How we Quit Smoking

Driven To Quit Smoking Challenge Has Ended- A Lifestyle Change For Love,Health,Money

As you may know we quit smoking on January 29,2012 because it was the right thing to do. We have been tossing the idea in the air for over a year and we had to jump in head first. Our mates were very excited for us when we finally told them because they truly wanted to see us live a healthier lifestyle.  I am naturally fit as my job keeps me that way but I do all the right things including lifting weights, sports and eating healthy. Smoking was always our downfall and a way to cope with stress and everyday life.

Here are some changes we noted since we have quit:

  • When I’m working out at the gym I don’t get winded as fast. I feel like my lungs are wide open and fresh and that I can carry out anything I set my mind to.  If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle just being active 3 days a week is important. You don’t have to be a big gym buff like I am but simply walking the dog or to the park gets you out of the house and moving is what is important.  This is what the Mrs likes to do with her mates and I think it is a great way to motivate your friends.
  • Eating Healthy has always been smart for us but challenging when we quit smoking so we had cravings  mainly sweets (My famous Mr.CBB Fudgy Brownies). We are hoping to keep our weight down and continue to fight the cravings although a treat here and there never hurts anyone! Work hard and reward yourself in money and in health!
  • Incorporating The Grocery Game Challenge at my blog has encouraged me to buy  fresh  vegetables, meats, dairy and grain products as opposed to convenience foods as we post what we buy. We are working hard at making these lifestyle changes.
  • My mates come around to shoot some hoops more often now that I am motivated more than ever to get outdoors
  • I don’t smell like smoke any longer and my sense of smell has gotten better.  This was a big deal for me especially as I love cologne and fresh smells.  I was always bothered that I potentially would smell like smoke.  I can smell smoke from a mile away if someone is a smoker but I don’t discriminate as I was once in their shoes. It’s not a pleasant after-smell and you won’t realize it until you quit.
  • Our overall appearance seems brighter and rosier, and we love to have a good laugh and take the piss out of each other even more now. We focus  on our relationship with the time we have gained back from not smoking. We wanted to do this so we could spend more time together in this world, after all Love is, what we make of  it!

So even though the Driven to Quit Challenge is over as of tonight March 31,2012 we are happy to say we have remained smoke free since our quit date in January 2012. We have saved over $300 in cigarettes and gained back weeks in our lives.

The cost of  smoking on your health and budget is phenomenal and if  I could beg you all to quit I would. It’s up to you to make that lifestyle change! We will continue this challenge as a lifestyle change and challenge ourselves to stay smoke-free for the rest of our lives.

Even if we don’t win a prize in this Challenge we know that there is no prize big enough to conquer the LOVE we have for each other and what the rest of our lives together will mean to us!

We want to thank all of our family,mates and fans for their continued support and of course The Smoker’s Hotline and The Driven To Quit Challenge. Without all of you this would never have happened. You need a great support system when you quit smoking and that is what we did get from all of you, so thanks! We love you all!


Mr. & Mrs. CBB~

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  1. I shudder to think of how much we spend on cigarettes each year. Both hubby and I talk of quitting “oneday” but that day never arrives. I’m very afraid to take the plunge as previous attempts didn’t work out very well. I hate to say it but it is almost like I would have to become ill directly due to smoking to finally get the motivation 🙁 Keep it up….you’ve come this far hopefully there is no turning back!

    1. We quit after 15 yrs of smoking or so, and we were armed with everything… and you know what.. we still have everything.. it was all in our head. The wife had 2 pieces of nicorette and I had 8 and thats it.. we have a full stash of gum, candy and patches… that we will donate to friends and family. If you need support.. come chat with me or you can click on the links to driven to quit in the posts and they have an amazing help line team whom we talked to on several occasions. Good Luck. Mr.CBB

    1. Angie, if your sniffer is stellar now, just think what it would be like if you quit lol… It’s amazing what you start to smell. The pantene shampoo my wife said was amazing and she had never smelled it so intense like she has since quitting. It’s a good thing!

      Cheers Angie,

  2. I quit 11 years ago when I found out my daughter had asthma. Turns out it did wonders for my asthma too!! Congrats again!

  3. Congratulations! It’s such a difficult thing to do! I quit 5 years ago this October and my hubby quit a year ago this past Christmas Eve. It has been difficult at times and the hubby still really misses it but the health of our son keeps him motivated.

    1. It’s best to find motivational goals now before it gets to the point where the motivation is either death or a life threatening disease from smoking. Good for the both of you. You made the best decision of your life! Your son will be thankful to have mom and dad around a little longer because they quit! Mr.CBB

  4. Keep up the great job guys!!!!!! It is amazing the changes you get once you quit! Sadly, no one realizes them untill after they do, or more people would stop smoking! That first step is the hardest ! Congrats to you both!

    1. Thanks it truly has been life altering for us. The hard part is for me to stop making brownies… 3 times in 3 weeks so far! Thanks for reading and posting I appreciate all the support. Mr.CBB x

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