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Happiness Is everything: Saving Money, Buying Time

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Keeping Life Simple Makes Life Easier


Keeping in theme with Mr. CBB’s post this week ‘Money isn’t everything, happiness is relationships and love I decided to share a bit about my day-to-day life. You all know how hectic and busy my life is but now I want to share with you how I am making more time for things that make me happy and saving money at the same time.

I’m a mom on the go so working, caring for your children and a house can be overwhelming and challenging. I strive to find the proper balance between them all. I love my job, wish I could spend more time with the kids and less time cleaning and organizing our house.


What is worth your time?


How often do you say I just need a few more minutes or a couple more hours in a day? What could you eliminate from your life or reduce the amount doing in your day to find that time? I want more time to do things like work on my son’s writing and my daughter’s drawing and spend less time doing housework.

Mr.CBB’s to-do list has been great in helping me get some of the bigger projects done around my house which makes me so happy to finally get them done, but then I find I’ve neglected things like laundry and the bathroom, there is always something to do.

I don’t want to spend all my time at home cleaning, organizing and folding laundry. These last few months I’ve been working on how I manage my time which has been a straight-line focus for me. My goal has been ongoing and I’m trying to eliminate the craziness in my life. Has it been easy? No, not but I’m getting there and like Mr. CBB says, we should never give up when we want to reach our goals, we need to push.


What makes you happy? 


How often have you found yourself saying, “I wish I had more time to spend with my kids” or just simply sit down and read a book? I ask myself this question all of the time but that’s all going to change for me. There is just too much to do in our home and honestly I don’t want to do it all anymore. After work I would love to spend every night playing with the kids but all I can ever see is all the things that need to get done.


Eliminate unnecessary stress 


If you have been around Canadian Budget Binder for a while you likely know that I do not like doing laundry, mainly folding. Mr. CBB has been teasing me with the offer of trading laundry for landscaping and I’ve contemplated responding to him with a giant, YES!!

Although I know he loves to cook and just last week he asked, “do women find men sexy who cook”, well I wouldn’t kick him out of my kitchen if he wanted to whip up some of his famous fudgy brownies for me. I keep hoping one day he will actually come through for me. Please?  Just before we left for vacation opening my laundry room door and looking at the mountain of clothes made me realize that whoa, we have way too many articles of clothing.

I have been fortunate to save money buying clothes for the kids and myself by receiving hand-me-downs from great family and friends. In no way do I mean to sound ungrateful but we all know how hard it can be to say no to something when it’s free. I have to question though, does my son really need 50 t-shirts and 20 pairs of pants?

Presumably we can cut his wardrobe back to 20 shirts and 10 pairs of pants or even less and get through just fine. Now that I will be downsizing our closets for all three of us I may have to do laundry a little more often but what I hope I can do is teach the kids to take better care of their clothes. Oh yeah and not have to fold as much! That will be another life skill which I will teach my children but one that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Donating excess items


I am ever so grateful for the clothing donations that were given to me so a friend of mine will be sending the excess clothes to the Philippines, how awesome is that? There are many things in our home that I believe we can do without so as I find items I no longer need or want I pass them along to someone who can use them by donating them.

I’m not worried about making a fast dollar from selling the clothes as I believe in when you give you get and then you give back to others. This helps me save money and then I save someone else some money too.

This approach is also going to be applied to my kitchen, I loved and appreciate every single wedding gift and shower present we received but I have learned what I need and what I use and will be finding new homes for the rest. Cutting back on time in the kitchen and laundry room will greatly minimize the stress of my daily chores.

While reducing the amount of belongings in our home I am also testing my self-control to stop bringing unnecessary items into our home. So now when I am shopping I will not only ask myself the questionI can buy it, but can I afford it?’ but also where is it going to go and do we really need it? Or do I really want to fold more laundry and that answer will more often than not be NO!


Buying time


De-cluttering, downsizing and minimizing all 3 words in my mind right now because after some soul-searching this past month I realized my life was cluttered and I was tired all the time.

Now I know that happiness is everything and if I can save myself time and money to spend with the kids and on what we want to do then I’ll do whatever it takes to make us happy. Keep your life simple and you will see the beauty that we often pass by because once time is gone, it’s gone.

Discussion: What could you do without for just a little more time money and happiness? 


Post Contribution: 

Katrina is regular contributor for Canadian Budget Binder and is as passionate about personal finance as she is gardening. Katrina is a horticulture graduate with over 10 years experience with landscaping and greenhouse production.

