The Grocery Game Challenge #1 May 6-12,2013- Getting Back On Track With Food Budgeting

The Grocery Game Challenge Post Your Weekly Grocery Shop 1 May 2013

Getting back on track with food budgeting and eating healthy can be tough especially if your grocery bill looked anything like ours in April. Since the wife altered her eating habits slightly by starting a low glycemic diet last month she’s been working on putting  a low gi list of foods together.

She was struggling with what to eat on a low glycemic diet so a bit of research has gone a long way for her. My mate who is also a doctor but specializes in healthy eating and alternative medicines spoke to us a bit about the gi diet, eliminating fructose and the caveman diet or the paleo diet which I will get into in another post.

It’s certainly not a diet for the foodies faint at heart as there’s not much to it. Must like twigs and berries but all kidding aside the paleo diet seems like one heck of a healthy diet. The Mrs. will certainly be focusing on less carbs and more proteins in her meals.

Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

If you want to eat healthy that means making changes to the diet that may or may not affect your grocery budget. Over time once you build up a pantry full of the foods that are good for you and fit your lifestyle and diet you can easily make up an eating plan that suits your daily needs.

This is what Mrs.CBB is working on and the fans have been a great support for her by sending her lists of gi foods that she can read over and experiences which they have went through. She thanks you all so very much for your love and support and the lovely emails and blog comments.

I give her credit for taking this lifestyle diet on not only because I’m a big wimp and don’t think I could do it but because I should do it. As we get older our bodies change and we want to make sure we are supporting our bodies the best way we can.

Quitting smoking last year was the first part of our healthy lifestyle journey after we mastered the keeping active part of our life. Along the way our friend Bonnie inspired us to give it all we’ve got when we want to reach our lifestyle goals like she has been getting fit on a budget.

I’m a healthy eater as it is but eating cleaner seems to help me feel revived, less full and cleanses out my system more often if you know what I mean. If all else fails a good bowl of the Mrs. bran will do me good. 

I always thought it was good to work your way into a new eating plan unless you are forced to change your eating habits due to health issues under the supervision of a health professional.

In this case the Mrs. did talk to her doctor who gave her the green light. If you are looking for healthy meals to stretch your budget getting back to the basics usually helps. Grocery budgeting for the both of us has been up and down but we are going to work extra hard in May to make sure we get back on track.

Drink More Water

We are both good at drinking lots of water but we could also stand to drink a bit more as sometimes hours can go by without a beverage because we are so busy.

I installed a water purification system in our home so we always have it on hand so we have no excuses not to drink it. One of our goals is to make sure we drink 2 glasses of water as soon as we get up in the morning so it absorbs through our system easily.

The both of us typically always keep our bottle of water on us at all times but need to keep up with the drinking pattern each day. The human body is mainly made up of water and water is very good for your body, your skin and flushes all the toxins in your digestive system.

It’s like a constant stream of cleansing for our body, taking in water and letting it out either from sweating like I do most days or simply going to the bathroom (urination).

Getting Back on Track

Making sure we stick to the budget in May is going to be not a “nice to do” it will be a “must do” otherwise we risk struggling further to catch up with our yearly overall grocery budget totals.

Just because Mrs. CBB has changed her eating habits slightly that doesn’t mean it has to affect the budget too much, if anything we will be eliminating foods we typically buy and replacing them with more healthy fruits, nuts, beans, vegetables, grains and dairy.

We were never really the convenience food type eaters but we have bough sauces in jars that were pre-made foods mainly for flavouring. Now we like to create our own sauces if we can from spices and juices such as lime and lemon juice.

If you know me you know I have a love for limes and lemons especially in our salad dressings. We are also using sesame oil and various other extra virgin olive oils in our cooking. We have also incorporated coconut oil into our diet and use the Grace Coconut oil which we both enjoy as it has a bit of a nutty flavour.

This month we have a small grocery budget of just $72.26 to spend which will be challenging but at the same time we stocked up well for her new low gi diet  in April.

This weeks shop mainly consisted of lots of vegetables and fruits. I’m going to jump in and see if I can make her some sweet potato poppers in the oven crusted with I don’t know what yet but I’m intrigued to begin creating some new menu items for the both of us.

Question: Are you on a special diet or lifestyle eating plan and how has the affected your grocery budget? 

Grocery Game Weeks for May

This is our first  shop for May 2013. The WINNER of the April Grocery Game Challenge …IS…….. Ballot#4 Jen Peacock!  Please email me your address so I can send off your prize to you!

Congrats Jen but I’d also like to congratulate each one of you for sticking through another month of the 2013 year with me. There’s 8 months left let’s complete the task and beat the grocery budget together.

Past Blog Posts To Help You Shop and Save!

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What’s In MrCBB's Shopping Cart

Our Grocery Game Challenge Results #1 May


  • Carrots $1.97 Sale
  • Yams $3.46 Sale $0.97lb
  • Ginger $0.42
  • Apples $3.46 (these are amazing.. just look how big they are)
  • Lemons $1.48
  • Bag of Barley $1.49

Total Out of Pocket: $12.28

No Frills

  • 2 bags of Welches Blueberries Sale $3.00 each
  • Yoplait Yogurt $1.97-$1.00
  • Skinless Chicken Breast on the bone $4.52, $4.50 Sale $2.00 lb
  • Bean Sprouts $0.97
  • Celery Sale $0.97
  • Cucumbers $2.00 Sale buy 2 $1.00
  • Garlic $0.97 each
  • Red Onion $1.92 (pricey)
  • Bananas $1.80
  • Whole Wheat Pita $1.00 Sale

Total Out of Pocket: $25.63

Food Basics

  • 2x Fresh blueberries Sale $1.44 each
  • 1x Strawberries Sale $1.44
  • Arctic Gardens  Veg Sale $5.00-$5.00

Total Out of Pocket: $4.32

Yearly Grocery Budget For 2 : $2819.38
  • Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $235.00 or $78.33 week with one no-shop week per month or $58.75 for 4 weeks per month. (During the months with 5 weeks we just make it work)
  • Total Budget For May: $72.26
  • Total Coupons Used this Week : $6.00
  • Total Discounts this Week: $0
  • Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0
  • Total Rewards Points Used: $0
  • Stockpile Budget: $20.00 Used: $
  • Total Spent This Week:$42.23
  • Total Spent So Far for (May): ($162.74)+($42.23)=$204.97
  • Total Over/Under spend this shop$ N/A
  • Total Over/Under spend for the month of  (May): $N/A
  • Total Left to Spend for the Month: $30.03
  • Total Coupons Used This Month :$6.00+
  • Total to Carry Over Next Month : ($ 162.74 has been carried over to May from April 2013)
  • Total Spent To Date This Year: $206.95 (Jan)+ $160.77 (Feb) + (March)$169.62 + (April)$397.74=$935.08
  • Rendezvous Account: $65.38 (this will be used for a date night or a summer holiday)

Weekly Overview: So far so good but there’s still a few weeks of grocery shopping left so we have to make sure we plan ahead to keep our grocery bill lowered. 

Canadian Coupons Found This Week

Canadian Coupons Found Grocery Game Challenge May #1

How was your grocery shop this week?

Grocery Game Frequently Asked Questions

Grocery Game Challenge RULES….. Read the rules first and if you have any questions email me or comment on this post with your question and someone will answer you as soon as possible. 

  1. Do I have to be Canadian to post my Grocery Shop? No, you don’t have to be Canadian to post your shops only to win a monthly prize. We have a few players from around the world.
  2. When does the Grocery Game Close each month? The Grocery Game Challenge Closes at Midnight of the last Sunday of the last post for the month. You can post your shops all month-long.
  3. Does Your Grocery Budget Include Health and Beauty and Laundry? Yes our Grocery Budget includes such items as shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, fabric softener, dish soap etc. We don’t mind stockpiling items that won’t be effected by expiry dates or have long expiry dates but not so much food any more. It’s just one way to help cut your budget to save money.
  4. Where can I find Canadian CouponsHere are your latest Coupon Match-ups  of the week including Checkout 51 from 25 Newspaper Inserts around Canada compliments of Save Big Live Better that you can use to help you save money in the Grocery Game Challenge.
  5. How Do I Know what stores accept coupons? You can find all your store coupon policies here. If you are not sure it’s always best to call the store and ask.
  6. How Do I Grocery Shop? I can tell you about grocery shopping and what we do in terms of shopping to save money and how it works for us. There are no wrong or right answers, just smart choices. Over time you will gradually learn where you should and shouldn’t go in the grocery store or at least how to say no, I’m on a budget I don’t need to buy this or that. You may also substitute items in order to stick to your budget to make it work.

