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The Grocery Game Challenge July 23-29, 2012 Inspiring!

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I always like the last Grocery Game Challenge Post for the month because that means I get to see how well we did. I often have to think about ways to improve but Mrs. CBB and I have worked on new recipes that are meat free to stretch the dollar in the grocery budget like our tomato basil salad with chick peas.

Another way to stretch the grocery budget is to sow and grow your own vegetables like we previously learned in a guest blog post on Canadian Budget Binder earlier this month. What I learned this week which I thought was interesting and inspiring is that you can re-grow many vegetables from their own seeds or scraps. I mean I knew about it but I didn’t realize how extensive the list was and how many people do this. Back a few months you may remember me talking about re-growing onions and then I tried my hand at re-growing celery and the results were interesting. A great little experiment to try and to get the kids involved with.

This post 15 foods you can regrow from scrap really opened my eyes to what potential we could have in the garden. It also was nice to hear what the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook Fans had to say on this topic originally posted by From the Healthy Hybrid .

Here are your coupon match-ups for the week July 20-26.

Total to Spend left in monthly budget $9.28

So here’s our last shop for the month of July with a budge of $190.00

This was supposed to be a no-shop week but we did need a couple of items and still had just under $10 to spend thankfully.

Food Basics

1x Astro Yogurt Sale $2.84-$1.00 coupon

1x Yellow Onions $1.27

1x Lactancia Cream Sale $1.99- FPC

3x Cream Sale $1.97

Total coupons used: $2.99

Total Out of Pocket $9.02

Total to Spend $9.28-$9.02=+.26 YAY!

Monthly Totals

  • $21.36
  • $122.63
  • $36.73
  • $9.02


We did it!! Thanks for all your support fans.. now on to August!!! Can we do it again?

How Well did you do this week with your shop? Post your weekly or bi-weekly shop below  exactly like I did above and you not only get to see how you did but you get an entry in our monthly contest.

Here are the Grocery Game Rules.- You can start any time of the month and post all month-long even if your weeks don’t coincide with mine. It’s all about tracking!

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  1. We have never had pole beans before only bush beans and they grew really well in our garden so I thought we would try them too. I have read a few gardening books and can’t quite get the hang of picking and saving seeds, this year there were packages called bulk heritage seeds that we bought for less then double the price of two packs of seeds with fives times the amount in one package. Needless to say we have two or three years worth of certain kinds of seeds. We are trying to gas up at canadian tire for their money so that will help keep the cost of planting the garden next year. (The pole beans are over seven feet tall already and still flowering like crazy, also my snap peas are over six feet tall 🙂

  2. well done on your monthly grocery budget Mr.CBB! Good for you and the mrs. to be able to get great deals off the clearance racks and eat super healthy on a small budget 🙂
    Jen you should really think about having that veggie/fruit space. It is a bit of work but totally worth it come budget/grocery time. We have a really big space 35′ x 33′ of garden in the backyard of the house we rent. We planted $8 worth of beans, four types(purple, green and yelllow bush beans and pole beans) and in the past week we have harvested two 4L ice cream buckets worth already!
    Now to the weekly grocery budget, we have $100 to spend weekly on groceries, cleaners and haba items

    $1×5-$5C olymel light bacon
    $4.99 x2-$4C bd marble cheese
    $1.50 x2 maragrine
    $3.49 – fpc nature valley granola thins
    $11.15 total oop
    $14.49 total coupons

    H&W Produce
    $2.59 red peppers
    $1.33 yellow peppers
    $1.08 green peppers
    $1.29 grape tomatoes
    $1.99 2lb grapes pk
    $8.28 total oop

    Zellers(liquidation store)
    .89×10 10kg safety salt(it snows a lot in edmonton)
    .99 chocolate bar
    $2.47 cookies
    $12.85 total oop

    $2.49 x2-$1.50C cheesestrings
    $5 oranges
    $2.50 hot dog buns
    $11.98 total oop
    $1.50 total coupons

    $2 x2 coffee creamer
    $3.99 flaky buns
    $2.49×2 luchmate stackers
    .98 tempura batter mix
    $3.49-pink sticker(SWEET!) cheese tortlini
    $15.89 total oop

