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Take Note: Mr Cbb’s Top Six Money Wasting Pet Peeves!

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You should know by now if you read my blog that I am a fairly easy-going laid back type of guy. Not much seems to bother me and I just let crap roll off my back. Life is too short after all to sweat the small stuff, right? Well for me it’s true all the way up until money starts going out the window for things we can control. Since moving to Canada and into my first home here I’ve learned from my neighbours and friends on what NOT to do to save money.

I understand debt ,credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, school loans, and personal loans and how it can take over our life. What I don’t get is how some people let common sense fly out the window then complain that they have no money!

Seriously, I see it all the time! Is education key? Absolutely as some people have no idea of how money is flying through their fingers faster than they make it. So let’s start with some basic pet peeves of mine and areas where you might be able to save a buck or 10!

  • For instance… how many of you know someone who brushes their teeth for the respected 2-3 minutes as suggested by your Dentist only to leave the water running the entire time? Seriously, does it soothe the entire boring experience for you, similar to a herbal essence moment while washing your hair? Well that’s ok it can cost to entertain and in your case it is! The worst part is this is probably the person who happily goes out to his/her garden to use water from his/her rain barrel.. lol.. oh you are laughing but it is true..

It’s the small stuff that counts! I’m sure you’ve heard me say that before when it comes to spending money you don’t have or shouldn’t be spending. It all adds up and when the bill comes in that “crap you  wasted your money on will be coming out of your pocket-book! keep reading… it gets better……

How much effort does it take?

  • How about the person who throws a tissue in the toilet only to flush it… ha! Really, you couldn’t toss it in the bin? Best of it is, the bin is normally right beside the toilet or in proximity. No one’s asking you to jog around the block to the nearest garbage depot.  Talk about flushing money away! Yet these are the very people who complain that they can’t make ends meet.  Unnecessary flushing of any toilet especially if it’s not a low flush toilet can cost you a big chunk of your water bill.

Tip: Don’t be throwing items in the toilet that can easily go to the trash.

Did you know? According to climate change central …”Replacing old toilets with low-flush models can cut annual household water consumption by some 80,000 litres of water and cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 100 kilograms.”  Low Flush can also reduce your water bill by $100 per year!

Laundry hung out to dry

Who does the laundry in your house?
  • Then there are the people who struggle to understand what a “Full Load” is… or at least  how to read settings on a washing machine. Countless times when we had rented a room the people we lived with would turn the wash on with hardly anything in it. When I would look at the dial they would still have it on a full load cycle. Most times it was the kids in the family that were responsible for this waste of water and electricity.  It get’s better, then they toss it in the dryer for one hour with 1 or 2 items… (shaking head again).

So parents, teach your children the in’s and out’s of laundry or you may pay for it in the end. Better yet.. go one step further and hang clothes to dry in hot weather..money is money and free is free… let the natural heat from the sunlight dry your clothes.. and not you bank account.

Let it Rain… 

I know my pet peeves seem to revolve around water and you know, you are right.. maybe I have a terrible time watching people waste money on water. Just like that neighbour we

Sprinkler02 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

have who likes to water his lawn WHILE it’s raining. Yep, still can’t get my head around it. One of our neighbours has the in-ground sprinkler system and sure enough when it rains if it is scheduled to turn on , it will.  (Head is still shaking)  …..the silly things people do.

Then there are the Neighbours who light the way!

Another one that get’s me all fired up is people who leave their outside lights on all night long right until they go to work the next day. That is if they even remember to turn them off. Ok, I get it some people want to showcase the front landscaping at night, or keep the would be burglars at bay, but at what cost? Even a motion sensor light would be better than leaving the lights on all night. As for your pretty landscaping well unless you have a show stopper home that you are charging entry fees to view, stop paying to have passers-by look at your home. Turn off the lights, and lower your electricity bill. That also means if you aren’t in a room, turn off the lights.

