The Ultimate Canadian Grocery Savings Guide

The Grocery Game Challenge July 9-15,2012 Summer Yum!

As the garden grows so does our anticipation of eating and storing the fresh fruits and vegetables we sow. Last week we made whole wheat olive bread and as I mentioned we made basil cubes in the freezer. We tested them out when making our minestrone simply by popping in a few into the pot. It was delicious! Recipe coming soon!

Puréed Basil In Extra Virgin Olive Oil which then went into ice-cube trays

Last weeks shop wasn’t so big for us but this week we needed to stock up on more fruits and vegetables some of which we grow but are not ready. We want to keep experimenting with new recipes and flavours so we are always on the hunt for new products. You never know what will come out of the CBB kitchen!

So here’s our Shop for the week………

So much for not needing the money from last week lol… check it out, we’re already over budget for the week but not the month. How much should your grocery budget be? Well, that’s up to you and whether you’ve worked out your family budget. This is an important step in understanding your financial health.

 Here are your coupon match ups for the week so you can save some money!

Total to Spend this week $64.00+ +42.64 from last week to use if needed=$106.64

Feeds: 2 adults and 1 teenager (exchange student)


1x Cracker Barrel Cheese Sale $4.99-$1.00 coupon
1x French Baguette Sale $2.79- $1.00

Total Coupons-$ 2.00

Total Spent $5.78

Shoppers Drug Mart

1x Bag of Nuts Sale $2.49
2x dozen eggs Sale $1.99 each $3.98

Total Coupons– $0

Total Spent– $ 6.79


9x boxes of Wheetabix Sale $2.99-$2.00 coupons
1x 10lb white potatoes – Sale $3.99

Total Coupons- $18.00

Total Spent $12.90

Food Basics

6x Zinda Cous-Cous Sale (awesome) $2.29ea
1x Yeast $3.99
1x bag of flour Sale $8.99
Green Peppers x2 $1.56
1x Nappa Cabbage $2.21
4x Pkgs Marc Angelo Sausages -30%
2x double packs Delissio pizza $11.76 (for student don’t normally buy)
apples $1.89
1x cheese tortellini- $1.99 (I want to learn to make these)

Total Coupons– $4.40 (sausages)

Total Spent $68.78 This was more than usual as we picked up quite a bit of cous-cous that is reg $3.79 a bag. We also picked up a whopping big bag of flour and a tub of yeast which we typically purchase once per year. Some other items like the pizzas and cookies were purchased for our student drove the budget up.

No Frills

1x Barilla Pasta Sale $.99-$0.75 printable coupon from FB
1x Dare Maple Leaf cookies Sale $1.49
1x pasta Sale $1.00
2x NN tomato Paste $0.49 ea
2x Phili Cream Cheese  big tubs $3.00 ea
2x Flax seed wraps for picnic this week $3.87-50%
1x Rye bread $3.39-50%
1x 3lb carrots Sale $1.95
1x celery Sale $1.47
2x english cucumber Sale $0.77 ea
1x fennel Sale $1.77
1x red onion Sale $0.92
yellow peaches Sale $0.92
6 large tomatoes Sale $2.45
nectarines Sale $1.50

Total Coupons $0.75
Total Spent $28.32
Total Coupons for all shops $25.15
Total Spent for all shops $122.63
Total I have to spend $106.64-122.63 =($15.99) over
Total left to spend for the month $190.00-$143.99=$46.01

How Well did you do this week with your shop? Post your weekly or bi-weekly shop below  exactly like I did above and you not only get to see how you did but you get an entry in our monthly contest.

Here are the Grocery Game Rules.

Congratulations to our June WINNER of the Monthly Juanita. Thanks for playing along with us.

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Come join the conversation, we’re waiting! Cheers Mr.CBB

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  1. Reesor Farm:
    raspberries $3.00
    corn $3.75

    Total OOP$$6.75

    No Frills
    ragu $ 0.97 x6 =$ 5.82
    chowmein $ 1.00 x1 =$ 1.00
    chicken burgers$ 4.88 x1-$ 1.00 coupon =$ 3.88
    popcorn $ 2.99 x2 =$ 5.98
    rice $ 1.99 x4=$ 7.96 -$ 1.25 Coupon $ 6.71
    applesauce$ 1.77 x2=$ 3.54 -$ 0.50×2 Coupon= $ 3.04
    crackers $ 2.47 x1 =$ 2.47 -$ 1.00 Coupon =$ 1.47
    smartfood $ 3.27 x1 =$ 3.27
    yogurt $ 2.49 x1 =$ 2.49
    wheat thins$ 1.67 x4 =$ 6.68
    buns $ 2.89 x1-$ 1.25 Coupon= $ 1.64
    apples $ 0.97 x1 =$ 0.97

    Total OOP $42.95
    weekly Budget $125

    Balance available $75.30
    monthly balance available $194.30

      1. Hey Mr.CBB,
        Last month there were weeks where I went over budget and if it wasn’t for my Free shop, I would have been over for the month for sure. My budget may be off for the summer as we do go away camping almost every other week and my daughter is away with her father a couple of weeks as well. The grocery game challenge has allowed me to see more clearly where the money goes every week because it holds me accountable for what I’ve spent. Kind of reminds me of a financial weight watchers meeting LOL I don’t think I am going to adjust my budget for the next few weeks of summer, as I a used to what I have and consider the extra a bonus!

