The Grocery Game Challenge Sept 3-9,2012 Back to School!


Well today is the day all the student’s head back to school in Ontario for another fun-filled year. I’m sure many of the kids have already started a 2013 Summer Break Countdown. Most of all, no more babysitting costs for those parents that work and have to pay someone to look after their kids during the summer holidays. They can save some money in the budget but if you know you will be paying for a babysitter each year you can start saving now as a projected expense for next year.

One of our readers sent her kids off with a smile this morning yet the kids frowned the loss of fun-filled days doing nothing but hanging out with their friends. Of course kids just don’t know how easy they have it, do they. How many times do we think to ourselves “why was I in such a rush to grow up”.

Last month with our young of town guests staying with us we saw a rise in our grocery budget. We can only imagine what other families go through having to buy or make snacks for the kiddies. This month Mrs.CBB and I aim to keep the budget under our $190.00 to try and balance out the overage from last month. Although that might take a few months of diligent shopping we will do our best to stick to the budget.

I’m always amazed at how well each of us shop and what we find for deals and specials in the grocery stores. I also must say I am proud of all of us who post our shops and take the time to invest in our own finances. By posting our shops we know exactly what we are spending our money on in the grocery store. If I wasn’t posting our shop I’m betting we would be very tempted to buy more than we needed. Just like all of you who think I am watching your shops, I know you are watching ours and will help us when needed. We all need a push once in a while.

I thought it would be a great time to show you our figures for the year as a mid-year follow-up although we are past the mid-year mark. Next year I will aim for June or July to do a Yearly Grocery Budget Update with total for the year and coupons used to date.

Here is where we are at so far as of August 2012

  • Total Grocery Budget to Date Should Be : $190 x 8 (months) =$1520
  • Total Groceries purchased to Date: $1966.73-1520.00=$446.73 over budget for the year.

If you have followed along you will notice that I didn’t start the challenge until February and in January we were over our $190 budget. I think that’s what sparked my interest in posting our shops. We needed to get that budget under control. Other than a big overspend in April we did well from that point forward. I think having more players join the game has helped motivate us to stick to our budget. One other error was when we forgot to add a receipt in so we overspent for the month. Well there you have it folks, now let’s see if we can stick to it until the end of 2012.

  • Total Coupons Used to Date:$1932.76 

Wow, we have saved almost 50% off our groceries for the year. A far stretch from last years almost $6k we used in coupons so that tells us we have our budget under control in comparison to last years figures. We were using coupons but buying too much using coupons and not using the products. There is only so much food 2 people can consume. We ended up donating plenty of food which is fine but overspending just because we had coupons and the product was $1.00 instead of $2.00 was not good. We needed to stop justifying and start meal planning and sticking to it.

Do you know your totals to date? Share them with us so we can all see how well we have done or where we need to improve. Coming soon will be our monthly expense spreadsheet so you can see how we document our coupons and expenses for the month.

Here are your weekly coupon match-ups August 31-September 6, 2012  from Save Big Live Better. Big Thanks to Julia for doing this each week!

This Weeks Grocery Expenses

We didn’t spend a lot this week to be honest as there really isn’t much we need to purchase. This week might as well our no-shop week or a half-no-shop-week, now I’m making things up, bad Mr.CBB.

Shoppers Drug Mart

  • 2x Nielson Cream Sale $0.99
  • 1x Milk 4L $4.29
  • 1x Dempsters Bread Sale $1.99-$1.00 coupon

Total Coupons Used $1.00

Total Out of Pocket $7.26

Weekly Grocery Game Challenge Results for Mr. and Mrs. CBB

  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $190.00
  • Total Coupons Used this Week $1.00
  • Total Spent This Week $7.26
  • Total Spent So Far for September $7.26+
  • Total Overspend for the month of September $0

Congratulations to our Random WINNER of August’s Grocery Game Challenge….Ballot#12 Joanna C!!!

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  1. My kids live in Victoria, BC with their dad.
    We have been able to fly for cheaper than driving, a 13 hour drive plus ferry from here in edmonton. Sometimes when it is only me going to visit I try to stay with my mom or other family. This trip we have been able to get a great deal through expedia. Now we will be ansty for a month till we leave 🙂

  2. Ok well here goes…never posted my shops but have been dying to try. Finally kept all my receipts this week…my budget is normally 150 per week….which includes everything for 4 people, 2 dogs and a cat. Thought this week was going to be higher as i had to buy a couple of extra things for my four year old starting school but i was actually under budget., I still had tons of meats in my freezer as i usually do a large stock up once a month. We only have a fridge/freezer combo and no room in our kitchen for a small chest freezer. I had some picky eaters over this weekend so i had to purchase frozen dinners which i normally dont do.


