The Grocery Game Challenge Nov 26-Dec 2,2012 Let it Snow!


This is the last week for the Grocery Game Challenge for the month of November. As we ramp up for the next few weeks of snow, shopping, wrapping and parties we will try our best to stick to the budget. We thought it would be one of those month’s that we could make it through but we were wrong. There’s something about November and December and our grocery budget that it just sky rockets if we are not careful. We were doing well up until last week when we had just over $1.81 in the budget to spend but so many great deals popped up. We realized it can be hard to say no to these amazing deals that you know you can stockpile because you WILL use them. The harder part is knowing you have the money to pay for them. So, sadly we went over budget this month BUT the good news is we are away for a couple of weeks in December so we won’t need much. The hard part is IF great deals pop up which we are betting they will. This time of year the shops are in high competition mode and the deals just sort of jump out.

Mrs.CBB and I discussed our Grocery Budget this morning and came to some conclusions.

  1. We can’t afford to add pet food into our $190 budget every month
  2. We need money for bulk buying great items with or without coupons
  3. We will need to add more money in our grocery budget for 2013 to compensate for inflation
  4. We need to add more money to our Christmas fund for Christmas items

What we have done is moved the pet food purchases (including bird seed) to the pet category of our budget. I will change the numbers come December. Come January our grocery budget will jump around 2% and we will have a category for bulk buying. The bulk buying will be a projected expense so we don’t go ahead and think we have x amount to spend each month and spend it all. It’s only there for bulk buying or great deals using coupons. If not it gets saved and at the end of the year we will roll what’s left into our emergency savings account. We will also make changes to the Christmas Category come the new year. I’ll get more into all of this in my budget update for November and December.  I just wanted to let you know that we are analyzing our spending pattern based on our shops in the grocery game challenge so we are being realistic with our goals. This grocery game has really been one of the smartest things we have done for our budget this year.

Let it snow seems to be the theme around our house although I’m not the chief motivator praying to the environmental gods above. Mrs.CBB wants to see the white fluffy snow as I do too just not so much that I have to shovel every hour on the hour. So please be kind mother nature but make sure there is enough for all those that need it and desire it. I am hoping for a white Christmas as it’s something I often did not see growing up.

Do you enjoy a White Christmas?

Grocery Game Challenge Results

No Frills

  • 3 x Crispers Sale $1.00-$0.50 coupons (Christmas snacks for guests)
  • 3 x Taco Kits (the gift that keeps on giving so we can use the $4.00 beef coupons Sale $2.99 each. (dropped off at Metro to donate)
  • 30 x Alymer Accents Tomatoes $1.00 each – 15 x buy 2 save $1.00 Bulk Buy
  • 6 x Bertoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Sale $2.47-$1.00 coupons Bulk Buy
  • 10 x Asian Noodles Sale 2/$1.00
  • 1 x Crisco Shortening Sale $2.00-$1.00 coupon
  • 8 X Dempsters Whole Grains $1.99- 50% pink sticker
  • 3 x beef all free with taco kit $5.56-30%-coupon=FREE,$5.59-30%-coupon=FREE, $5.46-30%-coupon=Free
  • 1 x Pineapple Sale $1.00
  • 1 x Cabbage Sale $1.04
  • 3 lb Red onions Sale $1.77
  • 1 x Romaine Lettuce Sale $0.87
  • Gala Apples $1.97

Sub Total- $101.48

Total Coupons Used $42.86

Total Out of Pocket- $58.62

Food Basics

  • 4 x Indian Tea 72’s reduced $0.99 Bulk Buy
  • 4 x Nescafe Instant Coffee Sale $3.88 Bulk Buy
  • 2 x Broccoli Sale $0.88 ea
  • Fresh Ginger $0.72
  • 2 x packs of Cedar Black Olives Sale $2.99 ea Bulk Buy
  • 4 x extra old cheddar sale $3.88 ea Bulk Buy

Total Out of Pocket- $44.35

Shoppers Drug Mart

  • 2 x eggs Sale $1.99 each

Total Out of Pocket– $3.98

Total Grocery Budget for the Month for 2 Adults: Goal-$190.00 at $63.33 for 3 weeks of shopping with 1 No-Shop Week per month.

Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results for Mr. and Mrs. CBB

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Week: $63.33
  • Total Coupons Used this Week:$42.86
  • Total Scanning Code of Practice: $0
  • Total Spent This Week:$106.95
  • Total Spent So Far for November: $99.21+75.13+$14.48+$106.95=$295.77
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop: $105.14
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of November: $105.77
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $0
  • Total Coupons Used This Month : $45.33 + $10.00 Spending Card+$15.99+$17.50+$42.86=$131.68

Overall: With the overspend this month we will deduct it from Decembers grocery budget leaving us $84.23 to spend for December. We finally got rid of those taco kit coupons. We bought them in the summer for our guests so they could try tacos in Canada when they visited. This year has been an eye opener for us and I hope for you as well if you post your shop. If you want to share your grocery game story for the year send me an email.

It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It


  • Do I have to be Canadian to post my Grocery Shop?

No, you don’t have to be Canadian to post your shops only to win a monthly prize. We have a few posters from around the world.

  • When does the Grocery Game Close each month?

The Grocery Game Challenge Closes at Midnight of the last Sunday of the last post for the month. You can post your shops all month-long.

  • Does Your Grocery Budget Include Health and Beauty and Laundry?

Yes our Grocery Budget includes such items as shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, fabric softener, dish soap etc. We don’t mind stockpiling items that won’t be effected by expiry dates or have long expiry dates but not so much food any more. It’s just one way to help cut your budget to save money.

There are many places you can find Canadian Coupons whether it be in store or via the mail.

Canadian Coupon Match-Ups- Match your coupons with flyer sales!

Here are your latest Coupon Match-ups  of the week from around Canada compliments of Save Big Live Better.

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  1. Hmmm….well this was my first week back to work….so it was mainly only hubby and the kiddies at home….and hubby works nights so basically just breakfast and dinner to cook. I worked all weekend long (3pm-11pm and 11-7 so i was hardly home). I get free food when i work so i dont have to worry about buying lunch food for myself and daycare makes the kiddies food :)….I stocked up so much in the past weeks that we literally didnt need anything….so this was a complete NO Shop week for me 🙂 *****well besides the box of diapers i bought…..but they were free with redeeming my shoppers optimum points 🙂


    Total Grocery Budget for the Week: $140.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week:0
    Total Scanning Code of Practice: $0
    Total Spent This Week: 0
    Total Spent So Far for November:458.57
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: 101.43

    This was my first month with my lower budget and i managed to come under budget 🙂 Pretty awesome if i do say so myself….have five people left to buy xmas gifts :)And with my left over grocery money was able to do my winter tire changeover 🙂

    1. Joanne!!
      I’m so proud of you wow!! You came well under budget yay! See, now you can use that money for something else.. totally awesome!!!! Keep it up mate!! I’m proud of you. You get ballot #57 for your no-shop week. Mr.CBB

  2. 26 Nov – 2 Dec 2012

    Canadian Tire

    1x Majesta 4 roll Bath Tissue $1.59 – $1 coupon = $0.59

    •Total Coupons Used: $1.00
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $0.79


    1x Worcestershire Sauce = $3.49
    1x 2Pack Cookie Trays = $6.99

    •Total Coupons Used: $0.94 Gas coupon
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $10.44

    Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results

    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $240 (2 adults & 1 child)
    •Total Coupons Used this Week/Month : $7.85 + $4.49 + $9.17 + $3.89 + $1.94 = $27.34
    •Total SCOP this Week : $0
    •Total SCOP for the Month: $0
    •Total Spent This Week: $11.23
    •Total Spent So Far for the month: $42.28 + $65.76 + $52.63 + $78.87 + $11.23 = $250.77
    •Total Under/Over spend this shop: $10.77
    •Total Under/Over spend for the month: $10.77

    I had 46 cents remaining from last week and the remainder was used from the previous month’s underspend of $58.79.

    1. Hi Adeline,
      You found majesta 4 pks at CT.. interesting. I’ve never seen them there but with that 1.00 coupon that’s not so bad of a deal. Not too much shopping this week for you which is not so bad but you did carry over which helps. Next year Mrs.CBB and I will be doing carry overs. We started with Dec now to get a feel for it. You get ballot #56!! 2013… here we come!! Mr.CBB

  3. our weekly budget is $100
    but with that said we had a very good week:)
    anything extra is being saved for next weeks 10% tueday shop
    the weather is terrible here so not too much shopping happening
    $1.99×2 dzn eggs
    $3.98 total oop
    $1.97 10lb white potatoes- just ran out of garden potatoes
    $1.97×2-$2C astro yogurt
    $7.97×2-$6C folgers kcups
    $2.10×2-$1.50C coffee cream
    $4.97-$1.50 sargento shreddedcheese
    $18.03 total oop
    $11.00 total coupons
    $1.99 bologna-clearance
    $1.59×2 gingerale 2L
    $5.19 4L milk
    $1.50 genoa salami-clearance
    .99 peperoni-clearance
    .99 romaine lettuce
    $13.98 total oop