    Save on foods (stacking shop x2 the cashiers just added up the coupons at the end or in groups so I can’t do the breakdown of it)
    $2 x2 goldfish crackers
    $2 x8 christie crackers asstd
    $1.25 x4 campbells soup
    $2 x4 chunky soup
    $2.49 x2 8pk hamburger buns
    $8.59 folgers kcup
    $2 x2 kelloggs fruit crisps
    $3.99 x3 kelloggs granola
    $2.50 x2 special k cracker chips
    $3.99 x2 dove shampoo
    $3.99 x2 dove conditioner
    $3.99 x4 dove body wash
    $4.99 head and shoudlers 2n1
    $2.99 orange cream soda
    $30.43 total oop
    $83.97 total coupons

    $90.58 total oop
    $99.96 total coupons

    under budget horray! also glad to get some stacking shops done they are a tonne of planning, organizing and budgeting and those shops were worth it. The garden is really starting to pay off for us even after the bad storms we have had here

    1. We love pole beans… do you know if you take the beans fro the bottom for next years crop the beans will grow from the bottom up. If you take the beans from the top for next years planting you won’t get beans up the pole until the top…
      There are even some areas in communities that rent out the garden space and you can grow whatever you like and tend to the garden. It’s a great way to get involved in the community and get cheap vegetables and fruit.
      Thanks Juanita… and thanks for sharing some tips for all of us. This is exactly what I hope we will all do to help each other. Mr.CBB

  3. Atlantic Superstore:
    SPRFRT ST $3.69 – 50% 1.85 (Don’t know what this item is, can’t remember and the cash register description certainly doesn’t help LOL)
    2L Milk $3.19
    Coffee Cream $1.94
    Butter $4.99 – 50% = 2.50
    Eggs $3.09
    Whipping Cream $2.89
    Choc. Baking Crumbs $2.79
    Orange Juice $1.99
    Tuna 2X 1.19 = $2.38
    Baguette $2.49 – 50% – 1.50
    Ham $4.99
    Wholewheat Bread $1.50
    Sage $2.19 – 50% = $1.10
    Body Wash $2.99
    No coupons
    Total Discounts = $6.95
    Total $34.91

    Butter $3.79
    Pork Chops $16.54
    Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee beans $12.99
    Total $33.32

    Blueberries $4.99
    Cream Cheese $3.59
    Raspberries $3.97
    Greek Salad Dressing $2.69
    Marshmallows $.99
    Variety Rolls $3.29
    Watermelon $5.99
    Total: $25.64

    Fabric Softener Sheets 3X $1.00= $3.00
    Gingerale $1.50
    Total: $5.19

    WalMart (2nd Shop):
    Alum. Foil 2x $1.27 = $2.54
    Fruite $1.00
    Greek Marinade $.77
    Chiptole Marinade $.77
    Total: $6.08

    St. Mary’s Supermarket:
    Jazz Crackers $1.48
    Cottage Cheese $3.89
    Haddock Fillets $4.44
    Total: $9.81

    Calais IGA (USA) – we were camping in the US and purchased grocery items there
    Hashbrowns $1.99
    Cheddar Cheese $1.99
    Pkg Salad $2.99
    Milk $1.21
    Red Pepper $1.03
    Turkey Franks $1.29
    Ham Steak $3.71
    Pepperoni Slices $1.24
    Rolls $1.99
    Cheese Slices $.99
    Butter $2.50
    Crescent Rolls $1.49
    Yogurt 2X .50 = $1.00
    Eggs $1.69 (what a difference in price from our local Cdn store we pay $2.89 – $3.10)
    Sandwich Meat 2X $.85 = 1.70
    Spanish Onion $.60
    Choc. Bars 2X .89 = 1.78
    Total $32.00

    Giant Tiger
    Celery $1.47
    Mushrooms $1.97
    Total $3.44

    No coupons used this week
    Total discounted items $6.95
    Total shops: $150.39
    Weekly grocery budget: 100.00
    Carry forward amount from last week $12.09
    Overspent: 38.30

    We normally have 2 adults to feed on our $100 weekly grocery budget; this week we have family visiting from out of town so we are feeding 4 adults and one child.

