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PF Weekly grab a brew #40: Are we dependent on the internet?


Being Lazy Could Be The New Convenience 

I was reading Yahoo this morning about Amazon Fresh and how they could trickle into Canada with online grocery shopping and delivery like they do in the USA and that giant grocers should be worried because their fixed costs are high and any decrease in traffic could send some retailers out of business.

I can completely understand how that would happen because grocers rely on customers to get in their car, walk, take the bus, scooter, motorcycle or any other means of transportation to visit their store each week to check off the items on their grocery list and spend their hard-earned money in their stores.

It’s at that time when a customer walks through the door that the retailer has the power of marketing at their finger tips.

They hope to reel you in with low-priced specials and load you up with high-priced products that might not have been on your list but you easily were manipulated by sight or even smell to add that extra cost to your grocery budget for that shopping trip.

If such a service like Amazon Fresh delivery is brought in there will be the challenge to market these up-sells to the customer via internet in hopes of making the revenue above and beyond the loss leader sales that typically grace the covers of our weekly flyers and drag us into the grocery store.

If we were to buy our groceries online or hire a personal grocery shopping service which we talked about in a previous grocery game challenge post we know that there are pros and cons to this service.

Ordering groceries online is great for those people with disabilities, seniors who don’t drive or don’t want to, congested areas like Toronto or Vancouver where parking is at a premium and for people who are on the go 24/7 and can’t fit in personal grocery shopping into their daily or weekly routine.

Annie a CBB fan left this comment on Facebook

My grandma moved off the farm to a little house in a small town. Being as she had severe osteoporosis (she couldn’t stand up straight), she would phone the grocery store with her list and they would deliver it to her.

Whenever I visited, I would buy something she’d never had before so she could try it and add it to her list if she liked it. I did this with kiwi, golden kiwi, Santa Claus melon, “instant” eggnog (a dry product in a tin, mmmm).

When we don’t want to cook what do we do? We order pizza or Chinese take-out for delivery. Ordering convenience is going to get easier and easier for all of us.

Who likes to grocery shop in the winter? Not me but I do it anyways. There are going to be people who would rather stay home by the fireplace all warm and cozy rather than venture out into the cold so winter might be a prime time for this service.

My best friend hates grocery shopping with a passion and although I’m encouraging him to shop more and eat out less for some people who work odd hours like him and he is a single father the last thing he wants to do is grocery shop so this service might draw him in.

It’s true grocery service delivery has been available in the UK for a while now and my sister who hates to cook and grocery shop for that matter uses a delivery service for her groceries every week. She orders her groceries online and they get delivered to her doorstep and she doesn’t have to step foot into the grocery store.

Although they live in a small village in the UK they have a small convenience type store that sells a selection of convenience boxed type foods, milk, etc and that is where she would typically shop.

I know it’s rubbish but don’t ask me where my passion for cooking comes from and her lack of begins but she has recently made changes to her life and is working out and eating healthy.

Planning, cooking and eating heart healthy begins with you although buying the food is only part of the process.

Since she found out about this service in her eyes she is saving money because she no longer buys over-inflated prices for boxed items she can throw in the oven she can now order them online, but she has more variety lol. That and she can actually order fruits and vegetables.

The reality is she’s not leaving home, not even to go up to the local shop.

It’s not far to drive into the city, maybe 20 minutes or so but it does take time, gas and wear and tear on the car so she will opt for this service as will many other people.

Nicola a CBB fan who lives in Canada and is from the UK had this to say…

I like to see what I buy. We did however use the online shop in the UK for Tesco but it wasn’t the same as you would always get something missing or fruit wasn’t good. It cost you £10 for delivery which was good but I did it a couple of times then thought no waste of money and started back shopping myself! This was before we had the kids and two great paying jobs.

I asked Katrina (she writes for CBB) the other day how living in the country affects her life but she said she is not a far drive to the city so it doesn’t bother her so much.

Those who live far into the country may rely on local farmers for their fresh produce, dairy and meats and a small local shop to get what they need.

I guess life for many of us is different depending on where we reside and the dependency with certain things in life may be needed for one reason or another.

Back in the day my father-in-law told me that his parents had a huge farm and that his mom and dad would trade their fruits and vegetables for flour to make bread from neighbours.

Is my sister lazy?

