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The Grocery Game Challenge July 23-29, 2012 Inspiring!

I always like the last Grocery Game Challenge Post for the month because that means I get to see how well we did. I often have to think about ways to improve but Mrs. CBB and I have worked on new recipes that are meat free to stretch the dollar in the grocery budget like our tomato basil salad with chick peas.

Another way to stretch the grocery budget is to sow and grow your own vegetables like we previously learned in a guest blog post on Canadian Budget Binder earlier this month. What I learned this week which I thought was interesting and inspiring is that you can re-grow many vegetables from their own seeds or scraps. I mean I knew about it but I didn’t realize how extensive the list was and how many people do this. Back a few months you may remember me talking about re-growing onions and then I tried my hand at re-growing celery and the results were interesting. A great little experiment to try and to get the kids involved with.

This post 15 foods you can regrow from scrap really opened my eyes to what potential we could have in the garden. It also was nice to hear what the Canadian Budget Binder Facebook Fans had to say on this topic originally posted by From the Healthy Hybrid .

Here are your coupon match-ups for the week July 20-26.

Total to Spend left in monthly budget $9.28

So here’s our last shop for the month of July with a budge of $190.00

This was supposed to be a no-shop week but we did need a couple of items and still had just under $10 to spend thankfully.

Food Basics

1x Astro Yogurt Sale $2.84-$1.00 coupon

1x Yellow Onions $1.27

1x Lactancia Cream Sale $1.99- FPC

3x Cream Sale $1.97

Total coupons used: $2.99

Total Out of Pocket $9.02

Total to Spend $9.28-$9.02=+.26 YAY!

Monthly Totals

  • $21.36
  • $122.63
  • $36.73
  • $9.02


We did it!! Thanks for all your support fans.. now on to August!!! Can we do it again?

How Well did you do this week with your shop? Post your weekly or bi-weekly shop below  exactly like I did above and you not only get to see how you did but you get an entry in our monthly contest.

Here are the Grocery Game Rules.- You can start any time of the month and post all month-long even if your weeks don’t coincide with mine. It’s all about tracking!

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