    I just realized I didn’t post my shops for the week of July 2 – 8 and I’ve since thrown away my receipts. From looking at my bank statement it appears I spent $101.11 on groceries which should be fairly accurate as all of my transactions for everything are done with my debit card.
    After realizing this I started a spreadsheet this morning to track my grocery spending instead of relying on my previous posts on the grocery challenge. : )

    Total for the month: 439.44
    Total monthly grocery budget: 400.00
    Overspent: $39.44

  4. Atlantic Superstore:
    2L Milk $3.19
    Coffee Cream $1.95
    Farmers Butter 4.99 – 50% = 2.50
    Eggs $3.09
    Whipping Cream $2.89
    Chocolate Graham Crumbs $2.79
    Orange Juice $1.99
    Baguette $2.49 – 50%= 1.25
    Tuna 2@$1.19 = $2.38
    Whole Wheat Bread $1.50
    Ham $4.99
    Sage 2.19 – 50% = $1.10
    Body Wash $2.99
    SPRFRT ST $3.69 – 50% = $1.85 (Can’t remember what this item was and not sure from the description on the cash register receipt either. LOL)

    No coupons used
    Total 50% items = $4.85
    Total cost = 34.91 (incl. tax & deposit)

    Butter $3.79
    Souvalki Pork Chops $16.54
    Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee Beans $12.99
    Total $33.32

    Blueberries $4.99
    Cream Cheese $3.59
    Raspberries $3.97
    Greek Salad Dressing $2.69
    Marshmallows $.99
    Variety Rolls $3.29
    Watermelon $5.99
    Total $25.64

    Fabric Softener Sheets 3 X $1.00 = $3.00
    Gingerale $1.50
    Total $5.19 (incl tax & deposit)

    WalMart (2nd trip)
    Aluminum Foil 2 X 1.27 = $2.54
    Fruite Drink $1.00
    Greek Marinate $.77
    Chiptole Marinate $.77
    Total $5.75

    St. Mary’s Supermarket:
    Jazz Crackers $1.48
    Cottage Cheese $3.89
    Haddock Fillets $4.44
    Total $9.81

    IGA (US):
    Hashbrowns $1.99
    Shredded Cheese $1.99
    Lettuce $2.99
    Milk $1.21
    Sweet Red Pepper $1.03
    Turkey Franks $1.29
    Ham Steak $2.91
    Ground Beef $3.71
    Pepperoni $1.24
    Rolls $1.99
    Cheese Slices $.99
    Butter $2.50
    Crescent Rolls $1.49
    Yogurt 2X .50 = $1.00
    Eggs $1.69
    Carl Budding Chicken 2X .85
    Choc Bar 2X .89
    Total $32.00

    Giant Tiger:
    Celery $1.47
    Mushrooms $1.97
    Total $3.44

    Total coupons for the week: $0
    Total of all shops for the week: $150.06
    Weekly grocery budget: $100.00
    Carry-over amount from previous week: $12.09
    Over spent $37.97

    We normally are a household of 2 adults, but this week we have family visiting from out of province and are feeding 5; I knew I would be over budget this week and probably will be next week too. 🙁

    Also just realized that I missed posting my shop the week of July 2 – 8th and have tossed receipts in the trash. I’ve just started a spreadsheet where I’m tracking my grocery shops so that I have a record instead of relying on looking back at my posts on the previous weeks grocery challenge. From reviewing my bank statement it looks as though I spent $101.11 on grocery items that week and this should be fairly accurate since I use my bank card for everything.

    This would be a total of $439.11 for the month of July; $39.11 over budget.

    1. Wow Pam! You did awesome this month. I’m thrilled to see you started a spreadsheet to track your groceries.. you can then copy past over to the Grocery Game Challenge so you are entered each week.We keep all our receipts for the month in a folder and then at the end of the month they go in a baggie with all the utility bills (if any) or any other purchases ( ie rennovations). That is what we did and the more we post the more we learn about where we can save money. We have guests as well this summer and we are trying hard to stay under budget but I’m guessing this month it won’t happen with 4 of us here instead of 2.

      I wanted to ask you about the meat at Costco. I don’t have a membership there but is it worth it compared to the grocery shops to buy it in bulk? Have you compared price although I heard the Quality you can’t compare as it’s so good at Costco?

      You get ballot #24

      1. I don’t buy a lot of meat at Costco, the packages are normally too large for the 2 of us and we don’t have a separate freezer, but I love their Meditteranean pork chops, they are delicious!

        The package was $16.54 and contained 8 very thick, large pork chops; when I’m feeding only hubby and myself I cook 1 per meal which is lots for the 2 of us, or if I cook 2 there are plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.

