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    1. Cheers Nell! Been working hard on it for a couple years now but really with inflation I still get weary. I know it’s better than nothing but still a long road ahead. All I can say is without the budget we wouldn’t have near what we have that’s for sure. Cheers darlin.. Mr.CBB

  1. I was just trying to make you feel at home lol…I don’t know too many of your sayings lol…If I calculated my net worth I’m sure it would be in the negative lol…

    1. Well, click on the downloadable form and fill in the information. I know you have all your information as we went over it all. You should know this Jen at least so you have an idea of your financial health. It won’t take long, it’s super easy! If you need help email me as per usual hahaha… Cheers Darlin.. chin up you’ve made so many positive changes this year it will benefit you. Keep at it. Mr.CBB

    1. Hi,
      Thanks, glad you liked it. We’re working on it but believe me when I say we feel very far behind. We will be sitting down soon talking about retirement and what our goals are. It sounds silly as we are in our 30’s but with a modest inflation rate of 2.5 as predicted by 2030 according to Great West Life… things could get rough. 4 litres of milk today $3.99 in 2030 $6.70. SO here’s to compounding and hoping we not only make it to retirement but that we planned it well. Cheers Mr.CBB

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