    Hotdogs times 2=2.00
    rice x2=2.00
    fries times 2=2.00
    stouffers pasta=1.00
    chips x2=2.58
    pogos =2.00
    pizza x 2=5.98
    cream cheese=3.00

    No coupons, total=20.90

    Shoppers Drug Mart

    Energy drink=.99

    No coupons, total=5.84

    No frills

    Aluminum foil=1.00
    Hot peppers=2.19
    arizona ice tea (12 in a case) x 4 cases=8.00 (We cut out pop but hubby needs something easy to take to work and hes addicted to these)
    Red cabbage=2.79
    Large Lysol WIpes=3.00
    Dinner rolls=3.49 ( the only ones my four year old will eat)
    Sandwich meat=6 packs for 4.00
    Plastic bag=0.05

    No coupons, Total=26.05


    Orange juice-3.97
    juice x4=4.64
    foam soap=2.00
    thermos for daughter=6.97
    glade plug in refill=3.97
    Johnson baby bubble bath=3.47-2.00 coupon
    air wick freshmatic 3 pack=12.97-3.00 coupon
    glad garbage bags=5.96-2.00 coupon
    mini carrots=2.47
    yogurt tubes=2.77-.50 coupon
    pie shells=3.47-2.00 coupon

    coupons=8,50, total=70.10

    Total this week=122.89 -150/week=27.11 left over 🙂

    1. Hi Joanne!!
      A big WELCOME from all of us who post our shops here each week. We try to help each other out by making suggestions and sharing ideas. So if you have something to say.. say it we would love to hear!! You did awesome and like I mentioned on another posters shop I think we were all under budget for this week so congrats. It’s not as easy as it sounds so when we can get in under budget for the week we are so thrilled. With your $27.11 will you carry that to the next week or save it?
      You get ballot #8 in our monthly draw and we look forward to your next weeks shop. Posting your shops WILL make a difference.. keep all those receipts handy or in an envelope so you don’t lose them and you will be ready to go each week!!!

      Cheers darlin!

      1. I did have about 30 dollars left….but unfortunately spent it today…bought baby formula while it was on sale for 12.88….couldnt resist as its normally almost 19 dollars and my little guy goes through a can a week. But i now have three full cans…which means no formula till basically next month…so a great purchase for me 🙂

        1. So you essentially used your budget up for the week! Well at least you came back to post about it! Sometimes I post my shop then spend more and I edit my post to reflect the spend. I try really hard not to do that though when I’ve already spent over budget for the week but sometimes it happens when there is a great deal like the milk for example right now. Cheers Mr.CBB 🙂

  3. well it is the first week of the month so we have a budget of $150 for food, cleaners and haba items
    Costco(took my girlfriend shopping and managed to do pretty good)
    $7.99 nanamio bars
    $8.49 macaroon trio tray (we had a potluck dinner to go to and I managed to budget for it 🙂
    $8.99 bounce 250 sheets (might last us a year give or take)
    $13.69 cantina platter
    $39.16 total oop

    $1.00 x2 pudding cups
    $2 quaker oatmeal cookies & cream
    $4 total oop

    .49×12-$3C campbells soup
    $1.97×2-$1C special k fruit crisps
    $7.47-$1C bd cheese
    $3.49 maragrine
    .60×15-$7.80C minute maid frozen juice
    $16.98 total oop
    $12.80 total oop

    $1 lemon pie filling
    $1 sour cream
    2/$3 mushrooms
    $6.27 mlp flattened chicken
    $2×5 chips
    $4.29-fpc store promo m&ms peanut
    $21.77 total oop
    $4.29 total coupon

    $9.39-$1C 24pk crush pop
    $6.99-$1C parm cheese
    $26.36 4kg frozen chicken breasts
    $3.99×2 bologna
    $5.29 feta tub
    .25×32 fruit to go
    $5.95 – store promo spend $50 get 4 Lchocolate milk free
    $56.52 total oop
    $2 total coupon
    $6.16 10% tuesday discount

    $138.43 weekly total oop
    $25.04 weekly total coupons

    Horray under budget!!!!!!!!!
    Now we are planning to take a trip to see the kids in october after thanksgiving. So we will have to really cut back our food budget to help while we are out there visiting and buy a few things to take with us cause I don’t like always to pay for convience prices!

