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5 Exercise Methods That Cost Absolutely Nothing!

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Not everyone thinks of the simple exercise methods they can easily do at home costing them nothing at all. As the summer approaches, everyone steps up the effort to start looking a little bit better. Over Christmas and New Year’s we’re known to indulge in a few things that aren’t exactly beneficial for our weight, so the few months after are always a struggle to get back into shape.

The best way to do this is to eat properly and exercise. Many people join a gym, but some people don’t have the money  or the time do be doing so. Here are 5 great ways to exercise and lose weight and save money at the same time.


The most obvious and popular method is going for a run. On my way to work, I’m constantly having to shift over for runners to get past me. On average, a person can expect to burn 700 calories with an hour of running – so if you can keep to a balanced diet, that’s a pound lost every 5 days (3500 calories to a pound). It’s free and can be done pretty much anywhere.

If you’re like me, however, and don’t like running (I have horrendously short legs and they ache after 10 minutes), there is an even simpler method – walking. When I’m in weight loss mode, I put a few heavy things in a back pack and walk briskly for an hour. This probably burns around 500 calories, so it’s not as effective as running, but is still a great way to lose a bit of weight.

Arrange A Sports Game

Over in England, our favourite sports are football (soccer) and rugby. There are loads of parks and fields to play in so if you get a group of people together, you can arrange a game. With social networking sites, it should be easy to find a few people who’re interested in playing. It’s also a great chance to meet new people.

Circuit Training

Where better to do some exercise than in the comfort of your own home? Whether you own a set of weights or not, there are so many different circuits you can do at home, even using some household items as tools in helping you. If you don’t own any tools for circuit training, you can stick to the basics. Sit ups, press ups, crunches, squats and many more free exercises. Net fit is a great website dedicated to helping you out with lots of possible circuits for you to do.

Watch Free Exercise Videos

People have been buying workout videos for years. In fact, I can’t remember a time when there hasn’t been some third rate celebrity shedding weight and then cashing in on an exercise video. In the age of social media, you’re able to find similar videos on sites like YouTube and Metacafe. Your instructor probably isn’t famous, but it doesn’t make your exercise any less effective.


I’m not a keen dancer myself, but it’s a great way to shed a few pounds. There are many dance classes available that cost money, but there’s nothing stopping you from putting some music on and letting loose for an hour. You can try and organize a group session, but if your dancing skills are anything like mine, I’d recommend against it. The good thing is that there are hundreds of thousands of songs out there so you can choose the speed and intensity of your dance session.

There are plenty more ways to lose weight for free, but some aren’t suitable for children so I left them out. So if you’re a bit strapped for cash or you just don’t want to be paying over the odds for a packed gym that’s an hour away from your house, follow some of my tips and you’ll be on your way to that beach body in no time.

Contribution by: Daniel Kidd is a 26 year old SEO Manager from London, England. Into all aspects of online marketing especially SEO and social media. I also like blogging on personal finance, money making and saving ideas.  He has recently began his own personal finance blog, bestmoneysavingblog.


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  1. My grandson enjoys going to the park so when we go he plays on the kids equipment while I use our outdoor gym which is right beside the playground

  2. So many people forget about the simple things like walking that can have a great impact on your health, and a great way to spend time with the kids too!

    1. It’s very important to think outside the box.. although most people run for convenience. I do go to a gym however me mate owns it so I don’t pay.. perks of having some cool mates I guess lol..

  3. Great read. Currently using my wii for just dance and just got a new board ($24 at Liquidation world) so all set for getting back to my wii fit. Thanks again

  4. Ahhh…running & cycling…my favorite fitness regimes.

    I am, hopefully, recovering from a hamstring injury, & am starting again, when I return from vacation.

    Thanks for the reminder!!!

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