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Budget Fall Front Porch Styling Ideas

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Money is tight for many Canadians but styling a Fall front porch is possible on a budget.

Fall is the coziest season of the year when colours pop and temperatures begin to change.

Some call Fall, sweater weather a time between the end of summer and when winter begins.

Today, I wanted to go on a journey to find a few of the best budget Fall decor front porch ideas.

Fall Porch Styling
How To Style Your Fall Front Porch On A Budget

Styling Your Fall Front Porch

The topic of Fall front porch styling ideas came after buying Mrs. CBB two pots of mums.

Buying flowers for Mrs. CBB isn’t something I do as she’d rather have a handwritten poem.

She’s practical that way but also loves styling our front porch for the different seasons.

I was picking up some groceries at Food Basics and noticed they had Fall Mum’s on sale.

For under $10 each, it was worth making a certain someone in my life smile.

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After a weekend of Fall home maintenance, I thought it would be nice to add a pop of colour to the front of our house.

As you can imagine she was quite surprised to see I purchased two pots of deep red Mums.

That must have gotten her creative juices flowing because she asked me to look at some Fall front porch ideas on Instagram.

The photo below is the two pots of red and yellow mums I bought her for Thanksgiving.

Potted Mums
Two pots of Fall red and yellow Mums flowers

1. Fall Mums On Front Porch

Fall Mums and White Pumpkin Fall Front Porch Decor
Fall Mums and White Pumpkin Fall Front Porch Decor

What I like about this front porch photo is how the homeowner accented the flowers.

Potted mums are inexpensive to buy and look beautiful on a front porch.

Notice how the homeowner chose white and green pumpkins to accent the coloured mums?

I do like how minimalist this front porch looks along with the two throw pillows.

2. Simple Fall Front Porch

Simple Fall Porch Decorations
Simple Fall Porch Decorations

We are huge fans of the fern and love how it was incorporated into this Fall front porch decor.

Apart from the fern plant, everything in this photo can be reused for another year.

I love the addition of white candles and crates with the words thankful, gather and blessed.

The wood crates are a simple DIY project although finding them may be a bit tough.

You can also search Michaels Canada online to purchase any type of home decor.

The best part is that Michaels Canada is also on Rakuten Canada, so those who sign up for free can use the app to get % back in cash.

Currently, if you shop online they offer 3% cash back on your offer.

Plus, if you are new to  Rakuten Canada and use the CBB link you get $30 just for signing up.

Free money! If you don’t believe me read my full Rakuten review to find out how lucrative the app can be.

3. Halloween Fall Front Porch Decor

Halloween Front Porch Decor
A mix of Halloween and Fall porch decor.

I like the mix-and-match Fall home porch decor which incorporates the Fall and Halloween.

Everything in the photo apart from the scarecrow and wreath is purchased each year.

Another thing to consider is storage space when it comes to porch decor.

Unless you have outdoor storage availability or inside space it’s important to consider where you will keep what you own.

I like how this homeowner has considered space and used various types of pumpkins.

4. Vintage Fall Porch Decorations

Vintage Coca Cola box and Radio Wagon filled with mini pumpkins Purely decorative Fall porch décor on a budget.
Vintage Fall Porch Decor

Looking at this Fall front porch decor speaks volumes in terms of the homeowner’s style.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the inside of the home follows the same type of decor.

I like the use of the old rusty wagon and Coca-Cola box with added mini Fall decor.

You can buy this type of decor at grocery stores, or Dollar stores (fake) to keep the costs low.

The throw pillows in white and orange colours with a frilled throw blanket reflect the season.

Lastly, the painted pumpkin sign is awesome and a DIY project.

5. Fall Porch Decor With Minimalist DIY Accessories

minimalist Front Porch Decor
Fall Porch Decor For the Minimalist Homeowner
  • Fall Mat which you can purchase and custom make yourself with stencils and spray paint
  • Orange and White Pumpkins
  • Simple DIY Fall weather on the front door
  • Mini potted Mums
  • Easy DIY Welcome Sign made with wood, stencil and paint
  • Lamp with candle

When I think about being a minimalist I consider the frugal aspect as well as space.

I know this photo may have more than what some might consider minimalist but I look at reusable items.

For example, everything in the photo the homeowner can use next Fall apart from the hay and pumpkins.

Everything else stays which to me is frugal and minimalist purchasing power.

Dollar Store Fall Front Porch Decor

Dollar Store Fall Front Porch Decorations
Dollar Store Fall Front Porch Decor

If you’re a DIY crafty person you can easily decorate your Fall front porch on the cheap.

A quick trip to a thrift store, Dollar store or even collecting pieces at garage sales is a great way to save money.

While roaming the Dollar Store I found Fall decor that can be added to pumpkins on the porch along with a few potted mums.

Local Michaels Canada stores have everything you need to make a homemade wreath to customize it to your home.

Keep front porch decor simple because you don’t need to spend a fortune for it to stand out.

Considering most people don’t decorate their front porch I’m sure if you do that it will make a statement on its own.

Decorate Your Porch For All Seasons

We like to decorate our front porch for all seasons and do change it up each time.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make the front of your house look styled.

Keep your property maintained and add a touch of your style for onlookers to swoon over your home.

Discussion: How do you style your budget Fall front porch?

Leave me your comments below and if you’d like to submit a photo of your porch send it to me and I’ll add it to this post! 🙂

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