        1. Interesting you say that… do you and Jen chat? She said the EXACT same thing…. lol.. Weight Watchers meeting.. but all in all it’s true. We all get together to say, this is how the week went, this is where I can improve or where I made mistakes, and how I will do better. It’s an important meeting for all of us just as it is for those wanting to make changes in their lives whether physically or mentally. Thanks for playing with us Barb, the more people in our group that we can chat with that understand the better. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Hey mr.cbb
    yes had a great time visiting family! the itch stick is like after bite for using after you get a bug/misquito bite to help relieve the itchyness of a bite. I welt up like noones business so I hope it helps me this summer.
    Yes posting my budget weekly has really helped with our overall spending. Of course there have been weeks I have been over and others we are under and some months it balances out. but another place to be accountable other than our bank account 🙂 glad your here mr.cbb!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Juanita,
      Where can I get an itch stick. I’m allergic to mosquitoes and swell up so bad.. size of a baseball… I take B1 all year long for it and it seems to help. It only started when I moved to Canada. I think they like my fresh blood ha!
      I’m glad the GG helps you out, and really we’ve been over as well but most importantly we know it because we post our shops. We get to see where we can improve and why we may have went over and what we really didn’t need to buy. The analysis is the best part of the game for us. Glad it’s helping your budget!!!


  3. lol check out the new icons you have up by our names 🙂
    our weekly budget is $100 a week, and I made it underbudget due to being outta town visiting family and picking up my daughter for the summer.
    $1.99 x2-$2C hidden valley ranch
    $2.13 shanghai noodle salad
    $2.99 veggie sandwich
    $2.66 chicken wings
    $2.67 chicken wings
    .99 bottled water
    $5.49 avacodo salad roll
    $19.38 total oop
    $2 total coupons
    gotta pack a lunch!

    $6.93-$4C itch stick
    .94×2 arizona iced tea
    $2.50 tosititos
    $2.50-$1C salsa
    $1.77 soya sauce
    $2.50 gatorade recovery
    $14.25 total oop
    $5 total Coupons

    $4.80 24pk bottled water

    $5.59 energizer batteries

    Wellburns Market
    $6.70 (4) chocolate bars asstd

    $4.99 cheese whiz
    $1.10 x12 – bogo sale & $6C minute maid frozen juice
    $5.59 total oop
    $6 total coupons

    $56.31 total oop
    $13 total coupons

    1. Ha! You are the first one to notice and say anything to me about the pic change haha. You can add your own photo if you like.. it would be awesome if you could. What is an “itch stick” I have to ask? I could come up with all sorts of ideas on that one. We have about $9 left in the budget for the month and one week left to go. I’m hoping we can pull it off especially with our guest here.
      We haven’t gone out yet to look for the hidden valley ranch but I hope I can find some this week for that same deal as I have many coupons. Well you came in way under budget this week but like you said you were visiting the relatives. ( bonus) haha… Keep up the good work… how have you been making out since posting your shops? Do you hear a little monster whisper in your ear like we do when we shop hahah… some say it’s me Mr.CBB they hear.

      Cheers darlin,
      You get Ballot #11

  4. haven’t posted for a while but I am keeping to the budget and I am averaging now around $115 a week for the five of us. Keeping up with my meal plans and awaiting for my cherry tomatoes and cucumbers to grow. Will post as soon as I find the receipt its been a mad house of late what with the kids off trying to keep them occupied but I may have a paid in cash story for you as we (today) just bought our car (not new but hey freedom for me after five years:)) so will keep hunting for that receipt and get it up for you asap.

    1. Nicola, mate how you doing! I’ve been wondering where you have been. I was hoping to plant cucumbers next year in the garden. Glad to hear you are sticking to the budget. A vehicle is a vehicle mate, as long as it runs. Looking forward to your shops! Chat soon. Mr.CBB

  5. O.K., so here goes my first post for the Grocery Game Challenge. If I get the chance I will try to post last week’s as well later on. My budget is $100 per week for 2 adults and 1 six-year old. It includes all household, personal and health items.