    $37.96 weekly total oop
    $11 weekly total coupons

    1. Hi Juanita,
      That’s a pretty awesome week! We always try to get our eggs at shoppers when they go on sale. I wish I could find eggs from a farmer. That was a good deal on potatoes which we obviously missed ah well. You get ballot #55… keep at it Juanita! Mr.CBB

  4. 3X Bolthouse carrots $1 each- .55 blothouse mailout= .45
    Sugar snap peas $2.87- $1 coupon= $1.87
    Mann’s moxed veggies $2.97- $1= $1.97
    2X Coleslaw $1.47- $1 coupons
    3X Villagio bread REG $3.67 PM to FB @ $1.99- $1.50= .49
    3X Villagio buns Reg $2.47 PM to FB @$1.99- $1.50= .49
    Peek Freenes X2 Reg $3.67 Pm to FB @ $1.88 X 2- .75 and BOGO
    Barilla REG $1.67 PM to Freshco @ .97- .75= .22 each
    3X Hunts paste .67
    3X Hunts Reg $2.07 pm to Freshco @ .97- 3X wub paste and sauce = $1.97( paste & sauce)
    FPC Pintys $14.00 (FREE)
    Lean cuisine $1.97 X 5 used $10 mailout ( HVC= FREE)
    Sour cream $2.47- $2 =.47
    Highliner Reg $5.77 pm to FB @ $3.99- $1= $2.99
    POGO FPC $8.97 (FREE)
    3X Aveeno $2.97-3 aveeno mailout = +.3
    Green Onion .57
    Lime .33
    Green bean .2:)

    Total before sales & pm $98.45
    Total before coupons= $72.88
    Total coupons used $52.88
    after coupons $20.00

    This was enough for my family for one week:)

    1. Hi Natasha!
      Welcome to the Grocery Game.. You have just entered the awesomeness zone!! I’ll paste a little template that will help us follow you each week so we can see how well you are doing. Here is a sample for you below. The last part is the important part as so I can follow you and comment each time you post otherwise I don’t know your goals and if you are meeting your objectives. You will get the hang of it, super easy! Well looks like you smashed your shop this week $20.00 wow! Keep at it and come back each week to post your shop> You get ballot #54 in this months Grocery Game CHallenge. I will announce the WINNER on Tuesday in the next challenge post for December! Cheers Mr.CBB Oh and if you want to read the grocery game rules they are on the blog at the top of the page.. or you can ask any one of us who post we are all super friendly!!! Cheers Natasha! MR.CBB
      No Frills
      Lay’s Stax chips – sale 3x$1.00
      Crispers – sale 2x$1 – 2x$.50c
      Becel – sale 3x$2
      Cheestrings – sale $4.44 – $.75c
      Hunt’s snack pack (24) – sale $3.97 – $.75c
      McCain potato patties – $4.29
      PC Cookies – $1.99 – FPC
      Old Mills Bagels – sale 2x$1
      Schneiders Steakettes – sale 2x$2
      Schneiders Lunchmates – sale 3x$2 – $10c
      Pork Roast – $8.83
      English cucumber – $1.77
      Dole Spring mix – sale $2
      Pineapple – sale 2x$1
      Grape tomatoes – sale $1.50
      Tomatoes (3) – $1.63
      Herbal Essence – sale 2x$2 – 2x$.50
      Also used $5.00 off coupon when you spend $25.00 or more

      •Total Coupons Used: 20.99
      •there was an extra .50 manufacturer coupon taken off on my receipt but I can’t figure out what it was for perhaps the cashier put in one to many
      •Total Out Of Pocket: $39.60
      Total Grocery Budget for the Month: put your total here
      •Total Coupons Used this Week : $
      •Total Spent This Week:$
      •Total Spent So Far for November: $
      •Total Over spend this shop: $
      •Total Under spend for the month of November: $
      •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $
      •Total Coupons Used This Month : $

  5. My grocery budget is $100/week and it includes laundry items, health and beauty, baby items, etc.
    I shop for 2 adults and my 2 year old son.
    I am carrying over $31.43 from last week.

