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Can we Stick to the Grocery Budget- February 20-26 2012-Week 4

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Last week was our first no-shop week and I must say it was difficult. You think it’s easy to say “I won’t shop” but it doesn’t work that way. Temptation is all around us even at the pharmacy or petrol station. Fighting the temptation can be won though.

I’m happy to report that we did not shop last week for grocery at all. We did manage to get much more completed with our household to-do list. Sorry I meant Honey do-list. 🙂 We’ve been updating our New 2012 Budget Spreadsheet while transferring over Jan/Feb 2012. We hope to have that available soon.


If you are playing the grocery game and want to play for the rest of Feb and March I will draw for 2 winners if I can get 10 or more people to participate for this week. If  not we will start next week for March and this week will be a trial run to get you motivated~ If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, please do that way you won’t miss my posts!

 So we have $64.00 to spend this week in the grocery budget.


We spent a Total Out of Pocket $52.94

We used a Total of $58.67 in coupons

$64.00-$52.94= $11.06 left to spend in the grocery budget. Phew!

Here is the run down!

Food Basics


Dry Beans $1.99

Dry Beans $3.49

Tomatoes- $0.86

Lettuce $0.88

Rapini $0.88

Cooking Onions $1.27

Parmigiano Reggiano $6.99-.75=$6.24

Total Spent OOP(out-of-pocket)- $18.10

Coupons Used -$0.75


Celery $0.97

Cheese $2.86

Cucumber $0.88

20 Colgate toothpaste $1.00-$1.50

Black Diamond Cheese Slices PM Zehrs 2/5-2x.75

Dark Laundry $6.97-FPC

JandJ Pack- $5.48-FPC

Cabbage -$1.00

French’s Dijon and Sweet Onion Mustard x2 $1.97-2x$1.00 coupons

Anise $0.88 PM Metro

JBBY Gift Pack $9.97-FPC

Catelli Pasta x3 Pm No Frills- 3x$1.00 coupons

Freedent Gum 4 pk x4 $1.60

Total Spent  OOP– $15.02$-$2.00 product tax to Sis in law=$13.02

Coupons Used $57.92


1x Chips ( starving see why temptation is bad) $1.19

Baggies $1.99

2 dozen XL eggs reduced $2.00 each forgot coupon ,oops

Excel 4pk Gum reduced x4 $1.50 each

Total OOP– $14.29

Shoppers Drug Mart

Neilson Cream x6=$6.45 ( I love cream in my coffee) Only buy when on sale at SDM or  I suffer with the milk.

Total OOP-$6.45

So there you have it folks, we spent under budget this week. How well did your grocery shopping go? Post your savings in the comment section below for your chance to win!

The Grocery Game

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  1. with so many mouths to feed with the daycare it’s $150/week, but I try to stay under $120/week. It’s seems like a lot but i’ve got a family of four and 6 kids in my daycare to feed, so really it’s for 10 people!! Not too bad if you look at it that way. Sometimes I’m waaaaay under my budget too when my stockpile of “kid food” is bigger!

    1. That’s actually pretty darn good for all those mouths to feed. Sounds to me you have it all figured out and certainly coupons will come in handy for the many items you could use in your daycare and home life.

  2. My budget is $150, but I usually try to stay under $120. I feed a family of four and run a home daycare.

    Dempsters bagels $3.67 PM $2.00 – $1.00 coupon=$1.00
    Aylmers accents $1.47 PM 1.00X2 – $1.00 WUB2 coupon=$1.00
    Campbells soup 77cents PM 47cents X4 – $1.00 WUB2=88cents
    mushrooms $1.47 PM $1.00
    Catelli smart pasta $1.47 PM $1.00-$1.00 coupon=free
    blackberries $2.47 (in store special) $1.23X2=$2.46
    baby carrots $1.00
    lettuce 88 cents
    Smart Ones $3.47 on sale $2.00X3=$6.00
    green onions 2 for 94 cents
    Dempsters bread $2.68X2-$1.00 WUB 2=$536
    ham $5.97
    Oreos $2.97 on sale $2.00
    strawberries $2.47
    Bistro express $2.00-75 cent coupon=$1.25
    sandwich pickles $2.47

    Total before PM and coupons $54.82 OOP $36.46 Saved $18.46

    Allens juice $1.99 on sale $1.29X2=$2.48 (both cans had $4 in coupons on them)
    Bear Paws $3.19 on sale $1.99×2=$2.98-50 cent couponx2= $2.98
    Wagon Wheels $2.49 on sale $1.99
    Lean Cuisine $3.99 on sale $1.99
    McCain Harvest potatoes $3.10 on sale $2.79
    waffles $2.09 on sale $1.79
    cream cheese $3.99
    mini pizza $2.99 on sale $2.49
    toaster strudel $2.99 on sale $1.99
    Tavistock cheese $7.99 on sale $3.88×2=$7.76-75 cent couponx2=$6.26
    muffins $3.00
    hot dog buns $3.29 on sale $2.29
    club pack pork chops $12.26
    bologna $3.99 on sale $2.50
    weiners $3.99 on sale 2/$5.00
    bananas $2.16
    nectarines $2.17
    3lb onions $1.79
    pears $3.02
    4lb apples $4.99
    sweet potatoes $3.36
    2 tomatoes $1.90
    macaroni salad $2.29

    Total before sales and coupons$96.11 OOP $76.78 Saved $19.33

    Giant Tiger
    milk $5.87 (normally i wouldn’t pay that much but it came with $6.00 in coupons)
    Majesta toilet paper $6.99 on sale $2.57×2-$2.00 couponx2=$1.14

    Total before sale and coupons $19.85 OOP $7.01 Saved $12.84

    Shoppers Drug Mart
    All Bran bars $3.19 on sale $2.49×2-$1.00 couponx2=$2.98

    Total before sales and coupons $6.38 OOP $2.98 Saved $3.40

    Bulk box of chicken (will last 2-3 months) $34.99

    Grand total before sales and coupons $212.11 OOP $158.93 Saved $53.93!!

