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The Grocery Game Challenge June 24-July 1 Happy Birthday Canada!

The Grocery Game Challenge for June is drawing to a close this week and what a month it has been for us. Considering our small budget for grocery and health and beauty I must say we are happy with the progress we are making. We are no longer stockpiling food as we did the past year and this has helped put us in a better place. We are now spending that money on products to make food from scratch or testing new recipes. We are also staying on top of knowing prices at most of the shops in town and which have the best prices.

We seem to believe that the more you allocate to spend, you will spend it. We want to see if we cut our budget to $190 a month if we can we actually stick to it. Will the fact that we have less money in our grocery budget impact our shopping habits? Truly it has and I’m sure we will continue to think twice before tossing something into the shopping trolley.

I know many of our grocery game posters have said that their budget has significantly improved since posting their shop each week and I believe them. All it takes is a challenge and if you are the competitive type even if it is against yourself, you WILL WIN!

This week was a no-shop week for us but we did shop one more time last week. I decided to put that shop on this weeks challenge as most of it was all free product coupons.

On July 1st when Canada turns 145 yrs old I will be celebrating my 5th Canada Day in Ontario, Canada. The celebratory fireworks to me mean that I am proud to be living in a Country that is so resourceful and welcoming to others from around the world. I am honoured to call Canada my home and am thrilled to explore all that it has to offer. There is so much I haven’t even seen or done yet. I now know why so many want to be part of this glorious country. So, Happy Birthday Canada!

 Be thankful for what you have as there are others in this world who are in a worse off place than you are.

Here are your coupon match-ups for the week June 22-28,2012  from Save Big Live Better.


6x Air Wick Freshmatic $5.74- $5.00 coupons 4.47

14x Zantac $2.22- $3.00 coupons = +$0.49 a pack 4.04

1x Maille Dijon mustard reduced $1.94

1x cucumber =$0.77

10x Resolve Sale $2.00-$2.00 coupons =FREE 2.60

3x Glade Oil Diffuser $8.97- FPC= FREE 3.49

4x Glade Aerosol $3.00-FPC =FREE 1.56

2x Naturals Sausages $5.47-2.00 peelie=$6.94

-$10 GC from an  online study

Total Oop-$8.99

Total Coupons Used $146.85

Month End Results- $ Total Spent out of Pocket $222.93-$26.87 points earned at SDM event-$5.47 left on GC from SDM event= $190.59

Total Coupons Used In June- $245.22

Over/Under Budget–  Over budget by $0.59

How did you make out with your shop this week? Post your shop below to WIN 1 free entry in our monthly contest.

If you didn’t get a chance to play this month don’t worry July’s Grocery Game Challenge is right around the corner!! You can post any time you like in the challenge and you can go back and post shops any time in the month. You can read the rules here.

Good Luck.

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