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Rogers Canada Home Phone Has Been Cancelled

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Well, we finally went ahead and cancelled our Rogers Canada Home Phone and it feels good.

After being a Rogers Canada customer since 1999 Mrs. CBB finally gave in after the retentions department failed to offer her a deal.

You would think that long-standing Rogers Canada customers would get the best deal but it’s not often the case.

To be fair we were at our wits end with scammers calling us and wanted to get rid of the 5am phone calls.

Even if you block the number or add it to the No Call List you still get scammers ringing all times of the day.

If you’ve ever wanted to meet someone face to face it’s a phone scammer but they’re safe hidden just as they are online.

Today, I discuss a few important topics:

  • Why we cancelled our Rogers Canada home phone
  • How To Get Rid Of Scammers Who Call You
  • Ways you can help family members understand how scammers work
  • Why you have the power to change your fixed expenses to fit your monthly budget

If you’ve had enough of the high costs of technology and scammers do what we did- cancel.

Happiness Is Being In Control Of Your Fixed Expenses

We have in the past scored some great deals but that only happens if there are promotions available at the time of renewal.

If you are a new homeowner, business owner, or setting up services for the first time you will get Rogers promotions pricing.

Although, they only last a year and then you must call back to try and get a better Rogers promo.

As many of you already know trying to get a deal with any telecommunications company is pain the ass. I’ll say it, because it’s true.

Not only are you on the phone for a minimum of one hour up to two hours you don’t get the price point that fits your budget.

Honestly, that’s really the name of the game when it comes to getting deals.

Will the costs allow you to keep a balanced monthly budget?

If the answer is no, then try another company or just get rid of a service like we just did.

How To Cancel Your Rogers Canada Home Phone

How can I cancel my Rogers Home Phone?

Both Mrs. CBB and I have been talking over the past two years about getting rid of our Rogers Canada home phone.

The problem was that I didn’t own a cell phone, but now I do and received a fantastic deal through Freedom Mobile at $21.99 a month With 1.5 gig of data.

So, now that we both have cell phones it made no sense to continue with the Rogers home phone.

Although, last year the Rogers Canada promo that we were offered from their retentions department allowed us to keep the home phone.

Magically, they moved numbers around so we could keep the same payment each month.

Personally, I think the Rogers retentions department has more pull than they say.

After one year of paying a bill you can get used to a promo price and then bam, you forget to call and your bill goes back to the regular prices.

That’s often how Rogers Canada customers find out that their promos have ended.

Read Your Rogers Bill

I am guilty of not reading our Rogers bill if I notice the price is the same each month.

The only time I take a good look is when the price increases which is horrible to admit.

I’ve always told CBB followers to make sure they read their receipts including your bills.

Don’t do what I did, read your bill every month top to bottom.

This is what I was afraid of when we changed from paper bill to online billing.

Before I would read the bill when it came in the mail but became a slacker.

This is what I missed below and had I logged on I would have seen it.

INT Equipment Offer and Internet Offer for Internet – (our address) will be ending on March 19, 2021. Review your plan

Lesson learned.

Even so, it was the scammers that turned us off having a home phone.

Rogers Canada Customers Get Daily Calls From Scammers

Likely all telecommunications companies in Canada have customers who complain about scam callers.

I’d say for the past year the only phone calls we’d get on our Rogers Home Phone were scams for :

  • Air Duct Cleaning Services ( I don’t even know if this is a scam but they call ALL.THE.TIME.
  • Visa Department Alerts (someone is using your credit card just to get your credit card information)
  • Amazon Scam Phone Call Canada – Problem With Account (they walk you through a process online so they can get a hold of your Amazon account and credit card information)
  • Revenue Canada (the police want to speak to the owner of the home (haha) because they owe income tax. If they don’t pay they will come and arrest the owner of the home. Insert Yawn!
  • Microsoft Computer Virus (they walk you through a process on your computer until they gain remote access to everything)

How To Handle Telephone Scammers In Canada

I’m sure there are plenty more home phone scams but what irks me is that no one seems to be doing anything about it.

Canadians often read online about people getting scammed over the telephone and it’s heartbreaking.

Canadians that do recognize these calls are scams have to understand that they target everyone.

It’s easy to understand how intimidating the scammers can be on the phone but you must take control.

They know what they are doing and many don’t want to but that’s how they feed their family.

I don’t believe for one minute that employees of scam call centres don’t know they are ripping people off.

Of course they do and for one reason, to earn an income for themselves and their boss.

I’ve got into deep discussions with all of the above situations just to see how they earn money.

As you will see in the two videos below the scammer knows he is scamming and Canadians gets hit just as hard as the Americans do.

Could you imagine that? It blows my mind but saddens me at the same time.

Poverty holds people prisoner and takes people to dark places they never imagined.

