Stuff this! Mr.CBB’s Green Stuffed Peppers on Mash! $2 each Meal

Stuffed Green Peppers In Marinara On Mash

My wife and I started making these Stuffed green peppers after watching her mother in the kitchen. Her mom is a great cook but one who never measures.. you know- a little of this, a little of that. Ay! What happens to her recipes, they taste great. I have no idea how some cooks work their magic with no recipe but it works.

Although we would love to stir up some magic in the kitchen we needed a recipe. So after watching and learning we took to our own test kitchen and proceeded to cook. You can use any colour pepper to make this easy stuffed pepper recipe, we chose green.

After many trials our green stuffed peppers are now perfected! They stand tall on a nice slathering of mashed potatoes, surrounded by a sweet basil, garlic marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella and Parmigianno Reggiano.

I can assure you there won’t be any left when you are done making this recipe.

For the vegetarians if you want to make this a meatless stuffed pepper you can simply omit the meat and continue on with the rest of the menu as it can be just as hearty. I would likely add in an extra cup of rice and lentils for each pound of meat.

Don’t be shocked if your neighbour knocks on the door and asks to borrow some milk just to be nosey. Everyone on the street will want to know what’s cooking in YOUR house!

Mr.CBB’s Stuffed Green Peppers
  • Prep Time:1 hour
  • Cook Time: Sauce 30 mins marinara
  • Cook Time Stuffed Peppers:2 hours at 350 degree pre-heated oven
  • Yield- 10 huge Stuffed Peppers dripping with love!
Cost To Make Green Stuffed Peppers
  • Cost per Stuffed Pepper Meal per person-$2.00 each
  • Cost for us to make this Meal: Approx $20.00 including mashed potatoes and marinara
  • Peppers x 10 were on the reduced rack $1.59 pack of 5~ There was NOT one thing wrong with these HUGE peppers!
  • Meat was in the reduced section minced chicken $2.00 pack
  • Sausages were also reduced $1.50 pack of 6
  • All other ingredients were purchased on sale.

This recipe will cost more if you buy all your ingredients at regular price. 

Serve with: Your favourite mashed potato recipe and a nice glass of red wine

Green Stuffed Peppers On Mash

Ingredients For Green pepper Stuffing

Tools: 17x12x3 roasting pan or deep baking pan

  • 10 large green peppers
  • 3 hot Italian sausages
  • 1.5 lbs of ground beef (mince), chicken, veal, turkey (whatever ground you like) – we chose chicken for this recipe
  • 1 cup of  dry red lentils- cooked
  • 2 cups of cooked rice- (this is about 1 cup dry) We used basmati or you can use Arborio rice
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 1 med onion chopped
  • 1 medium carrot chopped
  • 1 cup of Italian breadcrumbs (you can buy these seasoned or simply make them yourself with day old bread in the processor and season with Italian seasoning)
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmigianno Reggiano
  • 2 cups grated mozzarella cheese- for tops of peppers
  • 3 tablespoons salt
  • 2 tablespoons ground fresh pepper
  • 1 teaspoon fresh nutmeg
  • 3 tablespoons parsley (fresh or dry)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of chili flakes ( optional)
  • 5 cloves of garlic minced
  • 1 teaspoon Thyme
  • 2 tablespoons basil (fresh or dry)
  • 1 tablespoon oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground clove
  • Olive oil to rub peppers
  • Olive oil to top off peppers

First things first let’s get the marinara, rice and lentils on the go! Boil your lentils until soft but not mushy(10 mins on med heat) drain and rinse them and let cool.

  • Add your rice in the rice cooker (about 1 cup dry rice is enough) If you don’t have a rice cooker you will have to do it the old-fashioned way on the stove top or lastly use Instant (which I don’t prefer)
Let’s get the Marinara on the go as well!
Marinara Recipe
Or you can use my  Pasta Sauce Recipe either or is good.
  • 2 750ml cans of diced tomatoes
  • 6 cloves of garlic minced
  • 1 med onion chopped
  • 3 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2 tablespoons Basil
  • 2 tablespoons Oregano
  • 2 tablespoons Parsley
  • 1 chicken cube dissolved in 1 cup hot water
  • 1 small can of tomato paste
  • 1 carrot chopped
  • 1 cup of celery chopped
  • salt
  • fresh ground pepper
  • Chopped pepper tops (optional- see below)
  • In a medium pot add the oil, garlic and onions, carrot,celery, sauté for 2 minutes on high.
  • Add in the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 30 mins to 1 hour on medium to low, stirring often.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste- I usually put a tablespoon of each
  • I know it looks like a lot of ingredients but it’s not that bad. Most ingredients are common household staples.