Quote-Budget and Money

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  1. Our weekly budget is $100 making this month $500!
    Had an awesome discount Tuesday shop 🙂

    Save on foods
    $6.99 6lbs starwberries
    they weren’t the best quality but I froze most for baking and smoothies
    $1.32×2-FPCx1wub2tostitos pop
    $2.66 tostitios chips
    $4.37 con queso dip
    $8.86 total oop
    $1 total coupons
    Total spurlge but it was my mama’s day dinner
    London Drugs
    $7.99×2-$7.99C stacksx2 Melitta kcups
    0 total oop
    $15.98 total coupons
    $5.99×3-$1Cx3-$4Cx3(instore coupon) Becel maragrine
    $1.12×2 1L chocolate milk
    $2.39 black forest ham
    $2.89 hot&spicy chicken
    $2.39 bologna
    $3.89 jalapeno havarti cheese
    $3.13 melting chocolate
    $1.94,$2,$2.05 chicken wings clearance
    Discount Tuesday shop
    $6,$6.15 chicken wings warehouse packs clearance
    $4.55 whole chicken clearance
    $22.99 3kg frozen chicken breasts
    $8.09-$5C & $2co51 ml prime chicken
    $10.99-$5C sch naturals burgers
    $8.99-FPC sch naturals pepperettes
    $4.79×2-bogoC grillems smokies
    $3.99-FPC naturals turkey deli meat
    $1.49-FPC dr.oetker pudding
    $4.99 iced tea (w/$10 in pizza coupons)
    .50 peach crystals clearance
    $6.99-FPC Raisin bran
    $6.99-FPC Vector
    $1.95 (5) corn on the cob
    $6.99×2-.75Cx2 BD cheese
    $1.25×6-.75Cx6 Barilla pasta
    $4.99×2-$1Cx2 Royale t p
    $2.89×2 dzn eggs
    $3.99×2-.75Cx2 international creamer
    $5.31 4L milk
    $107.91 total oop
    $67.14 total coupons
    $23.61 15% discount

    $123.76 total weekly oop
    $107.73 total weekly coupons
    $248.49 total monthly oop
    $203.24 total monthly coupons

    Wow really spent alot again this week!

    1. Hey Juanita!
      You and your discount Tuesday’s make me jealous 😉 We make smoothies all summer long so we buy bananas and fruits on the cheap rack and toss them in the freezer for smoothies. We also freeze yogurt as well and use them for smoothies. Awesome deal on the margarine… wow in-store coupon was awesome.. so they let you stack an in-store with a mfg coupon at Sobeys?
      When did the BD coupons come out? We haven’t seen them in our area at all and what shop did you find them? Nice haul this week and coupons used was pretty awesome. Another succss for you. I’m pretty sure you can kill this budget if you plan the next couple of shops well. I’m betting you have more than enough food in your house that you can eat up instead of buying more. Sometimes just walking away from the shops for a week feels good.. or going in getting a couple of items you need and get out. that’s what I’m learning from experience… lol

      Keep at it…. you get ballot #12

      1. Hey Mr.CBB
        The bd cheese coupons were from trades last year with people in ont. Really hoping for new bd coupons this year and really soon cause I only have one left! But the armstrong cheese coupons are from the smartsource website that I print off at the library. We are super picky on whom makes our cheese, whatever is cheap!!
        I haven’t had problems using the sobeys instore coupons and a manu coupon in the same transaction on the same item……so not sure if everystore allows it but the ones I coupon/worked at have let me.
        Yes I really love our discount Tuesday shops and don’t think they will get rid of it here in edmonton cause every store out here does it (our store even offers seniors 10% off the last fri of the month with min purchase of $35 I’m sure it helps when your on a budget) so they would lose business if they stopped.
        smoothies are big in our house too 🙂 missed a few cheap banana sales so I’ll have to keep my eyes open for next time! Really looking forward to fresh cheap blueberries!!!

  2. I shop for 2 adults and a 2 year old toddler. Our budget is $90/week or $360 for this month and includes baby items, laundry, health/beauty, etc

    Apple $.92
    OOP $.92

    Glade aerosol 2 x $.97 – BOGO free ($.97)
    M&M’s $1.09 – FPC
    Twizzlers $2.00 – $1.00 CO51
    Dole salad $.98
    Apples $1.72
    Coupons $2.06
    CO 51 $1.00
    CD $.78
    OOP $4.48

    No Frills
    Distilled water 8 @ 4/$3.00=$6.00
    Febreeze car airfreshners 20 x $1.25 – $3.00 wub2 =FREE (no overage allowed there but they accidentally gave me $.03 overage lol)
    Coupons $28.30
    OOP $5.97

    Fresh Co
    Natural Selections chicken wieners 2 x $2.00 – $1.00 wub2
    Grill ems sausage $3.49 – FPC
    Dempsters hot dog buns $2.00 – $3.00 CO51 wub Schneider’s hot dogs and hot dog buns together
    Dempsters hamburger buns $2.00 – $1.00 wub2
    Coupons $5.49
    CO51 $3.00
    OOP $3.00

    Crest toothpaste 3 x $.97 – 3 x $1.00 = $.09 overage
    Kotex pantiliners 96ct (clearance) 12 x $3.00 – 6 x $1.50 wub2
    Coupons $12.00
    OOP $29.09

    Mini chocolate bars and candy for Adam to shut him up lol $7.69
    OOP $8.69

    Skim milk $3.97
    Almond Fresh milk 2 x $3.99 – 2 x $1.00 coupons
    Silk Almond milk (PM SDM) $3.49 – $2.00 coupon
    BD almond milk $2.00
    Bits & Bites (PM FC) 2 x $1.00
    Cavendish fries 4 x $2.50 – 4 x $1.00 coupons
    Chocolate Cheerios $5.96 – FPC
    CL tuna (PM FC) 4 x $1.00
    MiO $2.99 – $1.00 coupon
    Natura soy milk $1.94
    Marshmallows $1.99
    SD coconut milk yogurt $4.59 – FPC
    Bananas $1.63
    Broccoli (PM FB) $.67
    Oranges (PM WM) $3.15
    Strawberries 2lbs $2.88
    Ombrelle kids sunscreen $13.97 – $3.00 coupon (Adam is having an allergic reaction to another kind so now I am trying other recommended ones)
    Coupons $22.55
    CD $6.13
    OOP $47.38

    I also went back this week to redeem 3 x $.50 coupons for my Bick’s relish that I forgot to use last week so I got $1.50 back. I also got the $8.00 from my MIL that she owed from buying my 2% milk when Adam’s diet was changed. I also claimed a receipt my parents had on CO51 and earned $1.50.

    Total Grocery Amount Budgeted For the Year : $4,680 ($90/week)
    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $360
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $70.40
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this week: $7.00
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this month: $12.50
    • Total Checkout 51 rebates this year: $75.00
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this week: $6.91
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this month:$23.96
    • Total Colleague Discount (CD) this year: $208.61
    • Total SCOP this week: $0
    • Total SCOP this month: $0
    • Total SCOP this year: $1.47
    •Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0
    •Total Spent This Week: $99.53 – $1.50=$98.03 – $8.00=$90.03 – $1.50=$88.53
    •Total Spent So Far for May: $216.64
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop: N/A
    •Total Over/Under spent for the month of May: N/A
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $143.36
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $127.74
    •Total to Carry Over Next Month : I do not carry over
    •Total Spent To Date This Year: $1494.60
    •Weekly overview: I’m under budget for the week by a few dollars but I haven’t caught up with what I overspent the first week of May. I would have been better if I had a stockpile budget like Mr CBB. I have a ton of gift cards for RCSS so if I have to I can catch up that way but I’d like to try on my own. We didn’t need a whole lot this week as we’ve been eating with my parents a lot lately lol. Overall, not too bad lol.

