The Grocery Game Challenge Oct 8-14,2012-Fresh Air!

This week the Grocery Game Challenge takes us back into the garden for some Fall fresh air. Almost all of our plants are now re-potted and brought indoors for the winter. I just need to get the last of the love ferns brought in before Mrs. CBB gives me the speech about killing the love fern last year. Yes, I said Love Fern, and Yes she named it that, not me.

We thought we would take our mates advice and do some Fall gardening to save some money something we really had not done in the past. It’s amazing how all this food we can grow helps us save money in our grocery budget all year long.Upon returning from our Thanksgiving “left over” feast with our relatives today we brought back some goodies to plant for next year. This afternoon I planted some rapini which are so excited about as well as fennel seeds. I also managed to plant our spring onions so they will be ready to go in 2013. We talked about growing Kale and Swiss Chard next year so that is on our garden radar as well.  Have you tried Kale or Swiss Chard? How do you prepare it?

We also managed to pick some fresh tangerines from the garden. Although they are small the flesh is like baby skin, so soft and tender. I was simply amazed at how they were doing growing here in Ontario that I jumped right in to give them a taste. Needless to say I made the 50 shades of faces to go along with how sour they were. I thought to myself that I could do something with these.

My initial idea was to make a simple syrup of tangerine, then a pound cake, poke holes and drizzle the tangerine simple syrup inside. This is going to be my next cake so be on the lookout for that. Then I thought, the smell of these tangerines are out of this world and I’m not joking, potent is a good word to use. You know when you smell a skunk, well potent like that and it goes right up your nostrils but in a “give me more” sort of way (that is if you like the smell of tangerines). I decided to take the skins and instead of composting them I tossed them in with our vinegar cleaning solution of  water, vinegar and  baking soda that we make each week. After an hour the smell is out of this world so it doesn’t smell just like vinegar it’s a fresh wonderful smell. Now if only I could grow some of these tangerines.

My pumpkin spice pound cake that I made for Thanksgiving turned out perfect and everyone raved about it. I had the ” Yes I know” attitude going on when I had no bloody idea how it was going to turn out since it was my first time working with pumpkin. That recipe will also be coming up shortly on the blog. I post a recipe every Sunday.

While raiding our relatives garden I was also able to pick up many tomatoes (don’t ask me the names) but one is a low acidic tomato and the other is beefy yellow tomato. What I was instructed to do was to keep the seeds for next year as they were shocked we bought seeds (oops did I open my big mouth too soon). I’ll do a post on what I did for this process which will save us some money in the seed department of our budget.

With the organic tomatoes I ended up tossing them in the food processor with tonnes of organic garlic, organic peppers, yellow onion and those basil cubes that I made earlier on this summer when I had too much basil and needed to do something with it. Tonight we are having a fresh pot of pasta sauce and pasta for dinner!

The Grocery Game Challenge

If you missed posting your shop last week you can post it now.

CBB Household-Total Left to Spend for October: $164.65

So this week will be our “no shop” week for The Grocery Game challenge as we simply don’t need any food in this house. We have more than enough milk, bread, tea, coffee, vegetables etc to last us through the weekend.

What did you spend this week in your Grocery Budget? Post your shop to WIN!!

Also this month if we gain 5 new grocery game fans who commit to posting their shop I will draw a second winner. With grocery prices on their way up again in the new year 2013 it’s time to take control of the grocery budget and stick to it.



Below is a template you can use when you post to make it easier:

Name Your Store ie: Zehrs

List what you purchased and coupons used below it with bullet points.
Total Coupons Used: $
Total Out Of Pocket: $
Do the above for each receipt you have.
Then post your “Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results”
Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $
Total Coupons Used this Week : $
Total Spent This Week:$
Total Spent So Far for September: $
Total Over/Under spend this shop: $ Let us know if it is over or under
Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: $
Total Left to Spend for the Month: $
Total Coupons Used This Month : $
Weekly Overview: Share your overall thoughts on your shop and what improvements you will need to make or any achievements you want to talk about.

What are your reasons for joining the Grocery Game Challenge?

Frequently Asked Question:

Do I have to be Canadian to post my Grocery Shop?

No, you don’t have to be Canadian to post your shops only to win a monthly prize. We have a few posters from around the world.