Well I don’t live her life nor do I judge and can’t comment on what her day is like with the kids and her husband but we only have to answer to ourselves and no one else.

It’s your money, spend it as you see fit but if you are not budgeting in these costs or if you are paying for these costs because you simply don’t want to go well that is the price you pay for convenience.

Many people including myself enjoy going into the grocery store to pick out my own fruits and vegetables and to build relationships with the store staff and managers.

There is something about the personal touch of where we buy our food and knowing how its being handled with staff willing to help out when needed and for some of us get greeted by our first name and a smile which for some is worth it’s weight in in-store grocery shopping.

Using a grocery service, you get what you pay for, delivery.

I think the Amazon Fresh service would garner attention but it would cater to an elite crowd of people albeit I don’t suspect that it would take over the grocery market as such because there really are more people who do enjoy going to the grocery store. To be honest who has the money to pay for these services all the time? I don’t but for some it may be all they have.

If I plan my day and I have the time then my time is well spent when we go out  to do chores.

I read one comment on the Yahoo article where the reader said that he/she takes a taxi to get groceries every week and this type of service would be great and save money since taxi’s are not cheap.

From that perspective I would say sure they may get ahead BUT if they are the type who uses coupons or likes to shop for deals they may lose out from that side of the coin.

If a taxi costs you $20 each way to the grocery store the savings might be worth it to you.

There’s always going to be pros and cons but there will always be customers, how many though is what will make or break this service if it does in fact want to succeed in Canada.


Internet dependency


One reader believes that we are becoming a society that is dependent ont he internet in many ways and really it is true.

How many of you can actually say that you don’t rely on the internet for your daily dose of gossip, entertainment, banking, relationships, careers and so on?

The reality of the matter is that the internet is not going anywhere fast and yes many of us do rely on the internet to kick-start our day because that is the way the world is evolving. We are technologically based and there’s no end in sight, in fact it’s only bound to get worse.

Eventually there will only be generations of computer nerds like you and me who turn on the computer with their cup of coffee rather sitting down with a newspaper to see what’s happening in this world.

Things will change over time and dependency on the internet is off to a raging start, you only have to have a look at all the people walking around with their heads buried in their cell phones.

Whether any type of delivery service to our homes like Amazon Fresh will succeed depends on supply and demand and costs and revenue and for bigger cities this type of service might be a hit but for smaller communities I can’t see it being a fruitful business although they say that all the small change adds up to a big bundle so you never know.

Maybe any inflation in pricing for this service in a bigger city would offset costs supplying to smaller neighbouring communities.

Overall, the internet is our source of all things in life because having the convenience to pay for items online without leaving home can become addictive and eventually for many people the world of the internet will be their life.

Don’t judge others for the services they pay for even if you think they are off their rocker.

Worry about what you are spending and how it affects your bank account and daily living.

If lazy means ordering groceries online so be it because most of us won’t even get off the computer to write a letter the old-fashioned way, with a pen and piece of paper.

Are you dependent on the internet? 

Would you rather buy a newspaper rather than chime in to Yahoo news to find out what’s happening in this world?

Would you rather drive to the bank to get personalized service from your banking representative?  Where do you think we are headed in society?

Top recipe

parmesan cheese crackersEvery day Food Bloggers from around the world pass by my other love the Free Recipe Depot Facebook page to share a daily recipe which I share with my fans.

I hope you enjoy these Parmesan cream crackers with dip from Dish by Dish as much as I do.

Well, that’s a wrap for this Friday’s grab a brew and I’ll see you here again next week when I do it all over again.




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  1. Nice article!! We definitely use the internet a lot. It has replaced dictionaries, encyclopedias, letter writing, news reading and so on and so forth but if you added all the time together from doing everything the ‘old fashion way’ we probably spend equivalent time on the internet. And as for shopping, I would rather pick my own apples!!