    1. Hey Jen,
      So I’m guessing you went into Metro to coupon shop but felt guilty not buying something so you bought an apple? Am I right? If I am can you send me back my brownie FPC haha. How are you liking all the almond milk, soy milk, do you get used to it? The wife was thinking of trying one but wasn’t sure which one to test first. Were you able to get any coupons from the company to test new products? Well done with the coupon usage this week, $70.40 is nothing to laugh at, that’s big savings. If you create a stockpile budget Jen then you have to take something else away from your categories. Are you prepared to do that? I think the way you shop if you can manage it then go for it or lower your grocery budget and have a stockpile budget. $340 grocery budget and a $20 stockpile budget. I know it sounds silly but we only spend what we allow ourselves to spend. We overspend because we either know we have the money to back it up or don’t really care but we should. It’s up to you, but you’ve done so well I don’t see why you couldn’t. Keep up the good work, I”m impressed. You get ballot 9

  3. Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $300-$400 a month for 2 adults and 2 cats
    Total Budget For May:
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $3.49+ $3.69+$0.75+$0.75+$0.75+$0.75+$0.50+$4.79+$1.00+$1.00
    Total Discounts this Week: $0
    Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0
    Total Rewards Points Used: $0
    Stockpile Budget:
    Total Spent This Week:$286.70
    Total Spent So Far for (May): $177.24+$286.70
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: $ N/A
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of (May): $ N/A
    Total Left to Spend for the Month:
    Total Coupons Used This Month
    Total to Carry Over Next Month :
    Total Spent To Date This Year:
    Rendezvous Account:
    Weekly Overview: **Wow! We shopped alot this week and it shows. Ouch…..

    Meal plan:
    Saturday May 11: spaghetti and meatballs with caesar salad
    Sunday May 12: Orange Sesame Chicken with cauliflower rice
    Monday May 13: Leftovers
    Tuesday May 14: Butternut squash skillet Mac and Cheese
    Wednesday May 15: Pork Carnitas
    Thursday May 16: Sweet potato turkey meatloaf
    Friday May 17: Leftovers
    Saturday May 18: Bbq pork roast, cheesy cauliflower gratin, corn bread, and baked beans

    #1 Bulk Barn:
    Rolled Oats $0.84

    #2 Shoppers:
    Eggs $2.59

    #3 Costco:
    Bagels x2 $6.49
    Arrowroot cookies $9.99
    3L Oil $11.59
    Pam x2 $9.99
    Trail Mix $8.99
    Coconut Bars $11.79
    Total $61.54

    #4 Sobeys:
    Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen $3.49 (FPC)
    Scrunge $3.69 (FPC)
    Just tax $0.93

    #5 Sobeys:
    Fold its: $3.79 x3 = $11.47

    #6 Sobeys:
    Sweet potato $1.48
    Corn Meal $1.79
    Orange $1.11
    Lime $0.59
    Peanut Butter x 2 $7.94
    Graham crumbs $3.59
    clubhouse mix $1.49
    clubhouse mix $1.49
    Diced tomatoes $1.00
    Salsa $2.99
    Mandarin oranges (can) $1.69
    Sour cream $1.79
    Greek Yogurt $4.99 -0.75 coupon
    Ground Beef $6.90, $6.88, $5.82
    Total: $50.79

    #7 Sobeys:
    Flat wraps $3.79
    Kraft cheese slices $2.99
    Cereal cream $1.65
    Cucumber $0.99
    Tomato $0.46
    Bread $3.49
    Popcorn $3.99 x 2
    Ragu Sauce $0.99 x 3
    Total: $24.32

    #8 Sobeys:
    Broccoli and Cauliflower pre-chopped $2.37

    #9 Sobeys:
    Bread $3.69

    #10 Costco:
    Yogurt Bars $9.99
    Portobello caps $3.99
    Veggie Straws $4.89
    Bananas $1.69
    Deli Meat $9.49
    Fresh Mozza $9.49
    Strawberries $1.99
    Total: $43.46

    #11 Superstore
    Quaker Oatmeal $3.00 x 2
    Pancake Mix $3.00
    Honey Nut Cheerios $2.99 x 2 – 0.75 -0.75 coupons
    Cheerios $2.99 – 0.75 coupon
    Waffles $1.99
    Trop50 Orange juice 4.79 + 0.10 -$4.79 (FPC)
    Egg Noodles $2.79 – 0.50 coupon
    Soda Crackers $1.89
    Old cheddar $4.77
    Mozz $4.77
    Marble $4.77
    Mushrooms $5.49
    Green onions $1.29
    Lemon $0.90
    Total: $43.98

    #12 No Frills:
    Mozz $3.88 x 3
    Cauliflower $1.97 x 2
    Caesar salad dressing $2.57
    Bananas $1.24
    Total: $19.59

    #13 No Frills:
    Baby carrots $0.50 x 2
    Havarti cheese $1.97
    Dips $2.97 x 3
    Cream Cheese $2.97
    Febreze car clips $1.25 x 2 -1.00 -1.00 coupons
    Aluminum Foil $0.98 x 2
    Cling Wrap $0.98 x 2
    Total: $20.10

    1. Hi Christine,
      Clearly you can see that you have spent more than your $300-$400 budget. Is there a reason you have the range in your budget or do you not have an exact figure of what you want to spend each month? You are at $463.94 right now and there are still a couple of weeks left to go for shopping. How do you plan to stop spending any more money this month? Will you make up for your overage in June? I like to hear goals and plans because that’s the way I’m going to get to know you and figure out the best way to motivate you to make the change necessary to stick to the budget. If it helps, I’m not a pro at it either but the fans help me out the same way as they tend to know my weaknesses. You get ballot 8! Cheers! Mr.CBB

  4. Hey mr CBB here is my shop this week!

    1 baguette $1.52
    1.5L lemonade $0.77

    total $2.29

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $142.82 to spend in France in May, $35.7 pw.
    Total Coupons Used this Week : none
    Total Spent This Week:$ 2.29
    Total Spent So Far for (May): $56.06
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: $31.41 under
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of (May): $15.34 under
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $86.76
    Total Spent To Date This Year: $514.35 for two + $56.06 for me in May

    weekly overview: yes I am an entitled daughter and staying at my mum’s I don’t shop for food, although the content of her fridge is pretty unhealthy and depressing (nothing she buys would take more than 3 minutes to assemble into a meal, like ready cooked chicken, ready made tabbouleh, cherry tomatoes, mini sausages… no real fruits or veggies, all high sugar and fat) so it is out of pure laziness that I haven’t shopped and made something. I feel like sushi and will go get staples today.

    1. Sounds like your mom could use some cooking lessons from you since you are amazing in the kitchen and like to learn new recipes. I love sushi! especially the pickled Ginger. Well it looks like you are doing well with spending on food during your holidays. What do you like to put on your baguette?

      1. I put anything on a baguette! Eat something with sauce and just eat it with sauce, my grandma’s marmalade, some cheese, eat a piece with nothing… I rarely do sandwich as I try to eat at home, but if I had to it would be a baguette sandwich.
        My mum doesn’t like to cook, you can’t change a 60 yo who has had the same habits for 40 years. We were raised on microwaved frozen burgers (yes, that is as disgusting as it sounds, but not as disgusting as microwaved fish in sauce, I can’t even stand to see that in her freezer those days). She would cook one or two signature dishes when guests were coming over, other than this the best meal we had was a real piece of meat with canned vegetables. Probably why I learned to cook. And convenience food is freaking expensive! Her grocery shopping is over $100 per week and she comes back from the shop with a couple of bags.
        Anyway, her kitchen is not cooking friendly, there are pictures, plants, candles, old souvenirs… no space (or decent kitchenware) to chop, prepare, and a she eats food for fuel so won’t really appreciate if I cook something for us. I am making sushi today, it counts as convenience so she’ll gladly have it.