When it gets cold our brains turn to mush…..

  • My last pet peeve is in the winter time when the house is nice and toasty as you have the heat on at a comfortable level. Then all of a sudden someone decides to open a window.. better yet 2 windows. When I ask why, the response generally is,it’s to air the house out? Really, air the house out or air your money out.. because that’s where it’s going, into thin air! Keep the windows closed and turn on the furnace air to circulate throughout the house… or if you just have to open them at least adjust your thermostat.

Without money

Mindfulness is something we need to be aware of in all aspects of our life.              If you do any of my pet peeves above, try to be mindful of not doing it and you will see a difference in your monthly bills and budget!

By the way we do have some super awesome neighbours and friends just not so smart sometimes with saving money on the small stuff!!

What are some of your money wasting pet peeves? Share them with us please!

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  1. The one waste that gets me is the “Timmies” thing. I can’t believe people will buy 2 or 3 or more coffees at Tim Horton’s (or other coffee shops) in a day when it is not necessary. They spend as much in one day for coffee as I spend for a large tin that will make coffee for hubby and me for an entire month. I realize sometimes it’s impossible to take coffee from home so you must spend the money at one of these shops if you want one but I have friends that will leave their house, drive to the nearest Timmies just to buy coffee and return home and I also know some who drive there before bed to get one for morning so they can reheat it. That’s just craziness to me. I set my programmable coffee maker up so mine is ready for me when I get up

  2. My biggest pet peeve about wasting money is people who shop as a hobby. I find this extremely annoying and a waste of money. Why go shopping when you don’t need anything ? Even if is cheap, no buying it is even cheaper.

  3. What really blows my mind are people that say they are finding it hard to pay for groceries and for their utilities but somehow find the money to get their nails done by a professional.
    Unless one has a well I see no real reason to rent/purchase a water softening system,but am so surprised at how many people do!
    Purchasing groceries in balk then having to throw it out because it has become freezer burnt,dried out or expired,etc., is a real hard thing for me to understand. Gosh,the waste of time,money and energy!!!
    There are so many ways for people to find out ways to save money there should be no reason for most not to at least learn the basics. This site is a good way to start and learn.

    1. Thanks Susan. Yes we see it all the time people in debt up to their eyeballs yet they have IPHONES and expensive cars they lease etc… We can’t save the world but we can push the basics and hope that people understand the simplicity behind spending less than you earn. Cheers Mr.CBB

    2. Susan, I agree with you. Those who complain that they can’t afford to pay bills or buy groceries and then spend what money they do have foolishly make me shake my head. My hubby and me took in a young lad (20 yrs old) because he was having hard times. We did not charge him room and board. Instead I told him to save his money so he had a nest egg when he moved out. He had no bills to pay except his cell phone. He moved out in August after being with us for 6 months. He now complains that he has no money to buy groceries but when I stop in at his apartment I always see empty ($4.00 a bag) doritos bags sitting around amongst many other frivolous things. all I can think is “how much pasta could you have had for that one bag of doritos. I don’t even listen to his complaining anymore. You can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves. BTW he also has no nest egg. I think I wasted my time trying to help him learn.

  4. My big pet peeve about wasted money has to do with the amount of food Canadians waste every day. Before you go out and buy more food, make the best possible use of what you have on hand. Use it up! All of those half empty yogurt containers, spoiled bits of produce, and leftovers that rent space in the fridge before making their way to the dumpster cost money!

    Other things that annoy me:
    -Leaving electronic devices (TV, DVR, computer) on when they’re not being used.
    -Not paying bills on time so that late fees accrue
    -Paying annual fees to maintain a credit card “just in case you need it.”
    -Renting storage units for excess household goods
    -Using a car dealership for service instead of searching out a warranty approved automotive repair shop that will work for a lower hourly rate

    1. Yes, Yes and yes to all of your pet peeves. It’s amazing how the small things add up but also how others don’t see it as money wasting. So many Canadians toss food in the garbage and it’s disgusting. We need to start planning, eating the food we cook and stop this overspending on crap we don’t need. Thanks for your input! Cheers Mr.CBB

    2. Like Beth, I totally agree that there is far too much food wasted in Canadian households. In the past I have been guilty of buying more fresh produce than we can use before it goes bad, I’m doing much bettter with that now, but there’s still room for improvement.