    VH Steamers – $2.97 x 2 – $1.00 coupon x 2 = $3.94
    Fruite drink – sale $1.00 x 6 = $6.00
    Natrel 1% 1L milk – $2.88
    Mingo yogurt (6 pack) – $2.77 – $.75 coupon = $2.02
    Almond chocolate bar – sale $1.28

    Total coupons = $2.75
    Total Spent = $17.07

    Big Red Market (our local butcher shop)

    Pork Loin Chops – sale – $4.51
    Cooked meatballs – $3.75
    German potato salad – $2.21

    Total Spent = $10.58

    Walmart (2nd visit)

    Pampers wipes (3 pack) – $7.97
    Hair Mousse – $8.97 (I splurge, but it lasts me a long time)
    Colgate Total toothpaste – sale $1.88 x 2 – $1.00 coupon x 2 = $1.76
    Colgate Optic White toothpaste – sale $1.88 x 2 – $1.00 coupon x 2 = $1.76
    Degree deodorant – sale $1.97 x 2 – $1.00 + $.50 coupons = $2.44
    Aluminum Foil 100’ – $3.47
    Pasta – sale $1.00 x 2 = $2.00
    1 Bag of carrots – $1.00
    Green beans – $.35
    4 On-the-vine tomatoes – sale $.66
    Cherry tomatoes – $1.97 (can’t wait until my garden tomatoes ripen!)
    1 English cucumber – $.97
    Red leaf lettuce – $.88
    3 Empire apples – $.86
    1 red pepper – $1.27
    Canned tuna – sale $1.17 x 2 = $2.34
    Uncle Ben’s Bistro Rice – sale $2.00 x 2 – $.75 coupon = $3.25
    Schneider’s sausages – $5.47 – $2.00 coupon (on the package) = $3.97
    Source yoghurt 16 pack – PM’d to $4.99 – $.50 coupon = $4.49

    Total coupons = $8.75 (& I think I saved $2.00 by PMing, can’t quite remember)
    Total Spent = $54.01

    Overall total coupons this week used = $11.50
    Weeks total spent = $81.66

    So $100 – $81.66 = $18.34 to carry over, plus I was under last week as well (will look up the total later and post another time)

    1. Hi Joanna! Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge!! So you spend approx $400 a month or during a 4 week period? You did very well this week going under budget. I have to get that low under budget but I’m sure the days will come. We are looking at eat less meat in our diet and more meatless meals. We have cut out alot of ready made products are trying to find ways to make it from scratch. It’s all a learning process and takes time for everyone who wants to save. Where you said you splurged on the hair product I like to think that you saved using coupons on other items that it made it worth it to splurge. It’s better than paying full price for everything. Do you track you coupon use for the year? If not now you can when you post each week….

      Keep up the good work and keep on posting so we can all watch how you are doing!
      You get Ballot #10 in the monthly draw
      P.s You can post any time in the month as long as all your shops are posted by the last day of the month. If you have any questions you can ask here or email me.

  6. I didnt know about the hidden valley either , it was a surprise for me and not planned but it was a good deal so I bought it ! we dont freeze our milk , we got through 6-8 bags a WEEK !! we have a toddler with food allergies and eating issues so she drinks ALLOT of milk , the sale at giant tiger is awesome , this is where I will be going for milk throughout the week ! I may try to get more coupons for it , these coupons were in the cheesestrings so I am hoping to find a good deal on them with the use of coupons so I can get the milk for 2.88…you just cant beat that !!

    1. No that is a super price for milk especially if you go through as much as you do. We tend to freeze ours but we have no children. I will certainly keep on the look out for the hidden valley ranch, thanks for the heads up. See it was all worth it now! Enjoy your weekend Sarah and I’m proud of you for taking your grocery budget to a whole new level. You will see the difference if you are mindful of it! Cheers Mr.CBB

      1. just wish we could get cheap milk the only time I got was when I was pregnant and got free milk.

  7. my budget is at 100 a week for 2 adults , 2 teens and a toddler , I shop and stockpile based on sales and coupon match ups unless of course we have no choice but to pay full price , this will be my first time posting here so ill do my best to do it correctly . Giant tiger 2x 4L lactancia milk sale 3,88 – 1.00 coupon = 6.66

    7x hidden valley ranch dressing sale 2..47 -6×1.00 and 1.50 coupons =9.79
    2x famly size fruit loops sale @ 4.97 -2×1.00 coupons =7.94
    4x gain laundry soap sale @ 3.87 -2x 3.00wub2 coupons =9.48
    6x colgate optic white toothpaste sale 1.88 – 6×1.00 coupons=5.28
    1 spray and wash sale @2.00 -2.00 coupon =FREE
    2x 20count nestle favorites@ 4.47- 4.00wub2 =4.94
    1x critters bubble bath =2.67

