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The Grocery Game Challenge-July 30-Aug 5…Homemade!

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Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge August Edition Week 1. I’ve noticed several new players and am thrilled to see others wanting to get that grocery budget in check. How much should your grocery budget be? Well that’s up to you and how you have designed your budget. You can follow my budgeting series to help you get started and then download a free basic budget sheet.

I really hope to attract players from all over the world. Please don’t think this is just for Canadians. “Money is money, Debt is debt, Saving is saving” so I encourage you wherever you live to join in the fun and Save!

This Grocery Game Challenge for August 2012 will be challenging for us especially as there are 5 weeks of shopping. We do one no-shop per month but with the extra mouths to feed in our house we may end up over budget. I know I’m optimistic thinking I can feed a hungry group of 4 on $190.00 a month but never say never.

So if anyone has any of those great $5 meals or any frugal meals please feel free to post them below in the comment section of The Grocery Game Challenge or any links to some easy frugal meals.

This week we call The Grocery Game Challenge “Homemade” as I am challenging all of you to try to make something from scratch. Whether it be a meal or a sweet treat to satisfy your tastes buds give it a try. Getting back to basics was the theme of this challenge when we started this monthly game.

So far we have made some strides in what we call Mr. CBB’s kitchen as it seems I’m wearing the apron most of the time. We have tried our hand at Mr.CBB’s Kalamata Olive Bread with oregano, Mr.CBB’s Fudgy Brownies, Canadian Maple Potato Cakes and recently mayonnaise. There are a few other recipes we have dabbled with so I hope you get a chance to try them out for yourself.

So for this week we haven’t done any shopping as of yet and likely won’t so we will call this our No-Shop week for the month. We are well stocked on vegetables,dairy and pantry items to get us by.

Share your Weekly Grocery Shop in the comment section for an entry into our monthly Contest as well to track your grocery spending and spend less! Here are the Grocery Game Rules.

Our Grocery Budget for the Month of August is $190 and will feed 4 people (ok I’m still being optimistic)

On to the WINNER of JULY!!!

July Grocery Game WINNER- Stephanie For this Shop in

Summer Yum July 9-15,2012 where she shopped and was under budget by just over $19. Way to go Stephanie and congratulations from all the players and myself of course. Please email me your address to claim your prize!

Stephanie says:

July 14, 2012 at 9:52 pm 

Weekly Budget- $100 for 2 Adults
Real Canadian Superstore
Quaker Crispy Minis sale $0.97 ea wub 4 (coupon $1 wub 4)=2.88 or .72 each!!
Activia Yogurt 12 pack $6.97(- $1.00 coupon)
Black Diamond 500g Cheese SALE $7.00(had a 0.75 coupon but forgot at home!!)
Campbell’s Chunky Soup $2.57 (ouch full price)
Hellman’s Mayonnaise SALE $3.49
Int’l Delight Cream SALE $1.98
Kettle Chips SALE $2.49
Mr. Noodle Soup Cups 4 for $4.76
NONAME Margarine SALE $ 1.28
NONAME Black Olives $1.28
NONAME re-usable cloths $2.48
Old El Paso Taco kit SALE $3.47
Pepsi 12 pack Sale $3.50 x2 (-$1.00 wub 2 coupon) +deposit
Resolve Spray SALE $1.97 (-$2.00 coupon)=FREE
Salt water taffy (splurge!) $1.57
Value pack Turkey Breast 300g $5.00
Old Mill Bread $1.97
Ground Beef $4.91
Fast Fry steaks (good for 2 meals) $3.13
Bananas $0.94
Blueberries pint SALE $1.87
Mandarins SALE $1.35
Romaine Lettuce SALE $0.97
Strawberries 2lb SALE $2.96
Axe Shower Gel x2 SALE $2.99(- 2x $2.00 coupon)=0.99 each!!
taxes $1.44

Total oop $80.69
Total coupons used $9.00

$ left in weekly budget $19.31

So keep working hard with your budget, share your tips, help the other Grocery Game Challenge players and stay on target. Don’t forget to challenge yourself to make something new this month that is homemade. If you do please post it on the Facebook Wall so we can see your homemade masterpiece!

How Well did you do this week with your shop? Post your weekly or bi-weekly shop below  exactly like I did above and you not only get to see how you did but you get an entry in our monthly contest.

Here are The Grocery Game Challenge Rules.- You can start any time of the month and post all month-long even if your weeks don’t coincide with mine. It’s all about tracking!

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to post my shops for ages and thought I’d go back and add them now.

    Store: Item Amount Coupon Disc Total Weekly Sub-total
    Giant Tiger:
    Wh. Wheat Bread $1.99 0 0
    Fr. Corn $2.27 0 0 $4.26

    Giant Tiger #2:
    1.5L Heinz Ket. $4.27 0 0
    Applesauce $1.50 0 0
    Beans $0.68 0 0
    Maple Leaf Hot Dogs $1.47 0 0
    Smokies $2.97 0 0
    Moz. Cheese $4.99 0 0
    Berry Pie $1.00 0 0
    Hot Dog buns $1.77 0 0 $18.78

    Spec. K 7.98 2 5.98
    Sour Cream $2.75 0 0
    Crunch Cubs 2.69 0 0
    Sliced Chicken $4.69 0 0
    WW Bread $2.29 0 0
    Striploin Stk $4.25 0 0
    Carrots $1.79 0 0
    Red Grapes $5.58 0 0

    Dairy Queen 16.93
    *At mom’s from Friday to Monday

    Weekly budget 100 69.99 30.01 carry forward
    Our weekly grocery budget is $100 for 2 adults

    copied and pasted from an Excel spreadsheet so my columns haven’t lined up quite right.