    1. That’s awesome news Juanita!!! I think almost all of us were under budget this week although my next week is much to desire but still under for the month. You do the same as us when we know we will be travelling especially if we factor in the extra petrol we will be using. We certainly try our best to balance it all out so we don’t spend more than we need to in each category of our budget. I’m with you mate, I’m not big on convenience prices. Where do you travel to in order to see the kids?
      Keep at it!!
      You get ballot #7

  4. My grocery budget for the week is $92.31 for 2 adults and 1 child and includes all food, household items, personal hygiene items etc.

    Food Basics

    Black Diamond Cheese Block – sale $4.44
    Black Diamond Cheese Strings – sale $2.49 – .75c
    Pitas – $1.79 (great for making pizzas for lunches)
    Pizza Sauce – $.77
    Strawberries – sale $1.97
    Fruite drink – sale 6 x $.88

    Coupons used: $.75
    Total oop – $16.68


    Tostitos – $3.00
    Pasta – $1.49
    Canada Dry 12 case – sale 3 x $3.33
    Tilapia Fillets – sale $13.71 (enough for 4 meals)
    Canned tuna – 2 x $1.09
    Celery – $1.99
    Dinner rolls – $2.99

    Total Oop = $33.28


    Schneider’s Chicken Wings – sale 2 x $3
    Schneider’s Sausages – sale 2 x $2
    Used $10 coupon = FREE
    Perogies – sale $2
    Ziggy’s Tortellini – sale 2 x $2
    Highliner fish – sale 2 x $2
    Hunts sauce – sale 2 x $1
    Mr. Noodles – sale 4 for $1
    Eggs – $2.75
    Peak Freans – sale $2
    Dr. Oetker Pizzas – sale 2 x $3 – $1.50c
    Smuckers Jam – sale $3 – $1c
    Old Mills Bagels – sale $1
    No Name stuffed chicken breasts – sale 2 x $2
    Goldfish crackers – sale $2
    Romaine Hearts – sale $1
    Carrots – sale $1
    Red onion – $1.02
    Kids Listerine – $5.99 (don’t take your kids shopping with you!)

    Coupons used – $12.50
    Total Oop = $41.04

    Total spent for the week = $91.00 ($1.31 under)
    Total coupons used for the week = $13.25

    Monthly budget left = $400 – $91 = $309

    1. Hi Joanna!!!
      Great shop this week woohoo… We were going to pick up some cheese but we didn’t have any coupons. Is there Black Diamond coupons out and about? Do you know? Do you find that your coupon use is getting less over the past year? Why do you think it is going up or down? Do you find you are cooking more from scratch or would you like to in order to save some $$$$.
      keep on rockin the budget… awesome!
      You get ballot #6

      1. Sorry it took so long to reply. I have not seen any cheese coupons out there except for Cheese strings which I buy for my daughter’s lunches as it is something I know my picky eater will eat. I only really started using coupons this year so my use of coupons has increased this year although I don’t seem to be doing nearly as well as you and Mrs. CBB. I have been trying to cook more from scratch which I have found is saving some money and is healthier. Just need to learn some more but I find your recipes very helpful. I made the hummus dip this past week and it was great! I just didn’t add as much garlic as you had in your recipe. My daughter loved it and liked helping me make it. Just found it a little challenging as my blender wasn’t working so good at mixing it and I don’t have a food processor, but eventually I got it pretty smooth.

  5. She does have an apartment sized fridge that has a freezer but it only about the size of 2 maybe 3 shoeboxes and she has to share with a room mate. I have been making up freezer meals for her to take but she can only take 4 or 5 at a time ( if there is room). There is NO room to put a small freezer in the room………the kitchen area is SO small , the counter has a very small bar sized sink and the microwave has to sit on top of the fridge, because the toaster and tea kettle take up all the counter space. They have been doing their dishes in the shower because there is space to put a dishpan…..lmao. Yes the important thing is that she is getting her education, and yes this is her first year…..she may get a house next year with a group of people and I will definately buy her a small freezer.

  6. My budget for the week is $100 and it is for 2 adults and a 21 month old. It includes baby items, haba, cleaning/laundry.

    I was $25.91 over last week.