        My Costco membership expires in August and I’m not sure if I will be renewing. We initially bought the membership because they have a gas station and when it first open they were about 7 cents a litre cheaper than any other station in town, but since they opened a year ago the other stations have slowly dropped their prices below the regulated maximum price and now there is only about 1 to 2 cents a litre price difference. There are a few items, like the pork chops and the french vanilla coffee beans that I really like so I guess over the next few weeks I’ll have to decide if its worth it to pay the $66 membership fee for the few items I regularly purchase.

  5. So I am finished my grocery shopping for the month. Did a lot of shops this week as I was stocking up on beverages and shopping for a week of camping with my daughter. My monthly budget is $400 and I had $186.95 of the budget left to spend this week.

    No Frills
    Nestea – sale 3x$2.88 = $8.64 * and each case came with a coupon for a free case of Nestea!
    Nutrigrain – sale 1x$1.88 – $1c = $.88

    Total coupons – $1.00
    Total spent- $9.52

    Tilapia Fillets – sale $5.76
    Buitoni Pizza – sale $3.99 – $1c = $2.99
    Oasis Juice boxes – sale 2 for $5.00 – $1c = $4.00
    Pop (12 cans) – sale 3x$3.33 = $9.99

    Total coupons – $2.00
    Total spent – $24.04

    Schneider Sausages – sale 2x$1.88 = $3.76
    Breakfast sausage – sale $1.88
    Steakettes – sale $1.88
    Redhots – sale $1.88
    Lean ground beef – $4.22
    Michelina dinners – sale 5x$.88 = $4.40
    Fruite juice – sale 4x$1.50 = $6.00
    Stouffer’s dinner – sale $4.99

    Total spent – $29.79

    Gingerale (24) sale $6.47
    Aluminum foil – $1.27
    Potato chips – 2x$1.17 = $2.34
    Bounty Paper towel – $1.38
    Fibre 1 brownies – $2.97 – FPC = $0
    Peek Frean cookies – sale $2.00 – $1c = $1.00
    Kashi crackers – sale $2.97 – $2c = $.97
    Intuition blade refills (4) – $11.46
    Pull-up flushable wipes – $2.97 – $1c = $1.97
    Kids Breathright nose strips – $7.97 – $2c = $5.97

    Total coupons – $8.97
    Total spent – $37.28

    FoodBasics #2
    Red onion – $1.39
    Grapes – sale $1.94
    Green beans – $.95
    Fruite drink – 2 for $3.00
    Miracle Whip – sale $2.99
    2lbs lean ground beef – sale $3.76
    Grape tomatoes – sale – $1.00
    Cob on the corn – 4 for $1.00
    Dempster’s bread – sale $1.99

    Total spent – $18.41

    12 hotdog buns – sale $1.97
    12 hamburger buns – sale $1.97
    Bbq chicken – $7.99

    Total spent = $12.97

    Walmart #2
    GV canned ravioli – $1.00
    Alphagetties – $1.37
    Veggie dip – sale – $2.97
    Tomato sauce – $1.57
    Cheddar cheese – $2.97
    Cheese slices – $3.97
    Chicken Keilbasa – $3.97
    Hummus – $3.27
    Red, yellow, orange peppers – $2.47
    5 Tomatoes – $2.23
    Celery – $1.27
    Leaf lettuce – $.88
    Cucumber – $.77
    Peaches – $3.37
    Jiffy popcorn – $2.00
    Pre-cooked bacon – 2x$3.97
    Brownies – $2.07

    Total spent = $44.19 – $20 gift card = $24.19

    Total coupons used overall – $11.97
    Total spent for the week – $156.20

    Overall Monthly total = 156.20 + 77.20 + 81.66 + 54.19 = 369.25 – 400 = under budget by $30.75! (If I knew how to make the happy face symbol I would be inserting it here, LOL)

    1. Hey Joanna!
      Wicked shopping for the month, I’m very impressed. I thought it was great yo ugot the Nestea with free cases on each… score! I must say you know how to stick to your budget. Is it difficult for you sometimes? How do you plan your shops? DO you ever get tempted to stray from your grocery list?

