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  1. Great job this month Mr CBB! At first glance I got caught up in you having a higher net worth than we do so of course I used that to justify why we don’t have the savings that you are able to do. Once I got over that, it gave me some ideas for new categories to add to my budget. This is revision month for our budget so it is timely for me to read this 🙂 Look forward to seeing how the trial group makes out with this budget template!

    1. That my dear is keeping up with the Jones.. it’s not a competition.. it’s your life, your family. Don’t worry about what I have worry about how I am getting there. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Some great information, and a great example for us trying to make our own budgets. I see you have investments built into your budget which is great and then the rest that is left over appears to go into the emergency fund. Was just wondering if you invest any of the money in the emergency fund or just have it sitting in an account? I also was just wondering how you would account for income that isn`t monthly but comes say every 3 months (like HST rebate)? Thanks and keep up the great work, very inspiring.

    1. In the Canadian Budget Binder Spreadsheet there is an area where you can add in ‘extra income’ which for us ends in our ‘Emergency Savings’ fund. Yes our ES is sitting in a high interest account for the time being until we figure out where we are putting it. Ideally we would like to pay off the mortgage. I will be posting our Net Worth Update tomorrow and this is where I like to see how well we are doing. It’s like a monthly report card. Our investments are built in yes and essentially what is left after all the bills are paid and all the data is posted in the spreadsheet, what’s left goes to Emergency Savings. Any other questions I’d be more than happy to answer them. Cheers Joanna! Mr.CBB

  3. Wow! I wish I made that much money! lol…Some calculations confuse me but I’m sure we’ll figure it out! I look forward to balancing my budget!

    1. You and math don’t mix Jen… lol… I’m sure you are now armed with all the information you need. We have worked hard together and I know you will make the right decisions. Keep your chin up… stay positive and get saving.. do what you have to do and you know what that is. Cheers Mr.CBB

  4. Well your budget is interesting though you have a significanly higher budget and income then we ever would be able to reach at this point. We have scaled back everything I can think of other then the phone which we will be cancelling within the next month to put in Magic Jack. I think the issues is a need for more income this end but at this point we are still trying hard to budget as a balanced budget or close to it. I totally agree that making debt is the worst idea on budget for day to day, month to month expenses as that is where my error started. Had we not created the debt we would have over $600 a month extra we don’t now..that is ALOT of money particulary in a small budget. I know now that I won’t be making that mistake twice but life circumsatnaces significanltly changed..that is why an emergency fund is vitally important and I didn’t have one to start off with because I had used all surplus income to pay off debts earlier. I think even in paying debts off that it is important to set some money aside for an emergency fund. It will ocst mor ein interst for pay the debt as you will pay it slower but it will create a true buffer fund which is more realistic and then the cash is available when needed without creating new debt. I may be wrong but then you are working more with real figures then paying of debt only to have to create it again when there is an emergency.

    1. I agree with you that everyone should balance and set aside some money for emergency savings while paying down debt. What I have found while investigating others budgets is you simply can’t set money aside for emergency savings if you can’t balance the budget. If your bills total more than you NET.. there is no emergency savings. Cheers and thanks for your post, much appreciated. Cheers Mr.CBB

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