    Shoppers drugmart
    4x 4L milk @ 4.49 =17.96

    Food Basics 1x havarti cheese sale @ 3.99 -.75 coupon =3.24
    10x minute maid frozen juice sale @.44- 2x 1free wub4=3.52

    TOTAL 71.48 ….I am tax exempt on grocery items so would only pay gst on non grocery like nestle candy

    left in budget 28.52

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge. You have entered the savings ZONE! Many of our fans that have posted for the past few months now have seen a dramatic change in their grocery budget. Some might say they can do it on their own but even for us as meticulous as we are with our budget needed an outlet to see the true numbers. We have seen a great impact on our budget and hope you will as well.

      You can post your weekly shops anytime throughout the month so if you are busy one week, just keep your receipts and come back and do it when you find the time. As long as they are posted before the end of the month. I will reply to each post personally and give you a ballot entry in the contest. If you have any tips or ideas for other posters please let us know and post them. We all want to learn from each other and build a community of Grocery Savers. We have went from around $600 a month to $190 a month for 2 simply by being aware and accountable and posting!

      I wasn’t aware the Hidden Valley was on sale as I have about 6 coupons from the Shopper’s Voice that need using up. We eat alot of salad in the summer so this dressing will come in handy if we can get it for a very good price. Normally we typically stick to garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressings.

      The milk was an excellent price and some days I wish I had a freezer just for milk. We like to stock up when it is on sale like the deal you got. Do you freeze your milk?

      You had a great week… budget $100 spent $71.48~~ Good for you! You may even notice the more you post and start thinking of ways to save, new recipes from scratch etc that your budget will decrease like ours has.

      You get Ballot #9 in the contest!!
      See you next week with your grocery shop, We look forward to it!


  8. Hi all,

    This is the first month we’ve tried to work within a set grocery budget. AND the first month we really started using coupons. Between the two it’s quite the adjustment, especially since the boyfriend is being a little stubborn about it. He thinks we don’t need a budget, but I’d like to get a handle on our ever growing debt and I think this is a good place to start. I’ve given us a Grocery budget of $200 a month. We usually do a bigger shop the first week of each month and then tiny shops the other three. Not sure how well that will work out for us with our new budget since it doesn’t give us much to spend each week after the first, but we’ll see. We spent $108 the first week of this month leaving us $92 for the rest of the month.

    Total to Spend this week: $30 (+62 for the rest of the month if needed)

    Feeds: 2 adults

    Shoppers Drug Mart
    1x Panebello Pizza Sale $3.99 – $1.00 coupon
    6x Lipton Side kicks Sale $0.99 each
    4x Stagg Chili Sale $2.00 each
    1x So Good $3.49 Sale – $1.00 Coupon
    Total Coupons: $2.00
    Total Spent: $19.42

    Total coupons for all shops: $2.00
    Total Spent for all Shops: $19.42
    Total Left to Spend for the month: $10.58 + $62 = $72.58

    We stayed under our weekly budget and monthly, but we really didn’t pick up a whole lot this week. The things we did buy will easily last the two of us 11 meals though – either as an addition to a meal or meals all on their own.

    I was kind of hoping to make this week our grocery free week. We headed to Shoppers with the intentions of picking up some of the Royale bathroom tissue that was on sale as well as a battery charger, but ended up with a little more than we went for.

    1. Hi! Glad to see you posting in The Grocery Game Challenge! It’s been a whilrlwind since it started for us as we have made some significant improvements to our Grocery Budget as have other fans who post. The most important part is to stick to the plan. I also suggest trying your hand at cooking at home and leaving the convenience behind like we have. For example the Stagg Chili- You can make a huge pot of chili for the price you paid with coupons for those 4 cans. The amount of chili you would get out of that pot would far surpass what is in those cans and last you many meals. You can freeze chili for meals another time as well. You also know what is going into your chili and no preservatives. You don’t even need to buy those silly chili packets at the store if you have spices at home. If you have a crockpot you can easily make chili. Here is my recipe on the blog for Mr.CBB’s Slamin crockpot chili $6.50. One of the best parts of posting in The Grocery Game is helping each other out with tips and ideas. You can easily make that crockpot chili in a pot if you don’t have a slow cooker.

      Mrs.CBB and I have a no shop week and we love it. This has been one factor of many as to how we are keeping our grocery budget at or around target each month. We still have lots of work to do but we are doing it and that’s what’s important.

      Stick to your guns and when you get home from shopping you will be SO GLAD you did. If you can make it through the week not going over budget it’s the best feeling. This is why I post my budget numbers so others can see how sticking to a budget can help all the other catevories in the budget like investments, emergency savings etc.