        1. Wow, I can see what motivated you to be the passionate foodie that you are. You are right you can’t change anyone, they have to change themselves. It goes with anything in life. Let me know how the sushi goes. One of my fans made sushi and i posted a picture of it in one of my blog posts. It turned out great…. I love it!!! What will you use to put inside your sushi?

  5. Hey Mr. CBB!

    I’m thinking I might have to start increasing my grocery budget a bit in hopes of decreasing the eating out one. 🙂 It doesn’t help us if we’re doing well on groceries but compensating by eating out as well!

    Here’s my week’s shop:

    Mom 10

    Onions (3lb) 1.97
    Parsley 0.77
    Broccoli (x2) 1.92
    Spinach 1.28
    Dark chocolate 2.39
    Downy Fabric Softener 7.28
    Lobster Tails (x4) 27.92

    Total Coupons 1
    Total Out of Pocket 42.53

    Chips 2.10
    Hamburger buns 2.67

    Total Coupons
    Total Out of Pocket 4.77

    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $200
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $1
    Total Checkout 51 rebates this week: $1
    Total Checkout 51 rebates this month: $1
    Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0
    Total Spent This Week: $57.30
    Total Spent So Far for May: $57.30
    Total Over/Under spend this shop: $7.30 over
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of May: $7.30 over
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $142.70
    Total Coupons Used This Month: $1
    Total to Carry Over Next Month: n/a
    Total Spent to Date This Year: $722.23
    Weekly Overview: I was hoping to use the lobster tails for a mother’s day dinner, but my mom didn’t go for it, so we ended up going out for our annual dinner at her favourite restaurant instead. Maybe she’s trying to say something about my cooking abilities… 🙂 The boy picked up some fabric softener as he insists it is necessary for his clothes, but fortunately my aunt had a coupon in her purse handy for it as I sure didn’t. I will have to keep an eye out for all the other stuff the boy uses so I can start stockpiling coupons for them. 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Hi Vicky,
      With such a small budget and the eating out budget I’d say you are making a wise decision. If you really want to cut back and save more money in the pot for whatever your goals are now is the time to do it. Eating out is ok once in a while but you can buy so many groceries for the price you pay to eat out and it doesn’t take that long to make just as good food at home. We have balanced our budget over and over again so don’t be afraid to jump in and move numbers around. You might even breathe a sigh of relief once you do it. I’m happy to see you on Checkout51~! I’m with the boy I have a problem with fabric softener… I need it. I love the smell… Why don’t you make a list together of all the things you both use. I’m sure you can print one of my free downloads to do that and price the items while you shop so you have ball park figure of what they cost and what a good sale price would be. That will help you to know when to stock up and when to wait. Keep at it, I”m hearing positive thoughts and potential changes coming from the both of you. It’s best to do it now before you walk down the aisle. Cheers You get ballot 7

  6. OK… I didn’t make it this week but I’m still trying. There was a small screw up in the coupons in my first shop but it works out to my benefit in the end….both shops were at Foodland this week.

    May 3
    2 chicken soup@ .88- 1.76
    4 tomaot soup @ .88- 3.52
    1 can tomatoes- .99
    1 garlic bread- 1.79, 50% sticker missed
    1 spaghetti sauce- 1.79
    1 unsweetened apple sauce- 1.99
    1 bag cole slaw- 1.99
    1 jar relish- 1.99
    1 pkg raisins- 2.29
    1 doz w/w dinner rolls- 2.79, 50% sticker- 1.40
    1 bagels- 2.79
    1 plum sauce- 2.98
    2 raisin bread@ 2.99- 5.98
    1 hot sauce- 2.99
    2 tomatoes- 1.94
    1 jug water- 3.45
    1 bread- 3.49
    1 soya sauce- 3.49
    1 cereal- 3.97
    x-lean ground beef- 4.31+4.31+4.42
    1TP- 4.44, 1.00 coupon
    2 4l milk@ 4.79- 9.58
    1 honey- 4.99
    1 case ginger ale- 5.78, 5.00 coupon… should have been 2.00
    1 pack smokes- 9.69
    tax- 2.59
    Total $98.65, 7.40 in coupons

    May 8
    6 gatorade@ 1.50- 9.00
    1 jar pickles- 1.79
    1 unsweetened apple sauce- 1.98
    2 w/w wonder bread@ 2.27- 4.54, 1.00 WUB2 coupon
    1 bagels – 2.79
    1 jar salad dressing- 2.98
    1 bag salad- 1.50
    1 cereal- 3.97
    1 yogurt- 3.97
    x-lean ground beef- 4.17+4.28+4.29
    2 4l milk@ 4.79- 9.58
    1 jug water- 5.49
    1 case ginger ale- 5.78, 2.00 coupon
    1 4l cider vinegar- 7.49
    1 pack smokes -9.69
    tax- 3.18
    Total- 86.46, 3.00 coupons

    Total budget for the month- $600.00
    Total coupons for week- 10.40
    Total spent for week- $185.11, over- $35.11
    Total for Month- $185.11
    Total over/under for week- $35.11
    Total over/under for the month- N/A
    Left for the month-$414.89
    Total coupons for the month- $10.40
    Total carry over to month- $254.22
    Total YTD- J$818.08+F$598.07+M$770.12+A$938.07+M$185.11= $4127.53

    So I went over yet again but I am working on it… that ground beef was a good deal and the freezer was getting low. Most of the packs were split up to smaller packs for more meals. With the warmer weather occasionally the older boy is drinking gatorade again as he does in the warm weather so I’ll be on a lookout for deals there. Kelly made a couple of mistakes in the first bill. She hit a 5 instead of a 2 for the one coupon and forgot to take the discount off my garlic bread. She also charged the wrong price on the water to my benefit.
    I stopped in at the No Frills in Stratford on Friday as I had to drop off some paperwork, grabbed a flyer and had a talk with the owner about the fact we don’t get the flyers here in town.He was very nice and is trying to get them for us. Head Office says we don’t get it because we have the Independent store here…. i told him flat out that I don’t like to shop there as the prices are too high for my liking…. He was understanding there. He said to give him a couple of weeks to work on HO to get us the flyers. I was polite, cracked a joke about doing my drowned rat impersonations(it was pouring when I got there so I got soaked running from the truck) and he was very friendly… Heres to hoping. I do like the looks of the prices I’m seeing in the flyer!!! I just might shop there if I can…… if I take the back road i go right past on the way into town… looks like it might be worth the gas to go…… I’ll have to run a list of prices there and compare to here.

    1. Hi Christine,
      It wasn’t that bad and you still have plenty of room to make up for it the rest of the month. I know you are working on it and considering where you started from you are well ahead of your game. I’m sure you would like to get the flyers so you also could go to No Frills and maybe the town people need to speak up like you did. If they see that they may lose customers they may reconsider. IF you think it’s worth it than go Christine, only you know the worth to your grocery budget, just have faith. Keep up the good work. You get ballot #6

  7. my husband and i are both on the thin side, so we are definitely not big eaters. However, we have no plan to change our diet at all. i think we eat OK. husband is a meat & potato kind of guy, and i am a veggy monster. well i am also a dessert monster, i need to have something sweet everyday. it could be a real dessert, a cookie or a reese peanut butter cup. we do buy pre-made sauces all the time, like campbells cooking soup or knorr onion soup mix or classico spaghetti sauce. I cook our meat with them. last week, i made some chicken thighs in white wine and tomato, it was delicious! i served with rotani, super yum!
    to me, a balanced diet is very important, every meal i have meat, veg and some kind of starch, either rice, pasta/noodles or potato. like that kind of nutrition picture you see all the time, our meal is usually an upside down triangle, vegetable is the biggest part, then starch, then meat. the meat i have at dinner time is about 2/3 of my palm’s size, which gives me enough protein. Because of that, my husband and i usually share a piece of meat when it comes to pork chop or steak.

