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    1. Yes we have 3 accounts one of which we call a “projected expenses” account. So many people tend to factor in all those bills that come once a year, every couple months etc… and when the bill comes they either have to put it on credit or pull from Emergency Savings. The problem is these expenses are NOT emergencies. We feel 100% happy knowing that the money is budgeted every month and when the bill comes in we pull it from that account. Easy Peasy, No Stress! The hard part is to think about everything you know you will have to pay for at some point in the year… we factored in everything from licence renewal to getting our vehicles undercoated in the winter. Hope that answers your question… cheers Daisy! Mr.CBB

    1. Same here, didn’t pay in the UK and won’t pay here. They use our money and make money from it, never mind charging us to use our own, what a crock. Thanks, we are working very hard on the grocery part. So many people spend more on grocery than they need and waste happens, been there done that. Cheers Mr.CBB

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