      If you have any tips or suggestions for other posters please by all means post them we would love to learn how to cut back on our grocery budget!

      You get Ballot #9 in the monthly contest!

      1. Thank you for the recipe and for the ballot..though I imagine you meant ballot 8 rather than 9 😉 haha. Home cooking is definitely something I plan on doing more of in the near future. We often make stews and soups in the winter and then freeze them for later which is something I want to carry over into the summer months.

        1. Oh did I skip a ballot? Because I allow people to post at any time during the month ballots can be spread out on any of the posts if that makes sense. If I skip a ballot that’s ok it just means no one owns it. I’ll keep you at 9 as that’s what I have written down and the next will be 10. Sometimes I miss a ballot by error so thanks for letting me know. We make alot of soup and stews and I can’t wait to post my recipes. I’m hoping to dabble in more bread making soon, picked up flour and yeast last week. I also want to work on other frugal recipes to share. Mrs.CBB and I have been tossing ideas back and forth. Cheers aly3360 Mr.CBB

  9. I usually try to PM at RCSS with the WalMart flyer as the WalMart store in my area of the city seems to never have stock

    1. We PM if we are in a rush during the week but most of our shops are all in the same area so we can easily hop from one to the other. That is where we find our best deals to be honest. We set a time limit per store as well when we go in as time is just as important as money. Thanks for sharing! Mr.CBB

  10. Weekly Budget- $100
    Real Canadian Superstore
    Quaker Crispy Minis sale $0.97 ea wub 4(-coupon $1 wub 4)=2.88 or .72 each!!
    Activia Yogurt 12 pack $6.97(- $1.00 coupon)
    Black Diamond 500g Cheese SALE $7.00(had a 0.75 coupon but forgot at home!!)
    Campbells Chunky Soup $2.57 (ouch full price)
    Hellmans Mayonaise SALE $3.49
    Int’l Delight Creamer SALE $1.98
    Kettle Chips SALE $2.49
    Mr. Noodle Soup Cups 4 for $4.76
    NONAME Margarine SALE $ 1.28
    NONAME Black Olives $1.28
    NONAME re-usable cloths $2.48
    Old El Paso Taco kit SALE $3.47
    Pepsi 12 pack Sale $3.50 x2 (-$1.00 wub 2 coupon) +deposit
    Resolve Spray SALE $1.97 (-$2.00 coupon)=FREE
    Salt water taffy (splurge!) $1.57
    Value pack Turkey Breast 300g $5.00
    Old Mill Bread $1.97
    Ground Beef $4.91
    Fast Fry steaks (good for 2 meals) $3.13
    Bananas $0.94
    Blueberries pint SALE $1.87
    Mandarins SALE $1.35
    Romaine Lettuce SALE $0.97
    Strawberries 2lb SALE $2.96
    Axe Shower Gel x2 SALE $2.99(- 2x $2.00 coupon)=0.99 each!!
    taxes $1.44

    Total oop $80.69
    total coupons used $9.00

    $ left in weekly budget $19.31

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge! How many people does your budget feed so our readers can follow along with your shops each week?
      You did wonderful this week. How do you hope to improve your shops? Do you price match at all or buy in bulk?
      Where did you get the AXE coupons from? I would be interested in locating those.
      I’m impressed with your shop as I’m sure you are. Coming in under budget is awesome although I still have some work to do on our weekly budget. Mrs.CBB keep motivated by posting our shops and by all of you that post. It kicks our butts in gear.

      You get entry #7 in the monthly grocery game challenge! Good luck and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so the weekly post comes right to your email and you don’t miss it. If you miss a week you can go back at any time during the month to post.
      Good Luck

      1. Oops sorry, the budget feeds a family of two adults 🙂 (and the cheese is actually 700g!) The Axe coupons I found in the Smart Source Inserts and I have a few from coupon trading.
        Thank you for the entry! I have found your Grocery Game Challenge really helps with keeping us in check for our budget, I have just recently started “to budget” and before we were easily spending $650 a month on food and toiletries, I want to bring this budget down to $500 a month. Thanks to you and Mrs.CBB!!

        1. That’s just it about The Grocery Game. For some people they may think it’s not important but for others like us it is very important. Our budget was hitting around $600 a month and we needed to get it down. That was with sales, discounts and coupons. We needed to get a grip on our spending. We were doing too many Shoppers events etc and that has significantly changed. Since we made an actual budget and started to post our shops we are more aware and accountable. We find we are thinking more about the budget total at the grocery store than anything. If some people aren’t careful they will purchase far too much stuff which they simply can eat before it goes off. We buy limited stock for food and have stockpiled helath and beauty and laundry. We try to eat from scratch and use lots of veg and spices. It’s still a challenge but trying and testing out new recipes has been fun and well worth it.
          I hope you keep on posting your shops and at the end of the year you will be able to look back and say wow, look how much we didn’t spend. We go over sometimes but that’s life, we get right back on the wagon and make make better choices and plan our shops and meals better.

