Can we stick to the Grocery Budget? February 2012- Week 1

Can we stick to the budget?

February is here and it’s time to put together our weekly grocery challenge. What we hope to accomplish is to stick to our budget as best we can. This year we are challenging ourselves to shop only 3 weeks out of the month to save money.

Granted there are weeks where we find exceptional deals and buy in bulk but hopefully blogging about it will help keep us under control.

We don’t often purchase anything at regular price so you are safe to assume it was on sale or reduced in price.

Grocery Budget=$192.78/3= $64.26 a week to spend on groceries!

It’s possible we may go over budget with the Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus event and a couple of great shopping deals but let’s see how well we make out.

Week of February 1st Grocery List:

Shoppers Drugmart

Spend $50.00 get 8000 Shoppers Optimum points January 30-February 3, 2012.

Multibionita x4

1 FPC Tampax

1 FPC Alberto

Neilson Cream x1

Cafe Inspirations x1

Total after coupons and tax= $16.70 plus we made 8510 Optimum Points worth just over $10.00 on regular redemption day.

Total after coupons, taxes and points earned $6.70

Used $52.48 in coupons

$64.26-$6.70= $57.56 left to spend

Food Basics

Water 24’s x4

Cauliflower x1

Red Delicious Apples x1lb

Baggies x1

Pillers 1lb mixed Sandwich Meats x8

Total after coupons and tax $33.77

Used $19.50  in coupons

$57.56-$33.77=$23.79 left to spend


Sugar 2kg x4 PM Freshco

Sponge Towels x1-Price Match Zehrs

Colgate Toothpaste x10

Breadcrumbs $2.87

1x lettuce=$1.27

1x 2lb carrots $1.00

2x Oral B Floss Free when you buy Crest Pro Health Mouthwash

2x Crest Pro Health Mouthwash Travel

Total Spent after coupons and tax- $14.39-$5.00 Kelloggs Promo Gift Card =$9.39

Used $27.21 in coupons

$23.79- $9.39=$14.40


Olymel Chicken x4

Total Spent after coupons $11.96 Used $8.00 in coupons

$11.96-$14.40=$2.44 left to spend


2x pasta

2x dips

Total Spent $5.46

Coupons Used:$1.75

$5.46-$2.44= we spent $3.02 over our budget!

Total coupons used this week:$108.94 🙂

Total Spent- $67.28

That’s not too bad for us. I’m sure we really didn’t need the dip, bad choice but we bought it. We are now on day 3 of not smoking so everything looks good to us. 🙂 We have to be mindful of this trap!

How well did your grocery shop go this week? Did you stick to budget?

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