Auto Insurance Deductible For A Preventable Accident: The Saturday Weekend Review #331

Paying an auto insurance deductible means that something happened, and if you want it fixed, you have to pay.

If you haven’t guessed it, I was in a vehicle accident on Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2021, that was preventable and still boggles my mind.

The relieving part was that no one was injured physically, but mentally emergency services needed dispatching.

Lastly, I got stuck with paying a $500 auto insurance deductible to fix my truck.

I do despise driving some days, especially when drivers fail to follow the road rules.

I’m not going to give you all the details but envision the situation in your mind as I take you back to Mother’s Day 2021.

What was supposed to be Mother’s Day turned into a nightmare for her and an expensive ride.

vehicle insurance deductible

Like any insurance company, the auto insurance industry is complex and comes with lots of fine print.

Always ask your insurance agent questions related to your policy if you find them unclear.

Accidents I’ve Been In: Auto Insurance Deductibles

Since moving to Canada, I’ve been in 4 vehicle accidents, all of which were NOT my fault (in my opinion).

  • A deer jumped across the road but hit my truck smashing through the windshield and the drivers side window. (yes I almost shit myself) I’ve never encountered such a violent animal death and saw flashing lights in my eyes. I was bleeding quite a bit and the cab was filled with deer poo. The worst part was that no one stopped to help us or ask if we needed help as I stood bleeding on the side of the road. If you remember my Freedom Mobile post I didn’t even own a cellphone to call 911 but thankfully someone did stop eventually.
  • This particular accident I was driving straight and someone decided to pull out of a mall parking lot where our mirrors clipped each other. (Driver took off)
  • Driver pulls out of his driveway and hits our legally parked vehicle. (No Fault Insurance)
  • I hit an illegally parked van where the right side tires were in my lane. As I moved over a bit there was an oncoming vehicle in the other lane the dummy gets out of his truck and walks right in front of me with a clipboard. I ended up sidewiping his truck and busting his mirror. This was my fault apparently because he was parked… and illegally with NO PARKING signs.

So, to date, that is my accident history in Ontario over the past 12 years. I’m a magnet for drivers who don’t care.

The Drivers or The Driving System Is Failing Us

This is where I find the system skewed because he could have killed himself, my family or the people in the oncoming vehicle. Yet, it was my fault he parked there.

If I sound sour, I am because it irritates me when people don’t use common sense while driving.

There was no time for me to slam the brakes on as it happened so fast, sort of like the deer incident.

There were still people parking illegally on the road as the police, ambulance and fire trucks were on the scene.

Does that make ANY sense to you? Eight vehicles were parked in no-parking zones to go for a pleasant walk through the forest.

Of the eight vehicles, two were parked on the side of the road with tires in the lane.

The road is “S” curved, so drivers can’t see what is coming ahead until a vehicle rounds the bend.

There is a reason for the placement of NO Parking signs in various parts of cities throughout Canada.

The roads with no parking signs are accident-prone or unsafe to do so, which is why it’s essential to follow the rules.

The officer said what he said and then managed to stick in to ticket the people illegally parking.

However, the dummy I hit was NOT ticketed and told the officer that his mirror was only worth about $100.

He knew damn well what he did wrong, and with the number of emergency services that came out, he wanted to get the heck out of there.

If you’re wondering why the ambulance and fire arrived, it’s because my wife had a massive anxiety attack. The accident caused Mrs. CBB’s blood pressure to skyrocket, so the paramedics worked to calm her down.

All on Mother’s Day.

Must-Have Auto Insurance Coverage In Canada

By law, our insurance company Johnson Insurance states that liability, uninsured automobile, accident benefits, and direct compensation are mandatory.

  • Liability – protects you if you are in an accident even if it was your fault and includes the other persons and damage to another vehicle.
  • Uninsured Automobile – protects you from injury and death caused by an unisured person or vehicle.
  • Accident Benefits – protects you no matter who caused the accident. It also includes protection against loss of work, medical bills, benefits for people who do not work etc. (Optional in Nfld and Labrador)
  • Direct Compensation is damage protection if another person was fully or partly at fault and is claimed under your insurer.

Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage

Johnson insurance, for example, offers three types of auto insurance coverage.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • All Perils Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, windshield damage and other types of damage unrelated to a collision.

Collision Coverage pays for damage caused by a collision with another vehicle or object or if your car rolls over.

All Perils coverage is what we have, and it covers both collision and comprehensive with one deductible.

Accident Forgiveness

We have accident forgiveness with our auto insurance coverage, which means that they pretend like it didn’t happen if we are involved in an at-fault collision.

Accident forgiveness means the insurance company will fix any damage to the vehicle and cover the deductible, which for us is $500.

Accident forgiveness also protects your driving record, which ultimately determines your auto premium.

With Johnson, we have the Enhanced Accident Forgiveness, although they have others such as Preferred Accident Forgiveness and Accident Rating Waiver.

Rules Of The Road

One of the great things about moving from the UK to Canada was that I didn’t need to take a driver’s test.

I was stumped because I did not have to take any tests since Canada is far different from driving to the UK.

I suppose they figure if we can do circles in massive round-a-bouts and follow red, yellow and green, we’re good to go.

Looking back 12 years now, I wish there was some form of a test that I had to take to ensure I understood driving in Canada.

There are many differences and lots of drivers who fail to follow the rules of the road.

I still criticize so many drivers who can’t signal or blatantly make their own road rules up.

Yes, I sometimes go over the speed limit but not excessively since I like to keep up with traffic flow.

The police understand this, but it’s the dummies who stand out the most.