When does the Grocery Game Close each month?

The Grocery Game Challenge Closes at Midnight of the last Sunday of the last post for the month. You can post your shops all month-long so if you miss a week you can go back and post so you still get your entry in the monthly contest.

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  1. I got a bit behind in posting but here is my shopping for that week.

    My grocery budget for the week is $92.31 for 2 adults and 1 child and includes all food, household items, personal hygiene items etc.

    Old El Paso Taco Kit – $4.00 – FPC
    Kit Kat Snack bars – 2 x $4.73 – $4c (plus each came with coupons for Bear Paws)
    Frozen Waffles – $1.50
    Tostitos Nachos – sale 2 x $2.00
    Cantaloupe – $2.47
    Can baked beans – $1.37
    Betty Crocker potatoes – sale 2 x $1.47
    Stages toothpaste – $2.36
    Garnier body cream – $4.96 – FPC

    •Total Coupons Used: $12.96
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $22.81

    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $400
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $12.96
    •Total Spent This Week:$22.81
    •Total Spent So Far for September: $80.78 + $22.81 = $103.59
    •Total Under spend this shop: $69.50
    •Total Under spend for the month of September: $81.03
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $296.41
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $25.72 + $12.96 = $38.68

    Weekly Overview: I didn’t have to buy much this week as I had food in the fridge and freezer that I needed to use up. I also will consider reducing my grocery after this month as I have been under budget for the last few and may have overestimated how much I really needed when making my budget in the spring.

    1. Hi Joanna!
      That’s awesome that you may be lowering your grocery budget as you may have overestimated it. How much do you think you will drop it and where will you put that extra money. I always love when I hear the grocery game fans talk about milestones or achievements that they make. Wow you have quite a bit left for the month there. Do you find you are cooking more from scratch or are you simply just buying too much. We really have cut down on the food stockpiling unless it goes in the freezer or it won’t run out for a long time like sugar or oil. We found lots of our cereal was going out of date and some other items we had to toss. So that was a loss for us in the last year. That’s why we made changes this year. Mr.CBB

  2. Store: Item Amount Coupon Disc Total Tax Weekly Sub-total

    Sobeys (Oct 9)
    Maple Leaf Bacon 5.49 5.49
    Green Giant Corn 2.00 2.00
    Hamburger buns 2.79 2.79
    10.28 10.28

    Superstore (Oct 10)
    iogo Yogurt 3.69 1.00 2.69
    Mini Marshmallos 2.59 2.59
    Miracle Whip 2.99 2.99
    Cheese Twists 1.79 1.79
    Brown Sugar 1kg 2.79 2.79
    Pumpkins (x2) 2.98 2.98
    15.83 0.57 16.4

    Sobeys (Oct 10)
    Pepperoni Diavolo Pizza 3.99 1.00 2.99
    Triscuit Crackers 1.66 0.75 0.91
    Olymel BBQ Chicken Chunks 10.99 2.5 8.49
    VH Sauce 2.5 2.5
    Premium Plus Crackers 2.99 0.75 2.24
    Finn Whole Wheat 2.79 2.79
    Lactancia Butter 3.49 1.00 2.49
    Deli Subs 4.49 4.49
    26.90 0.58 27.48

    Giant Tiger (Oct 11)
    Rainbow Peppers 4pk (x4) 7.08 7.08 7.08

    Jean Coutu (Oct 11)
    Vaseline Body Lotion 5.29 5.29 0.00
    Head & Shoulders (BOGO) (x2) 3.99 3.99
    3.99 1.73 5.72

    Superstore (Oct 12)
    Colgate Toothpaste 2.69 2.69
    Vitamin B-12 12.99 1.00 11.99
    Mandarin Oranges 3.99 3.99
    McCain Pizza 2.99 2.99
    Swanson Skillet 5.49 5.49
    27.15 2.04 29.19

