How Financial Sacrifice Helped Us Become 40 and Debt Free : The Saturday Weekend Review #212

SORTING OUT OUR FINANCIAL AFFAIRS TAKES MORE THAN SIMPLE MATH   For the first time in her life Mrs. CBB bought a brand new cell phone but it took her 20 years to make the decision to do so. Financial sacrifice has been a huge part of both of our lives from the time we were young and even today now that we have our mortgage paid off, $200,000 in the bank and almost all of our investments topped up. It’s not much really considering we could have done better saving using a budget earlier on in our lives. But to someone else that’s a success they dream about. Let me tell you something, it wasn’t easy and it won’t be easy for you. We gave up lots to get ahead and not a day goes by where we regret anything we’ve done.   Unlimited Moves   The other day we made a phone to Rogers our provider for home phone, cable, internet and Mrs.CBB’s new Samsung Galaxy 7 (S7). The reason for the call was to ask about new Rogers promotions that might help us lower our monthly bill and talk about costs of a data plan for the […]

How Rogers long-distance charges bumped our monthly wireless bill

ASK YOUR PROVIDER FOR A BETTER DEAL   Most people assume they know everything they need to know about their wireless account until the bill arrives in the mail. If you don’t know the details of your wireless plan it’s imperative that you review the information so you don’t get a shocking bill like we received last week. Considering that we call Rogers customer relations every year our billing cycle is up to see what new promotions are available and to negotiate a new deal for the year even the best promos can sting you if you don’t know the provisions. When the bill came in we found out that we went over our long distance usage on the cell phone while I was on the road training for work. Our initial thoughts were  that calling the cell phone from our home phone was long distance when in fact it wasn’t it was local since we were calling a local number on the cell. I am the first to agree that we don’t have the best long distance plans with our cell and home phone but we didn’t think that going over was as costly as it is. Typically when […]

PF Weekly Grab a brew #41: Can you survive without a cell phone for just one night?

Disconnect For A Day And Live A Little Should you have a plan b just in case your cell phone provider goes down? Yes, we should have “disconnect for a day” as a national holiday in Canada where everyone puts technology away and just lives a little like we used to back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Only problem is you don’t get paid for it like you might a holiday from work, you just do it. Think about life back then if you were around (showing my age here) and what you did, how you lived it and how life has changed from then to now. Don’t you ever wish you could just go back to the simple life? I know you may say we have to get on with the times and I agree but I also believe that sometimes we miss the small things that are pushing the envelope today like the cell phone. We had no need for them back then like we do today, so why the big change and dependency? Last week on Grab a Brew #40 I brought up the topic about whether or not we are dependent on the internet and […]

PF Weekly grab a brew #39: Forget the land-line stick with the cell phone

  The Home Phone Is Just For Decoration Not everyone has a home phone land-line these days because they have a cell phone and it’s no surprise, all you have to do is look around everywhere you go. Do you really need a home number to get by these days? You won’t find many people without their heads buried in a cell phone from every street corner to the local shopping mall and grocery stores. Cell phones are not going anywhere and if anything they will continue to become like a life-line for many people if they are not already. In a recent survey  from the Canadian Radio-Television Communications annual monitoring report it shares that home phone users went down 2.1% in 2012 from 11.9 million which talks about the home phone and how cell phones are taking over. I know some people who can’t live without their cell phone or iPod (my wife included) because it keeps her tapped into the world. We live in two worlds, the real world and the internet world. This will be my 6th year living in Canada now and I have yet to get the urge to buy a cell phone or get […]

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