    Campbells cream soups 3 x $.77
    BD cheese blocks (PM) 2 x $4.44 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Bushes baked beans 4 x $1.27 – 4 x $.50 coupons
    Butter (PM) $3.00 – $.75 coupon
    Diced tomatoes (PM) 3 x $.88
    Bel Monte veggies 5 x $.77
    Minigo (PM) 2 x $1.97 – 2 x $.50
    Miracle whip (PM) $3.00
    Neilson chocolate milk (raincheque) 4 x $.88
    NN coating mix $1.59
    NN mushrooms $.99
    NN tuna $1.09
    PC mac & cheese 2 x $1.00
    15 pack spring water x $1.00
    Source yogurt tub (PM) $1.97 – $.50 coupon
    Tostitos scoops (PM) 2/$5.00 – $1.00 coupon
    Kidney beans (PM) 2 x $.88
    Stewing beef (PM) $3.20
    Apples $2.18
    Bananas $.97
    Salad $1.29
    Apples $1.72
    Strawberries $3.97
    Tomatoes (PM) $.79

    Coupons $7.25
    CD $7.04
    OOP $56.04

    Clorox laundry stain remover 2 x $3.79 – 2 x FPC
    PC BM strawberry spread 2 x $3.47 – 2 x $.50
    Mascara $6.72 – FPC

    Coupons $15.30
    CD $2.03
    Tax free $1.67
    OOP $3.91

    Fresh Co
    French bread $2.49
    5lb potatoes $.99
    Old Dutch chips 5 x $1.97 – 5 x $1.97

    Coupons $9.85
    OOP $4.76

    PC BM strawberry spread 2 x $3.47 – 2 x $.50
    Catelli rotini $2.19 – FPC
    Catelli lasagna 2 x $2.79 – 2 x FPC

    Coupons $8.77
    CD $1.38
    OOP $4.56

    $56.04 + $3.91 + $4.76 + $4.56=$69.27
    $100 – $69.27=$30.73

    $30.73 + $31.43=$62.16

    I am rebuilding my extra Christmas meal budget and now have $62.16 to carry over. Also included in this shop were items for Christmas like bags of chips and Tostitos.

    I am on pace to be under next week as well 🙂

    1. Hi Jen!
      Glad to hear you are rebuilding your budget. This time of year with company chips and goodies get factored in which can takes its toll on any budget. Next year we will factor in the month of December and these expenses that we don’t typically get but make sure we either have the money or save it before hand so we aren’t going over. Good job with the FPCS! Where did the cheese $1.00 BD come from? Good stuff Jen! Mr.CBB You get ballot #53 and the last ballot of the month unless another shop comes in tonight!!! I’m really hoping to get more people involved! It’s been an awesome year with this!

  6. Nov 26- Dec 2

    Save On Foods – shop #1

    1 package Date Squares $7.98
    4 pkgs Lays Potato Chips $7.22

    Total SOF #1 $15.20

    Save On Foods – shop #2

    4 Campbell’s Ready to Serve Italian Wedding Soup $10.76
    2 Campbell’s Chicken Rice Soup $3.00
    2 Campbell’s Beef, Vegetable and Barley Soup $3.00
    1 Western Family Vegetable Soup $0.89

    Total SOF $17.65

    London Drugs

    24 cans Campbell’s Vegetable soup @ 59 cents ea = $14.16
    4 cans White Kidney beans $3.96
    2 packages dates for stuffing $4.98

    Total London Drugs $23.10


    2 Safeway Medium Black olives $4.40
    8 boxes Christie Ritz crackers $12.00
    2 bottles Kraft Thousand Island dressing $3.41
    1 large container Philadelphia cream cheese Light $6.09
    1 box chocolate covered mini donuts $2.99
    2 pkgs WW English muffins $5.00
    2 pkgs Nature Blend Bagels $5.00
    1 loaf pumpernickel bread $2.59
    1 box chocolate chip cookies $5.00

    Total Safeway $46.98

    Real Canadian Superstore- Tax Free Weekend

    2 large containers Light Cream Cheese $7.58
    2 Green Giant Brussels Sprouts $4.34
    1 can sliced pineapple $1.34
    1 large No Name Frozen Hash Browns $3.68
    1 large No Name Frozen Potato Puffs $4.98
    2 Michellina Frozen Shepherd’s Pie $2.00
    2 Light Fruit cakes $17.98
    1 Warehouse pkg Chicken thighs $15.50
    2 pkg mini cukes $7.96
    1 large Iceberg Salad mix $3.98
    1 President’s Choice Peppermint ice cream $4.98
    6 Roma tomatoes $1.46
    2 bottles of Jamieson Omega 3-6-9 @ $12.99 ea = $25.98

    Total RCSS $101.76

    Our Grocery Budget for 2 Adults:
    $190 per month…$190/4 = $47.50 per week
    with at least 4 no shop weeks per year!