    Sobeys (Oct 13)
    Cauliflower 3.49 3.49
    Spaghetti Squash 4.46 4.46
    Dates 3.59 3.59
    Broccoli 2.00 2.00
    Bananas 0.77 0.77
    Mangoes 1.00 1.00
    2L Milk 3.19 3.19
    Baking Cocoa 3.69 3.69
    Pudding 1.25 1.25
    Kraft Salad Dressin 2.99 2.99
    Wing Sauce 3.29 3.29
    Rice 5.99 5.99
    Walnuts 3.99 3.99
    Thyme 2.27 2.27
    Chia Seeds 11.49 11.49
    Apples 2.73 2.73
    Yogurt 3.49 3.49
    Parmesan 7.99 7.99
    Ground Pork 5.1 5.1
    Rib Roast 6.85 6.85
    Salmon 5.99 5.99
    Feta 4.79 4.79
    Lotion 2.99 2.99
    Shredded Coconut 2.49 2.49
    Speed Stick 2 2
    WW Bread 2.59 2.59
    100.47 0.65 101.12

    Shoppers (Oct 13)
    Cereal 2.49 1 1.49
    Cheese 4.99 4.99
    Paper Towel 0.59 0.59
    Uncle Ben’s 0.99 0.99
    Chips 1.99 1.99
    Cream 1.59 1.59
    Herbal Essences (x2) BOGO 2.99 2.99
    Glucosime Vitamins 12.99 12.99
    Juice 1.49 1.49
    Deposit 0.1 0.1
    Eggs (x2) 3.98 1.99 1.99
    31.2 3.39 34.59

    Weekly Budget for 2 adults 100 amount spent 231.9 -131.86
    less 31.59 Carry forward from last week
    -100.27 Overspent Yikes more than a week’s budget.
    Definitely need to get back on track next week!!!

    1. Holy Canoli..
      So why do you think you went so far over budget this shop? Were you tempted or did you simply need to stock up on some awesome deals? I know that happens to us but next year we are going to carry that overage over into the next month until we can get rid of it.. what do you think about that? Would that be something good for you to help you stick to your yearly goal? Cheers Pam. MR.CBB You get ballot #31

      1. I know now what happened…I shopped twice on Saturday, Oct 13th, and I don’t normally do my grocery shopping until Sunday for the upcoming week. The food purchased on the 13th is actually food used during the week of Oct 15 – 19. I really scared myself and wondered how in heck I managed to go so far over budget. I still went over budget on the week of Oct 15 – 19 if I include the amount purchased on the 13th but not over by $100, thankfully.

        I also see that copying and pasting from an Excel spreadsheet doesn’t work so well since the columns all run together, maybe I need to paste into a Word document first.

  3. I little tip each season/holiday comes and goes and stores have to set up large displays for it. So always check them to find clearance/sale deals as they change 🙂

  4. Here is my shopping from this week 🙂


    Chips 2.47
    Pop 2.97
    •Total Coupons Used: $0
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $6.15


    Ground Beef 3.50
    •Total Coupons Used: $0
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $3.50

    Shoppers Drug Mart

    Cream 0.99


    Juice 1.37×3=4.11
    Pop 2.97
    Mayo 3.97
    Yogurt 2.97
    Soup 0.97×2=1.94
    Soup 1.00
    Princess pasta 1.34
    Orange Juice 3.00
    Stouffers 1.97
    Beef pie 1.25
    Milk 4.23
    Ground Beef 3.50
    Sandwich meat 0.97×3=2.91
    Buns 2.50

    •Total Coupons Used: $0
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $38.08

    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $600.00
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $0
    •Total Scanning Code of Practice: $0
    •Total Spent This Week:$48.72
    •Total Spent So Far for September: $183.27
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop: $ I am under by 101.28
    •Total Over/Under spend for the month of September: $ I still have 416.73 left for the month

    Overall been a busy week….lots of running around…and a lot of the convience food this week was from me not being around all weekend so hubby just kinda ate what he could. Had to live off the stockpile this week due to visiting my daugters friend in the hospital. I only managed to pick up groceries very late at night when i could run out quickly. Still under by quite a bit so am hoping this week goes a little better and i can restock my fridge, freezer and cupboards. Will have most of my fridge and freezer cleaned out this week so am hoping for some good sales to stock up.

    1. Hi Joanne!
      What in the world is Princess Pasta? You used the grand total of no coupons this week. It’s always nice when you have the fridge and freezer cleaned ready for a good stockpile or deal. You have a good budget left for the month I’m interested to see where you will spend it and if you will come under budget. Cheers Mr.CBB You get ballot #27!