          Cheers and thanks for posting… if you need anything simply email me!


  11. My weekly budget is $100, there are 2 adults in our household.

    Whole Wheat Bread $2.59
    Creamed Honey 500g $3.99
    Maple Syrup $8.49
    Compliments Frozen Salmon Fillets $4,9
    Compliments Frozen Haddock $4.99
    French Fries $1.00
    Compliments Bacon $3.00
    Donair Kit $7.49
    Tomato $.44
    Mango $1.50
    No coupons
    Total: $38.47

    Great Value Potato Chips $1.17
    Great Value Plain Yogurt $1.97
    Danone Vanilla Yogurt $1.67
    Special K Cereal $3.00
    York Mint Patties $1.27
    Pasta $1.47
    No coupons
    Total $10.87

    Pepperoni $4.29
    Ciabatta Buns $3.29
    Naan Bread $2.99
    Ground Beef $6.46
    No coupons
    Total $17.03

    Giant Tiger
    Stewarts Root Beer 4@ 1.00 = 4.00
    Coleslaw $1.47
    English Cucumber 2 @ .69 = 1.38
    4-pkg Rainbow Peppers 2 @ $2.00 = $4.00
    Astro Yogurt $1.00
    Whole Wheat Bread $1.99
    Berry Lemonade 2 @ $1.00 = $2.00
    Spinach $1.47
    No coupons
    Total (incl. deposit) $18.66

    No coupons used this week. 🙁
    Total for the week $85.03
    Under budget by $14.97

    This is good, I’ll need the extra when we have family visiting from out of town for the last 2 weeks of July. I’ll need to be sure and use all the coupons I can and make frugal meals.

    1. Hi Pam!
      Welcome to The Grocery Game Challenge! Thanks for posting your shop. You know what impressed me the most, not that you were under budget because that did impress me. What impressed me was that you were thinking ahead of time about your family coming to visit. I’ve heard in the past that people go over budget for get togethers and family visiting. It’s important that if you know ahead of time to adjust the budget accordingly. Do you do meal planning as well? Do you stock your pantry?

      You did great this week for 2 people good for you. We love to use coupons as well but we also love to look for deals. Anywhere we can save and still get good wholesome food for a healthy diet we are happy. I look forward to your shops as do the rest of the players. If you have any tips for any of us please do tell.

      You get entry #8 in the monthly grocery game challenge!

      Good luck and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so the weekly post comes right to your email and you don’t miss it. If you miss a week you can go back at any time during the month to post.


      1. I do menu plan; I love to use Pinterest for recipes. I enjoy cooking as long as I don’t have to make the same things over and over. I do try to stock my pantry as well, although I know I could do a better job of that.

        I’m pleased that since I’ve been posting in the grocery challenge I’ve stayed much closer to the $100 budget I’ve set. I went over twice in June and I’ll probably end up over the last 2 weeks of July, but I’m very happy with the results so far, posting seems to make me think twice before just throwing something into my cart.

        I looked back at my bank account in the months prior to June, when I started posting in the grocery challenge, and I was spending $500 or more on groceries per month for just the two of us.

        The real challenge for me will be in the fall and winter when I do a lot more cooking. I love to try new recipes and bake desserts and I find I spend more purchasing ingredients that I don’t always have on hand.

        1. Hi Pam!
          I’m glad to hear your grocery budget has gone down. It really does get you thinking before you toss something in the cart. You now know that your budget will be posted and if you are TRUE to your budget you have to try and stick to it. Before we wouldn’t even bat an eye at cost only what we were saving and that’s the wrong way to budget or think. We cook alot more in the winter and what we do is plan. We start buying what we normally use when we see it on sale. At Christmas we bake many Christmas cookies and know nuts are very expensive. We plan ahead and buy them when they are cheap and on sale prior to the festivities. Once you get your mind into forward thinking and planning, the rest will be history. It’s like second nature, it just happens but you have to want it.
          Good luck.. and keep on posting your shops. Pretty soon you will challenge yourself to get it even lower like we did! I have a grocery list, pantry list, freezer inventory list as downloadable tools on the site as well if that will help you at all.