      My DH has some very annoying and wasteful habits, which include leaving the cell phone charger plugged in at all times, leaving a radio playing in the garage 24/7 as well as a small fluorescent light. I’ve mentioned it to him on several occasions yet he still continues to do it. He pays the hydro bill, but it just doesn’t make sense to me to hand over hard earned money to the hydro company. He also is guilty of turning on the TV in the living room and then going into the office to spend time on the computer; what’s up with that!

      How do you get a spouse on-board with being more frugal? I try to point out ways in which he could save money but he sees it as being cheap and says that life is too short to constantly be pinching pennies. He doesn’t have a big-paying job and carries a lot of consumer debt; I’d love to be able to get him on-board with cutting back on spending and paying down his debt.

      I have to admit that I’m one of those people who leaves the water running while brushing my teeth, I have no idea why, I’ve just always done it. We have a well so we don’t pay a user fee for water, but it is very wasteful. I have to try to be more conscious of that.

  5. Very funny way to stress some important ways to save money. 🙂

    I don’t leave the water running when I brush my teeth but on occassion I do notice that I turn it back on to rinse and then for whatever reason I keep brushing a bit longer but now the water is running. Turn it back off – silly me.

    We have a sensor on our front porch light (we rent a house) and it makes me laugh because I will be sitting in the living room and all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I will see a light turn on and the whole porch lights up of course. Soon it goes out, but this happens 4 or 5 times throughout the evening.

    You could easily do a separate post about the “stupid things the neighbours do”. LOL I’m sure everyone could chime in on that topic as well.

  6. It drives me nuts when people water the grass in the rain. I live in Southern California and we are always in drought situations. People need to be less self centered.

  7. Haha, I always laugh at people who run their sprinkler system while it’s raining. I think people waste money because they aren’t really paying attention. Like with airing the house out during winter…that’s crazy. And not running full loads or turning off the water while brushing your teeth. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of these things too, just because I wasn’t stopping to take notice. People do some funny stuff.

  8. One other thing, is in the jar at the store “leave a penny, take a penny”, that person who does not need it, however empties it out no matter how many pennies there is!”

    1. I don’t often see those around any longer… it is nice to have when you are short a penny or 2. I always toss a few in but I’m sure with the penny out of commission we will be seeing Nickel jars.. lol.. Cheers Mr.CBB

  9. My step son who pee’s on the flush then blames it on our male dog!! I realize that most children do this to a certain age, however he is 10……..

  10. Great ideas. I am very diligent with saving money. The only problem where I live is the lack of work. I dont waste anything! If more people thought about the things they were doing they would realize how much they could save! Good job to everyone who tries!

  11. There is never fear of a non-full load of laundry happening in this house, I typically only do it on weekends except for diapers during the week. And I can count on 1 hand (and have fingers left over) how many times we have used the dryer since we moved into this house in Feb. The previous owners had a bunch of line strung in the basement, so thats where wet clothes go, adds a tiny bit of moisture into the air as well during dry winter weather. Now if only I could find a way to seal this old leaky house so the heat or a/c wont escape so easy.

    1. We hang our clothes in the winter in the basement on drying racks and outside in the summer. It has cut down on our hydro bill drastically. There is the odd time we use them but not even often enough to warrant buying a new washer and dryer.. our FREE ones work just fine!