    Doritos 2 @ 3/$8.00=$5.34
    BD cheese block (PM) $4.44 – $.75 coupon
    Smuckers jam (PM Fresh Co) $2.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Kellogg’s family size cereal 3x $3.97 – $3.00 coupon wub3
    Minigo $1.97 – $.50 coupon
    Goldfish crackers 2x $2.00 – $.50 coupon
    Wonder hamburger buns (PM Giant Tiger) $1.50
    Wonder hot dog buns $1.99 – 50% pink sticker $.99
    WW bread $3.59 – 50% pink sticker $1.80
    Pork tenderloin $5.81
    Pork ribs (2 racks) $15.28
    Banana’s $1.44
    Grapes $.90
    Oranges $2.43
    Hairspray (PM Walmart) $1.48

    Coupons $5.75
    CD $5.94
    OOP $51.38

    Alcan foil (PM No Frills) 2x $1.00
    Lactancia butter (PM Giant Tiger) $2.97 – $.75 coupon
    Glad wrap (PM No Frills) 2x $1.00
    Homo milk $5.47
    ICBINB margerine (PM No Frills) 2x $1.00
    Mott’s Fruitsations (PM No Frills) 11x $1.67 – 6x $.50
    Oatmeal (PM No Frills) 3x $1.97
    Old El Paso kit $3.49 – FPC
    Resolve (PM No Frills) 2x $2.00 – 2x $2.00
    Ground chicken (PM No Frills) $6.78 marked down to $3.38 – OEP coupon=FREE
    Banana’s $1.58
    Apples $1.26
    Green Pepper (3) $.65
    Strawberries (2lb) $4.79
    Jar baby food 5x $.88
    Baby vitamins $9.99
    Vegetable Oil $5.00

    Coupons $14.72
    CD $7.80
    OOP $56.94

    $25.91 + $51.38 + $56.94=$134.23

    I am now over for the week by $34.23. I am hoping to make it up this coming week as so far I’ve only spent $44.30 and all I have left to buy is some milk at Food Basics later in the week 🙂

    Following a grocery budget and posting in the GGC is teaching me that I don’t have to or need to buy everything that I have a coupon for or that’s on sale. I am still guilty of doing this at times but I am getting WAY better at it 🙂 Thank you Mr CBB 🙂

    1. I’m glad you are realizing what we realized Jen.. that you don’t need to buy everythin you have a coupon for and that there are some things we simply don’t need. I tossed out 4 cartons of Nestea that we got free because we didn’t drink them. The went on sale for 41 and we had $1 off. It’s just gets silly after a while. This year if you read this entire gg post you will see our savings are lower but we bought less stuff and focused on eating healthier. We will be loading up on milk and tea today so that will be our splurge of the week lol. Keep at it and I’m sure you can get that budget down next week.. just stick to your plan. You get ballot #4. Mr.CBB

  7. Actually the Bear Paws have been on sale.. The regular price is 3.99 but I like to keep them on hand as our grandson loves them. But they keep disappearing on me!! Also they have a coupon inside the box for snack size chocolate bars which would be nice for Halloween. With hubby not being well one of his issues is his appetite so if he eats the Bear paws I’m not going to howl. Any savings right now in groceries will go to other bills which is the main reason right now to be so careful with the grocery budget and why I’m trying so hard. I don’t have those store here so I make due with what I can but I have found the cube to be a little salty-er than the liquid. Thanks for e vote of confidence…

    1. Good for you putting the savings towards the bills. I have run into people that say coupons are no good and you can only buy crap food. The point is it’s not only food (and we can get some healthy foods) it’s also health and beauty, cleaning and other items that help save money in the budget. I’m all for it, so if we can save a $1 to get us closer to our goals then so be it. Cheers Mr.CBB

  8. OK Here goes my first run for the grocery challenge..
    Stonetown Foodland.Sept 1
    1-Bear Paw 2.99
    1 Triscuits 3.49
    1 Silk soy milk 3.79
    1 GG Japanese Mix frozen veggies 4.29 (.75 coupon)
    1 carpet cleaner 5.99 ($2.00 coupon)
    1 pack smokes 9.69
    Total $29.53 with $2.75 in coupons

    Stonetown Foodland Sept 3
    2 apple juice 2.96
    1 chicken broth 1.50
    1 egg noodles 2.29
    1 orange juice 2.99
    1 Miracle Whip 3.99
    2 cranberry juice 8.98(2-$1.75 coupons)
    1 2% milk, 4 l 4.79
    1 5 gal jug of filtered water (we have hard water and a water softener) 5.49
    1 pack smokes 9.69
    Total $41.44 with $2.50 in coupons