    This week we spent $15.20+17.65+$23.10+$46.98+$101.76 = $204.69 OVER THIS WEEK.

    PLUS the overage from last week of $38.37 = Total over budget for November is $243.06.

    The GREAT NEWS is I had a refund on my credit card and I did all this shopping by eating up a good portion of that refund. I never did touch the cash we had reserved for groceries this week! 😀

    1. Hi Mary!
      Well it looks like you and I did the same type of overage on our grocery budget for the month although I wasn’t as fortunate to get a cc refund.. good for you!! That OMEGA is pricey I know I’ve bought it a couple times but it’s good stuff. Well looks like you are stocked for a bit… oh.. and I see the pepermint PC icecream… yum yum…. I like the one with the crackle in it… One more month until 2013… wonder what the new year, new budget will bring. You get ballot #52~ Cheers Mary! Mr.CBB

  7. Nofrills

    Lay’s Stax chips – sale 3x$1.00
    Crispers – sale 2x$1 – 2x$.50c
    Becel – sale 3x$2
    Cheestrings – sale $4.44 – $.75c
    Hunt’s snack pack (24) – sale $3.97 – $.75c
    McCain potato patties – $4.29
    PC Cookies – $1.99 – FPC
    Old Mills Bagels – sale 2x$1
    Schneiders Steakettes – sale 2x$2
    Schneiders Lunchmates – sale 3x$2 – $10c
    Pork Roast – $8.83
    English cucumber – $1.77
    Dole Spring mix – sale $2
    Pineapple – sale 2x$1
    Grape tomatoes – sale $1.50
    Tomatoes (3) – $1.63
    Herbal Essence – sale 2x$2 – 2x$.50
    Also used $5.00 off coupon when you spend $25.00 or more

    •Total Coupons Used: 20.99
    • there was an extra .50 manufacturer coupon taken off on my receipt but I can’t figure out what it was for perhaps the cashier put in one to many
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $39.60

    Food Basics #1

    Lunchmate with fruit – sale $2.99 – $1c
    Sausage rolls – sale $2.49
    Tortellini – $1.79
    Waffles – $.99
    Selection BBQ sauce – $1.79
    Stewing Beef – sale $7.39
    Marc Angelo Sausages – sale $2.99 – $1c
    Hellman’s Mayo – sale $3.49 – $1c
    Dempsters bread – sale $1.88 – $1c
    Crustini hamburger buns – $3.19 – $.75c
    Clubhouse gravies – sale 2x$.88
    Clubhouse spice mix – $1.49 – c Free with gravy purchase

    •Total Coupons Used: $6.24
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $25.32

    Food Basics #2

    Aquafina water – $1.69 (for the begging 6 yr old, I gave in)
    Clubhouse seasoning – $1.39
    Uncle Ben’s rice – sale 3x$1
    Selection frozen peas – $2.29
    Red grapes – sale $2.38
    Selection freezer bags – sale 2x$1
    Russet Potatoes – sale $1.50
    Large bag of onions – sale $1.50
    Baby carrots – sale $1
    Hunts tomato paste – 3x$.69
    Hunts pasta sauce – sale 3x$1 – 3x$1 (when you buy a tomato paste)

    •Total Coupons Used: $3.00
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $19.30


    Breathright nose strips – $16.98 – $2c – Picked up a bad cold and these help to sleep

    •Total Coupons Used: $2.00
    •Total Out Of Pocket: $17.19

    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $350
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $32.23
    •Total Spent This Week:$101.41
    •Total Spent So Far for November: $212.52
    •Total Over spend this shop: $20.64
    •Total Under spend for the month of November: $36.07
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $36.07
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $17.47+$9.97+$4.50+32.23=$64.17

    So this was my first month with the new lower budget and I was still able to come in under budget! I knew this would be a bigger shop this week but I was not worried as I had quite a bit of the budget left for this week. Thanks again to Jen P. for the coupon trade she did with me, I used $4.75 worth of them this week and still have a few to use.

    1. Hi Joanna
      Well Jen will be happy to know that she helped save you almost $5 with coupons!! Ya to awesome friends who trade, right! Looking at your shops I can tell you aren’t buying much in the way of convenience type food which helps SO MUCH when we can stay away from them and stick to proteins, grains, fruit, veg and dairy. Where did you get the $5.oo off when you spend $25 or more at NF? I’m jealous!! Keep it up, now I’m really tracking your moves. I want to see what magic you can bring to this budget!!! You get ballot #51 Mr.CBB

      1. There were people at the store that day signing customers up for the PC Mastercard. If you signed up you got a FPC for the PC cookies as well as a $5.00 coupon off a shop of $25 or more. So I signed up as I don’t have one, it only took a minute. I probably won’t activate it when it comes as I already have a Mastercard and don’t see the need to have more than 1.