      1. Yes i dont quite know yet what i will be purchasing for the rest of the month….and princess pasta is like zoodles…its a canned pasta…my little one loves them…they are princess shaped and she loves to take them to school. 🙂

  5. 8 -14 Oct


    1x Maple Syrup = $12.97
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $12.97


    1x Natrel Milk =$3.97 (that’s more like it)
    1x Dempsters Bread $1.97 -$1 coupon =$0.97

    •Total Coupons Used: $0.97
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $17.91

    Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results

    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $240 (2 adults & 1 child)
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $1
    •Total Spent This Week: $17.91
    •Total Spent So Far for Oct: $80.92 + $ 17.91 = $98.83
    •Total Under spend this shop: $ 42.09
    •Total Under spend for the month of Oct: $21.17
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $141.17
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $6.22 + $1 = $7.22

    Yippee kai aye! Let’s try to keep it up. Maple Syrup is for my stash haha.

    1. Hi Adeline,
      Maple Syrup sure is worth the money…. and yes $3.97 for milk especially Natrel is a great deal. Was that on sale? We don’t have a FOODLAND here where we live. So essentially this week you had enough food in the pantry and fridge and freezer to get you buy almost like a no shop week for you then. What do you use your maple syrup for? Do you ever stockpile items when they go on sale such as toilet paper or do you just buy it when you need it? You get ballot #26 Cheers and keep up the great work Adeline.. love that name by the way!

      1. Yes, I found this brand ‘Old Fashioned Maple Crest’ 1L maple syrup initially at RCSS. I used to buy I think half the quantity Presiden’t Choice brand at $9.99 thinking that was a good deal until this new brand appeared, wow bonus 1L for $12.97. I use it for pancakes and french toast. Yes, Foodland advertised the Natrel milk so had to get it. I do stockpile stuff when they’re on sale. I do some ‘prep’ too. Be it toilet paper, peanut butter, tuna etc. I did find something today while I was at the Independent, was looking at peanut butter, there’s No Name, Kraft & PC Organics – all 500g lining up in a row. I even took a pic! You know why? No name is $4.39, Kraft $5.39, PC Organics $4,29! Now that usually doesn’t happen – organic cheaper than conventional GMO brands?! Hmmm, everybody should be grabbing the organic. I didn’t buy it today as I thot I already have one in my pantry. But maybe I should go get it within the next 2 days. Good on them PC Organics, maybe I should send them a compliment letter to keep it up haha. So I want to plaster the pic all over FB for the naysayers who always complain that organic is soo expensive 😉 Anyways, thanks for liking my name! Would you pronouce it as Ade..Line or Ade..Leen?

        1. The price of PB has gone out the window. We stocked up on Kraft at 1.99 but we won’t buy it at current prices. It’s amazing what you can find if you pay attention and read pricing and labels. Organic food we would buy if the prices weren’t so high but like you point you one might just find it cheaper. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled. I would pronnounce it Ade…line. Is that correct?

      2. You are right, PB prices are crazy, wonder if it’s cheaper to even make our own or is is just too much hassle? It would be great if I can still get a chunk of organics and still stay within budget. My taste buds have changed, I can’t stomach some conventional products, I guess it’s all in the mind after reading all the gmo stuff. But if I don’t have a choice, I would probably eat it. And it’s Adeleen haha. But I get called all sorts of names anyway so it’s fine 🙂

        1. Reminds me of that song from the sound of music.. I hope I’m referencing the right movie. We grow as much organics as we can but you are right. What items are you no longer eating because of reading about gmos?

    2. Sound of Music – not too sure about that haha. I no longer eat regular cereal, or cook with vegetable oil, can soups, pasta sauce in plastic bottles, corn, regular apples, celery, spinach etc.
      So I’ve replaced some them with organics like coconut oil, organic apples & celery. Celery I have grown this year, and spinach now. I may buy can soups if they’re super cheap for ‘just in case’ situations.

  6. I shop for 2 adults and a 22 month old toddler. The budget is $100/week for groceries and it includes health and beauty, laundry, cleaning, etc.