    This week, i did well at shopping, still within budget, so all is good lol.

    Budget for 2 people + 3 pets: $250
    May’s spending: 51.58+42.77=94.35
    May’s budget left: 250-51.58-42.77=155.65
    May’s coupon used: 62.42+19.61=82.03

    This week’s shops:
    Spent: 31.82+5.60+5.35=42.77
    coupons used: 19.61

    box tissue 3.99
    Soya sauce 1.59
    betty crocker brownie mix 2×2.00=4.00
    betty crocker oatmeal cookie mix 2.00
    Delissio frozen pizza PM 2×3.98=7.94
    carrots 1.77
    lettuce 1.00
    garlic 0.97
    banana 0.63
    catelli lasagna 2.99-FPC = FREE
    sweet potato 1.04
    onions 1.77
    chapmansice-cream bars 8-pack 3.99 – 5.00=+1.01 overage
    friskies cat treats 1.00×8-4×1.00=4.00 (=0.50ea)
    meow mix cat wet food 0.73×6-FPCx6=FREE
    Taxed total: 31.82

    Value village
    salt & pepper shaker 1.99
    gravy baot 2.99
    Taxed total: 5.60

    Dollar Tree
    cards 1.00+1.25=2.25
    dish sponge 1.25
    little basket 1.25
    Taxed total: 5.36

    1. Hi Wing!
      I always enjoy reading your shops especially to see all the coupons you use. You did very well this week and I notice you like your sweets but you also enjoy cooking meals at home all the time. I see you picked up some items at Value Village as well. It’s a great shop to find great deals. It also sounds like you portion control your meals. I often say that portions can significantly impact a grocery budget. Most times we all eat more than we should for our bodies and spend more money doing so. You still have lots to spend until the end of the month. I look forward to reading how you spend it. You get ballot 5!

      1. thank you mr CBB!! go mr CBB go!! 😀
        yes i cook 5 to 6 times a week for my husband and i. we eat OK.

  8. Total Human Grocery Budget for the Month: $75.00 – 2 Adults
    Total Pet Grocery Budget for the Month: $40.00 – 3 cats
    Total Coupons Used this Week : $4.00
    Total Discounts this Week: $0
    Total Checkout 51 rebates this Week: N/A
    Total Checkout 51 rebates this Month: N/A
    Total Colleague Discounts (CD) this Week: N/A
    Total Colleague Discounts (CD) this Month: N/A
    Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: N/A
    Total Rewards Points Used: N/A
    Stockpile Budget: N/A
    Total Human Over/Under spend this shop: $92.75 Over
    Total Pet Over/Under spend this shop: $10.97 under
    Total Spent This Week: $151.78
    Total Spent So Far for May: $
    Total Over/Under spend for the month of  May: Will probably always be over…..
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $0
    Total Coupons Used This Month : $4
    Total to Carry Over Next Month : $0
    Total Spent To Date This Year: $1431.07
    Weekly Overview:

    St. Jacobs Market
    Broccoli – $2.00
    Cauliflower – $3.00
    Celery – $2.00
    Bananas – $1.25
    Rubarb – $3.75

    OOP – 12.00

    Whole Wheat Pasta – $0.99 X 2 = $1.98
    Bouillon Beef Cube – $2.99
    Vegetable Thins – $2.50
    Trisuits – $2.50
    Tuna – 4/$5.00
    Friskies (6 pack) – $7.99
    Sour Cream – $1.99
    Lemon Juice – $2.29
    Instant Oatmeal – $1.99
    Lasagna – $6.99
    Pork Roast – $11.46
    Ham – $6.38
    3 lbs Carrots – $2.29
    10 lbs Potatoes – $3.99
    Spaghetti Squash – $4.10
    Acorn Squash – $3.89
    Sweet Potatoes – $4.13
    Cough Syrup – 11.99

    Tax – $2.60
    OOP – $87.05

    Bathroom Tissue – $9.88
    Whole Wheat Rice – $4.17
    Low Sodium Ketchup – $3.97
    Whole Wheat Flour – $3.92
    Yogurt – $6.47
    Mayo – $2.97
    Yeast packets – $1.68
    Shredded Cheese – $5.84
    Bacon – $2.97
    Dempster Bagel – $3.37
    Dempster Bread – $2.27
    4L Skim Milk – $3.97 X 2 = $7.94

    Coupons – $4.00
    Tax – $1.28
    OOP – $52.73

    1. I forgot to include my weekly overview earlier….

      Weekly Overview: I know that I’m over again but I’ve tried to actually get ingredients that will actually make dishes that will be for a couple of meals. I’m a work in progress and hopefully as time goes on, things will get better and either the budget can be increased or amount of extra ingredients needed can be decreased.

    2. Hi Dee!!
      How much Rhubarb did that buy you and what do you use it for? I have tonnes here that I need to use up. I’ve got a few recipes in mind now. One fan eats it raw after peeling it. The bouillon cubes seem pricey… are they knorr packets? I saw the 8 pk at Metro today for $0.79 a pack and normally at Food Basics in the World Shopping Section it’s much cheaper. I can tell a big difference in this shop from other shops. It seems you are buying lots of fruits and veg and items to plan for meals. I hope that is the plan because you will save so much money and once you build your pantry you will see your budget slide back to normal. Keep up the great work. I can already see the difference, all we have to do is work on sticking to the budget now! Well done Dee!! You get ballot #4

      1. Hi Mr. CBB

        There wasn’t enough rhubarb but it’s a start. When I used to get rhubarb from my mom, I would cut it up (about 1″ length) and freeze it for recipes such as rhubarb crisp. My dad used to cook rhubarb and strawberry together for a sauce to put over ice cream or use as a jam on bread. Rhubarb can be made in so many different things. When I was young, I used to eat it with by dipping in sugar.

        It’s been a long time since I have bought bouillon cubes but I figure it might last a while. I do have made a meal plan prepared, so now it’s just the plan on sticking to it….I have even have a cream of broccoli soup which should be interesting, since I have never made a cream soup.

        I’m hoping that I can either get the grocery items to fit into the amount of money I have 🙂

        1. Dee!
          Cream soups, any soups are dead easy to make and why we never buy them in the can or packet and make them homemade. Once you learn a few soups you will ask yourself why you bought them in the can. For most it’s convenience for those lazy nights and others because they don’t know how to make a simple pot of soup. Let me know how it goes. You will see the cost savings when you make your own. Chicken cubes is a staple in our pantry for soups, sauces, stir frys but check Food Basics International aisle for cheaper cubes as I’ ve seen them for $0.79 a pack for aurora brand and knorr. Yes I do the same with my Rhubarb and now I’m going to try peeling it and dipping it in sugar as i’ve heard others do that.

  9. Total Grocery Amount Budgeted For the Year: $4200
    •Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $350+23.44 from April
    •Total Coupons Used this Week : $15
    Total Value Card Savings this Week: $69.32

    •Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: 0
    •Total Spent This Week:$159.06
    •Total Spent So Far for (May): $159.06
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop: $
    •Total Over/Under spend for the month of (May): $
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $214.38
    •Total Coupons Used This Month : $15
    •Total to Carry Over Next Month : $ +/-
    •Total Spent To Date This Year: $1486.50
    •Weekly Overview:I totally slacked off in posting for April but managed to come in at 23.44 under budget. I’ll try to be more consistent this month. I’m not sure we could manage the paleo diet unless we cooked something totally different for our daughter who loves pasta and mac and cheese!