  8. Went over again this week…. crap!!!! All at Foodland

    Nov 25
    1 pop-up timer for the Christmas bird-1.79
    3 lbs butter @2.77-8.31
    1 box Ritz-2.79
    1 Finnese conditioner-3.49
    1 4l bag milk-4.79
    1 case gingerale-6.29… nothing was on sale!!
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total $39.91

    Nov 27
    1 box Ritz-2.79
    1 box Triscuits-2.79
    2 raisin bread@2.79-5.58
    1 jar VH sauce(sweet and sour)-2.99
    1 pack Oktoberfest sausage-2.99
    1 4l bag milk-4.79
    1 jug water-5.49
    1 case gingerale-6.29
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total$ 45.48, got one turkey buck as Kelly thought I was close enough to the $50.00 to get it, no argument….

    Nov 30
    1 can tomato paste-.69
    3 1l chocolate milk@.97-2.91
    1 can tomato sauce-1.29
    1 jar applesauce-1.48
    1 can pears-1.88
    1 pack frozen fries-1.99
    1 jug cranberry cocktail-2.49
    1 pack bread crumbs-2.50
    1 Triscuit-2.79
    1 box Ritz-2.79
    2 cases gingerale@2.97-5.94
    1 loaf bread, w/w-2.99
    1 pack rolls-3.29 minus 1.65 coupon on pack
    3 peanut butter@ 3.77-11.31
    2 raisin bread@3.79-7.58
    1 After 8’s-3.97
    1 yogurt-3.99
    1 havarti cheese-3.99
    1 lb ground turkey-4.49
    2 4l milk@4.79-9.58
    1 cheesecake-5.49
    1 jug water-5.49
    1 gingerale-6.29
    1 box Janes nuggets-6.99
    1 pack smokes-9.69
    Total $113.61

    This gives a total for the week of $199.00 so I’m over again. This time by $49.00. The gingerale is a constant but there were two brands bought as the Canada Dry was on sale but my younger son has trouble drinking that as it bothers his tummy for some reason. So I have to buy a different brand for him. With colds around we go through it. The After 8 chocolates are supposed to be for me for Christmas. There were a few things especially in the last run that were for the hubby that he wanted …. remind me to leave him at home next time I get groceries…. he’s worse than the kids ever were……. I’m still hoping to balance things out by the end of the year…….

    1. Hi Christine!
      I think just about all of us except for a couple were over this month> I’m hoping next month we won’t have this problem. Next year we hope to budget more for stockpiling but NOT to use as an every week part of the budget. Looks like you picked up quite a bit this month and yes the pop does add up doesn’t it. Hopefully a sale will come on soon for you. Have your shops balanced out all year or will you have to UP your budget next year or find ways to keep it lower? You get ballot #49 Cheers Mr.CBB

      1. Ask me about balancing at the end of the year…..I’m hoping it will.I didn’t start with the $150.00 for groceries until Sept. and then I was thinking of going down in costs slowly by trying for $175.00 a week but I did it under the 150.00 two weeks running and thought I’d stay with that. Mind you we got that lovely gift of groceries from our friend and her family!!! I still tear up when I think of what they all did for us!!! I’ll have to get a few things tomorrow….milk and the like. I’m really hoping for a good deal on pop soon, before the end of the year would be excellent as the coupons I have expire then… lol!!!Those are such nice coupons…. $2.00 off when I buy 2 cases…

  9. Family of seven, 2 parents, 25 yrs, 21yrs, 16 yrs, 4yrs, and 3 yrs, 2 dogs and 2 cats
    Monthly budget of $300.00

    Shoppers 2x milk @ 4.13 each $8.26
    No Frills 2 x sausages @ 2.00 each $4.00

    Total $12.26

    Grocery budget of: $300.
    Total spent so far for November: $320.74
    Total Spent this week: $12.26
    Total coupons this week:0
    Total amount spent this month: $333.00
    Amount over :$33.00

    Began the month with little meat, but now have the freezer very full. I have anxieties shopping during holiday season, so will be sticking to early morning shopping and my regular NoFrill visits with my Dat on Wednesdays. So will be relying on price matching.

