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Kick the Smoking Habit Save your Health and your Budget- Update Week 3

Hey there fans!

It’s now Feb 19, 2012 and 21 days ago on Jan 29 @ 9pm Mrs. CBB and I made the decision to give up smoking. We had both been smoking for some time now and wanted to make a healthy change.

My Mileage
Smoke-Free Days: 21
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 210
Amount Saved: $67.20
Life Gained:
Days: 1 Hrs: 22 Mins: 9 Seconds: 45
Although we are not heavy smokers saving $120 a month will certainly come in handy in our budget. We’re  making changes to our budget as it is important to always tweak it if you need to update it like we need to.
  • Check in next week as I do our monthly budget  to see how well we chopped the budget in February.
Wake up and smell the roses…. boy did I ever!
It was a celebration for me in the shower the other morning when I went to apply body wash to my loofah. The overwhelming musty smell of the product rushed up my nose. It was not a scent I recall smelling so vibrant, yet manly.  It was at that moment I realized I am moving in the right direction. Smell is a gift so beautiful and we should all experience it in its glory.
Throughout the Days………..
As I mentioned last week we both go to a “Stop Smoking” meeting every Wednesday evening in our city. There are 8 of us in the class although 15 signed up, surprised- not really.
We both were tossing the idea around in our head that maybe this meeting isn’t for us. You see we signed up for the meeting a week before we quit so we are ahead of the game.
On our way to the meeting we decided we would let them know in person that we were backing out of the meeting for 2 reasons.
  1. We had already quit smoking and these meetings were geared towards ramping up a quit date for the smokers in the room
  2. We couldn’t handle the smell of smoke in the room as it was so pungent (I found it different then if one of my  mates at work was smoking across the way outside, not sure why)

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not punishing smokers, we were for many years now. It’s just that the smell of smoke after quitting was so overwhelming for us. We don’t want any temptation to lead us down the forbidden path.

Everyone was happy and understood as we gave them our last cheer and away we went hand in hand. I can only pray those left in that room find the strength to make it through this.

Well peace to you all, come back again next week to see if I’m still standing or in the dog house. I will touch on the topic of couples quitting smoking. This could get interesting.

March 1, 2012 the  Driven To Quit Challenge begins in Ontario and you can bet “WE WILL BE READY TO RUMBLE!-

Now, off to refrigerator to see what I can fill my gobb with!



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