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How Financial Empowerment Set Us Free From Money: The SWR #323

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Financial empowerment is not a stand-alone reason as to why Canadians are successful with money management.

Today, I want to discuss with you the power of money through exploring self-empowerment, leadership empowerment, and finally financial empowerment.

When you have all three you’ve reached a new level of understanding money and how it can unshackle you from debt.

Imagine What It Would Feel Like Living Each Day Knowing You Are In Control Of Your Money and Emotions.

That my friends is the power of positivity, motivation, and blooming success through financial empowerment.

I’m not telling you that you’re going to be rich however when you have the control you’ve got the wheel.

We never knew how important financial empowerment was for our relationship to thrive.

By this, I mean that in order for us to reap the benefits financially we both had to understand money basics.

From planting one seed and watering it our knowledge about frugal living and budgeting grew and grew.

The Empowered Woman

If there’s anyone that I know who can empower someone it’s my wife (Mrs. CBB).

She has the knack of talking to people about money that are strangers, sort of like breaking down the walls.

People don’t want to talk about money, debt, and how their life didn’t turn out the way they had planned it.

The great news is that there are people who will listen, have been through it and want to share stories.

That my CBB friends, is Mrs. CBB.

I haven’t met or spoke to anyone who doesn’t want to be set free from the stress of dealing with debt.

Yesterday while grocery shopping at Food Basics Mrs. CBB wanted to buy a Lotto Max lottery ticket.

The winning jackpot was for 44 million dollars and that’s how the conversation started.

It had been ages since we’ve played the lottery, in fact, it was a budget category that we used to have for our budget.

When it was time to do a budget clean-up lottery tickets had to get slashed because it just didn’t jive with our goals.

To be fair, Mrs. CBB bought the Lotto Max ticket to see if she could get a reaction from the cashier.

And that she did.

As the cashier was ringing in the lottery ticket Mrs. CBB pipes up and says, ” What in the world would I do with 44 million dollars?”

I looked at her and said, “I could think of many ways to use 44 million dollars”.

Then I gave her the look of shock and said if you don’t want it I’ll take it. haha!

At the time I wasn’t aware of what she was talking about because I know she would be more than generous with a win that big.

This is when that cashier said, “Don’t forget about me if you win. I could use a big tip to pay off my debt.”

Bingo, that’s what she was hoping for.

From that point Mrs. CBB asked her if she felt financially empowered as a woman and why.

Immediately she said, she wished not only about saving money but also how to spend money.

If you think about the concept for a moment, you'll understand that spending the money is the primary problem. 

Saving money seems to be the easy part once you take control and grasp financial empowerment.

Financial Empowerment For Men and Women

There is no difference in what your gender is when it comes to money and becoming empowered by it.

What is Financial Empowerment?

Financial empowerment simply put is having control over your money so you’re steps ahead.

Empowering yourself to be in the right place mentally and financially so there’s less worry.

As a financial nerd I soon came to realize how financial empowerment allowed us freedom.

Not just freedom from debt but the ability to wipe daily stress about money away because we had control.

Financial empowerment = Control

When you understand money, put it to work for you, and wipe out debt you’re left with a clean slate.

However, most people who are debt-free want to share their knowledge to empower others.

There are financial mentors also known as financial coaches who work to empower their clients.

It’s worth the money for someone who has little idea how to get their feet wet financially.

They take one step in and ten steps back from lacking financial empowerment but also self-empowerment.

Whatever you do don’t take financial advice from someone you don’t trust.

Self-Empowerment And The Benefits

Money isn’t the only topic that motivates individuals as we should look at overall picture.

If you don’t believe in yourself to reach goals that roam around in your mind you’ll never achieve them.

People might find it cheesy writing goals down whether it be to lose weight, run a marathon, conquer debt or read a book a week.

Whatever the goal is when you complete it think about how it made you feel.

I’m certain you will feel that spark of self-empowerment fall over you.

Why? Because when we achieve something we’re skeptical about completing it makes us happy.

The release of endorphins truly does fight the war we will have during our life-time.

Believing that you can do something and completing the task is self-empowerment.

You now have the control and ability to motivate yourself and perhaps others through experience.

Empowering Leadership To Help Others

When Canadian Budget Binder (CBB) first hit the internet world it was never intended to expand the way it has.

Over the years CBB has become a hub for Canadians and others across the world who want to learn about Finance in Canada.

Most importantly CBB readers who subscribe to the blog either enjoy reading and learning from our experiences or share their own.

When readers know that we’ve been through both sides of the financial hardship they want to listen and learn.

In a way it’s like a television reality show but in the form of written word through a blog.

You can get addicted to a certain blogger, podcaster, or vlogger just from the way they inspire you.

For example, if you aren’t sure how to start a budget and I share our 10-step mini budgeting series and our debt-free success you might want to read about it.

I do the same thing, so I’m no different especially when it comes to topics that intrigue me.

Another example, is when Mrs. CBB watches YouTube videos from successful keto coaches.

Their journey brings out the self-empowerment that she needs to begin her journey and successfully.

Improve your mindset through positivity first and the rest will follow.

People want to be debt-free and fast but that’s not the way it happens especially if you jump into it with a backward perspective.

Negativity will always impact the outcome.

How Financial Empowerment Improved Our Lives

Each and every one of you reading this blog post today will find financial empowerment if you just believe.

However, believing is self-empowerment and doing is financial empowerment.

Self-Empowerment + Financial Empowerment = Personal Success

  • Self-care and taking the time to tend to our needs
  • Working together to achieve our financial goals
  • Helping others through experience on Canadian Budget Binder
  • Listening to stories about how debt has impacted others lives and motivating them
  • Not listening to people who think we are too frugal or cheap empowered us
  • It allows us to spend more time as a family instead of holding a financial burden on our shoulders.
  • Using a budget is the number one reason we are where we are today, debt-free but also by never giving up.

Discussion: What did you learn from reading about the topic of Financial Empowerment and what will you do differently?

Leave me your comments below and I’ll respond to them all.


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The thought of empowerment came into my head two days ago when I realized how finance can affect someone.

Perhaps you are moving out for the first time, college or university student, or a first-time homebuyer a budget empowers you.

The same goes for anyone who already owns a home or rents and struggles with financial upkeep.

Spring Budget Clean-up time starts now whether you have a budget or you don’t.

Let the power of knowing you have your finances under control remove darkness and shine some light.

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