    I love the idea of having a separate budget for stockpiling. I have put into place on my blog a pantry challenge. We do a lot of canning here on the farm but also stock pile foods for the pantry ( cold cellar here). I have December to rumble through my head what a good amount is each month for stock piling. When I go through last months budgeting sheets I see that June to August are my highest months for groceries, the reason being stocking on fresh fruits and vegetables to can/freeze/dry for winter storage ( eating). I think what I will do is see how much I went over for the 12 months. Take that amount and divide it by 12 ( months) and bring up to the nearest $10. mark. That will be my stockpiling amount. What do you think?

    About the interview………………I’ll think about it.

    1. Hey!
      I received both your posts today as I moderate each post that comes in before they go live due to any spam. What a great idea for the stockpiling budget>I think I will also incorporate what you are doing as I have all our numbers for the year. Another great reason to budget and document expenses so we can go back and analyze. I look forward to reading your pantry challenge and as for the interview, that’s fine, just let me know. Thanks for providing the link to your page. You did pretty awesome this month I have to admit. Almost all of us went over this month and I don’t know if it has to do with the Holiday season, great sales or great coupons and sales. Either way having the ability to see where we can improve is VERY important. Keep up the amazing shopping! You get ballot #47 Cheers Mr.CBB

  10. -.-.We desperately need snow, so would take anything we can get or the whole state will be on fire next summer. I wondered how the heck you bought dog food and everything else for $190 a month. I am going to leave the dog food in our budget for now because it helps me to stay low on everything else. We’ll see how it works after I’ve done this for a bit longer. If you recall, I only had $3.61 remaining in our $350 budget for the month. My husband’s birthday is tomorrow, so I felt I had to have some sort of cake. Normally, I’d buy a premade one from the bakery section, but those start at $9.99 for the smallest one, so no go.I decided to make him a peanut butter pie, which he prefers anyway. I also had some of the ingredients already. Somehow the grocery gods were smiling on me this week as I received my quartely coupons for being a loyal shopper, $10 off a shopping trip! Here’s how I did.

    City Market

    King Soopers wheat Bread .89
    Cool Whip Topping 1.99-.99
    Kroger Pie Crust 1.99-.32
    Confectioner’s Sugar 1.39
    Kroger Cream Cheese 1.84-.84
    Bananas 1.22
    1.64lbs Black Grapes 3.26
    Private Selection Sliced Pepperoni 2.89-1.00 coupon
    Loyal shopper coupons-10.00
    Tax .50

    Total Spend $2.82 Total Card Savings 2.15 Total Coupon Savings 11.00 Total Savings 13.15

    Total Under Budget this month: .79 Boo Yah, I made it under. Thank you loyalty rewards! And I made a sweet peanut butter pie today! I feel like I won the lottery.

    1. Hi Kim,
      We could pull it off but since we like to buy in bulk with coupons it could potentially put us over here and there. So putting the pet food in it’s own category might be better OR we stop buying in bulk, like 30 cans of tomatoes last week. Even as you mention having the pet food forces you to stay in budget. So either we stop buying bulk with coupons here and there (we don’t every month) or we split it. oh, decisions. We will likely set aside money for bulk buying starting January. If we find we can manage it we can put the pet back in. It’s all trial and error but we are already sitting with a low budget as it is. BooYA.. that’s awesome you made it under budget with rewards points. Now you can blog about how rewards points help you save money in your grocery budget! Many of us did not sadly but we will all work harder at it next month. Peanut butter Pie, lucky guy. Happy Birthday to him! You must share that recipe…… Keep at it Kim, you’re rockin it! Mr.CBB

  11. I’m going to start my own list of groceries on my blog for December, so you can see that I shop so completely different than you. lol! But I’m going, I mean I have to stay in budget this month, if not come under this month.

  12. You guys can have our snow here in Alberta. It seems we have been getting at least 3-5cms every few days -ugghhhh 🙁

  13. oh yes i love white christmas, growing up, like mr CBB, didn’t see one at all due to the part of China-Hong Kong, that i am from does not snow at all. Since i saw the snow 10+ years ago, i fell in love with it!! AND white christmas is more romantic, don’t you think?