  12. my money wasting pet peeves are: forgetting to bring library books back can really add up day after day the cost gets bigger on my library card! 🙁

    1. Ya I think they charge $1.00 now for late fees in our city. I get books at the library all the time but they call me and remind me on my cell and email me when they come due. Cheers Mr.CBB

  13. My pet peeve is when my daughter and her family comes for a visit, they usually stay in my finished basement, for 2 to 3 days, I love for them to come, but hate when they go out, they always leave the lights on, hello I pay the light bills, especially now, with the hydro on smart meters, I think the cost is higher now not cheaper, the person who came out with those in my opinion isn’t very smart. They don’t use the living room down there, yet there’s the light, ON, bedroom light ON, bathroom ON, is it so hard to turn the switch off when your down, your fingers worked to turn them on, so whats the problem, they broke when you left the room. Drives me NUTS. I could go on for hours, but I think you get the point.

    1. We have the smart meters as well, I just recently posted a blog post about Smart Meters.. give it a read… we haven’t really noticed any bill changes but it has turned our life into a ig scheduled mess. I agree when people come over to the house I am VERY mindful of what they do and sometimes have to bite my lip. Cheers Jackie. Mr.CBB

  14. Had a good laugh reading this one as I am sure we all have neighbours and friends that do those things. The car idling thing is a pet peeve of mine as well. If you are going to be sitting in the car for more than a couple of minutes then turn it off. I work at a car dealership and in the winter the salespeople will go out and start the cars to warm them up to help melt the snow off of them, but often times they will come inside and forget they left them running and it will be half hour later before someone points it out and they get turned off. I also agree with the parking lot thing, if there are a couple of stores I want to go to that share a parking lot, I park closer to the one with the heavier items (i.e. if I am getting groceries) and walk over to the others.

    1. I’ll tell you another story that nearly had us on the ground laughing the other day. While out walking the dog our neighbour gets into his minivan backs out of the drive and we hear a huge thump. Upon turning back we see his green recycle bin literally in the middle of the road and his blue bin UNDER his vehicle. While he was driving off all you hear is a huge scraping noise. He stops the minivan, gets out, looks around it, gets back in and floors it down the road, smoke coming from the back and all. I nearly wet myself laughing. We heard the initial bang, he didn’t even care to look 5 feet over and see all his trash in the middle of the road… this is a clear example how we need to slow down in society. Take a deep breathe and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m betting he made a right mess under his vehicle and had to get a tow truck to lift him or jack it up to get the bin out. DOH! Mr.CBB

      1. Can’t believe he just kept driving away! He just left his bins in the middle of the road and drove away??? Just over a year a ago my next door neighbour was leaving for work around 7 in the morning and backed out of the driveway right into the side of a passing city transit bus. Except for the bus and a couple of cars there is very litle traffic on our street in the morning. Just took that for granted and didn’t look I guess.

        1. I think some people need a couple shots of expresso in the morning.. yes he kept driving.. we’re laughing just talking about it out loud right now.. he floored it down the street and all you heard was the bin scrapping the road and smoke … he kept on going though lol……………….

  15. I realized about a month ago that I was running the water while I brush my teeth! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even notice! I try to be much more mindful of it now as well as when I’m washing dishes. I hope to see a difference in my utility bills over the next few months.

    A pet peeve of mine is people who leave a lot of lights on IN the house at night. We just turn on one light in the room we’re in and sometimes we don’t even do that! You don’t need every light in the house on just because it’s dark out! I used to have a roomate that would leave every light on at night…even his bedroom light! I started staying up later and turning out as many lights as I could after him!

    I agree with the toilet one too. I don’t flush if need be to save water.

    Regarding the outside lights at night…We used to turn it off every night when we went to bed until one night my van got broken into and I had over $50 worth of my garage saling money stolen from it (hubby thought he locked it but actually hit unlock instead of lock and I had accidentally left my garage saling money in the car that night). So now every night we leave the light on over the garage (which also lights up the porch) so that it is less likely to be broken into again. Until I read this article I never thought of a sensor light so maybe we’ll give that a try!

    Great article!

