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  1. Wow, very impressive. I think it is awesome that you share your numbers and put everything out there. It is inspiring, although I am having trouble getting started with all of this.

    1. I put my numbers out there to show others that you don’t have to make a 6 figure income to save money. So many people have this idea that in order to save you need to make alot of money.
      We started saving when we were making minimum wage so it goes to show it all adds up.
      If you have any questions you can email me if you like. You can also check out my Budgeting Series where I detail How we designed our Budget and tips along the way. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. I’m just so amazed at your emergency fund. I thought mine was good, but yours is beyond belief! 🙂

    1. We know there is far too much there as we are working on where to put all the money. We could have saved more if we had been budgeting long ago. I hate to think how much money we blew for nothing.. oh well it’s better to forget and move forward as we are still pretty young. Thanks for your comment! Mr.CBB

  3. You visit my blog, and say you no nothing about investing.

    You have $137,000 in emergency cash. This is a lot of money! More than your rrsp & tfsa combined.

    So my question, do you have it invested? In what? What about your tfsa & rrsp?
    Do the investments compliment each other.
    I realize this is not the theme of the post, but to me this is staring at me!!!!!
    Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t tell me that you have $130000 in a chequing account letting the bank “look after it for you”
    Just thinking out loud, that’s all… 😉

    1. That’s ok I stare it and think the same thing. Yes one of the emergency funds is in a bank account waiting to be nutured. I’m still not sure what to do with it yet although we need to maximize our TFSA and I can put more into RRSP.

      The other ES is invested and part of it makes over 2k a year and the other is in another account not invested at the moment as it’s in the UK. I still haven’t brought my money over yet so the money goes up and down. I’ve actually lost quite a bit with the exchange rate. It was at $2.36 when I moved here, but please lets not remind me of this.. lol

      We still have renovations on the house we want to complete and we would like to simply pay it off. We need to make decisions soon. I’m not sure what direction to go yet, but I’m sure through research and learning the answers will come. So until then we will just stare at the numbers.

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