  12. i guess i have a good stockpile of processed crap : uncle bens and campbells soup and a few other things, but it’s not like we are eating it every day for every meal. i do purchase lots of veg. fruit, i’d honestly rather buy frozen because the fresh stuff doesn’t seem to get eaten quickly enough around here. and yes i do buy boxes of snacks and quick – cook type items for my son to to make as he can barely make himself a piece of toast lol. the smarties i bought will likely sit on the shelf forever before we eat them. we made home made pizzas last night for supper. tonight it will be burgers and broccoli salad. tomorrow will be eye of round roast on the rotisserie, mashed spuds, gravy and carrots. i don’t think those meals are terribly bad or processed at all.
    overage on some items can help to buy the healthier items that we don’t normally have coupons for.
    meh, to each their own. some people eat unhealthy foods…couponers or not.

    1. At the end of the day who is to judge. No one knows individual situations and even if they have money to buy much food. I don’t judge anyone and like you agree, to each their own. We used around 5k in coupons last year on everything from food to health and beauty to cleaning supplies and eat VERY healthy. Once a week we like to eat something that we splurge on whether it be a frozen pizza or one of my favourite CBB recipes loaded with ooey goodness! If people that don’t want to use them then so be it, I’ll save the thousands on products we love and save the rest in the bank to pay off my mortgage!

      Thanks Chicky!

  13. he will certainly use coupons, but he said he almost forgot about the cheese coupons i gave him for the no frills shop! he will even grab coupons if he sees any at the store and he is my main insert supplier lol! the only problem with sending him shopping *actually,i try to avoid it at all costs* is that he gets items that are not on the list. i sent him for 2 cheese and $20 worth of chicken. burgers weren’t on the list! although they were a good price i guess. i was making an effort to not to travel to owen sound on friday just to shop at one store for a few items. that is why he went on his lunch hour.

  14. thanks for the ballot 🙂
    i should have posted last weeks first. my total so far for the month should be $137.66.
    i shopped at foodland at diff times over the week (it’s just down the street), hubby shopped at no frills on friday during his lunch hour and the rest was me doing the shopping on tuesday.

  15. this month i began a barter with friends. i supply items from their list and they supply us with eggs, chicken and beef. they also have homemade maple syrup if we want it and will have veg from their garden available soon. so, although my totals are over slightly, i have supplied them with $160 worth of items from their list and i’m only over my budget at this point by $35.26. we have only rec’d 2 doz eggs from them but should be receiving beef next week.

    here is my shop for this week:

    2 vileda scrunge 1.49 x 2 + tax – 3 barter item
    oop $.37

    No Frills
    2 armstrong cheese 4.44 – .75 x 2
    burgers 6.99
    4 pks of chicken breast $26.05
    oop $33.43

    2 good n natural granola bars $1.37 – fpc barter item (diff barter – will get garlic for these i think)
    st. ives apricot scrubb 3.77 + tax – $1 barter item
    coarse salt $1 barter item
    bistro express $2
    uncle bens rice and sauce 2.97 – fpc
    8 nexxus $2 + tax – 3
    oop $.34

    4 nexxus $2 + tax – 3
    kd smart $1 – .75
    melita #2 coffee filters $3.57 – .75 barter item
    nestle 3L water $1 – 1
    oop $.57

    i have been having lots of fun shopping at a local store since i found out about their $5 wus $25 coupon. the key to using this coupon is to put all the items thru, make sure the total is $25 then hand the $5 wus $25, then give the balance of the coupons. also, if i had more fpcs, i could make better use of this coupon. their prices are a bit higher, but it saves me gas, time and i’m supporting local.

    all of the following are at Foodland

    3 glade cone things $1.99 + tax
    3 eggos $1.99
    4 glade spray $2.29 + tax
    1 liberte yogurt $5.49
    – $5 wus $25
    – $10 wus $15 glade
    – 3 x fpc eggos
    – fpc liberte
    oop $2.10

    bag of smarties $4.29 + tax – fpc incl tax
    v8 fusion $2.99 – fpc
    4 special k granola cereal $4.49 – $2.50
    oop $2.96

    cucumber oop $1.33

    8 campbells soups 4/$3 – $1 wub 4
    2 ditaliano buns $3.29 – fpc wub 4 campbells -they have now allowed ‘grouping’ at that store
    2 bistro rice $2.50 – .75
    2 uncle bens rice and sauce $3.79 – $3.49 max value on fpc
    2 packs store made sausage $4.43, $4.40 – 50%
    oop $7.51

    broccoli $1.49
    pizza pepperoni $1.57
    cucumber $1.69
    onions $1.02
    2 royale bathroom tissue $4.77 + tax – $1
    royale papertowell $4.77 + tax – $2
    yukon gold potatoes $4.99
    – $5
    oop $17.93

    4 special k crisps $2.79 – $1.50
    2 special k granola cereal $4.49 – $2.50
    mushrooms $2
    green peppers $2.96
    – 5
    oop $9.10

    week summary:
    total retail after sales, incl tax $227.49
    total coupons used $151.85
    total oop $75.64

    i spent $59.62 last week plus $75.64 this week for a total of $135.26 for the month so far. my budget is $200, but i’m considering raising it to $250.

