The Saturday Weekend Review #1 January 2013

Weekend Review
What’s Been Happening at Canadian Budget Binder?

With the New Year comes thought to personal finances for many and it’s no exception for our family. Earlier this week I put out a blog post detailing the changes we made to our 2013 budget and why we made those changes. Planning your personal finances is not always the easiest task for most so keeping the process simple and clean is the best route especially for those who have never used a budget before. I’ve been getting many emails from fans who want to test out our budget spreadsheet which I am happy to see. Thank you for all your kind notes and emails as I hope that all of you continue to battle through the tough times with a positive outlook.

Around the Home with Mr.CBB 

If you don’t know about me I’m from the UK and struggled with communicating when I moved to Canada. I know you’re thinking, “but you speak English” although what you speak and what I speak are two different things. I struggled to understand some of the words people were saying to me at a million miles per hour but how to interpret them. I’m still learning all the differences with words not only the way I say them but the way they are written.

A good example: I say aluminium as A-Loo-Mini-Um where Mrs.CBB says A-Loo-Min-Um which sounds wrong to me but that’s what I’m used to. She says the same about the way I say but slowly we work through it but not without many laughs that’s for sure. I should really put together a post on what I’ve learned since moving to Canada.

So, last week I continually was coming across what I thought was an typo but apparently it’s not. I read online in an article about  “personal finance advisers” and thought well surely advisers should be spelled advisors.

Well here’s what I came up with when I searched What is the difference between advisors and adviser?  I found there is somewhat of  a difference with adviser being an alternate to advisor. It does make sense to me the suggestion that “an adviser is someone who gives advice” where an “advisor is tasked to specifically give advice”.

Do you use advisor or adviser?

Clean, Clean and more cleaning….

We started off 2013 cleaning and organizing everything we could around the house. We like to get rid of items we no longer use or have used in the past 6 months a year. Clutter is one thing that doesn’t work well for us as we like to walk through our house without banging into things or stepping on Aunt Betty’s tea kettle from the 50’s.

Like our finances we like to keep the rest of our life in check which means we talk alot about not only day-to-day activities but our visions for the future.

That is what 2013 will be all about our visions for tomorrow which mean renovations and around the house DIY projects for me. Looking at kitchens and bathrooms, colours, designs, decor is all fun (until you see the price tag).

That’s why our savings plan will be critical this year because renovations can be money wasted or invested depending on what you do.

What are your plans for around the home in 2013?

Until next week….prepare to plan because if you fail that you will stand still. -Mr.CBB

Canadian Budget Binder’s Weekly Post Recap

I’m currently accepting guest posts. If you are a blog owner email me today with your topic ideas! I can’t guarantee everyone a spot but give me your best topic pitch and show me what your work looks like!


web search terms

What People Searched to Find Canadian Budget Binder on the Web

Search terms of the week are really a hoot! Here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.  What are you saying about them? Any typos below are simply the person who searched who made the error or me ;-)

 Search terms make up a huge amount of my visitor traffic and it keeps increasing month to month so I hope that means I’m doing something right.

Top Pick: How much does it cost for groceries? If you are thinking what I’m thinking it’s someone’s first time in the real world. No mom and dad won’t be paying for groceries forever.

  • Being Frugal is the New In– Oh ya bring it on baby… I can see it now, the nerdy group, the jocks and now the frugals.
  • People Who Act Like they Have Money Are…..- You finish the sentence
  • I want a gift– Really, so do I.
  • If I ever feel you are cheating on me I will silently move out of your life– Well at least they aren’t sticking around, smart.
  • Bakery In Toronto Owned by the Binder Family– No my last name is not binder and I don’t own a bakery haha.
  • What happens in Ontario if you can’t pay your property taxes until the next calendar year- Two Words…. You’re Screwed! Maybe not! Check with your city as it was brought to my attention that some may qualify for a deferral program.
  • Horrible Credit, No Money Down Mortgages- Again… You’re Screwed! Why would anyone even think about buying a home.
  • How to Renovate a House– Please, Please, Please hire a professional that’s how!
  • Smoking is important– Ya, tell that to the people that have died, or are suffering from the effects of smoking and second-hand smoke.
It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It
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  1. Sounds like you are getting organized and going to have a very productive 2013. All the best to you and Mrs. CBB. 🙂

      1. 2012 I doubled my income from 2011. I am worried this year as we are going back to the GST which hurts my business. When films shoot in Vancouver, they get a rebate on the tax they are charged. Their rebate will now drop from 12% to 7% which could mean the difference between shooting here or not.
        I also get a smaller write-off on my business expenses.

          1. Ha ha… no body that wants job security should ever get into the arts. You need to be a bit of a gypsy for this line of work. That’s why I focus so much on the investing part. I get income from gigs I do, I get residual checks from past gigs and I receive dividend income from my stocks I own.

            I just did a fun day on the TV show “Arrow” where there were lots of stunts, gunfire and breaking glass. I enjoy those action scenes!