  2. Our weekly budget is $100 for food, cleaning products and haba products.
    Made it under budget again this week 🙂 my girl is here so there have been a few unplanned purchases but that’s okay I don’t mind buying her a few of her favorite things and spoil her while she is here.
    $2.50 x2 pizza pops
    $2.70 cheese bagels (6)
    $7.70 total oop

    Save on foods
    .75 kids garden kneel pad
    $2 x4 christie crackers
    $2 goldfish crackers
    $1.54 total oop
    $9.25 total coupons (stacking)

    $1.97 3lb carrots
    .99 allens peach juice
    .97 ww french bread
    $2 crossiants (5)
    $4.17-fpc tetley tea
    $3.37×2-2fpc v8 fusion juice
    $2 nibs
    $4.95 x2L milk(one ended falling out of the truck and and exploded on the ground when we got home)
    $2 carrots
    .97 cucumber
    $1.50 fruitfull candies
    $1.00 uncle beans rice
    $1 lemonade
    $2.97 cream cheese
    $5.00-$1C fruit loops
    $5 -$1C frosted flakes
    $2-$2c dove body wash
    $35.80 total oop
    $14.91 total coupons

    $1 lettuce
    $3.49 4Lb oranges
    $1.69 broccoli
    $1×3 mushrooms
    $1.41 breakfast sausage
    $6.69 cali roll
    $2.99 saltnvinger
    $3.99 sweetchilli
    $2.69 eggs
    $4.99 4L milk
    $1.49×2-$2C vaseline travel lotion
    $35 total oop
    $2 total coupons

    $80.04 total oop
    $26.16 total coupons

    sweet deal on cereal they both have $5 gas card rebate on them!

    1. Hi Juanita,
      Thanks again for donating those prizes last week much appreciated! The more people we can get on board posting their shops the faster they will see the benefit. At least for all of us, we can see it. I know whenever I went to me mum and dads they would always buy my favourites no matter the cost, and I love that. They don’t have to but since they remember it makes me feel so loved. You got some good deals on the cereal, that’s great. I passed up $2.49 cereal with FPC’s for Breakie on them as we just have too much cereal. Well considering your budget and what you spent I’m going to say you did alright, especially with the gas rebates!!! Way to GO!
      You get ballot #2!!!
      See ya next week, darlin…. keep at it… so exciting!

  3. My weekly grocery budget is $100. This is for 2 adults and a 20 month old toddler. The $100 includes groceries, health/beauty, cleaning/laundry.


    BD Cheesestrings on sale $4.97 – $.75 coupon
    Chapman’s novelties (PM Fresh Co) 3 x $1.97 – $5.00 coupon
    Diet coke (PM Food Basics) 3 x $4.77
    Cheerios (PM Metro) 2 x $1.99 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Kellogg’s family size cereal (PM Food Basics) 3 x $4.99 – 3 x $1.00 coupons (by the way, I don’t eat cereal lol)
    Lucky Charms family size on sale $4.00
    Mott’s Fruitsations (PM Longos) 10 x $1.99 – 6 x $.50 coupons
    Egg whites $2.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Nesquik $3.97 – $1.00 coupon
    Vinegar $1.99
    Thinsations (PM SDM) 2 x $1.99 – 2 x $1.50
    Trutaste Milk $4.00 – $1.00 coupon
    Trutaste Homo milk $5.00 – $1.00
    PC BM turkey (deli) $9.77 (ouch!)
    Bread $2.99
    Buns $2.20
    Bagels $1.99 – 50% pink sticker
    Avacado (PM No Frills) $.88
    Banana’s $1.51
    Carrots (PM No Frills) 2 x $.88
    Grapes (PM Food Basics) $.58
    Kiwi $.59
    Onions $1.95
    Potatoes $2.02
    Apples (PM No Frills) $.44
    Romaine lettuce $.98
    Strawberries 2 x $1.98
    Tomatoes $1.16
    Stayfree (PM Walmart) 2 x $1.97 – 2 x $2.00
    Baby Mum Mum $1.54
    Old El Paso Taco Kit $2.97 – $.50 coupon

    Total Coupons $26.25
    CD $13.49
    OOP $94.27


    Make-up removing face wipes (twin pack 2 x 120) $9.97
    Magazine $2.98
    Nexxus 10 x $2.22 – 10 x $3.00
    Flip Flops $5.00 (not from grocery budget and not included in total)

    Total Coupons $30
    Total OOP $9.72

    $94.27 + $9.72=$103.99

    I am $3.99 over budget 🙁

    I can guarantee I’ll be under next week! I’m going to not buy crap next week!

    1. Hi Jen!!!
      Glad to see you are not going to buy any crap next week. The less crap you buy and think you need the better. Try substituting low fat or 90 calorie snacks for example with just fruits,nuts and cut up veg. I think you may see a big difference in what you spend. Since we started NOT buying those thinsations, nutrigrains etc just because they were 1.88-1.00 we still don’t get them. It’s not worth it. It’s your choice but that’s how I would trim your budget if it were mine. I’d also start learning a new recipe once per week and buying dry beans if you use them. Try to make your own pasta sauce from scratch, tomatoes etc.. I have recipe here, and you can freeze it. In time, but slowly.. keep at it.. and I’ll hold you to that “guarantee” You get Ballot #1!!! Cheers Jen, Mr.CBB P.s Please feel free to look at what we buy and see if you can spot areas we can improve as we need it just as well.

  4. I make my family eat some cheap meals every week- eggs, toast, and fruit one night, vegetarian spaghetti once a week. We had pancakes for dinner tonight. No one can cook but me so that gives me free reign to be very, very cheap. Their choices are 1. Eat it. 2. Starve.

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