    1. Ok, so it is at Foodland that has the coupon. I read your other post first and asked where you were using them. We don’t have a Foodland here but that’s a super coupon. I have been to this shop and yes it is pricier than most shops. You are doing so well, I’m simply amazed. I’m sure the other players will be as well once they read your shops.
      Do you go out all in one day to do these shops or are they over the course of a week? I think the bartering is a great idea!!! Keep me updated on how that works out for you I would love to hear.

      You get ballot #5

  16. My grocery budget is $100 a week and it includes household, baby items and health and beauty. My family is 2 adults and a 19 month old.


    Doritos x2 2/$5 – $1 coupon
    Barilla pasta (PM No Frills) $.97 – $.75 coupon
    Bicks pickles x4 (PM Fresh Co) $1.99 – 2x $1.00 coupons
    Breyer’s ice cream (PM No Frills) $3.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Campbells soups x4 (PM Walmart) $.77 each – $1.00 coupon
    D’Itaiano Buns $2.99 – $2.99 (Free wub 4 campbells products)
    Diet Coke x2 (PM No Frills) $4.77 each
    Froot Loops (family size) x2 (PM Giant Tiger) $4.00 – 2x $1.00 coupon
    Mini Wheats (family size) x2 (PM Giant Tiger) $4.00 – 2x $1.00 coupon
    NN Jumbo paper towel (PM No Frills) $2.97
    NN Tuna 2x $1.09
    Quaker oatmeal 2/$5 – $1.00 coupon
    RC 30 pk water 2x $2.97
    Janes chicken x2 (PM No Frills) $4.88 – 2x $2.00
    Pork tenderloin on sale $6.27 (2 pk)
    Pork back ribs (2 pk) $16.72
    Bananas $1.69
    Cherries (PM No Frills) $.19
    Grapes (PM Sobeys) $.92
    Oranges $4.77
    Strawberries $2.98
    Tomatoes (PM No Frills) $.43
    Hairspray (PM Walmart) 2x $1.72
    Vaseline (on blowout) $3.44
    Magazine $2.99

    Coupons $17.74
    Tax free day $3.20
    CD $11.96
    OOP $89.46


    Garlic $.43
    Rice cakes x5 (PM Metro) $.99 each – $1.00 coupon
    Egg whites cartons $2.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Ice cream cones $1.29
    Bicks pickles x2 (PM Fresh co) $1.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Frosted flakes (family size) (PM Giant Tiger) $4.00 – $1.00 coupon
    Froot Loops (family size) (PM Giant Tiger) $4.00 – $1.00 coupon
    La Grille Marinade x2 $3.00 – 2x $2.00 coupons
    NN mixed frozen veggies $1.99
    Tenderflake pie shell (PM Food Basics) $1.99

    Coupons $9.00
    CD $3.13
    OOP $19.95


    Baby vitamins $9.77
    Nexxus 5x $2.00 – 5x $3 coupons=$5.00 overage
    Zantac 6x $2.22 – 6x $3 coupons=$4.68 overage
    Subtotal $.09
    OOP (tax) $4.39

    Fresh Co

    Strawberries 2x $1.44
    Distilled water $.99

    OOP $3.87

    Totals $89.46 + $19.95 + $4.39 + $3.87=$117.67
    $117.67 – $11.91 (leftover from last week) – $7.88 (returned bottle liners to Walmart bought a few weeks ago) =$97.88 WOOHOO!!! Under budget!!! I’m pretty excited for shopping this coming week as I will be shopping on a tax free day again and a double discount day 🙂

    1. Way to go Jen!! Look at all the items you purchased as well for under $100.00. I’m liking all those discounts. I have no idea what is on sale next week as my flyers did not come so I will head over to SBLB to see the coupon match ups… I hope we can do just as well especially with our third person and trying to keep it at $190. Next month will be 2 visitors and we will keep it at $190 if we can for 4…. might need ALOT of luck. Cheers You get Ballot #6
      P.S- this was in SPAM.. haha…I dunno why you end up in spam everywhere now.

    1. We read the weekly grocery flyers and like to pop into different stores. In our area all the stores are in the same street so it’s easy.
      Some people like to price match and we do as well but we also like to see what’s on sale that is not advertised in the shops.
      Some weeks we only go to one or 2 shops, it depends. We go and price match where we find the best prices keeping in mind time and petrol for the vehicles as well.
      Hope to see you post your shops here in the Grocery Game Challenge!!! Mr.CBB

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