    I have carried an overage of $19.90 over from previous weeks and hope to make it up this week 🙂

    1% milk (PM Walmart) $4.23
    Areo bubbles (blowout) 4 x $.97 – $1.50 coupon
    Campbell’s soup (cooking cream) 2 x $1.00
    DelMonte canned veggies (PM Fresh Co) 4 x $.77
    Green Giant Yellow beans (PM Metro) 4 x $.99
    Cracker Barrel cheese block 2 x $4.44 – 2 x $.75
    NN sour cream $1.29 (for a potluck)
    Quaker minute oats (blowout) $1.94
    Resolve 2 x $1.97 – 2 x $2.00
    Tostitos (PM Food Basics) $1.97 (for a potluck)
    Rolls (for Thanksgiving dinner) $2.48
    Bacon (PM) $2.97
    Apples (PM) $1.87
    Banana’s $1.86
    Grapes (PM) $.85
    Potatoes (for Thanksgiving) $1.98
    Rutabaga (for Thanksgiving) $1.96
    Strawberries 2lbs $3.48 – $3.00 coupon
    Always (PM Walmart) $3.84 – $1.00
    Edge Shave gel (PM Walmart) $2.46 – $2.00
    Skintimate shave gel (PM Walmart) $2.46 – $2.00

    Coupons $15.00
    Tax Free $2.24
    CD $6.48
    OOP $42.89

    Bulk Barn
    Peanuts (on sale) $2.28
    OOP $2.28

    24 bottles of spring water 4 x $1.99
    OOP $7.96

    $42.89 + $2.28 + $7.96=$53.13
    $53.13 + $19.90 (over from last week)=$73.03
    $100 – $73.03=$26.97 LEFT OVER (for a change!!!)

    Yay! I finally made up my overage and have some left over!!! 😀

    1. Good for you Jen I knew you could do it. Did you find it difficult to stick to that goal? What motivated you? I can feel your excitement in your post and I’m so happy for you. Next year Jen you will see a HUGE difference in your grocery game challenge with all that you learned this year I know we will. You get ballot #25! Mr.CBB

      1. I’m not sure. My best guess is that there wasn’t a lot on sale I wanted to buy lol. The GGC motivates me to try and stay within budget. We went to the States this weekend plus got a few good grocery sales here so I hope I am still within budget this week!

  7. I stayed under for this week again and everything was at Foodland

    Oct 6
    2Raisin bread@1.97-3.94
    1 fresh sage-1.99
    1 turnip-1.66
    1 celery-1.99
    1 Triscuit-2.50
    1 w/w bread-2.50
    4 butter@2.77-11.08
    2 onions-2.18
    4 cases pop@3/9.99-13.32 (1 coupon,$2.00 off when you buy 2)
    1 4l milk-4.79
    1 cheese-4.97
    1 baby spinach-4.99-50% coupon so 2.49
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total-$64.09 ($4.50 coupons)

    Oct 7 Quick run to make sure I was OK for the holiday
    1 cider mix-3.99
    1 4l milk-4.79
    1 ice cream-4.79
    1 jug water-5.49
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total- $30.53

    Oct 11
    5 bananas(reduced) .76
    1 broccoli-.97
    2 raisin bread@1.97-3.94
    1 fresh cranberries-1.99(.75 coupon)
    1 w/w bread-2.50
    1 Triscuit-2.50
    3 cases gingerale@3/9.99($2.00 coupon when you buy 2)
    1 yogurt-3.49(.50 coupon)
    1 cider mix-3.99
    1 jug water-5.49
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total-$45.14 ($3.25 coupons)

    Total for week-$139.76 with $7.75 in coupons
    Under for the week $10.24

    I managed to stay under budget even with the holiday. So far we have eaten 6 meals from the turkey, plus there are 4 packs of meat and 3 containers of turkey broth in the freezer for future meals. So that has spread the cost of the bird a fair ways. The reduced bananas were peeled, bagged and tossed into the freezer too. They will be made into banana bread at some point soon. I get the small packs of fresh herbs for the sage in the dressing for the bird as that would be the only thing the fresh sage would be used for here and we only have turkey 2-3 times a year. I make my own cranberry sauce so I buy the fresh berries this time of the year and will slowly stock up on a few bags tossed in the freezer for the rest of the year. Between now and Christmas is really the only time you can get the fresh berries. The pop was a good price for around here so I got some every time I went into the store. Hopefully I have enough now to last until the next sale….