Where Do Scam Phone Calls Come From?

Realistically, scam phone calls can come from anywhere in the world but many have been traced back to India call centers.

These scam call centres in India earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Indian call center scammers targeting foreigners around the world with the IRS and Microsoft Tech Support scams have reached an epidemic level.

They’re destroying India’s reputation around the world with every single scam call. So, I’m taking you to a scam call center in India to show you exactly how these call centers are scamming foreigners for hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Even a small scam call center like this one can make over USD 500,000 a year. Usually, they scam elderly computer-illiterate people out of between $400 – $1600. They do this by placing pop-up windows on websites that trick the person into phoning them to “get rid of a virus.”

It’s all a scam and a lie and the person’s computer has no virus at all. These scammers prey on our naivety and people who are less savvy with computers.

-Karl Rock YouTube

Scam phone numbers come from using international phone numbers or local numbers that were once cancelled are used.

Often times my senior mother-in-law would get these scam phone calls and we gave her instructions to hang up.

If you know someone who may fall prey to telephone scammers help them to understand the consequences of giving in to their demands.

However, telephone scammers can get into your mind faster than a speeding bullet.

Things To Avoid When You Get A Scam Phone Call

They are trained to be efficient and make the caller on the other end scared and intimidated.

First off, if you have call display and don’t recognize a number let the answering machine pick it up.

Here’s what won’t happen if you ignore the scam phone call;

  • You will not go to jail even if the caller is convincing
  • If the answering machine picks up don’t bother calling back nothing will happen
  • It’s all LIES. Just get on with your day and be happy you’re not one of their scam victims.

What you should avoid doing when a scammer calls;

  • Do not send anyone money, wire-transfers, bitcoin, gift cards
  • If anyone asks for information about your computer hang up
  • Never give out personal information over the phone
  • Don’t let the caller bully you, hang up.

Rogers Canada 2021 Promotion Fail

So, we received our monthly Rogers Canada bill via email and notice that our bill had gone up to $170.75.

We were paying $146.22 a month which included:

  • Home phone with no long-distance waived so you pay full price (this didn’t bother us since Mrs. CBB had free Canada-wide long-distance calling on her cell phone.
  • The cell phone was $20 month with no data plan since she doesn’t work and is home every day. It was not necessary for her to have data with unlimited internet at home.
  • Rogers Internet Ignite Internet 500-Unlimited, Gigabit Wi-Fi.

On the bill it stated that our new monthly charges would be $170.75

The new price came in at difference of $24.53 a month or $294.36 a year.

Talking To Rogers Canada Retentions Department Fail

After one hour on the telephone with a guy that told me he was retentions and could help me I was transferred to Nova Scotia.

The best deal we were given by the first Rogers employee was $163.70 an extra $17.70 a month and $7.05 less than the new bill.

Apparently, this is where the Rogers Canada retentions department lives.

The gentleman on the phone was happy and talked about how beautiful it was to live there.

Of course, the idea is to put the customer in a good mood before he dishes out the promotion.

It turns out the retentions department that cost me 30 minutes of my life has the same price as the first guy.

So, after ALL that I was able to get a $7.05 promotional difference from the regular price monthly charges.

I still was not near the $146.22 we were paying in 2020 so we decided to cut the phone chord.

During the 2020 promotional deal Rogers Canada was charging us $121.14 for unlimited internet.

It seemed very high but they were moving around numbers to make magic happen and to make us happy.

It worked as we kept the home phone for one additional year in 2020 because of it.

Gone are those days I guess.

However, when we cancelled the home phone the price of the internet dropped to $67.99 plus $20 for the cell phone for a new monthly total of $87.99.

You work it out. All I see is Rogers Canada moving numbers around to appease their customer.

Trying To Keep Customers After They Cancel

After we cancelled our Rogers Canada home phone we also said we would be cancelling Mrs. CBB’s cell phone once we move her to Freedom Mobile.

Two days later I log on to our Rogers Canada account online to see this promo that was NOT offered by the retentions department.

They are sneaky.

Exclusive offer for (insert phone number)

Get 2GB for $35 / month on this line (plus applicable discounts & taxes)

Final Thoughts About Rogers Canada Promotions

We’ve never had many problems with Rogers products so certainly I would recommend them.

I do wish they had better promotions for long-standing customers like ourselves to keep us.

Unfortunately, they lost our home phone business but to be honest, we don’t miss the scam calls one bit.

We also realized that we can live without a Rogers home phone since we both had cellphones.

So, if you’re looking to cut your telecommunications bill consider your options as it is not a fixed expense.

Don’t be afraid to cut the chord on cable or home phone if you don’t really need it.

The savings will be worth your confidence in saying goodbye to Rogers Canada services.

Have Your Say

Discussion: What made you finally cancel your home phone? Do you miss it?

Leave me your comments below.

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