How we Quit Smoking

Kick the Smoking Habit, Save your Health and Budget- Ending Week 2

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Forever is just the beginning to a Healthy New You!

Baby Steps, baby steps, you can do it, the words of our support system. We have ended week 2 quitting smoking and thus far its been the best decision in our lives besides marrying each other. Aweeee… I know, I’m sweet that way!

Have you ever considered quitting smoking?

We had over the years but mostly my wife as I never thought I could do it. Most of the time the negative reasoning got the best of me and ended any further conversation on the subject.

What thoughts were running through my head?

  • I love smoking too much
  • What will I do with my time
  • What do you mean I smell, I don’t smell anything
  • I don’t smoke much
  • I can’t, I need it to relax after I eat, at work, in my truck
  • Everyone I hang out with smokes, I can’t possibly quit

What I was missing were 2 important facts;

  • Smoking Kills! My father passed away while having Heart By-Pass Surgery
  • Smoking costs a fortune at $30 a week you crunch the numbers. I know some couples that spend $150 a week…. OUCH!

What side effects have we experienced in week 2?

  • Insomnia- I have had a difficult time sleeping at night.  I really hope this passes soon
  • I’m eating more but that’s ok I’m 6ft tall and can work it off at work and the home gym
  • Heartburn- good thing all we picked up TUMS with those coupons, they sure are coming in handy
  • The wife is eating about the same and is cranky.. oh yeah, just doing my head in lol.. Men, have yourself a place to hide for the first week! No really, it’s a side effect she says! Mwah!
What have we been doing with our extra time?

Yup, you guessed it, the wife’s “honey do list” has been given a swift bump into first gear. You know what it’s like men! Other than that we have taken the dog for extra walks when we can and working on the blog.

How’s the Support Group Meetings?

Well, hmm, the first meeting was great, as it was more of an introduction. On the way to the second meeting we both agreed that we would opt out of the meetings. We only made this decision because no one in the group had quit smoking. The meeting was to assist you in leading up to quit.  We do receive support calls periodically from the Driven To Quit program.

How’s the Nicorette Stash?

It’s pretty much where we started. We have so much Nicorette left and plan to donate it. I’m sure someone else will appreciate the $30.00 savings per box. In total I used 8 Nicorette gums and the wife had 2 gums and nothing for a week now.

I can only presume that if you want something so bad you can make it happen. We both wanted to quit so bad that we are passionate about completing this 2012 goal.

Motivation is key and we continue to motivate each other, so support and motivate if you are quitting.

For Valentine’s Day we give each other our HEART, that’s LOVE!

Peace to you all! Happy Valentine’s to ALL!

My Mileage
Smoke-Free Days: 16
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 160
Amount Saved: $51.20
Life Gained:
Days: 1 Hrs: 12 Mins: 2 Seconds: 38

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Copyright (c) <a href=’’>123RF Stock Photos</a>

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  1. This does help a bit I did soitehmng similar but I used a flat straw. I don’t think my mind is all in it though Will keep trying! And I’ll try to do this method

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