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  1. That is a very detailed budget. I don’t keep a budget, but I do track my income and expenses. It works for me. I’ve saved over 50% of my income so far this year.

    1. Well done Andy!! We just found having the house and all of our investments that the only way we would save to our max potential was with our budget. Well done, wish we were as smart as you to save without a budget. 🙂

  2. CBB, I love how detailed your budget is, and even your goals are detailed. I need to make more of a to-do list type of goal list like yours. It keeps me on track.. I also need to start with the spring cleaning! Yuck!

    1. Today I’m out finishing the deck and maybe get a start on rolling the lawn. I have so much to do in the spring and summer around here but I enjoy it. Sleep when I’m dead kind of man I guess lol

  3. Wow, that is some detailed budgeting. I love your spreadsheet. We are pretty detailed ourselves, but not to the extent that you are. Plus, we use pen and paper to do it. I know, we are totally old foggies.

  4. well done Mr CBB, especially on the mortgage and blog stats! I finished April with more money than I started so I guess that’s all that counts 🙂

  5. Wow you killed it on your goals. I always admire how incredibly detailed oriented you are with your facts and figures. You are always more than welcome to guest post on my site!

  6. They sure have some funny mortgage rules in Canada, but I guess you say the same thing about some of the rules for things in the US. I guess it isn’t in the mortgage company’s interest to have you pay the sucker off early. I love that you increase your budget for beer and BBQ. Can I add a filet mignon line item to our grocery budget?

  7. Nicely done Mr CBB! One of my colleagues at work is getting ready to pay off his mortgage so we’re thinking of throwing him a mortgage burning party. Any plans for one when you and the Mrs. kick yours? It won’t be too long now, I’m sure!

  8. Things are looking mighty good at your place!!! I’ve starting hardening off the plants that spent the winter inside, I’ll keep an eye on the temps and if it’s warm enough out they go for the day but they come in for the night for a while yet. Even when the plants are outside for the summer I keep watch on overnight temps as we have been known to have surprise frosts as late as June. The cleaning is going slowly, I hesitate to call it spring cleaning as it will take longer than that. With the nice weather hubby has been getting outside to sit and watch the world go by. I have a couple of things to make for our daughter to take to the daycare where she works. I’m still working on that Gail Vaz-Oxlade book I started a good month ago…..So you are not the only one to not get things done. It’s life…….stuff happens…..
    We had a credit counseller here yesterday with our social worker to see if she had any ideas to help us out……. Not much to speak of but she did say we were actually looking good compared to some she sees. The good part is the only debt we have is the mortgage…….. M/C and Sears are paid off and will stay that way as long as we can manage. Hopefully CPP-D will come through soon for our older son and that will help out.

  9. Looks like you had another great month Mr. CBB and I love that you’re rolling towards paying off your mortgage. I bet that’s got to feel great. We did fine and had a great month overall in regards to income and am still waiting to get our final bill for the bathroom remodel. We know we went over budget, but it appears to be within a reasonable range. Glad to see I am not the only one who bumps up the budget to allocate for beer & a bbq…maybe I should stop on by! 😉

  10. Great work! I love the monthly goals with accountability pass/fail. I like too that it is ok to fail without being too hard on yourself. Learning from your experiences as you go and making adjustments is awesome!

    1. Thanks Maven, like anyone else we make mistakes but we hope to learn from them. Personal finance is a learning experience for everyone and we are always learning month after month.

  11. Looks you had a great month overall, Mr. CBB. Congratulations! I love how detailed your budgets are. Kindred spirits, there! I’m not a huge beer and bbq gal, but I do LOVE family picnics. The weather is getting perfect for them and I can’t wait to start hosting them again.

    1. We’re always looking for ways to improve the budget and some months are better than others. I hope our budget update inspires others to get educated on financial literacy, read our budgeting series and start their own budget. Cheers Shannon!

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