    Country Bulk Sept 5
    1 raw peanuts 7.01
    1 pepper 3.22
    Total $10.23

    Stonetown Foodland Sept 6
    1 spaghetti sauce 1.50
    1 green onion .67
    1 green relish (.50 coupon)
    1 heirloom carrots 2.49
    1 green pepper .91
    1 orange juice 2.99
    2 Bear Paws 5.98
    1 wieners 3.99
    1 snack chocolate bars (40) 4.44
    1 2% milk 4l 4.79
    1 5 gal jug filtered water 5.49
    1 pack smokes 9.69
    1 bag Iams catfood 12.99 ($3.00 coupon)
    Total $58.35 with $3.50 in coupons

    I was hoping to spend $150.00 for groceries this week and I did it … $139.55. We get the filtered water as we have hard water here plus a water softener. There is a divertor for the cold water but the water will ruin a kettle very quickly even with vinegar used regularly. We used to go through a kettle every year or so before buying the filtered stuff but this kettle is 5-6 years old now and still going strong. Our two adult sons live with us. The older boy left the military with mental health issues (depression) and he`s the one the smokes are for. I`d like him to quit but that has to be his call. The younger boy is out of work and it`s rough trying to find something in a small town. Even we have had plant closings here. He can`t drive as he only has a G1 and would need me to take him driving if he tried to get his license, plus we only have one vehicle and I need that to drive my husband to medical appointments. It puts him between a rock and a hard place but the boys have both been a great help to me right now. I`m trying to lower the grocery bill as much as I can while still stockpiling the basics we need. This week was a good one….. Oh and the chocolate bars are for Halloween, the pack has 40 bars so it should be enough, as we haven`t been getting many kids the last few years.

    1. Yay Christine.. thanks for posting.. you will see the more you post the more Mr.CBB will be on your shoulder when you shop haha that’s what some of the players say however I say the same about all of you. When I shop I hear you all saying.. do you really need that lol. I can’t believe the price of smokes wow!! You seem to like bear paws and I never knew how pricey they are. I have a bunch of coupons that expire the end of this month I will be giving away in a quickie so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in winning them. You were under budget this shop, congratulations. What do you do when you are under budget with money? Do you save it for the next shop or for stockpiling? You get Ballot #3 this week!! Keep up the good work. Mr.CBB Oh and the chicken broth we use Knorr cubes and if you have a No Frills or Food Basics you can find the for .79 down the ethnic aisle and we find are much cheaper to make broth if you use it for soups or in dishes. Alternatively we could make our own broth but in a pinch that is what we use. Just a thought, not sure if you ever tried them. You get ballot #3

    1. We have but it was mostly health and beauty, laundry, smellies and any other coupons for items other than foods we could use. We use food coupons but only on what we buy now. We used to get some amazing deals cereal for .50 etc.. but we just can’t eat it all… makes no sense to keep spending money on it even if it is .50. Now we buy what we know we will and can manage for food. We grow veg and herbs all summer long and we eat fairly clean all year except for one day a week we splurge… With prices going up next year we will be buckling down and likely eating less meat and more vegetarian. Mr.CBB

  9. budget for week 40.00

    No Frills

    7x mr. noodles 1.75
    8x k-d cups 8.00
    3x internation coffee creamer 9.00 -3.00c
    2x smuckers jam 6.00-2.00c
    4x hunts sauces 4.00-2.00c
    1 milk 4.47
    1x silk almond 3.77- 3.77fpc
    1x olive oil 3.00-1.00c
    2x cr. of mushroom soup 1.38
    1x soup cup .99
    2x cup a soup 2.00
    2x k-d white cheddar 2.00
    2x mars bars 6.00
    1x milk to go .99- 1.00c
    2x peak freens 4.00-2x.75c
    2x olives 3.54
    2x v-8 juice 3.37 -2x 3.37fpc
    1x soy milk 3.77- 3.77fpc
    2x ziplock1.94- 1.00c
    4x bread 6.00- 2×3.00c
    chicken breast 3.84-1.50c
    chicken breast 3.88-1.50c
    chicken breast 4.24- 1.50c
    3x pork souv. 3.00-3×1.00c
    3x green onions 1.00-.75c
    1x onions 1.47-.75c
    4x red peppers 1.20-.75c
    pom juice 1.00-.50c
    1x romaine hearts1.00-.75c

    sub total 58.94
    tax 1.13
    total 60.07

    overspent by 20.07 but bought alot of stuff I normally don t buy….k-d stuff, cup a soup, mr.noodles….but its all going to my daughter in university. She doesn t cook, so it has to be EASY!!! Plus some good sales for the coupons I had
    29 coupons used totalling 41.03