    Normally it wouldn’t be this much but we had to buy chicken this week!! My math may be off a few dollars and I apologize if it is…my 3 year old had me up at 4am…this is one tired momma…lol!!

    1. Wow, that’s some great savings. Is $150 for the whole month or one week? IF you post your weekly shop you get 1 ballot. You get ballot #5 remember this so when I draw you will know it’s you!! Keep on rockin the sales and coupons! That’s the way we save so much at the grocery store. That $53.93 has to make it all worth the work you do when you check flyers and order coupons!!! Mr.CBB~~~ I look forward to your next shop and savings. 🙂

  3. Fruit and vegetables and non processed foods are a major part of our grocery budget and I do try to buy frozen types when on sale. There are rarely coupons available for fresh produce or non processed meats etc. I do process apple sauce, strawberries and blueberries during the summer and freeze them too. I commend you for only spending $60.00/week but even with doing this Ifind I am spending a great deal more for these items.

    1. We try to grow vegetables in the summer and freeze what we can as well. We always look at the reduced racks for vegetables too. You can find so much and there is nothing wrong with the veg. Sometimes you need to use the items within a few days. Yes you can spend more on veg, meat, dairy, fruit but it’s not so bad if you stay away from the processed stuff. Thanks for posting. Make sure to post your shop each week so you are entered in our grocery game contest. You don’t need to use coupons to enter. Cheers.

    1. Yes, each week I post my shop you post yours in the comment section! Simple as that. For those that shop once a month they can post their monthly shop once then and pick any of my posts to comment on in that month for one ballot. One would get more ballots if they shop weekly and post weekly when I do. Hope that helps. If not let me know what further clarification you would like. Cheers Teresa,glad to have you on board! Mr.CBB 🙂

  4. I shopped today and did so well I was under budget and i stocked up
    12 x aylmer accents 6.00 1.00 off wub2 so 50. cents each
    12 x campells soup 1.00 off wub4 they were on for 50 cents got for 25 cents each
    villag buns 75 cent coupon paid1.25
    bobs bacon 2.00
    salamia 2.00
    ketchup heinz 2.99
    dempsters bagels free with fpc
    before coupons and sales it would have been 41.00
    after sale prices and coupons= 17.23
    2X oatmeal 2.49 free with fpc
    5x diet coke reg. 2.99 sale for 1.00 each= 5.00
    1 gingerale reg 2.99 sale 1.00 = 1.00
    1 cplus ” “= 1.00
    2 sprite” ” ” =2.00
    catelli fusilli on sale for a dollar 1.00off coupon = free
    2 healthy choice steamers reg 4.99 on sale for 3.00 bogo free= 1.50 each
    2 hamburger helper on sale 2 for 3.00 with free frozen cornX2
    potatos 1.97
    mushrooms fresh 2x 1.00
    white bread 1.50
    philli cream cheese cooking sauce reg. 4.29 free with fpc
    fusion 4 pack blades reg 18.89+ free fpc
    grapes on sale 1.00 per lb =2.00
    light bulbs= 3.00
    strawberries on sale for 3.00 2 lbs
    relish 1.99
    pasta sauce on sale 3 for 2.00

    so befor sales and coupons about 98.00
    after sales and coupons 41.19

    So i stayed under my 60.00 budget and stcked my soup and tomatos for pile
    all in all great shopping day

    1. First off thanks for posting! Second WOW! How awesome of a shop was that. Your budget is pretty much the same as ours. It’s tough be it can be done. The main part is keeping the end goal in mind. Thanks for posting and this is ballot #1 you own it. IF you have any other shops from Feb that you can post locate my other 3 shops in Feb for more ballots. The actual contest starts next week but if I can get 10 posts for my Feb shops I will draw an extra envelope winner!!! Keep on posting.. love it! Cheers mate.

    1. Our budget is tight as well just under $200 a month. Emma if you know what you spent and saved when you shopped go ahead and post it here for a chance to win an envelope of coupons. There is 4 opportunities to post in Feb, please see my 3 other shops posted. All you do is post your shop in the comment section and I will give you a ballot number. If I reach 10 ppl who posted in Feb I will draw an extra winner for an envelope of coupons. The contest officially starts next week but I’m giving it a head start for anyone who wants to post early and get into the swing of it. So for those that do I’ll throw in an extra chance to win!! Keep sharing with you mates Emma and happy shopping. I look forward to your grocery shop reports.. you can do it!! Mr.CBB

      1. i shopped at Giant Tiger ,,spent $54.00 there,,,went to SUPERSTORE,spent apox $123.00 there,,coop for remainder of $23.00….didn’t.get to bread store…where i usually spend $20.00..we are on gov pensions…

        1. Hi Emma,
          Thanks for posting on my blog. I will give you a ballot for this but the next time you do your shop keep your receipts and post what you bought in the comment section when I post my shop.Just like you did here but post what you purchased and if you used a coupon. Exactly as you see mine posted. The point is to keep you mindful of your spending and tracking your coupon and savings. If you shop once a week you can post once a week. If you shop once a month you post once a month. If you shop weekly you do get more ballots but most people shop throughout the month. Hope that helps. You get Ballot #2

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