  • Wash your peppers, dry them off
  • Cut the top off each pepper and clean out the inside of the pepper ( save those tops in a container for another meal or chop them up and throw them in your marinara like I did)
  • Cut the bottom of the pepper ever so slightly to give it a flat base to sit on in the baking pan

  • I then rub them with some Olive Oil  and sit them in the pan
Preparing the Stuffing!

In a large bowl add the following ingredients then mix until combined

  • Ground mince
  • Cut open the 3 sausages and put the meat in discard the casing
  • Bread crumbs
  • Eggs
  • Carrots, onions, celery, garlic
  • All seasoning’s including salt and pepper
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Parmigiano cheese
How To Stuff Green Peppers
  • I take the peppers out of the pan and set them on a cutting board
  • At the bottom of the pan put a nice layer of that marinara sauce you made earlier
  • Take one of the peppers and stuff it to the top, then continue to do this and sit them in the pan until they are all stuffed- If you have left over stuffing just toss it in the pan around the peppers in the sauce!
  • Drizzle Olive oil on each pepper just a little so they don’t burn
  • Put uncovered in your pre-heated oven for 30 mins to brown the tops and give the peppers a nice roast
  • Take them out and check to see if your sauce is drying up if so I add a bit of boiling water to the sauce to loosen it up.
  • After 30 mins and adding some hot water to the sauce in the pan I cover the pan with tin foil for the remaining time.
  • Every 30 mins I take the peppers out to check the sauce liquidity
  • After 2 hours the meat should be thoroughly cooked
  • Take the peppers out of the oven top with mozzarella and a sprinkle of Parmigiano if you like
  • Pop back in the oven uncovered until melted
  • Serve HOT!

There are different types of stuffed pepper recipes but this is the BEST! Enjoy.

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  1. Christine Weadick says:

    Hehehe…I’m one of those cooks that will throw stuff together without measuring, my daughter has learned to do the same thing. Mostly it’s because she will ask for a recipe and I can tell her what I put in but the quantities are by guess and by golly. I’ve seen recipes too where they list the ingredients with no directions….cookies, cakes, other baking, meals what-ever…..because everyone just knows how to make that!!! You’ll get that a lot with the older Farmers wives especially. My Mom grew up on a farm as did her sisters and all were terrific cooks, so I guess it runs in this family!! The peppers look good by the way….

  2. Stuffed peppers are one of my favorites because they are so great to pack for lunch the next day.

    • True they hold up pretty good. The ones you see in the pic I made them on Sat. The peppers were large so that helped keep their shape. Give the recipe a try and let me know what you think. Cheers. Mr.CBB

  3. Yum! Anytime you add Italian sausage it adds a lot of flavor. The cheeses and olive oil add flavor too. I’m too lazy to make my own sauce (I know, it’s not authentic Italian that way), but the rest sounds totally doable. I love anything with peppers and Italian sausage in it! Congrats on making something so wonderful for little money! Would it work to freeze leftovers?

    • Hey Maggie,
      This one is a bit of work but you can do it in stages like making the sauce the day before. You truly need to make your own sauce there is nothing better, nothing fresher!! I don’t see why not , I imagine you could freeze them like any other meal you cook in advance. They were simply amazing, we’re having them again tonight!!! Cheers Maggie!

  4. These look delicious! Sorry if you already mentioned it, but how long did it take you to make them?

    • Thanks they are delicious. One of these meals and I was stuffed. I believe it takes about 3 hours or so in total, 2 hours in the oven and one for prep, 30 mins for the sauce. If you make the authentic authentic sauce like in my Nonn’s pasta sauce recipe that will take longer. I like to let that sit for hours. .. Give it a try you will be so happy you did. It’s painless trust me and you can make so much more for less than you buy in one of those cans! Cheers Mr. CBB

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