The Saturday Weekend Review #33: Friends And Family Buy Our Kids Too Much Stuff

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It Looked So Cute We Couldn’t Help Buying It

I openly admit that I talk too much sometimes, but these days I enjoy it even more because listening is how I am able to help others and learn from them. I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that my wife wanted to head out to garage sales this morning with her friend. I tagged along as the “hold this” guy not the driver this time so it was a fairly simple task for me.

I’ll openly admit the most intriguing item I saw was a book called “How to make love and cook at the same time”. I thought maybe I might give that a try some time lol. Bad visual I know, sorry but the book really was an excellent cook book packed with laughter and good eats. We need a bit of humour in our lives every single day.

Along the way I met a teacher who told me a story about a man who quit smoking and drinking heavily at age 40 and turned his life around and hiked across Canada. She wanted this man to speak to her students so he could motivate them to pursue their passions in life. Another woman told me that she was getting rid of stuff because her kids were now grown and left the home and she doesn’t need the items from when they were little kids any longer (no kidding).

How many of you parents out there still have items stored in your house and your kids no longer live with you. Come on, show of hands. Where are you? Then again many of you might still have your kids who never left or came back again for round 2 or maybe even 3 or 4. Failure to Launch………………or these days failure to be able to afford to live on one’s own due to increased expenses and osap loans after school.

Too much stuff

Too much stuff and not enough space. Does that sound like you? I stopped to talk to a couple who were selling mountains of boys and girls clothing for cheap and they were name brand as well. They also had many unopened kids items such as baby monitors, jumpy thingies, and lots of colourful balls (so many balls omg), bikes, sports equipment etc. The place was covered with kids stuff and I had to ask why they were selling items that still had tags on them. Why did you not use these items of clothing?

The father said that their friends and family buy them too much stuff and they can’t keep up with it. He says he has bins labelled with sex and age filled to the top of kids clothing that they need to sell. He wasn’t sure why people felt the need to always buy things for the kids but it seemed to be never-ending, and still is. He says the don’t expect people to bring toys or clothes for the kids when they visit but they do.

Their parents who are frugal minded and watch every penny they earn even went a bit bonkers when the kids were born. They thought nothing to drop $100 on a Christmas outfit their daughter might only wear once. Are the kids spoiled? Sure but when you tell people no, they don’t listen they keep buying. If I don’t accept the gifts then I feel like I am letting them down or insulting them so what are we supposed to do?

It’s true that some couples and I know you are out there reading this have a house that is jam-packed with stuff because of people buying too much. What does one do when you want people to slow down buying gifts for the kids from the aunts, uncles, grandparents, god parents etc etc.

It seems as if it may be a perk to get gifts all the time but when you don’t use the stuff then you have to spend time trying to get rid of it and the house is cluttered and potentially unorganized is there another way someone can give without buying “stuff”? All good intentions I’m sure but maybe they can put the money towards something else like an RESP or a savings account for the child if they don’t need any more.

If you have kids do you find people are always buying stuff for them that they don’t end up using and you still have tags on them or they are wrapped up?  Are you one of those people who tend to buy “too much” if so why do you do this?

Gardening and Landscaping

Well, the basil is dwindling down now that I’ve pulsed as much as I can into basil pesto but the chives and parsley are in full swing. Our mallow if finally blooming and this was one of those rescue plants at the end of the season which we bought years ago. We put it in a huge planter and bring it indoors in the winter and have never had a problem with it. I’ll grab a photo for you so I can share it next week but I’ve been swamped this week.

Blog update

I saw the new Canadian Budget Binder website staged and I love it.

We are working on some finishing touches and you can expect a new blog very shortly. I’m on the edge of my seat for this one. I hope you are too, I did it for you.

Other posts I wrote this week

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Garage sailing with Jen


Jen and her husband have made many improvements to their shopping habits and their budget. You can read all about it in her guest post, Budgeting With Mr. CBB Got Us Back On Track. Jen shares her weekly garage sale finds with us for the summer to show just how much she can save for her family.

  • Car seat (need a spare) expires Dec 2017 – $3 (they were asking $5)
  • 22 pairs of socks (various toddler sizes) and Men’s Nike workout shirt – $3 (she was asking $5 just for the shirt)
  • Felt pieces for the bottom of furniture – $.25
  • Small zip up pouch, four collared shirts for Adam and an Elle lunch bag for me – $3 (were asking $6.50)
  • BBQ grill basket – $2 (they were asking $5)
  • Kandoo container to hold toddler wipes – free
  • Two-step stool for Adam to use in the kitchen – $1 (they were asking $2)
  • Cash register/calculator toy – free
  • Stuffed frog – free
  • Die-cast cars – free
  • Lego bases – $1
  • Sidewalk chalk bucket – $1 (they were asking $2)
  • Jeep toy – $.25
  • Stripped GAP dress shirt for Adam – $.25 (they were asking $1.50)
Total $14.75
Lots of free items today as we took Adam with us and people tend to give cute kids free stuff 😉 lol

Making a difference

Each week I like to showcase a blog that I follow on a regular basis and today I give to you my good friends The PoPs from Planting our Pennies.