      P.S is it corn on the cob or cob on the corn lol…

      You get ballot #25

      1. I usually come very close to my budget. Helped that I had a $20 gift card to make my total look better. I am pretty bad about taking a list with me. Because I do a bunch of little shops and have a Food Basics across the street and a Walmart a 3 minute car ride from work, I just tend to keep the list in my head. I am pretty good at sticking to only what I need and only really buy other things if they are on sale. As for how I plan my shops, I try to look at the flyers and look at SBLB’s weekly match-ups to try to get things that are on sale. I then have been trying to try to meal plan around what is on sale. The only problem is that my daughter is a really picky eater so I have to make sure I try to make things that she will eat. It also helped this month with my daughter being out of school as I didn’t have to pack her a lunch and 2 snacks every day. When she is at daycare full days they feed her without it costing me anything extra because I get my daycare subsidized by the region I live in.

        P.S. Yes free Nestea is great! I also noticed you told both myself and Jen we got ballot #25.

        1. Hey Joanna,
          Oh! That’s odd I had it written down unless i messed up which I obviously did. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll change your number to 26 then right now. It’s important to track your ballot numbers. Cheers Mr.CBB P.S Yep gift cards are great as is free cases of Nestea, good for you!

  6. My weekly grocery budget is $100 for 2 adults and a 20 month old toddler. It includes household items, baby items and health and beauty.

    Dollarama (uh oh! lol)

    5 x chocolate
    (the other stuff I bought went under misc in my budget)



    Chips and Doritos 4 x 2/$5 – 2x $1.00 coupons
    BD cheese bar (PM Giant Tiger) $4.99 – $.75 coupon
    Bick’s pickles (PM Food Basics) 2 x $1.99 – $1.00 wub 2 coupon
    Breyer’s ice cream (PM SDM) $3.99
    Rice cakes (PM Food Basics) 5 x $.99 – $1.00 wub4 coupon
    Eggo’s $2.79 – FPC=Free
    Kraft PB (PM Food Basics) $3.33 x2
    Eggs $2.79
    Mio (PM Food Basics) $2.79 – $1.00 coupon
    Ice cream cones $1.29
    Tuna $1.09 x2
    Margerine $2.47
    Goldfish (PM Giant Tiger) $1.97 – 2x $.50 coupons
    English muffins $2.39 – 50% pink sticker ($1.20)
    Banana’s $2.73
    Cucumber (PM Food Basics) $.88
    Baby carrots $2.79
    Romaine $1.28
    Strawberries 2lbs $3.98
    Tomatoes (PM Food Basics) $.56
    Watermelon (PM Fresh Co) $2.99

    Coupons $9.66
    C Discount $6.95
    OOP $54.57

    Food Basics

    Distilled water 2 x $.99
    Bagels $1.74
    Cadbury bars 7 x $.50
    Lactancia milk 2 x $4.99 – 2x $1.00 coupons

    Coupons $2.00
    OOP $15.66


    Cheesestrings $4.97 – $.75 coupon
    Case of 30 water $2.97
    Bread $2.99
    Bread $2.99 – 50% pink sticker ($1.50)
    WW bread $3.59 – 50% pink sticker ($1.80)

    Coupons $.75
    C Discount $1.43
    OOP $12.02


    Fibre 1 brownies & NV bars 2 x $2.97 – 2 FPC=Free

    Coupons $5.94
    OOP $.77

    Total for the week $6.22 + $54.57 + $15.66 + $12.02 + $.77=$89.24

    Woohoo! Under budget!

    1. Hey Jen!
      Yay, under budget, that’s great news! You wanted me to start a new blog about food and diets and excersise as you thought it would be helpful. My first tip is to stay out of the dollar store or control your urges to buy so much chocolate and snack food items even if it is on sale or cheap. No one ‘needs’ it but it is a nice treat once in a while.
      I do know that the “out of sight, out of mind” theory does work with this. If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it or be tempted by it, whether it’s you, your son or your husband. It’s working towards a healthy lifestyle but not depriving yourselves. We eat something ooey gooey only once per week as it is a lifestyle change for us not a diet. Some weeks we don’t at all. That’s what we do,but everyone is different in their approach.

      Cheers Darling!
      You get ballot #25 🙂

      P.S What is Mio?