    Garnier Fructis Shampoo 2x 3.14-.14-1.50 coupon
    Spagetti O’s 2x 1.00
    V 8 splash 2.08
    Tropicana Orange Juice 3.69-.70
    Refried Beans 2x 1.08-1.00
    Parmesan cheese 4.59-.30
    Kraft Italian Dressing 2.99-.20
    Dreamfields Pasta2x 2.49-.20
    Ortega taco shells 2×1.67-.33-1.00 coupon
    Triscuits 2x 2.77-.27-1.00 coupon
    Blue Diamond Almond Milk 2.99
    Quaker Granola Bars 2x 2.39-.39-1.00 coupon
    Kroger Taco Sauce 1.59
    Ragu Pasta Sauce 4.79-.60
    Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 2x 1.39-.39
    Wheat Thins 2 x 2.77-.25
    Kroger Pizza Crust Mix .99
    Chips Ahoy 2 x 2.77-.27-1.00 coupon
    Barilla Lasagna No Boil 2.39-.10
    Kashi Cereal 3.49-.50
    Oscar Meyer Turkey 1.67
    String Cheese 8x.25
    1lb blocks Cojack and Mozzarella cheese 3 x 5.99-2.65-.70 coupon
    Diet Pepsi 20 pk 2 x 6.99-50
    Dannon Yogurt drinks 3.09-1.09
    Charmin Basic 2 x 8.99-3.00
    Roma Tomatoes .44
    Ricotta Cheese 3.79-.20
    Raspberries 4.99-2.99
    Lean Pockets 2 x2.34-.34-1.00 coupon
    Kroger frozen cherries 4.49-4.49 coupon (free!)
    Strawberries 2.29
    Honeydew 2.44
    Artichokes 5.98-2.98
    Bananas .99
    Boulder Chips 2.79-.79-1.00 coupon
    Tide 2×7.99-3.00
    There were some other coupons used, but I don’t remember what for!
    Total Coupons 12.00
    Total Value Card savings 54.37
    Total spent 128.78

    Pepperage Farms Cookies 3.99-1.49-.51
    Safeway ketchup 2.69-1.00
    Nature Valley Granola Bars 4 x 9.16-1.16-1.56
    2 cans Large Black Olives 3.98-2.82
    Sunchips 3.99-1.30
    A-1 sauce 3.99-.55
    Pasta 2.69-.69
    Silk Soymilk 2 x 2.98-.48
    Jello 3.00-1.11
    Kellogs Special K Bars 7.59-1.60-3.00 coupon
    Coupons 3.00
    Card Savings 14.95
    Total 30.28

    1. Hi Kim!
      Glad to have you back in the action. What do you use your ricotta for? I’m happy to see all the coupons you used this week. Are you using more coupons now or does it depends on what you find? How did you score Free cherries.. jealous!! You still have over $200 left for the month so if you are very careful the next couple of shops you might be able to pull off your grocery budget for the month. Do you find you are too busy to plan your shops or do you plan them every week?

  10. I wanted to say that Superstore has coupons for a dollar off L’Oreal shampoo good until the end of May. Also at their customer service desk were booklets of Kraft coupons, a be all for new products. Check the Royal Tissue box sales as inside the six pack of their winter stock ( winter print tissues) are coupons for $1. off tissues and cashmere Tp which is on sale at Foodland and Independent this week.

  11. Grocery Challenge May1-5/13
    Total Grocery Budget for the Year: $ 4080.00
    For seven people, two dogs and two cats.
    Total Grocery Budget for the Month: $340.00 or $85.00 week
    I have $333.91 ($340.00-$6.09 overage from April) to spend in May.

    •Total Coupons Used this Week :$3.00
    •Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $- 0
    •Total Spent This Week:$67.06
    •Total Spent So Far for (May): $67.06
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop:$16.41 under
    •Total Over/Under spend for the month of (May): $16.41 under
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $266.85
    Total Coupons Used This Month : $3.00
    •Total to Carry Over Next Month : 0
    •Total Spent To Date This Year: $1469.83
    Weekly Overview: Great deals on meat at Superstore. I was in there with mom while she shopped and they had just cleaned out the meat cooler and marked items down. However I didn’t plan on spending this money!

    No Frills
    Chocolate chips 2.79
    Salad dressing 2.29
    Romaine hearts 1.00

    Chicken broth 2/4.00 sale 4.00
    eggs 2@2.00 sale 4.00

    Bulk Barn
    Pumpkin seeds 3.99
    Chocolate chips 7.28
    almonds 5.10( dearest camping trip)
    quinoa 1.54
    Sunflower seeds .50
    Hot chocolate 1.56( dearest camping trip)
    coupon -3.00

    Superstore #1
    milk PM 3.97
    cheese PM 2@4.44 8.88
    Stuffed chicken 30% off ( 7 pieces) 5.78

    Superstore #2
    Stew beef 30% off ( 2 pks) 8.42
    Lean ground beef 30% off 5.19
    Pork schnitzel 30% off 2.00

    Total 67.06

    Since my groceries has to be priced according to the month I cannot overlap A half week. So this is my half week, the first week of May.

    Second week in May:
    •Total Coupons Used this Week :$5.25
    •Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $- 0
    •Total Spent This Week:$61.36
    •Total Spent So Far for (May): $128.42
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop:$22.12 under
    •Total Over/Under spend for the month of (May): $38.53 under
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month: $205.49
    Total Coupons Used This Month : $8.25
    •Total to Carry Over Next Month : 0
    •Total Spent To Date This Year: $1531.19
    Weekly Overview:I had an awful shopping experience this week at Superstore. Don’t mark me wrong but all the mistakes on my receipts comes from Superstore! I was purchasing two of the same items and price matching to Independent flyer and then had a coupon on top of this for $1.00 off each item. I was also purchasing a sale item from their store. My youngsters were chatting away and I was getting close to the time we had to hit the road for a dentist appointment. You know the rush thing and my PC debit card wouldn’t work. the third time it did and we don’t know why it didn’t the first two times. I just got two kids in car seats when mentally in my head, “It can’t be that much?” Went to the dentist and in the sitting room noted that i was charged the full price minus the coupons and full price on there sale price item. In total $16.48. yes I went back!


    Bananas 1.59
    Ice cream -1.00 coupon 1.99
    yogurt 3.97 sale- .50 coupon 3.47
    Frosted Flakes Family size- 1.00 coupon 2.97
    Mini Wheats Family size – 1.00 coupon 2.97
    Dog food 15.29 + !.99 tax 17.28

    No Frills

    Honey bunch oats 2x 1.97 sale 3.94
    Ww penne Sale – -75 coupon .72
    Cumin spice 2.49
    Shreddies – 1.00 coupon .97
    celery sale .97
    cucumber sale .50
    Green onion .57
    Sweet onion 1.02
    Fresh basil 1.97
    Green pepper sale.88
    Red pepper 1.62
    tomato sale .60

    milk PM 3.97
    penne sale .98
    Kool-aid .52
    Ground turkey 6.39
    Romaine heart 2.98

    Total 61.36

    My Pantry shop:
    •Total Pantry Budget for the Month: $70.00

    •Total Coupons Used this Week :$0
    •Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $- 0
    •Total Spent This Week:$8.00
    •Total Spent So Far for (May):$8.00
    •Total Over/Under spend this shop:$62.00 under
    •Total Over/Under spend for the month of (May):$62.00 under
    •Total Left to Spend for the Month:$62.00
    •Total Coupons Used This Month :$0
    •Total to Carry Over Next Month : $98.51
    •Total Spent To Date This Year:$251.59
    •Weekly Overview:


    I can’t Believe Marg 4x 1.00 PM 4.00

    No Frills

    I can’t Believe Marg 4X 1.00 4.00

    Total 8.00

    1. Hi Farmgirl!!
      Your shops don’t have to work with my weeks. Just track them as you want. If my 5 weeks are in April and yours in May just post that way. It’s ok you will still get your ballots. It’s all about you tracking your weeks according to your shops. I’m glad to hear you went back BUT imagine the people who don’t or don’t notice these errors. That money can easily add up. Did you get scanning code of practice on the products that scanned incorrect? You should have as I believe they have that at Superstore. Considering you bought dog food as well I’d say you did pretty amazing these shops. Do you grow your own herbs in the summer? You get ballot #3! Mr.CBB

  12. holy cow $72!!! I could easily spend that in a week! But the grocery budget is something that still challenges me I’ll admit. Drinking a lot of water is another goal of mine to do more of. I’ve gotten better..and found that pouring myself a glass instead of drinking from a water bottle for some reason makes me drink more…but I still could always use more.