    1. Hi Christine
      Congrats on staying under budget and all at one shop as well, good for you. Wow you made that turkey go far. Many people just toss it in the bin not realizing what they can do with the carcass. I found raisin bread coupons at metro yesterday .50 off. Great shopping Christine..are you seeing any improvements since posting your shop? Do you think about your budget when you are shopping and your grocery game post? keep at it. Mr.CBB Youg et Ballot #24

  8. family of 3, 2 cats and i’m over budget for the YEAR as at sept 30 by $117 (originally wanted to spend $2400 per year or $200/mo)…can’t fix that now and we still need to eat for the rest of the year, so the grocery limit is $120 this month.

    week 2 spending: (note prices to the right of the item are each)

    from a guy steve works with 4 rutabagas oop $0

    giant tiger (note that i only needed foil and cream…hubby added a few things and if you saw a woman on sat at gt in os ticked right off with her husband, it was probably me…)
    2 alcan foil .99 + tax
    lactantia cream 1.97 – .75
    chicken burgers 6.99 (like really? – no need for this item lol)
    allergy clear eyes 3.54 + tax (same with this…suck it up and scratch your eyes out!)
    oop $14.45 omg

    listerine kids mouthwash 3.50 + tax – $4
    13 colgate total advanced health travel size $1+ tax – $1.50
    10 zantac $2.22 + tax – $3
    2 pks of 5pc hot ital sausage reduced 30% =$3.83 – $2 peelie
    1 pk of 4pc boneless chops reduced 30% $3.50
    1 pk up2u gum $1.58 + tax – $1
    2 spinach $1.27
    2 broccoli .67
    celery $1.27 (forgot my flyers at home, so not sure if i could have got this cheaper by pm’ing)
    oop $3.33

    2 cans of kidney beans .99
    can of mushrooms $1.19
    2 cans of green giant corn .99
    gay lea gold sour cream $1.99 – $1
    dempsters country bread $2.99 – $2.99
    2 green giant frozen green beans $1.99
    less $10 airmiles
    oop $.12

    dempsters white bread $1.97 – $1
    3 boxes of quaker granola bars $2 ea (forgot there was tax on these! .78)
    yoplait yogurt tubes $3.99 – fpc
    europes best frozen fruit essentials $3.99 – $2
    iogo probiotic tub $4.29 – $4
    cheerios $4.49
    trop 50 orange juice $4.99 – automatic register promo, free wub 3 quaker
    kashi cereal$5.99 – fpc
    -$5 wus $30
    -$5 gas card
    oop $4.52

    Total sale price for week $127.63
    Less coupons $90.21
    Less air miles $10
    Less gift card $5.00
    Total oop for week 2 $22.42 (would have been $11.43 if it weren’t for you-know-who)

    Total oop, month to date $33.75

    Total left to spend for the month $86.25

    1. Oh Chickypoodles..
      I love reading your shops to see how well you made out. I’m going to do a yearly update like you did to see how far off we are and if we can get back on track. That is one thing we learned this year is that if we are over one month we need to make up for it the next in order to stick to not only the monthly budget but the yearly. Hey.. free rutabagas.. awesome!! We just made that the other night.Ha were you having a grocery spat at the shop hahah..wish I could have found those lactancia coupons for cream. Great job at walmart… we looked today no reduced sausages… bummer. That Gold sour cream is the bomb .. awesome! I have those coupons for the Trop 50 got them at Metro. I found a few new ones yesterday and some sitting on the counter at zehrs.. shocker. Wow, awesome oop.. awesome! Keep up the good work.. wish our WM had Zantac and the toothpaste.. I have the coupons but can’t use the bloody things. You get ballot #23 Mr.CBB

  9. I just realized I post my shops backwards, lol, well that’s how I write my shopping lists and keep track of our budget so I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon 🙂
    Short week for shopping for us since today we are heading outta town for a very busy 48hrs to visit my kids! I do most shopping on the weekends so we are very under budget of our weekly $100 for food, cleaners and haba items

    $2.49×2 bistros-saved me from going back to walmart for my lunches
    .77 x2 stove top
    .88 1L juice
    $7.40 total oop