    Budget :$250, for 2 people + 3 animals
    Spent till last week: $151.03
    this week spent: $110.96
    coupon used: 1.00
    OVER BUDGET by: $11.99

    my shops:

    Giant tiger
    pops 4×2.97
    potatoes 2.97
    carrots 1.00
    basa fillet 9.97
    soy sauce 1.67
    margarine 2×1.00
    europes best frozen veg 1.00-1.00=FREE

    No frills
    noodles 6×069
    noodles 2/1.00
    pops 2×2.00
    green onion 0.57

    Meat shop 56.71 (we got enough meat for 23 meals with this shop, which should be good enough for a month home cooking)

    Shoppers drug mart
    cream 6×0.99
    eggs 1.99

    yep, we are blowing it big time, since we start the budget from the 20th(husbands pay day), we still have 2 weeks left for the month… ewe feels so defeated. BUT, what blew it was all the pet food and treats we got last week. fortunately, the pet food and treats will last us for 2 months, so we didn’t blow it too bad lol and we spent almost $60 on meat this week, and the meat is for the whole month’s meals, so it isn’t too bad, right?

    maybe we should separate the pet expenses like what you are going to do as well??? got some thinking to do… thanks again CBB!!

    1. Yes we finally ran out of our free dog food and treats that we had and had to start paying for it again. e got giant bags to test from a company that helped us for a while as well a couple FPC for giant bags from another for a problem with a bag of food. So we will move it to the PET category. Don’t get discouraged.. we went WAY over as well.. just try to make up for it next month… or look over your budget and make changes… If you want to chat.. you know where I live…. in the computer.. lol.. You get ballot # 45

  14. Hey Mr. CBB,

    Even though you went over on your budget, it looks like you found a lot of great deals!

    Here is my shop for the week:

    Edamame 2.98
    Coconut Oil 6.48
    Mayonaise 3.00
    Chips 2.61
    Soup (x2) 1.96
    Havarti 4.37
    Avocado 2.45
    Banana 1.68
    Broccoli (x2) 1.92
    Cucumber 1.00
    Mushroom (x2) 1.76
    Field Greens 3.99
    Parsley (x2) 1.54
    Zucchini (x2) 1.53

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 37.27

    No Frills
    Butter (x2) 6.00
    Carrots 1.00
    Peppers (x3) 3.00
    Tin Foil 1.05
    Cotton pads 1.05

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of pocket 12.10

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $200.00
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $0.00
    Total SCOP : $0.00
    Total Spent This Week: $49.37
    Total Spent So Far for November: $176.77
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: -$0.63
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of November: -$23.23
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $23.23

    I was a little frustrated this week as I went grocery shopping with my grandma, and while I was helping her bag her groceries, I wasn’t playing enough attention to my groceries as it rang through. I didn’t realize I was overcharged for my soups until I got home. 🙁 Just a lesson for me to pay more attention next time!

    With the extra money, I am planning on carrying it forward to next month, as I have yet to stockpile some things that I was planning to this month.

    How much were you planning on increasing your food budget to account for inflation?

    Have a good week!

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Thanks for the encouragement, it was a bit heartbreaking but it’s happened before and that’s why we had the grocery budget chat to make changes. We don’t want to miss super awesome deals so we will have a projected expense for them. I figure if we just go ahead and add say $50 to the budget giving us around $250 with the inflation about 2% but that could change for 2013 we will spend $250 every month. If we keep the budget at $200 and have the $50 in a projected expense in case there is a super amazing deal then it is there. If we don’t use it then it goes to savings at the end of year. It’s one of those out of sight out of mind games for us. As for your soups, call the shop and when you go in next bring your reciept and you will get a SCOP if they have it and your money back for the difference. DON’t LET THIS PASS BY.. make the call!! Get used to doing that, it’s your money. Wow, you did awesome for the month. Proud of you! You should be too Vicky. Mr.CBB you get ballot #46

      1. Since I was helping out my grandma, the store is super far away and not one of the usual places I shop at, nor do I plan on returning there. 🙂 I am losing $1.22 for the purchase (should have been 0.77 and one free due to SCOP) and we are paying $1.25/litre of gas right now. I know, I know, it is an excuse, but I will definitely be more vigilant in watching the cash register!

        Have a good weekend Mr. CBB!

        1. Ah, I see. I thought if you were going back to the shop the following week they will still honour your SCOP either way if you called. That way you are not making an extra trip in. 🙂 If you aren’t going then tell them the next time you are in you will bring the receipt. They should honour it. Mr.CBB

  15. We don’t include pet food in our grocery budget either as our cat needs specialized food thanks to an infection he got years ago. Based off the price I think he eats better than us. Lol! I say jump at the deals and buy in bulk, especially if you know that you’re going to use the items. We’ve gotten to a place where we can include that in our grocery budget as well, which is nice.

    1. For the most part we have as well but if toilet paper for example comes up at $2.88 instead of $7.99 and we have $1.00 coupons we will buy as many as we can. Sometimes this is where the extra cash is good. We don’t usually buy lots of food in bulk but like to get jars of coffee, cheese,pasta etc when it’s dirt cheap.

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