  13. I’m always amazed and impressed with your shopping list. Great work on installing the purification system too. Myself, I can’t tolerate a lot of flour and sugar, so we try and find a balance as Rick and the kids love their pasta and sugar. I try and do one or two meals a day without any white flour, and if we have a day with lots of it, I just eat something else. It works…..

  14. Week 18

    Coffee Creamer $3.50

    Total Out of Pocket $3.50

    Ackee $8.99
    Canned Corn $0.91
    Corned Beef $5.46

    Total Out of Pocket $15.39

    1 lb. Ground beef $4.58
    Shredded Lettuce $1.57
    Shredded Cheese $2.18
    Taco Kit $2.50
    Trash Bags $3.97
    2 Plum Totatoes $0.62
    Bleach Cleaner $3.97

    Total Out of Pocket $17.67

    Punn Dutch
    2 King Fish Steaks $8.03
    Cashews $1.99

    Total Out of Pocket $10.02

    3lb Rice $1.98
    Twizzlers $1.00
    Callaloo $2.68
    Baked Beans $1.98
    Mackerel $2.74
    2 x Sardines $2.24
    1 lb Ground Beef $4.98
    Skd Turkey Saus $2.38
    Taco Kit $2.50
    Ketchup $1.49
    Coffee $4.98
    Kid Deodorant $2.67

    Total Out of Pocket $31.84

    Broward Meat
    6 Snapper Steaks $15.02
    2x Festival $3.98
    1 Red Onion $1.27

    Total Out of Pocket $20.27

    10 lb Ice $2.01

    Total Out of Pocket $2.01

    4 x Pringles $5.50
    10pk Kool Aid $1.88
    Bounty Paper Towel $0.97
    Party Cups $1.38
    6 pk Corona Beer $7.97
    Water $1.88

    Total Out of Pocket $19.58

    Gain $5.97
    Bread $2.78
    Gallon of Milk $3.77
    Toilet Tissue $5.97

    Total Out of Pocket $19.21

    Ground Beef $4.76
    Green Onions $0.60
    2 x Hamburger Helper $3.78

    Total Out of Pocket $9.14

    Total Grocery Amount Budgeted For the Year: $4000
    Total Grocery Budget for May: $299.60
    Total Coupons Used this Week:  $0.00
    Total Gift Cards Given Used this Week: $0.00
    Total Spent This Week: $128.36
    Total Spent for May: $128.36
    Total Underspend this shop: -$53.46
    Total Overspend for the month of May: $0.00
    Total Left to Spend for the Month: $171.24
    Total Coupons Used This Month: $0.00
    Total to Carry Over Next Month: $171.24
    Total Spent To Date This Year: $ $1,581.66

    Weekly Overview: I went over this week, and I was pretty mindful of what I bought. I watched my prices and shopped at the store that had items at the loewest prices, for the most part. I didn’t even eat out this week! The issue is planning my meals ahead. I planned my meals, but it was either the day or two before. I also bought some junk food on Saturday. I will be more mindful for the rest of the month. My goal is to incorporate a no shop week, also.

    1. Hi Dr. Sheba,
      Well you did go over but you did pick up more food than you normally get which is a good sign at least from my perspective. Yes, being mindful is the name of the game and planning your meals at least a week in advance will help you not buy more than you will use in a given week unless it’s a bulk buy. Let this be the month that you rock your grocery budget… you CAN do this.. it’s the best feeling once you knock it on the head once and for all! Good Luck!

  15. So far so good there….. It’s hard to say if I’ll come in under budget for the week, Foodland has extra lean ground beef on sale for 2.97 so I might stock up a little on that one. The farmer’s market should be opening for the season shortly and the younger boy won himself a $20.00 gift card last year to use this year….we’ve been thinking of what I can make with some rhubarb he can get us. I’ll have to have a good look over the plowing match cook book he got me there last year….lol…memory serves me there are a good number of recipes using rhubarb in there we were drooling over last year!!! If I want a really good clean out I’ll get a recipe from my daughter that she makes, I forget what all she puts in there but it cooks up green and she calls it her ‘poop soup’ ……for a reason….
    With the warm weather we will all be eating more fresh fruits and veggies so the market will be good to check out for us…. strawberry season will be soon and then the boys and I will go picking and I will make strawberry jam to keep us going through the winter, hopefully.
    I drink water fairly often, hubby and the boys not so much. I have water bottles in the fridge that I haul around and upstairs at night and they get refilled daily. The older boy rotates between gatorade, coffee, ginger ale and, in the winter, cider.He spent 8 years in the military and was told all the time that if you are not peeing you are not drinking enough!! They pound that one into one and all!!! Both boys will have the odd beer. The younger boy buys his own and sometimes his brother’s. He’ll have one per day and he’s happy with that. I don’t drink coffee and never have but I drink tea all day….

    1. You should see our Rhubarb, it’s going nuts! I can’t believe how pricey it is and we just stare at it wondering what to do with it. Knock Knock lol… That is a good way to think about it. If you are not peeing than you probably aren’t drinking enough water.

      1. I’m jealous of that rhubarb!!!!! I’ll pull out the book and send a few recipes your way…

    2. I would love the “poop soup” recipe Christine if you are willing to share it! 🙂 I have my one cup of tea in the morning and unless I get very, very cold…it’s water for the rest of the day.

  16. Wow, $72 for groceries? That’s honestly hard for me to fathom. We’ve actually been trying to eat a little healthier recently but nothing substantial. My big health focus right now is on getting back into the habit of exercising. I went way too long without any substantial regular physical activity of any kind. It feels good getting back into it, but I’m definitely taking it slow.

    1. Hi Matt, It’s only for this month that our budget is low because we managed to overspend in April. We have so much food in this house we could open a small kitchen and serve lunch for a couple of days with it all. I think many people once they realize that they can cook at home, they don’t have to eat more portions than needed when they load up their plates they will see the grocery budget stretch better. Many of us eat too much and until we get that under control then we can get he budget under control as well.

  17. MAY – Week of May 6 to May 12, 2013


    •Total Grocery Budgeted For Year: $142.50 x 12 = $1,710.00 for 2 adults
    •Total Stockpile Budgeted For Year: $47.50 x 12 = $570.00 for 2 adults

    •Total CANADIAN Grocery Budget for the Month of April: $ 142.50
    •Total CANADIAN Stockpile Budget for the Month of April: $ 47.50

    •Total Grocery Budget for the Week:
    $ 142.50/4 = $35.62 with FOUR “No Shop” Weeks Per Year
    •Total Stockpile Budget for the Week:
    $ 47.50/4 = $11.87 with FOUR “No Shop” Weeks Per Year
    SAFEWAY – Maple Ridge

    1 4L Skim Milk ($4.59- $1.50 Coupon) = $3.09
    5 Old Dutch Lightly Salted ($14.00- $3.00 Price Reduction) = $11.00
    GST $0.55

    •Total Loyalty Card Price Reductions: $3.00
    •Total Coupons Used: $1.50
    •Total OOP: $14.64

    • Grocery Budget OOP: $14.64
    • Stockpile Budget OOP: $0.00

    EXTRA FOODS – Maple Ridge

    1 No Name Kitchen Garbage Bags $4.98
    1 No Name WW English Muffin 6 pack $1.00 (sale price limit 4)
    3 No Name Raisin English Muffin 6 packs $1.00 ea = $3.00
    GST $0.25
    PST $0.35

    •Total OOP: $9.58

    • Grocery Budget OOP: $9.58
    • Stockpile Budget OOP: $0.00

    •Total Loyalty Card Price Reductions This Year:
    (Jan $40.04) + (Feb $44.48) + (March $98.35) +
    (April $50.00)+ (May $3.00)= $235.87

    •Total Coupons Used This Year:
    (Jan – $60.46) + (Feb – $0.00)+ (March $11.79) +
    (April $12.48)+(May $1.50)= $86.23

    •Total More Points Earned This Year:
    (Jan 265) + (Feb 248)+(March 151) +
    (April 26)+(May 0 )= 690 Points

    •Total Air Miles Earned This Year:
    (Jan 57) + (Feb 10) + (March 30) +
    (April 83) + (May 0)= 180 Air Miles


    •Total Grocery OOP Spent So Far This Year:
    (Jan $217.50) + (Feb $198.39)+ (March $72.90) +
    (April $215.04)+ (May $30 to US +$14.64+ $9.58=$54.22)= $758.05

    •Total YTD Grocery Budget So Far:
    (Jan $190.00)+(Feb$190.00)+ (March $108.79) +
    (April $142.50)+(May $142.50)= $773.79

    •Total Over/Under on the YTD Grocery Budget: $15.74 UNDER

    •Total Stockpile OOP Spent So Far This Year:
    (March $81.21) + (April $77.55) + (May $17.45 to US) = $176.21

    •Total YTD Stockpile Budget:
    (March $81.21) + (April $47.50) + (May $17.45 to US)= $176.21

    •Total Over/Under on the YTD Stockpile Budget: $0.00 FLAT


    For the month of May, my first week of the month fairly minimal in terms of shopping. I am well stocked already!