    1. Your daughter doesn’t cook or doesn’t know how to cook? My sister isn’t a great cook and likes boxed foods hence why she doesn’t eat so well. I was always in the kitchen when my mom cooked so I learned from her and she always cooked from scratch. Actually I’m going to be making me mums lemon fridge cake soon for everyone. Maybe one day she will take cooking by storm and surprise even herself. So your overspend is for your daughter. Will you try to keep next shop under budget to make up for the overspend? That’s always the hard part for us. Keep at it. Mr.CBB You get Ballot #2

      1. My daughter doesn t cook, has no interest in cooking, and her dorm room has no real area to cook….just reheat in microwave or something you can add boiling water to ( no oven). She has a meal plan but needs food in her room so she doesn t have to go out if she is in the middle of studying or doing homework. The nearest place she can eat is a good walk away so if its pouring rain or this winter snowing….I d like her to have stuff on hand. She hovers when she is hungry, opening cupboards or the fridge and sighing alot…..then I know its time to get supper ready. Partly my fault because I have a one ass kitchen…..its basically a hallway….my oven door hits the counters on the opposite side when its open and when they were little kids I hated them underfoot because I thought they would get burnt. Plus they are spoiled because I cook everything from scratch and they don t really like boxed foods….a few but not alot. My youngest likes to cook if I help her. This week I really have no plans on purchasing anything, so it might be a no shop week, and then I have surgery the 24th and won t shop that week and maybe not the first week of Oct. so unless I see a great deal I will stay under budget.

        1. That sucks that it’s a far walk for her and that they don’t have any real cooking facilities. Most universities have the meal plan but i never lived in dorms so I’m not so familiar with it. At the end of the day the most important thing is that she is getting her education. What would be great is if they were allowed a small freezer and you could have made up some ready to eat or microwave meals for her. Is this her first year?

  10. I’ll post on the weekend, hopefully. It works for me as it’s a new month and Saturday to Friday works with the pay line up we worked with before Hubby got sick. I kept track all last month and now I’m aiming to cut that total as much as I can, while doing some low level stocking up. Give me a 2-3 months and I should have a budget for groceries with that worked in. I’m aiming for $150.00 a week which is a good $50.00 less per week than last month and still have room to stock up on the really good deals while feeding 4 adults….So far this week I’m doing OK…….

  11. Here’s my grocery numbers for this week:

    Grocery for Sept 3-9

    Save On Foods

    1 Skim Milk 4 L $4.69
    2 Sprite Zero 2 L $5.18
    Deposit Fee $0.40
    Recycle Fee $0.12
    HST $0.64
    Total out of Pocket $11.03

    Monthly Budget = $190/4 weeks = $47.50 per week

    BUT I was over $44.78 last week. I am under this week, $47.50 – $11.03 = $36.47 under.

    If I apply my underage on the week to last week’s overage, I am still over $8.31 in the big scheme of things.

    Thank goodness I am way next week & it will therefor be a NO SHOP WEEK since we’ll be using the “vacation budget” for anything we buy while we are away. That NO SHOP WEEK will put us back in the black overall. Woo hoo!! 😀

    1. You are so good when you need to cut back when you go over one week and I’m jealous of that. There always seems to be something that pops up that we need. What is this recycling fee? I’ve never heard of it before. You get ballot #1 for this months contest!! Cheers Mr.CBB

  12. I have been following your game for a couple of weeks now, but have never posted my spending results. I do have totals for the year though; for groceries, we have spent $1,306 to date. That looks pretty good, but unfortunately, we have also spent $1,583 on dining out as well so far this year. 🙁 Once I get organized enough to track both my spending and coupon savings, I will start the challenge, as it seems like a great way to reduce your spending!

    1. Hi Vicky!
      Thanks for sharing your numbers with us. All we do here at the CBB house is we keep all of our grocery receipts in a file folder. Once a week (every Tuesday) we post our Grocery shop. Then the players (you) take your receipts for the week and post yours along with how much your weekly or monthly grocery budget is and how many it feeds. That’s it, super easy! I hope you can play with us! Without the support of the other posters I don’t think we would have been able to stick to the budget as much as we wanted to even though we are frugal! We are all cheering you on Vicky!! Cheers Mr.CBB

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