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Finding Coupons in Canada is fairly easy as long as you have access to the internet a printer and a smartphone.

So you’ve decided to start couponing! Using coupons is a great way to save money in the budget without having to compromise your quality of life.

As the activity of couponing increases in popularity, so do the outlets from which you can acquire these little money-saving pieces of paper.

No matter your location, there are a variety of methods you can use to build your coupon collection!

Where to Find those Canadian Coupons to help build your stockpile!

Coupons By Mail From Canadian Companies

Since writing this post I’ve come back to update it and you’ll hardly find any companies mailing coupons any longer.

Canadian Coupon Apps

Note: I’ve updated this post on March 3, 2021, to the best of my ability. If you find any errors or can add to my coupon lists please message me.

If you have a SmartPhone get involved with even more COUPON Savings with these amazing Coupon Apps.

You can now save even more money by pairing coupons with savings and using Coupon Apps.

Some of the most popular Coupon Apps in Canada but the not the only ones.

You’ll find my exclusive list of coupon-finding websites and companies below.

Sign up with Rakuten Canada (formerly Ebates) and receive money back when you shop.

Earn Extra Cash when you shop online. Sign up with Rakuten Canada and receive money back when you shop.

They also have an amazing referral program where you earn $25 cashback when your friend or family member joins.

Then, your friend or family member gets $5 deposited into their new Rakuten account.

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Coupons In-store

One of the more obvious places to collect coupons is right at your local grocery store!

You can find what is called “tear pads” on the shelves of your local retailer, typically placed next to the particular product the coupon applies to.

Another type to keep your eye out for is coupons found on product packaging.

If you can purchase an item on sale (and with a coupon) that also provides you with a new coupon then you can really maximize your savings!

Lastly, just ask!

You’d be surprised by the savings you can acquire by simply asking at sample stands and your grocer’s customer service desk if they have any coupons for you.

Newspaper Inserts

Your local paper is a great resource for coupon savings.

Newspaper inserts from Smartsource can be found throughout the year in your local paper, for free.

If you are ever looking for multiples of an insert, ask your neighbours if they use coupons so you may be able to have theirs.

As well, you can contact your local distribution centre after you receive the paper and see if they have any extra.

Direct Mail from the Company

Contact your favourite companies, share with them why you enjoy their product over the competition, and ask if they have any coupons they may be able to send you.

The worst thing they can say is no, and most will send you high-value coupons you won’t find anywhere else!

Check out this comprehensive list of Companies You Can Request Coupons From!

Utilize these resources and I guarantee you your collection of coupons will grow in no time at all, making you ready to save when that perfect sale comes along!

Finding Canadian Coupons are as easy as it seems and so are the savings.

Printable Coupons

The availability of free online printable coupons is growing as the convenience of being able to instantly print savings in your own home is undeniable.

Retailers are beginning to see the opportunities for them in accepting printable coupons.

They are also adjusting their coupon acceptance policies as a result.

Keep an eye open in your email inbox as companies regularly send you printable coupons.

Retailers that accept printable coupons will always accept them in black & white, so save yourself the cost of colour ink and keep it simple!

Sources For Finding The Best Canadian Coupons

Finding Even More Savings In Canada

Save Even More Money With Discount Codes, Savings, Deals, Codes and Freebies in Canada.

I’ve found almost every Canadian website that offers you the consumer a deal.

I’m continuing to add to the list monthly so if you know of one I’ve missed please email me.

There is no excuse now why you aren’t saving money in your grocery budget when you have all the coupon-saving tips and ideas right here at your finger-tips.

If you have a coupon portal you think is missing from my list please email me and let me know so I can get it added!!

Discussion: What are some of your favourite Canadian Coupon sites?

Leave your comments below and I will add any missing coupon portals for Canadians.

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