    I am transferring one week’s equivalent of our shopping ($47.50) over to the US Reserve right away this month because we’ll be shopping in the US on May 26th.

    I cancelled my week of vacation in California and will fly to and from Palm Desert in December instead. I am a real Nervous Nelly in the car at the best of times, but hubby is looking forward to offloading me in Portland when we take our December vacation.

    He’ll have a far less stressful drive going thru the mountain passes with whatever weather he encounters without me fussing and fuming and he will certainly enjoy me not freaking out in the six lane LA traffic snarls! Best of all he can eat wherever he likes for 2 days each way without having to find Gluten Free selections for me.

    The hotel I will be staying at in Portland has a shuttle to the airport so I’ll stay there until the day he expects to be in Palm Springs and then just fly down to meet him. When he leaves Palm Desert, he’ll take me to the airport & I’ll wait in Portland until he arrives.

    We are going to have a weekend vacation in Bellevue at the end of this month… so we will still have a chance to shop in the US for some items we are either out of, or running low on.

    One good thing for our grocery budget is that we were out for lunch last weekend, using our entertainment budget, we put it on the AMEX to get our SPG points but were reimbursed by the MIL in cash for her meal and a couple other purchases so I am adding $25 to my Canadian Hiding Spot Cash.

    Basically we have access to $15.74 Grocery Budget, $20 Safeway Gift Cards and $30 Cash in the hiding spot = $65.74… if we need all that this month.

    MAY Grocery Budget (CDN):

    $142.50 Opening
    ($72.54) April overage
    ($24.22) groceries – week 1
    ($0.00) groceries – week 2 – NO SHOP WEEK PLANNED
    ($0.00) groceries – week 3
    ($30.00) To US Reserve – week 4 – NO SHOP WEEK PLANNED

    $15.74 AVAILABLE

    MAY Stockpile Budget (CDN):

    $47.50 Opening
    ($30.05) April overage
    ($0.00) May stockpile – week 1 – NO SHOP WEEK PLANNED
    ($0.00) May stockpile – week 2 – NO SHOP WEEK PLANNED
    ($0.00) May stockpile – week 3 – NO SHOP WEEK PLANNED
    ($17.45) To US Reserve – week 4 – FOR MAY 26th SHOPPING

    $0.00 AVAILABLE

    MAY Safeway Gift card (CDN): $20.00 AVAILABLE

    MAY Cash Hiding Spot (CDN):

    $5.00 Opening
    $25.00 Cash Top Up re lunch with MIL

    $30.00 AVAILABLE

    MAY Re-Stocking Funds (CDN): $0.00

    MAY Grocery Reserve (US):

    $118.39 Opening
    + 30.00 Grocery Transfer re week 4
    + 17.45 Stockpile Transfer re week 4

    $165.89 US AVAILABLE

    MAY Cash Hiding Spot (US): $65.00 US AVAILABLE

    1. Hi Mary,
      Well I must say your year to date total is impressive. Many people would have had that spent in a month or 2 so considering we are in May, you’re doing alright. Smart move transferring the money to US right away before it gets spent. So you don’t like the car but you like the plane? Sounds like my wife and you in a car would be a disaster waiting to happen. Shuttles to the airport are great and takes a big worry off of people.
      Basically we have access to $15.74 Grocery Budget, $20 Safeway Gift Cards and $30 Cash in the hiding spot = $65.74… if we need all that this month. That’s more than enough plus what you already have in the budget. I just love all your trips and hope the Mrs and I can do the same as you and Larry one day. I think just getting away and planning trips is a great way to get out and see the world. Looking forward to your no shop weeks… can she do it… just don’t follow me hahah.. I’m going to be good this month I promise! You get ballot #1 for May! Cheers Mary.

  18. I drink a lot of water and am trying to convince W that water isn’t all that bad. He won’t ever drink it unless it’s a last resort!

  19. Congratulations Jen!

    Mr CBB… lookin’ good! Next week if you don’t shop, then stick to fruit, veggies and whatnot in week 3 and have another no shop week for week 4… you be right back on track for June! You can do it my friend. Remember, I am playing follow the leader. You’ll see what I mean when I put up my GGC post in a few minutes. 😀

      1. Oh don’t panic Mr CBB… I told you, we are getting back on track this month, the same as you!

        We’ll have no problem accomplishing our goal. I am making some awesome meals this week with our current supplies. And, it’s not all seeds and twigs either. LOL

        Last night I switched our meal around because my mouth was tender after seeing the dentist. Here’s what’s in the works at our house using our existing stock on hand:

        Mon (6th):

        cold supper of potato salad, hard boiled eggs, pickled beats, leftover green bean salad & strawberries for dessert <<< those strawberries were such a nice treat!

        Tues (7th):

        Bolognese Sauce with sliced mushrooms added to it served over whole wheat buns for hubby & GF bread for me with a side dish of broccoslaw

        Wed (8th):

        Large Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad with store bought croutons for hubby only (I like mine without)

        Thurs (9th):

        Crockpot Orange Chicken with red peppers & sliced mushrooms served with steamed red potatoes, green cabbage, broccoli and red onion. I plan to use a little wheat free soy sauce on the vegetables.

        Fri (10th):

        Side of Green Salad with Egg Salad Wraps. Hubby has 100% Whole Wheat tortillas but I will use a rice tortilla.

        Sat (11th):

        Lunch: Hot Rice Macaroni Casserole with Celery, Carrot, Hot Italian Sausage, Canned Tomatoes, Grated Cheddar Cheese and a can of Lima Beans. This will make lots of leftovers!

        Dinner: M & M frozen cabbage rolls served with mashed potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables

        Sun (12th):

        Lunch: Homemade Peasant Cabbage & Tomato Soup with buttered rolls for hubby. We'll have 3 more meals from the one pot of soup!

        Dinner: Mother's Day celebration with family at ABC Country Restaurant using our gift cards! Yes, no cash outlay. 🙂

        Mon (13th):

        Either: Toasted bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches with Wild Berry yogurt


        Crustless Bacon & Cheese Quiche made with Cottage Cheese with a side of Brussels Sprouts for me and peas for hubby. I like this option because we have 2 more nights of leftovers from this dish. 🙂

        I can't decide which way to go but I have the ingredients to do either.

        1. Me, panic, nahhhhh. I really want the Mrs and I to hit our goals for this year. We have many renos we need to get done that will run us into the thousands…. so we need to stick to the budget. I hope your mouth is feeling better soon, anytime the Dentist is involved it can be rough going for a few days. I love your meal plan! We are working on getting it done for the entire week but since we don’t cook the same any more it’s more like 2 meal plans. The problem is we say we want to do this, but I”ll end up with a bowl of soup and a sandwich or a salad with ham or chicken… I like how you keep your meals simple though so that’s food for thought for me. I’ve never put cottage cheese in a quiche but I think I might try it. I love quiche!

  20. I especially like the tips on drinking water. Saves money and is about the healthiest thing you can do. Especially when you consider the many bad alternatives for beverages.

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