  7. Walmart
    chili peppers $ 2.00
    grapefruit $ 3.27
    oranges $ 1.19
    apples $ 0.87
    bananas $ 1.41
    yop $ 0.97
    tostitos $ 2.50
    salsa $ 2.50
    ice cream $ 2.44
    honey $ 4.57
    bagel $ 1.74
    spring water $ 0.97
    pb $ 3.33 x3= $ 9.99
    all bran cereal $ 2.99 x2-BOGO Free= $ 2.99
    baby body wash $ 7.77-$ 2.00= $ 5.77
    cheerios $ 2.99x 2-$2=$4.99
    corn flakes $ 2.99 x2-BOGO Free=$2.99
    body wash $ 3.00 x3-$ 2.00x 3= $ 3.00
    wipes $ 2.00 x2= $ 4.00-$ 3= $ 1.00
    deodarant $ 1.97-$ 1.00 =$ 0.97
    spring water $ 1.50 x5= $ 7.50

    OOP $66.60

    Reesor Farm
    corn $5.75

    OOP $5.75

    Total OOP week $72.35
    Weekly Budget $125
    available balance $52.65

    Monthly surplus $265.76

    ** we went camping for 2 weeks this month, as well as visited relatives for several days in which our meals were provided**

    1. Hi Barb,
      Don’t you wish every month had a surplus like that? Considering you went away you did some decent shopping this month. I was impressed with all that you bought this month for such little money. It’s amazing with some prep and thought you can buy what you need. Some say coupons are just for junk food… but real couponers know that is far from the truth. Good for you! Keep up the good work. Cheers Mr.CBB
      You get ballot #22…
      Keep at it Barb!!!!
      What will you do with your surplus? Do you save it?

      1. Hey Mr. CBB,
        Yes, I work hard at getting the best bang for my buck using price matching and coupons. We have some oriental stores in the area which quite often have some hugely discounted sales, which my Walmart will price match and often I have coupons to go with them.
        The surplus for the month has gone straight to debt repayment!

  8. Great job Mr. CBB! I’m still entering my receipts into my spreadsheet trying to get caught up from vacation. Can I post more than 1 week’s shop under the correct dates, or this weeks shop only? Thanks!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Yes you can post all month up until the last day of the month. Some people don’t know that but as long as you have your receipts and know what you did, go for it and post it! Good luck Barb.. thanks for commenting and being the kind person that you always are. Great to have such caring fans. Cheers Mr.CBB P.S How is your budget going for you?

  9. that is awesome! I hope to get as frugal as you guys are soon! Its just me and my 2 little ones and I would love to be spending the extra cash on things for them/saving for college etc instead of groceries all the time. My oldest starts school the end of August so Im definitely looking for ways to save more cash…school stuff is expensive lol

    1. You are right Liz school stuff is expensive and I don’t need to have kids to know that. SImply looking around the shops I can see how the budget can get squashed when return to school starts. What I suggest or what I would do is budget these expenses each year. So if you know approx what you will need in August budget for it all year long right up until Dec so the next year your projected expenses will have grown and it’s easier. If you save the money monthly it lessens the burden come time when you need to buy it. That’s what I would do. Cheers Mr.CBB

  10. wish I did that good! I spent $75 over budget this month and unfortunately haven’t been able to post another shop yet 🙁 unplanned shopping trip this week without price matching or coupons @ Safeway which is expensive! Its a work in progress!!

    1. Hi Stephanie
      Even if you mess up or go over post your shop if you can. We’ve went over budget many times but posting it reinforced the reason why we need to try harder, plan more, and think ahead. I look forward to your shops… don’t give up. Cheers Mr.CBB

  11. my comment to enter the 50$ envie …well I did one week of the challenge and want to try to get in every week ..this week I cleaned out my purse of papers /receipts and gum wrappers ..and on and on ! so out went everything ! But I will be back to play the grocery game challenge for august !!

  12. you did awesome 😀 I use to use almost $15o a week on groceries before coupons, price matching and general trying harder, and now have it down to between $35.oo and $6o.oo a week! We do buy meat twice a year from the butcher, so that takes down from the weekly cost.

  13. Wtg. Am going to try doing the growing of vegges from scraps too. We already grow some of them. Might try to see what the difference is between the 2! Still not doing the grocery game. Have too many pplwho may or may not show up for dinner. Sat was 9 adults 8 kids and a set of twin babies!!

    1. Hi Tara,
      Set time aside for your finances and to take care of the life you want to continue on building. We had to do the same. We were and continue to be very busy with our lives and work but we make it work. You can do it! Cheers Mr.CBB

  14. I wish I could be so disciplined and stay within my budget each month. I do not spend a ton of grocery’s but every now and then like tonight I get in a mood and tonight I had to have kaiser rolls with lunch meat and tomatoes its sooooo hot here!

