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  1. Hi are you able to give me ideas or a blank budget plan so I can start a budget I feel lost.
    Thank you

  2. wow this is awesome!
    never seen your break down before and its great to see someone elses and its pretty amazing and great to know that others do this too
    we try to one similiar to this but the whole savings and emergency fund are really hard to always do cause it really seems that something else happens and eats up that money or we pay a bill or two ahead of time to try and get ahead

    1. Thanks Juanita, We post the numbers because not many people want to and people want to see numbers, real numbers and one’s they can relate to not millions of dollars. If you go back in the budget category of the blog you can see our budget posts from Feb until today. I post it once a month. You can also see our Net Worth Monthly update which I believe everyone should do. Cheers and thanks for your comment. Mr.CBB

  3. great post! I am also one of these people who tend to give things away for free. I know post items on the local buy & sells, and am very pleased with it.

  4. “self hosted”…how does differ from your present situation and why do it?

    As usual, I am impressed with the “precision & accuracy” in your finances. Almost obsessed, but that gives a bad connotation. A good obsessed, I guess…

    1. Does it really looked like I’m obsessed.. I never thought of it that way. I just like to watch every penny and know where it goes. Why go self hosted? I’d like to build the site with better pluggins, and do some advertising as well. There is only so much you can do with .com. If I ever started over I’d go with .org and save myself the hassle of having to move my site and the cost that comes with it. Cheers Mate.. Mr.CBB

  5. What are dahlia’s? (obviously a plant lol) Send me a pic! I can’t believe they are $40! What agency do you go to for focus groups? I’d be interested in that for extra $. I wish I knew what you guys did for a living! And wish I had that much $! lol

    1. I don’t know if I have any pics of the dhalia’s I’d have to look. It was actually about 50 bulbs and they offered to me that price and I said yes. I just knew we didn’t want them in our garden this year as they are too tall and fall all over the place but lovely flowers. Check kijiji, ours was through my University but you can check online for focus groups in your area on kijiji. Mr.CBB

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