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PF Weekly Reading List #18-Come Hang Out In My Closet, I’ve Got Beer and Breakfast!

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men's closet

Hanging out in my closet sounds silly and it probably would be if you saw the size of our walk in closet. As a guy who enjoys ripping things apart and creating new spaces I’m the first to admit the closet is NOT at the top of my remodel list.

I’m afraid there are many people who beg to differ with me and have taken what to some is just an obvious hole in the wall with a door to a WHOLE new level. Gone are the days where closets were just for hanging our clothes in, it’s party time, so come hang out in my dream closet, I’ve got beer and breakfast.

Most women and plenty of men would love to have a chef’s kitchen that really is GOURMET. I’m not talking about the rubbish you read in some of the MLS or For Sale By Owner listings that have a bog standard kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, island, microwave about the stove and granite counters.

That is FAR from a chef’s kitchen to me, I’m talking about a real fancy gourmet kitchen with a stone work-top, walk-in 2 storey pantry, climate controlled wine cooler, Sub Zero refrigerator and other built-in top of the line appliances surrounded by solid wood cabinetry with the finest of details and accessories. That to me is what screams Posh!

The other wow-me-now room is the bathroom and although I like a nice bathroom I’m sure my arse and bubbles will never see the day soaking in luxurious bath layered with marble, a gold bog  surrounded by a gas fireplace, flat screen TV and heated floors so my tootsies don’t get cold in my bathroom.

Renovating a home in other cases a mansion is a big business not only for the homeowner but for many élite designers around the world. No matter what your budget is some people have an even bigger budgets with bigger desires to frost their homes with luxuries that us regular folks would think of as plain strange and over the top. Although strange is intriguing we certainly would soak it all up if the offer was on the table.

Gone are the days where the kitchen and bathrooms were the top luxury spots for men and women. Forget about inviting your mates over to check out your granite counter-tops and built-in appliances. Put all that silly talk behind you and get with the modern times my friends.

Masculine Closet


Via Pinterest

The Closet AKA. The Dressing Room

Let’s all put our hands together and welcome the new and exciting walk in closet (OK, dressing room) and we’re not talking just any closet. We’re talking you need a few minutes and an escalator to get to the top-level where some designers are sparing no expenses for some of the wealthiest in the country.

Some of the wealthiest people are  spending from $50,000 to 2.5 million dollars according to The $100,000 closet. You heard that right, 2.5 million dollars spent on a bloody high-end designer closet. Some of these closets are bigger than my own home, hell ya! Give me 2.5 million dollars and you can bet I won’t be hanging out in someone’s closet with it.

“We don’t call them closets anymore,” says Los Angeles-based contractor Gary Drake, who says the preferred term for such spaces among the designers and clients he works with is now “dressing room.”

A Peek Into Mariah Carey’s Closet


Via- Trends Hairstyle

Sexy Ladies Closets

Best of it is, it’s just not the ladies who want to showcase the sexy, open concept, dressing closets with refrigerators for champagne, televisions,  custom cabinets, sinks for beauty and cosmetics, purse and shoe racks, computers, TV’s and enough amps to think you were in a night club. (because the closet is where all the action is happening!

If you have kids and you want to get away simply retreat to your secret closet getaway big or small for some hot, steamy… well whatever you do in your own closet is your own business. You don’t have to be rich or a celebrity to hang out in your own closet.

Sounds like one heck of a kinky night if you ask me though. Hanging out in your woman’s closet, sipping champagne while munching on strawberries and playing dress up or dress down in this case. It’s like you are in your own movie but in a dressing room where all the action happens.

The Masculine Closet

A man's dream closet

Photo Via McGraw Designs

It’s not just woman though, oh no we can’t give all the fancy pants credit to the ladies, us men need our own private extravagance and we are sparing no expenses. The man has his own space, I’ll call mine “the closet cave” except you won’t find any power tools, tires or window washer fluid nor the distinct smell of motor oil in this cave.

Hell no, your butt will be stolen sitting back massaged on leather couches watching tennis on the flat screen television with a racket in one hand and a glass of the finest wine in another.

Don’t worry about staying up late in your closet and being too tired to head into work the next day either. You can easily stay in your closet and work from home in your custom closet office on your computer. When it’s break time just swivel over to your custom breakfast bar to fill up on some good eats (because that’s where I want to eat my eggs and bacon, in my closet). I wonder if I open door number 10 in my closet if I will find a maid, a cook and a butler.

If you think I’m inviting my mates over to come and rifle through my closet with me while chugging back a beer you’re sadly mistaken. I’m afraid I don’t have a full sneaker line either to proudly showcase in a lighted glass display in my closet. But wait, What I do have and this might change your mind is a few pairs of “vintage discount shoes” if you should so dare have them grace your space. (nothing a little Febreeze can’t handle, right?)

If that’s not enough let’s show off  what luxury and money can buy with the lighted clothing rods and remote control revolving clothes and shoe racks because it’s just far too difficult to flip a switch or clap on a light to see what the heck you are doing while moving a hanger.

As funny as I thought about all of this while reading the post about the $100,000 closet was it’s simply a life that I likely will never be exposed to. For me this seems so surreal but I know it’s out there and for others it’s their way of life and just the way it goes when you have money to burn and a desire to hang out in your closet.

I’m far from envious because you can’t miss what you don’t have especially if your budget is far from “without limits”. I’m sure that if I had that kind of cash I too could come up with all sorts of crap to do with it even if it is over the top and in a closet.

If you’ve got the cash and you have too much of it you might as well find some way to spend it because what’s silly to one is luxury to another. If you really want to chill out in my closet be my guest, just make sure to leave the empties in the corner!

What would you have in your dream closet and would you spend $50,000- $2.5 million if you had the pocket change to do so? 


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