Planting our pennies

kitty pop

Hey there! We are Mr. and Mrs. PoP, and we blog at Planting Our Pennies. Our tagline for our blog is “Money, Happiness, and Kittens”, and that’s a pretty good explanation of what we’re all about. 

Like Mr. CBB, we watch our money pretty closely, tracking our net worth and watching our spending by preparing monthly income statements so we know exactly where our money is going. We hope sharing this information prompts our readers to start tracking their own books a bit more closely. But there’s more to life than money.

That’s why happiness is also one of the things we’re focusing on. We like to share the little things we do that help and challenge us to find greater happiness in our everyday experiences.

And really, our Kitty PoP is one of our greatest sources of happiness on a daily basis. He’s so goofy and fun that we can’t help but share his antics with our readers for a good belly laugh.

If we can help readers keep an eye on their money, find joy in the everyday, and maybe even convince a few to adopt a shelter kitten like Kitty PoP, we’ll consider all the time we spend blogging well worth it in the long run.

Google search terms

web search terms

What are Google keyword search terms?

Keywords for search engines help me to understand what people are looking for at Canadian Budget Binder. Although I get thousands of keyword searches from Google users that come in each week I pick out a few that catch my eye and make me smile.

Top pick- Lawsuit bad ladder out of dumpster- Oh please don’t tell me you took a ladder from a dumpster and you want to sue them now because they enticed you to take it out and you fell off and now you want compensation for it. 

  • Sleepy fun- No sleepy fun going on here…
  • Download Ugandan music- Another one just so out of place
  • Where do women love Canadian men- hmm, I’m keeping my mouth shut!
  • Glitz binders– I admit I get all sorts of binder hits.
  • Oprah recipe binders- Ya, like this one, see more binders…
  • Chef he has no job again- I have no idea why it is just so out-of-place 

That’s all I have for this weeks edition of The Saturday Weekend Review #33. Please, join me again next Saturday for more life updates and what’s been going on in my world. Have a great week.


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  1. Hello Mr. CBB! We don’t have any children, but we do find it very hard to get people to stop buying gifts for us. Gift-giving seems to be wired into our DNA, so this is a difficult subject to bring up with family. We live quite far from our families as we moved to Texas and most of them live in New York. This did lead to more gift cards which was really nice. I can’t pick out presents for my husband, and I know him very well, so thinking I can pick out gifts for adults or children who have very different interests, tastes, and desires is almost impossible. We usually give restaurant gift cards or gift cards to book stores if someone loves reading. Amazon is great and one of my family members even admitted to buying their deodorant with my gift card which I found delightful! I’m glad some people, like garage sale goers, get to benefit when others overspend or overgift!

  2. CBB! My Aunt Dot heaped gifts upon my sisters and I every chance she had. It drove my parents nuts and now I know why;) She was our fave relative though, I must admit! Have a breezy one, CBB!

  3. No problem man!
    It think it’s great that you explain what “carnvials” are for the avg reader.
    That’s why we call ours “Fearless Men’s Most Wanted”. We know that the vast majority of our readers aren’t bloggers so carnival won’t make sense!

  4. Our grandson gets a lot of things given to him from all his honorary Aunties for Easter, his birthday (next month!) and Christmas. As she works in a day care she tends to take things that he’s outgrown or doesn’t play with to work with her. Clothes he goes through pretty good, on that rare occasion he actually out grows something she takes it into work too for kids that are smaller than he is and that she knows can use the stuff. I usually ask ahead of time what he wants/needs as do some friends and get the current size needs while we are at it. Mind you last year he asked for a certain train from the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends lineup for his birthday and it took us until almost Christmas to find it!!! Finally found talking Emily at Walmart!!! Who know the darn train would be so hard to find!!! The look on his face when he unwrapped it was worth it!!! As for the balls, kids do play with them. The grandson had a number of them we would toss and he would crawl or run after them….he had so much fun!! A simple and cheap enough toy…..
    I’ll have to check out the PoP site….. Kitty PoP looks like a cutie!!!! Our Stuart was a shelter puss…. Search terms are the usual chuckle…. Have a good weekend…..

  5. I just wanted to say I love your blog. I just discovered it and you have so much great advice. My friends and family definitely buy my kids too much stuff and I hate stuff, I feel like it not only clutters your house, it clutters your life. But hen I think there bare way worse problems to have so…

    1. Thanks Shannon for your kind words. I want CBB FANS to know that there is no sugar coating here… it is what it is. We are all part of a family here that tells it like it is, motivates each other and strives to make this world a better place. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Mr.CBB

  6. Your search terms are only going to get weirder with the ‘Make Love and Cook’ book!
    Regarding too many gifts… one discussion we had to have with family is that we have a small home which is allowing us a lot of freedom to travel and have family fun, but if we have too much stuff, we might need to consider a bigger space. They understood that. I tell my mom you can buy my daughter anything you want if you keep it at your house!

  7. Your search terms are only going to get weirder with the ‘Make Love and Cook’ book!
    Regarding too many gifts… one discussion we had to have with family is that we have a small home which is allowing us a lot of freedom to travel and have family fun, but if we have too much stuff, we might need to consider a bigger space. They understood that. I tell my mom you can buy my daughter anything you want if you keep it at your house!

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