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Can we stick to the Grocery Budget Feb 2012 Week 3?

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Week: February 13-19

We will not Shop, We will not Shop, We will not Shop

Like usual I open the front door and there upon the mound of snow is our weekly flyers. I’m still confused why she avoids the mailbox which is clearly hanging on the wall. Perhaps, she just doesn’t care that my flyers are soaking wet.

Changes to our grocery budget in February,2012 has us committed to a “Shop Free” week once a month. The grocery game is a system we use to keep the budget in check. Shop Free week has arrived for us and it’s bitter-sweet.

Gazing into the refrigerator I’m amazed to see temperature controls on the back wall. I typically brace for explosion with produce, condiments and beverages. Now that we’ve taken it down a notch it makes me realize how little we need to make it through the week.

Our Discovery…….Shop for what you need now, not what you think you will need.

  • Less Food=Less Waste= More Money for the BUDGET

You know when you’re at the grocery store and you convince yourself you need ( insert product here). We’ll use Mangos.

Reasoning would be …

  • It’s so hot outside and I can make some amazing blender drinks with this
  • You see yourself on the deck, sunglasses on, BBQ smoking and a frosty smoothie with a mini umbrella hanging out the top
  • Your friends are cheering you on for becoming the best Blender Queen or King  in your circle (not all guys like just beer)
The Reality…..
  • You then find that mango still in the refrigerator weeks later
  • It’s hanging on for dear life as no one has paid attention to this luscious fruit
  • You now have to toss it in the bin and you are likely out $1.00-$2.00 a mango
  •  Yeah you all know you’ve done this, it’s the dreaming demon in your mind when shopping
  • This demon can eat up your budget, and fast, even with coupons

It was time to give our heads a shake, slap or bang. It worked!

Along with saving money a couple other great tips from livingafrugallife  are;

  • using up what you already have- This is a good way to make sure your pantry items get used before expiry dates.
  • Adds creativity to cooking-A good point because one tends to open up the creative field when the usual items are unavailable.

What other tips do you have for a shop free week?

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  1. Feb 13-19 Was my no shop week. However, There were a few deals I couldn’t resist so I used some overerage from the other weeks. I bought:

    Catelli pasta free
    Green giant vegetables free x2
    Oasis juice $2 x 2= $4-2.50=1.50
    Cinnamon pops $2.94-.75= 2.19
    Bananas.$ 1.06
    Hamburger helper 2/$3
    Sprite 1.00
    Kraft salad dressing $2

    Total 10.91
    Retail 27.60 ish
    Savings 17.61

    Glade decor scents 2/$6 with a bogo (so 4 for $6)
    Glade decor refills 2/$6 – 2 x $2.00 off= $2 (bought 4 for $4)
    Allens apple juice PM to .99 x 2= 1.98 (with $10 in oasis juice coupons)
    Satin care shaving cream 1.97 x 2= 3.94 – $2= 1.94
    Retail 40.94
    Paid 13.92
    Savings 27.02

    We are a family of 4. And I try to buy all my meat at Costco (unless I get a coupon),which we go once every 3 months and get about 150 worth of meat, our budget for the month is $350.00.

    1. Hi Samantha, Thanks for your post ,awesome. We have a no shop week as well however if we have any money left from the week before we might use it on a great deal the next week. We went over budget this month a bit on groceries BUT that’s ok. You have a pretty good budget for 4 wow. I would love to read about your shops. The most important part is to try harder the next month if you overspend. You get Ballot #6! Hope to see you back weekly posting! Cheers Mr.CBB!

  2. I don’t have my receipt for last week (forgot it at my MIL in Welland). But I did all my shopping at Walmart and Price matched everything I bought (to save time, money and gas). My total before PM and coupons was $120.00, what I paid was $82.63!! I will post my whole shopping info for week 4!
    My weekly budget is $150.00 (we are a family of 4 and I run a home daycare, so I have to include those costs), but I try to keep it under $120!

    1. Hey Shelley! Thanks for taking the time to share that info with us. I’m glad to see you were mindful even though you don’t have your receipt. You saved yourself about $40 last week with coupons. Pat yourself on the back. If it took you one hour to plan your shop with coupons that you paid yourself $40/hr. It’s all money back in the budget! Good for you. I look forward to your full shop in week 4. This is Ballot #4. Remember your ballot # if it is picked by you WIN! 🙂

    1. Yes this the place! There is now 4 posts for Feb and you can post your savings weekly in the comments of each post. If you shop bi-weekly you can post 2 times or monthly post once. There’s no right or wrong way although if you shop weekly you will get at least 4 entries at the end of the month. Show me the savings! Cheers Mr.CBB 🙂

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