    1. We did that last week, just had rolls and meat and tomatoes. It’s much cheaper to do that then cook when it’s hot and we love sarnies….The budget is very important to us as is our financial future so we take it seriously.. but at times we mess up but pick up and move forward.

  15. Forty tomato plants…holy cow! When all these tomatoes come in, are you planning to can your tomatoes or do you make tomato sauce with the excess?

    1. We eat alot of tomato salads lol, and yes we make sauce, and freeze tomatoes. We don’t do any canning. This is the most tomato plants that we have ever had. Should be interesting to see what happens.

  16. newbie for this challenge, but i would like to start right now.
    budget for groceries for a month starting today: $200. (for my husband and i)

    shop at walmart and RCSS today, july 24, 2012

    reg. price(after PM-ing): $80.29
    coupons used: $33.56
    giftcards used: $20 (i won from coupon comminities!)
    actually paid: $26.73, saving 66%

    skinny cow dessert: 6.99 – 5.00 = 1.99
    asian noodles: 3.29
    instant noodles: 3.16
    granola thins & brownies 5 x 2.97 – 5x FPC = FREE
    peek freans 2.00-1.00 =1.00
    campbells soups 2 x 1.97 = 3.94
    reeses PB cups 1.27
    m&ms 3 x 1.08 – 3x FPC = FREE
    Lindt chocolate bar 3.84 – FPC = FREE
    frozen pizzas 4 x 3.99 – BOGO = 11.97
    corn starch 1.49
    vaseline 3.99 – 2.00 = 1.99
    baby bak choy 1.47
    chinese cabbage 2.12
    lettuce 1.98
    ginger 0,44

    budget left: $200 – 26.73= $173.27

    1. Hi Wing! WELCOME , to the Grocery Game Challenge. You and your husband have a very similar budget like MRS.CBB and I. It’s tough but we have done fairly well, I think. We love the chinese cabbage as well and use it in salads, stir-frys and soups. Do you do any meal planning? Good job with the shopping this week. Welcome to the game …. fight to the end of the race with the rest of us…. it will be worth it!
      You get ballot #16
      Good Luck…

      1. thank you mr CBB! i hope to keep it within 200, lets see if we can do it. i love chinese cabbage(since i am chinese lol) i love just cook it with garlic and ginger, so refreshing!

        1. We have Japanese students that stay with us often and we learn to cook from them and it’s awesome. Would love some frugal recipes from you as well if you have any to share. We love ginger and garlic(oh my) and bok choy, Nappa Cabbage, etc… so light and it doesn’t make you feel so full.

  17. Way to go, especially considering you guys had an extra mouth to feed this month. Have done a bit of shopping so far this week but still have a fair amount to do. Will hopefully get mine posted before going camping this weekend. The tomatoes in my little garden are just starting to ripen. The cherry tomatoes are growing so well, going to have a lot of them so maybe my daughter will actually let me eat some this year LOL! The peppers we planted are also doing well, seems the ones I am growing in the container are growing better than the ones in the garden, go figure, can’t wait till those ones are ripe too.

    1. I can’t believe we started our veg from seed in March and they are so big now. The tomatoes are starting to show as are the peppers. We have around 40 tomato plants so I’m hoping for a good crop. Yes this month was good, but next month will be 4 mouths. It will be more challenging… >>>BRING IT ON!!! Looking forward to your shop Joanna!!! Mr.CBB

  18. I’m thinking about turning one of my gardens into a veggie garden next year so I can “sow and grow”. We have done well with getting our budget down but I know we can do better. I just need to find some of that “will power” people talk about lol. Thank you for creating the CBBSS and the Grocery Game Challenge! You have helped me so much!!!

    1. Oh Jen, that’s very kind of you..but you deserve the praise you did the work. I’m hoping the CBBSS will help others although it’s not as high tech as other budget systems it’s easy enough for the first time budgeter not to get scared away or give it up. Cheers darlin and thanks for playing.. your grocery budget can improve… stay out of the dollar store… hahaha Mr.CBB

  19. wow. i wish. i really need to try doing this. i have managed to get my budget down from about 800 a month to 600…..

    1. We were at around $600 for the 2 of us down to $190 and it’s mainly because of posting our shop and being accountable for it. NO more excuses, planning was and is important to us. I hope you will join all of us! Thanks Joanne! Mr.CBB

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