            They are just starting to shoot sitcoms in Vancouver for the first time and I would really love to get involved in comedy.

          2. That would be awesome to get on a sitcom that everyone loved and you made millions… ah. I think the money is good but that only comes with as much work the actors and writers and everyone behind the scenes puts in. Am I right? Nothing starts out a hit, you all make it a hit! So you can get residual cheques for past acting gigs? That’s great! What was your favourite role thus far?

          3. Ya, for Canadians, they generally give us a 5 year buy-out for TV work. After 5 years you get residual checks when the episode you worked on airs anywhere in the world.

            I enjoyed doing my Money Mart commercial because every month they paid me a $900 check since it was a Canadian National commercial. Check it out, I am the #9 rugby player!

          4. That’s awesome! Do they still cut you a cheque for that then? So you could essentially be bringing in some good $$ as long as you keep getting the work. In dry spells the residual cheques can really help. Must be awesome to see yourself on the tele!

          5. Ya, the trick is to get enough work that you have a small stream of income coming in. I’m not there yet, but working on it! That commercial ran for 6 months, then the checks dried up.

            Imagine what the cast of Seinfeld gets every month!

  2. I’m so happy I (finally) found your blog, man! I have my reading totally cut out for me now. It’s also very cool to see what is going on “up north” as compared to the NYC area.

    When you are ready, I have some off-the-hook Italian recipes to share!

    Great posts!

    1. Hey Anthony!!
      I always enjoy meeting new Bloggers and learning from them as I hope my blog helps them learn something new. You’re the Italian Stallion in the kitchen… I’m always up for a new recipe or food challenge!! Cheers mate. Mr.CBB

  3. I wrote a few times ”talk to an advisor” and the website tripadvisor is with o, but Word corrected me ans so is your comment box right now. I didn’t know it was a country thing like colour and color, I thought it was my French! Thanks for the clarification Mr CBB!

  4. I normally use advisor, but I have had a similar issue with most of my readers being US or Canadian and me being from Australia. We all speak English, but it is vastly different – particularly the spelling of words.

    Just a few I have had recently
    Chilli – Aus | Chili – UK
    Neighbours – Aus | Neighbors – US
    Realise – Aus | Realize – US
    Favourite – Aus | Favorite – US

    Plus I use a heap of random Aussie slag that apparently no one understands 🙁

    1. Ha, I’m sure you go through all the same things I do. Realize is another one yes as I spell it with an “s” but I’m always corrected. I try not to bring my slang in but sometimes I can’t help it ah well. Cheers mate!

  5. Yea!!!! More fun reading material…. I did chuckle over the issue of how things get pronounced here and there… I doubt I’d have much of a problem as I have said before, my grandparents came from the old country…. I’m sure I still have relatives living in the London area. I think that’s where they live, I’ll have to check with my uncle as he went there with Grandma and Grandpa back in the early 60’s. Another chuckle on the same subject is french… my late sister-in-law married a fellow from around Montreal so she spoke french in her home. My brother-in-law was married for a time to a french girl from NB, and the two girls would get together about french accents…..Donna had a Montreal accent and Martine has a NB accent!!! Where do people get the search terms!!!!!!I have to laugh over those every week!!!!! Keep that up…. it’s so funny!!! Have a good week…..

  6. Thanks for the mention Mr. CBB! I work with a company that has an office in London. We sometimes confuse each other when we speak because of the different styles and pronunciation. It is all good though. Have a great weekend!

  7. On our trip to the UK I found it fascinating how the “same language” could sound so completely different (and different between London, Manchester and Edinburgh).

    If you’re tired cleaning your house, I know one in Texas that could really use some cleaning. Wouldn’t that be more fun than cleaning your own house? Something new!

  8. MR CBB, in BC we have a property tax deferment program. Do you not have such a thing in Ontario?? See this link:

    And since 2009, we’ve also had a financial hardship program for property tax deferment:

    So technically, at least in the province of British Columbia, if you are unable to meet your property tax obligation, you can defer the payment.

    I would check and see if you have something with the Government of Ontario.

    1. This is what the deferral read.. maybe similar to what you posted. Property Tax Increase Deferral Program

      This program gives low-income seniors and low-income persons with a disability the opportunity to apply for a deferral of property tax increases.

      If you have applied for and received a deferral last year, you should continue to apply each year, even where your taxes may have decreased. This will ensure that you obtain the maximum deferral benefit.

      It is important to note that the total deferral amount is a lien on the property and must be paid back to the City if you no longer own the property.

      To qualify for a deferral of a property tax increase you must:

      Have a combined household income of $50,000 or less AND
      Be 65 years of age or older; OR,
      Be 60-64 years of age and be in receipt of a Guaranteed Income Supplement under the Old Age Security Act; if widowed, be in receipt of the Spouse’s Allowance under the Old Age Security Act; OR,
      Be 50 years of age or older and be receiving either a pension or a pension annuity resulting from a pension plan under the Income Tax Act (Canada); OR,
      Be a person with a disability and be in receipt of disability benefits.

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