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Take Note: Mr Cbb’s Top Six Money Wasting Pet Peeves!

You should know by now if you read my blog that I am a fairly easy-going laid back type of guy. Not much seems to bother me and I just let crap roll off my back. Life is too short after all to sweat the small stuff, right? Well for me it’s true all the way up until money starts going out the window for things we can control. Since moving to Canada and into my first home here I’ve learned from my neighbours and friends on what NOT to do to save money.

I understand debt ,credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, school loans, and personal loans and how it can take over our life. What I don’t get is how some people let common sense fly out the window then complain that they have no money!

Seriously, I see it all the time! Is education key? Absolutely as some people have no idea of how money is flying through their fingers faster than they make it. So let’s start with some basic pet peeves of mine and areas where you might be able to save a buck or 10!

  • For instance… how many of you know someone who brushes their teeth for the respected 2-3 minutes as suggested by your Dentist only to leave the water running the entire time? Seriously, does it soothe the entire boring experience for you, similar to a herbal essence moment while washing your hair? Well that’s ok it can cost to entertain and in your case it is! The worst part is this is probably the person who happily goes out to his/her garden to use water from his/her rain barrel.. lol.. oh you are laughing but it is true..

It’s the small stuff that counts! I’m sure you’ve heard me say that before when it comes to spending money you don’t have or shouldn’t be spending. It all adds up and when the bill comes in that “crap you  wasted your money on will be coming out of your pocket-book! keep reading… it gets better……

How much effort does it take?

  • How about the person who throws a tissue in the toilet only to flush it… ha! Really, you couldn’t toss it in the bin? Best of it is, the bin is normally right beside the toilet or in proximity. No one’s asking you to jog around the block to the nearest garbage depot.  Talk about flushing money away! Yet these are the very people who complain that they can’t make ends meet.  Unnecessary flushing of any toilet especially if it’s not a low flush toilet can cost you a big chunk of your water bill.

Tip: Don’t be throwing items in the toilet that can easily go to the trash.

Did you know? According to climate change central …”Replacing old toilets with low-flush models can cut annual household water consumption by some 80,000 litres of water and cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 100 kilograms.”  Low Flush can also reduce your water bill by $100 per year!

Laundry hung out to dry

Who does the laundry in your house?
  • Then there are the people who struggle to understand what a “Full Load” is… or at least  how to read settings on a washing machine. Countless times when we had rented a room the people we lived with would turn the wash on with hardly anything in it. When I would look at the dial they would still have it on a full load cycle. Most times it was the kids in the family that were responsible for this waste of water and electricity.  It get’s better, then they toss it in the dryer for one hour with 1 or 2 items… (shaking head again).

So parents, teach your children the in’s and out’s of laundry or you may pay for it in the end. Better yet.. go one step further and hang clothes to dry in hot weather..money is money and free is free… let the natural heat from the sunlight dry your clothes.. and not you bank account.

Let it Rain… 

I know my pet peeves seem to revolve around water and you know, you are right.. maybe I have a terrible time watching people waste money on water. Just like that neighbour we

Sprinkler02 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

have who likes to water his lawn WHILE it’s raining. Yep, still can’t get my head around it. One of our neighbours has the in-ground sprinkler system and sure enough when it rains if it is scheduled to turn on , it will.  (Head is still shaking)  …..the silly things people do.

Then there are the Neighbours who light the way!

Another one that get’s me all fired up is people who leave their outside lights on all night long right until they go to work the next day. That is if they even remember to turn them off. Ok, I get it some people want to showcase the front landscaping at night, or keep the would be burglars at bay, but at what cost? Even a motion sensor light would be better than leaving the lights on all night. As for your pretty landscaping well unless you have a show stopper home that you are charging entry fees to view, stop paying to have passers-by look at your home. Turn off the lights, and lower your electricity bill. That also means if you aren’t in a room, turn off the lights.

When it gets cold our brains turn to mush…..

  • My last pet peeve is in the winter time when the house is nice and toasty as you have the heat on at a comfortable level. Then all of a sudden someone decides to open a window.. better yet 2 windows. When I ask why, the response generally is,it’s to air the house out? Really, air the house out or air your money out.. because that’s where it’s going, into thin air! Keep the windows closed and turn on the furnace air to circulate throughout the house… or if you just have to open them at least adjust your thermostat.

Without money

Mindfulness is something we need to be aware of in all aspects of our life.              If you do any of my pet peeves above, try to be mindful of not doing it and you will see a difference in your monthly bills and budget!

By the way we do have some super awesome neighbours and friends just not so smart sometimes with saving money on the small stuff!!

What are some of your money wasting pet peeves? Share them with us please!

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