    1. It’s amazing how many people miss the fact that they brush their teeth and keep the water running. Like I said it must be something soothing to some… I would look into the sensor light for sure. It makes sense if you are only worried about someone breaking in your vehicle. keep in mind you are insured as well.. Thanks for your comments Jen, always appreciated. Mr.CBB

  16. very good blog. I agree with all those and I complain to my kids all them almost daily, maybe some day they will get it……..Thanks Mr.BB

  17. My money wasting pet peeve is people who leave their car running!! It’s horrible in school zones. Parents are dropping off their kids, but if it’s cold they sit there in the car and wait until the kids go into school!! Not only is it a waste of money, other people who have to walk by their cars to get into the school have to breathe in the fumes!!
    (aka Shelley Chenier)

    1. We live so close to a school that we have to take an alternate route when the kids are going in and coming out from school. It’s like a war zone, no road rules, nothing matters…get in get out.. and hold on for dear life. We see loads of people waiting in their cars idling them.. must be nice to have money to burn! Cheers Shelley! Mr.CBB

  18. Pet Peeve – Paying the kids to do chores,,,,,,,,,,my daughter gets an allowance however it is not for doing chores around the house,,she does these if she gets an allowance or not! She gets $40 a month allowance (grade 8) She must put half of it her savings account and she can spend the other half however she likes. I give her allowance to try to start teaching her about money. She has watched the saved portion grow. Once she is a little more mature and gets a job I plan to talk to her about saving some every paycheque to add to her savings,,,perhaps 10% like the wealthy barber 🙂

    1. Teaching children about money is very important… so anything you do to teach them the importance of saving and finding the best deals will hopefully stay with them. Thanks Sarah! Mr.CBB

  19. Ugh, when my husband rents 2 movies at the same time that we dont have time to watch, that he dosent return for 3-4 days. We have a pretty extensive dvd collection and satelite TV with a bunch of channels, im more than happy to wait til they show on the movie network.

  20. My top money wasting pet peeve would have to be..people who ride their vehicles everywhere. People waste more money on gas, just going short distances, when they could easily save money and walk sometimes, especially if its a short trip.
    I also have friends who have 2-3 deep fridges in their homes, but all are only 1/4 full each..I just don’t understand this. Why not just put all your food in the one, and unplug the others? especially with older models, which burn so much more energy.
    Some people leave their outdoor lights on all night long. I always turn mine off before I go to bed, sometimes before if I`m not expecting company. Why leave it on all night, burning electricity for nothing?
    These are just a few…my list could go on & on…
    Great post by the way:)

    1. Oh that’s another thing I noticed since moving to Canada. In the UK we park our car and walk to the shops. Here it seems they will park at for example Canadian Tire and Zellers is in the same lot, get in their car, drive over as close as possible. The wife does it all the time and it does my head in. I force her to walk, it’s healthy,saves gas and is better for the environment and the vehicle. Cheers Mate for your comment. Mr.CBB

  21. Great article!
    How about a few car related ones:
    -Check your tire pressure once a month…if you keep them near the maximum (look inside your drivers door for the numbers) you will get way better gas mileage! If you are dropping someone off and waiting more than 10 seconds, shut off the car!
    More House related ones:
    -If you don’t have one, invest in a good thermostat (These look awesome and program it!
    -Don’t leave the hose on while washing your car, use a gun that shuts off when you aren’t using it.
    And a Mortgage one:
    Don’t just sign your Mortgage Renewal Letter, shop around, get a Broker! 80% of Canadians just sign the letter…and those that used a broker averaged 40bps lower on their mortgages.

    1. Yes we could do all sorts of lists.. hit me up with a post showing your expertise in the pet peeve area.. I’m sure we would all love to learn…
      It’s funny how you can get people fired up and read about what really irks them. I could go on and on but the one’s that stand out the most to me are the one’s in this post. Cheers Michael! Mr.CBB

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