  • Excessive Speed
  • Weaving
  • No Signalling or using hazzard lights
  • Failure to maintain vehicle (brake lights, lights, wiper blades, snow on roof etc.)
  • Distractive driving
  • Illegal Parking that is dangerous
  • Running red lights
  • Not stopping at a STOP sign
  • Failure to Yield
  • Not understanding rules of the road including how to use a roundabout

I could go on and on, and although I’m far from perfect in Canada, all we have to do is drive straight.

Using Roundabouts And Our Horns

The good news is that more and more, we are seeing roundabouts that are cost-effective for the taxpayer.

Most importantly, the downside is drivers who do not know how to use them and put everyone in the circle in danger.

I use my horn and loud because too many people get away with the little things that can cause massive accidents and even death.

Some might call me an a$$hole, but the reality is, what if someone is killed or injured?

Then who’s the idiot, you or the person not following the rules of the road?

Driving isn’t a system where we get to do whatever we want, just because.

It doesn’t work that way, and it irritates me to no end, but at the same time, I feel like giving up dumb drivers as I’m not the police.

Auto Insurance Deductible

What is a deductible in car insurance? What should my Collision deductible be?

These are great questions and often where people get stumped on what to choose.

In my opinion, it depends on two things.

  • What you can afford for an auto insurance deductible
  • The value of your vehicle

We chose a $500 deductible over the $250 and $1000 we saved as projected expenses.

By choosing a low auto insurance deductible may increase your auto insurance premium.

The higher the auto insurance deductible you choose, such as the $500 or $1000, the lower the premium.

Ways To Save On Auto Insurance

There are other ways you can lower your insurance premiums besides the higher auto insurance deductible.

  • Winter Tires can grab you a discount so let your insurance company know you have them.
  • Being a loyal customer for more than three years you get loyalty rewards.
  • Bundle discount (house and home etc.) We have our services bundled
  • Group Discount is what I get being part of my employers group discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount is when you insure more than one vehicle.
  • Retiree Discount is for retired folks who no longer need to drive to work
  • Student Discount is an auto insurance discount for students who live away from home and put on their parent’s policy. The parents will get a lowered premium.
  • Stability Discount (this is for having been part of the Johnson family for more than 3 years)

Keep in mind this is for Johnson Insurance, which we go through, so your auto insurance company may differ.

Auto insurance companies in Canada are very competitive, so you’ll find most will have these types of discounts.

Read your insurance company website for all the details and choose an insurance deductible and plan that works for you.

Our Auto Insurance Deductible Accident Expenses

When all was said and done, we paid $500 for the auto insurance deductible.

Our 2017 vehicle had near $3000 worth of damage that needed repairs from the dealership.

I forked out extra insurance coverage for the rental vehicle, which was paid for by our insurance company.

If I remember correctly, the extra insurance was around $89 for the few days we had the vehicle.

P.S – The rental had a no smoking sign, fresh packs of trial wipes and smelled like smoke.

See, even a simple rule like NO SMOKING can’t even be followed by car rental patrons.

Discussion: Share your auto accident history and what auto insurance deductible you had to pay? Have you changed your auto insurance deductible over the years?

Please leave me your comments below, and I’ll be sure to respond.

P.S There is no affiliation with Johnson Insurance for this post. We use their services and have done for many years.

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Only 14 Ingredients To Make Old-Fashioned Goulash

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  • 4 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 2 cups water
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Budget 101

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kermit the frog
Google Search Terms for Canadian Budget Binder

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I get quite a few of these every single day and pick some of the best to feature right here.

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  • New House smells like smoke – We went through this with our house and perhaps I will share our experience in a blog post.

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  2. Wow – pretty stressful accident! Good thing no major injuries or deaths.

    My vehicles get into more trouble when they’re parked than when I’m driving them. In a Canadian Tire parking lot, parked in a stall between the lines, got hit and the other guy ran so I had to pay the deductible, which I think was $300 at the time. Over the years multiple break ins and two attempted thefts, I paid the deductible every time. In a mall parking lot, me legally parked between the lines and a man in a 5 ton truck backed into my car. There was over $6,000 damage and the insurance wrote off my car and I got paid out around that amount. A year later my Suzuki Burgman 400 was parked in front of a friend’s house and a knock on the door. His neighbor had backed into my Suzuki with his pick up truck that had a trailer hitch on (illegal to leave on if not towing something) and it had gone under my fender and punctured the radiator. About $3000 worth of damage to my ride that fortunately his insurance paid for. I was worried it would be written off. Another neighbor who witnessed it asked me afterwards why the guy didn’t drive straight out, what was he doing backing up. The idiot driver tells me he was trying to leave room for the garbage truck to pick up the garbage cans. Like that made no sense.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      It sounds like you’ve had as much luck as I have. We get car theft in our area too as it’s all over the city. Our neighbour backed into our van too. I don’t understand why so many people don’t back into their driveways to make the leaving process easier. Thanks for sharing your story, Cheryl. Mr. CBB

  3. I’m so sorry about your accident. I’m glad no one was hurt. I totally feel the same frustrations and don’t understand how people can just do what they want on the roads and get away with it BUT if it was me, I’d somehow get totally screwed over. Lol. Thank you for mentioning the winter tire discount. We are with Johnson too here in Alberta and I’m going to check that out.

    1. Hi Barb,
      That’s what didn’t make sense to us. So, the guy who parked his van illegally which I clipped because he decided to walk around his van onto the road. Yes, our insurance gives us a winter tire discount. Let me know how that goes for you. Thanks for stopping by Barb. Mr.CBB

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