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  1. Great post Katrina !! I was on a role a while back ! Cleaning out right & left. I guess I got to the part where I was,Looking at money I had spent on it. Realy though it’s just a reminder of bad choices & things I don’t need & have to clean .Time to share with those who need it. Thanks for putting the fire back under me. 🙂 I’m starting tomorrow !! This long weekend is a great time to put things In action. Thanks again !! Will let you know how it goes. Love CBB !!! He helps us all have a better life. Also meet great friends who share the same problems In life & share ideas ! One big family !! Come check us out ! We will help you any way we can. No one has to struggle bills & lifes problems alone. Not to mention we love to laugh & share recipes . We help each other
    shop for more spending less.

  2. I hate clutter and would happily downsize and declutter my whole house. Bf on the other hand has a really difficult time getting rid of things he doesn’t need (it makes me crazy, but we’ve compromised by having a storage unit-he gets to keep the things he wants to keep and I get them out of the house).

  3. Good post Katrina! That is such an important question and one that we try to ask ourselves on a somewhat regular basis. For me, I think it would be spending less time on my laptop. It’s a hard balance as we run our own business and it means I am generally making more money, but there is only so far that can be taken. I’d much rather spend that extra time with our little ones as opposed to on the box an extra hour or two.

  4. What is worth your time, indeed? If you read ‘Your Money or Your Life’, you will have seen that Dominguez figures out the exact worth of his time in dollars, then makes all decisions about time and money as necessary. It is a thought-provoking exercise, as this was a post that was the same.

  5. I’m slowly working away at the piles of stuff around here, and getting rid of things either to the garbage or the Thrift store. Trick is getting some of the stuff out past hubby as some of the stuff heading out the door is his. My aim is small right now….having a noticeable difference in stuff around here by Christmas. I’m working on the main floor and upstairs….the basement is some one else’s problem…..I’m not going down there!!!! The uninvited critter life down there is safe from me!!!!
    I do laundry every 2-3 days here. I wash, dry and fold it. The boys take it from there. My kids were taking their clean clothes back to their room from the time they could walk and carry something at the same time. They also learned (the hard way) that I don’t go looking for the dirty clothes, if it’s not in the hamper when I go to do laundry that is just too darn bad…… I just wish my MIL had house trained hubby more……..

    1. I have the same problem Christine trying to get some of the stuff past the kids, though a few times now my son has said to me, ‘Mom, I don’t play with this toy anymore can we give it to some one else?’ He brought a toy car to my chiropractors once and donated it to the toy box in the waiting room.

  6. hmmm good question! I could probably watch a little less TV I suppose although I do love it for relaxing since I do work pretty hard during the day. I don’t make enough time for reading though, so I suppose I could swap the two activities every once in awhile.

    1. You earn your rest then! I am going to start reading again before bed, I haven’t done it in a long time and would like to read more.

  7. Funny, that’s now my first question: will I use it? If so, how often will I use it? My wife saw a great garlic press last week. I prefer just using a knife. It was neat to look at in the store, but won’t be coming home with us any time soon.

    1. I have a hard time too with all the little kitchen gadgets around these days, I always think the same thing, that a knife works just fine! Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

  8. There are a ton of things we could do without that would save time and increase happiness – I can imagine the shelves in my closet chock full of “stuff” that I Never look at until it falls and annoys me when it makes a mess. I should really just get rid of most of it!

    1. My house is a big stress so I decided it’s time to re-evalute and make some major changes or I feel I may never get ahead of it. It’s going to be some work but will be worth every minute 🙂

  9. I love this post! Happiness is definitely everything. I like to donate time to charity, it’s one of those things that just makes me happy! I would imagine that it’s also something that would be a fun way to spend time with the kids…of course, provided the charity is a fun one to work with. Thanks for the great read! I’d love to see you in the conversation at CNA some time!

    1. Thank you Josh, I love to donate what we no longer use to charity, I usually take clothes to salvation army because what they won’t sell gets recycled, happy to see someone else use them and I get them out of my house. Win-win for me.

      I will stop in and say hello 🙂

  10. I have taken a wee break in my downsizing process to deal with some workmen and repairs to the house but I am chomping at the bit to get back to it.

    You are so right Katrina, it’s stressful having stuff pile up that you don’t need. It creates work and I can think of so many more pleasurable ways to spend that time. I am enjoying clearing whole areas of the house and donating to others.

    You are smart to start now. Our “stuff” got away from us while we spent most of our waking hours working & commuting for 25 years. Now it’s a really big job…better to start early & stick with it as you are doing!

  11. I like this! The “time cost” of something is often hidden…like having so much clothing (even though it was inexpensive or free) that you spend a day each week folding!

    I hate washing dishes, so I moved most of the plates and bowls and glasses to the top shelf, carefully in a box, where they are ignored until there are visitors. I have to do dishes after every meal, but it takes only minutes! 😀

    1. Oh the dishes, that is my next task! I actually enjoy doing the dishes but having less to wash will be wonderful!

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