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Mr.CBB’s Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake

Mr.CBB"s Cauliflower Cheese with Pork Chops
Mr.CBB”s Cauliflower Cheese with Pork Chops

I’ve been making this easy Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake for years now because my mum used to make it when I was a child. I enjoyed hanging out with my father in the garage “fixing” things but I also enjoyed hanging out with me mum and cooking. I remember the smell of the house when this Cauliflower bake was in the oven. The pungent smell of the strong cheese would make your mouth water. I mean, who doesn’t like cheese right? I know some people can’t eat cheese and I would be heart-broken as cheese does make everything better. I’m not a fan of that cheese whiz stuff so I would never buy that although some people don’t mind it. Besides the cost of the cheese this is a frugal side dish but that is elegant enough to be served at a fancy gathering.

Cauliflower Cheese Bake
Mr.CBB’s Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake

Mrs. CBB believe or not has never had a Cauliflower Cheese Bake before so it was my turn to whip up another British Family Traditional recipe in our Canadian home. Technically you could substitute the cauliflower if you didn’t like it and make a cheesy broccoli bake or cheesy potato bake.  If you really want to jazz it up you can make a cheesy broccoli potato bake and add some bacon. You can mix and match all sorts as long as you can make the cheesy sauce. You can also call this a casserole and I have to chuckle and some of my Facebook fans know I laugh when they post they make a casserole. Ever since I moved to Canada and ask “What’s for Dinner” each night on my Facebook page there’s bound to be a casserole. I’ve officially renamed them CASAROLL “Eh” as I’ve never heard of as many variations until I moved to Canada from the UK.

Mrs. CBB, like myself loves cheese but she “really” loves it. This girl can pack back chunks of Parmigiano on crackers if you let her. She would do well in Spain with tapas (which she’s never had) because she loves to try different flavours and textures but in small bits. For this recipe I used an old cheddar however I would suggest you get a strong cheese like an extra-old cheddar or a creamy strong Asiago or both is better. On top I sprinkle real Parmigiano Reggiano on top. Don’t waste your money on the crap in a jar or container get the real deal, pay the money it’s worth it and a little bit goes a long way. I don’t find cheese in Canada as strong like that black diamond, it’s very mild even the old black diamond.

Mr.CBB's Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake topped with Parmigiano Regianno
Mr.CBB’s Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake topped with Parmigiano Reggiano

Last night we made the Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake with some breaded pork chops we baked in the oven and side of fennel fruit salad with ginger-lime dressing. We’ve also served this with homemade sloppy joes for an easy week-night meal. This cheesy cauliflower bake is an easy holiday recipe that you can make for Christmas, Easter, or any special occasion. So if you are like some people who have no idea what to do with cauliflower except to dip in dressing, adding it to a salad or steaming it plain, check this recipe out. I’m betting you will have none left at the end of your dinner service.

What other types of bakes or casserole  CASAROLL “Eh”  do you make?

Mr.CBB's Fennel Fruit Salad with ginger lime dressing
Mr.CBB’s Fennel Fruit Salad with ginger lime dressing


  • Baking Pan/sheet
  • deep baking or casserole dish
  • pots for boiling
  • measuring cups
  • knife
  • cutting board
  • spoon
  • cheese grater

Yield: 3-4  servings


  • Prep- 20 minutes
  • Bake- 30 minutes

Oven Temp: 350 degrees

Milk,Flour, Butter
Milk,Flour, Butter


  • 1 large head of cauliflower
  • 1/4 cup of flour
  • 1/4 cup of butter
  • 2 cups of 2% milk
  • 1 cup of old or extra old cheddar or Asiago
  • 1/2 cup grated fresh Parmigiano regianno
  • 1 teaspoon of salt for boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon salt for the cheese sauce
Pour Cheese Sauce over Mr.CBB's Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake
Pour Cheese Sauce over Mr.CBB’s Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake


  • On your cutting board cut your cauliflower into florets and put them in a pot of salted boiling water until tender but not mushy, drain.
  • Pour the drained cauliflower into your casserole dish
  • In a medium-sized pot melt your butter, stir until completely melted
  • Add in your flour and stir, you are making a rue
  • Add in your milk and stir until creamy
  • Add in your cheese  and salt then stir until creamy again
  • Pour over the top of your cauliflower
  • Put your cheesy cauliflower into the pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until the peaks are golden brown
  • Take out of the oven and sprinkle with Parmigiano regianno then put back into the over for a few minutes to melt the cheese
  • Let sit for 3-5 minutes then serve.
Serving Mr.CBB's Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake
Serving Mr.CBB’s Creamy Cauliflower Cheese Bake

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