🙂

  4. It is great free advertising, and like they say, the only thing worse than people talking trash about you is people not talking about you at all. With that name you can bet attendees have told their friends they go, whereas you don’t talk about “weight lifting class #203”. Thank you for the mention!

    1. It’s been a mix of fans that don’t care about the name and others that don’t prefer it. It’s no different than Mike Jefferies from Ambercrombie who markets only to thin people. Look at the outrage but he’s worth millions and someone is keeping his pocketbook lined. Money talks… full-stop.

  5. hee I’m glad I fall under odd/unique/different! LOL! Awesome! As far as the name, it probably wouldn’t bother me. I have a pretty high tolerance for colorful language, but if I was truly offended by something I might casually say something but take my business elsewhere.

  6. Political correctness gone mad. That is probably the one thing I still like about Australia. As an example – If you are tall you can be called a giant, if you are short you can be called a dwarf. If I need to point out a person I can say – “the Asian guy over there” and no one will be offended. If I want to join a club called toughpenis (in reference to the toughtits day) I can and if I am offended by the name, then I also have the right to take my business elsewhere.

    People need to toughen up, suck it up and get on with their lives. If you don’t like something – don’t look at it. I personally find all the celebrity TV shows repulsive, do I write into the TV networks demanding they take it off the air? Hell No! I just don’t watch it and I go on with my life and do the things I enjoy.

    1. I think you know as well as I that we were brought up around things like that where we take the piss out things and laugh and it’s no big deal. It’s different here I find and even the wife warned me to watch what I say because it’s not received like it is back home.Just watch any BBC comedy or show and you know what I’m going on about. I even remember the health and safety signs at work having a laugh with what they wrote on them… It’s hard to get used to but you can’t make everyone happy. You are right we all have choices to stay or go.

  7. I am so honored to make top recipe this week! Woohoo! I love this recipe by the way and it’s soooo easy! I was intrigued about the title of this post but I am all about female empowerment and I would go to a gym if I sere not spending all my spare change on my son at a private gym for football….not frugal I know but thats what these kids have to do these days to get scholarships they have to be the best of the best! Thanks so much for a great post and giving me a mention 🙂

  8. I can sort of see it from both sides, but I generally tend to be one that if something like that offends me then I’ll just take my money elsewhere and not raise a stink. Thanks so much for the mention Mr. CBB, I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend sir!

    1. Thus the power of choice we all have.Growing up in the UK we had a laugh at so much to me it’s difficult to relate sometimes here. I normally just hold back because of the cultural difference that I find. Cheers John!

  9. The headline gets attention and maybe that is the point. If it is something that I don’t care for after looking into things I would be inclined to let those that need to know I am walking and why. I’m not going to beat them up over it … just state my opinion and walk away. I do think Beth has a point about content, and I would consider giving them one chance to explain themselves but if I feel it is offensive I would walk……
    I have looked over a few of the reading list and have enjoyed them!!! Keep them coming!!!!

  10. I personally don’t think I would boycott a fitness class over a cheeky name like that (nor would I go specifically because of the name), but for those that are offended, go for it – boycott. The business owner made a calculated risk that more people would sign up for it with a creative name than would boycott it because of it. They’ll just have to see if they’re right after the fact.
    One of the gyms that I go to used to be branded in a very “muscle head” kind of way, but recently went through a name change (under the same ownership) to appeal to a more broad clientele. The classes and services offered haven’t changed, just the name. We’ll see if the owner’s experiment pays off!

    And thanks for the mention, Mr CBB.

  11. Seems to me there’s not a lot of difference between “Tough Titsday” and “Get Ovaries, Work Less.” Both are intended for the same purpose: to shock us enough to garner attention. Neither would encourage me to click on them simply because I think that if you have to resort to that sort of trick to garner attention, you should probably be paying more attention to content and less attention to headlines.

    1. It’s true that is what grabs people’s attention and it’s not just blog posts, news headlines, businesses it’s on t-shirts,books all sorts of marketing for all types of events…. it’s up to the consumer whether they want to know the meaning of what it really is because we all perceive things different. Thanks for pointing that out Beth.

    2. For myself, I found the content that I was commenting on – the idea that we should structure jobs differently to account for those of us who have ovaries and might use them – to be ridiculous. So, I gave the blog an equally ridiculous and facetious title. It’s a stylistic choice and I’m sure that it’s not a style that would appeal to everyone. -cf

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