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  1. Our kids saw us dealing with money issues and how they were dealt with…or not. They always knew money was tight here. I still remember the time our daughter needed a new pair of shoes…. first place she looked was the flyers to see who had what on sale!! We plan shopping trips around the sales flyers and she knew it then and she knows it now with our grandson!!!!

    1. Sounds like a smart little girl. She will take all of this and run with it. She may just learn what the value of money is and why it’s important to save and look for deals. We do the same and always go to the flyers and deals but never pay reg price. Mr.CBB

  2. I don’t have any children – and the cat just refuses to listen! 🙂 I try to impart small lesson to my nieces by not buying them things when we’re out, or just setting a strict limit if I did plan to get them something – and not budging!

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