    $5.94×2-bogo coupon hair dye
    $2.47×2 cream cheese-I see cream cheese jalapenos being made soon 🙂
    $11.47 total oop
    $5.94 total coupon

    .89 kimchi noodle bowl
    $2.28 2L egg nog
    $1.99×4-$3C international delight creamer
    $1×4-$4C VH korean bbq sauce(clearance good till 2014!)
    .88 rolo
    $2.30 2L milk
    $1.10 1L egg nog
    .50 6pk bulk wieners-clearance
    $12.95 total oop
    $7 total coupons

    $31.82 weekly total oop
    $12.94 weekly total coupons

    The extra money from this weeks budget will probably be spend this weekend while away 🙂

    1. Hi Juanita
      You can post your shop however you like it even if it is backwards lol. This challenge at the end of the year is all about you and your finances. You are competing against your own budget. Sounds like you have some fun times ahead with the kids this week. We noticed the egg nog in the shops already.. goodness look out Mrs.CBB loves that stuff. AWESOME deal on the VH now why can’t I find some wicked deals like that. Good to see you make out with some clearance items. We always check as well. Keep up with the shops and since you were under this week like you mentioned you will probably spend it on the weekend. Cheers and have fun.. Mr.CBB you get ballot #22

  10. No Shop week for me so there’s no change from last week… see where we finished up:

    Grocery Accounting for October 1-7


    1 pkg NM wax paper $4.48
    1 large pkg coleslaw $3.98
    1 large pkg green salad $3.98
    Total Spent at Superstore $12.98
    Save On Foods
    2 bananas $0.53
    1 Becel Light $5.99
    1 large 1% cottage Cheese $4.99
    2 pkgs Green Giant Brussel Sprouts $5.00
    2 cans pumpkin puree $3.98
    1 Western Family Toupie Ham Quarter $8.99
    2 Western Family Garlic Sausage $6.99
    Total Spent at Save On Foods $36.47

    Wong’s Farm Market
    1 Package Green Beans
    1 package strawberries
    2 Navel Oranges
    2 Bartlett Pears
    2 Golden Delicious apple
    4 field tomatoes
    12 vine tomatoes
    1 head Celery
    2 bunches broccoli
    8 carrots
    1 zucchini
    1 yellow squash
    2 large onions
    5 lb yukon gold potatoes
    1 cauliflower
    2 red peppers
    12 pickling cucumbers
    Total Spent at Wong’s Farm Market $26.50

    Total Out of Pocket This Week: $75.95

    Monthly Grocery Budget = $190/4 weeks = $47.50 per week

    Actual October Grocery Spent: 75.95 + $22.15 overage at the end of last month = $98.10 for the week so I am now $50.60 over on the week.

    BUT, I will point out this will be my final grocery shop for this month, as we are leaving on vacation in a week & will be drawing from our “vacation budget” for food / meals out while we are away.

    This means that for my October final figure I am back in the black… October budget of $190 – $98.10 = $91.90 UNDER FOR THE MONTH and I will save this for our Christmas & New Years grocery treats.

  11. My weekly update is going to be late this week! 🙂 I purchased some groceries that we brought to a potluck, so I am not sure what my portion is yet. I will probably combine with next week’s shop once I get the final numbers.

    I am not familiar with swiss chard, but I use kale all the time. Recently, it has been used in my green smoothies for breakfast, but when I cook it, I usually cook them up in the oven with a bit of olive oil and salt. It ends up being crispy, just like chips! A friend also recommended cooking kale with either a bit of bacon or some sausage, but I have yet to try this.

    Have a good week!

    1. Hi Vicky!
      You can post the shops once you know them no problem at all. If you post weekly you get a ballot each week in the draw. You have all month to post for each week so no rush… it’s just easier to take the time to do it weekly because if we wait until the end no one would post. Looking forward to see how well you are doing. Mr.CBB

    1. It was a perfect couple of days although we still have so much to get done around here. Tomorrow is Christmas lights and the rest of my big potted plants coming in.. the pasta tonight was awesome!

  12. I love both Kale & Swiss Chard but the later is an all time favorite of mine. You’ll enjoy all that you can do with them!!

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