  2. I feel like I’m becoming more and more dependent on the internet myself especially with regard to online banking. Grocery shopping is different though for me. I prefer to go to the shop and get the products I need. Sometimes I end up buying stuff that isn’t on my list but I try not to get carried away! 🙂 I like choosing my own fruit and veg as with the online grocery shopping service here in the UK, often the best fresh produce is not always picked out as I’d like it. Thanks so much for including my post in your weekly reads, I really appreciate the mention! 🙂

    1. Ya my sister using the grocery service in the UK as well but it’s not something I ever did. I went to the shops a few times per week but they were not far from me at all. Thanks for stopping by Hayley

  3. Interesting thoughts here, Mr. CBB. I’m not sure if online grocery shopping will ever overtake the industry. I think it can be great for many people, and for many reasons, but I too like to see what I’m buying and pick it out myself. Rick actually worked as a driver/delivery guy for a home grocery delivery service for a year and a half, so we did use a service like this a few times, and although it was pleasant getting your groceries delivered right to your door, I’m not sure we would do it on a regular basis. Personally, I like the energy of interacting with others too, but I can see that many people are deciding more and more to do things strictly over the Internet. Thanks for the mention too, friend. Have a great day!

  4. We have a great grocery store within easy walking distance from our house, so I don’t really see a time where I wouldn’t enjoy going grocery shopping for myself. I remember my aunt trying a grocery service when it first came out in the 90’s in our home town and she LOVED it. Her grocery stop on the way home from work took 5 minutes instead of 30+ minutes, and she thought she got better quality produce, etc. I guess to each, their own?

  5. We’re absolutely dependent on the internet. I’d say 75% of our business is web related and the fact of the matter is that it’s only going more so that way. In terms of personally, that depends on who you ask – me or my wife. 😉 There are some things that we do virtually everything online – say with our banking. It saves us time and we can do it whenever we want. In terms of things like grocery shopping…we’d much rather do it on our own. We want to see what we’re buying and get the best deals. Who knows where this is going, but I can only imagine it’ll be more of the same.

  6. Good post, Mr. CBB. 🙂

    I work in a retirement community, with many elders in their 80’s and 90’s. The community’s a distance from the big stores and that wasn’t a concern when those elders first bought here 25 years ago, but mobility concerns and, in some cases, loss of driving privileges makes it a problem for some them now. One of the local grocers has recognized a need within the community and offers on line shopping with free delivery within 7 km of the store. Since our community falls within that range of travel, the service is well used. There are some reasons, in particular, that our group of elders appreciates the service. In addition to addressing their mobility needs, this local merchant develops a personal relationship with them over time, coming to know and anticipate their preferences. They provide good quality and will willingly provide smaller portion items (like half a cabbage, or half a dozen eggs). I doubt that Amazon will ever be able to replicate that level of personal service.

    I recently ordered some grits from Amazon because I can no longer find them in our local stores. Lack of availability in our area is pretty much the only reason I ever order food on line. I usually prefer to see and choose our food myself, and I believe strongly in supporting local businesses.

    As to internet dependency, you know that I’ve recently discontinued our home internet. I really miss it! I’m sure I’ll adapt over time though. We may be dependent upon it but, if push comes to shove, being on line is not essential to life. As with everything else, it’s a question of need vs want. 🙂

  7. I read the article about Amazon Fresh he other day. I can see it in the bigger cities but not here in a small town so much. The local stores still deliver here so those that have mobility issues are good to go. I still read the news in a newspaper every day, I can skim the pages for all the little local news bits and such. Plus I get my coupon inserts in the newspapers!!! Back when we lived in the country it meant being a little more careful and stocking up a little more as it was a ten minute drive to town. All in all it wasn’t that big a deal actually. Right now we have a grocery store and Canadian Tire across the street from us so that is nice and convenient…. Occasionally a little too convenient for Canadian Tire!!! Lol! We are only a couple of blocks from the downtown area so I walk most every where.
    The Internet is nice to have to keep in touch with family members that live a distance away and such. The big thing I would miss without the Internet would be all my friends at Canadian Budget Binder!!!! I would miss everyone so much!!! I share my laptop with my son so I don’t get on it except at night after supper. I’m OK with that as he is my tech support. I also have my little iPad that I use during the day to pop on now and again. The price was right with it so I’m good with it. My son set it up for me as well.
    I see some interesting reading in my future checking out the blogs you posted and I will be looking over that recipe tonight as well.
    Hope you and the Mrs have a lovely weekend……

  8. Thanks for the mention Mr. CBB! Though I am required to have internet for my job, I can certainly handle myself without it. I often like to hit up a hiking trail for a week with no electronic connection whatsoever. I love those times.

  9. Thanks for the mention Mr. CBB. I would say we depend on certain things for the internet such as diapers. We buy them online because we can get them in bulk and much cheaper than anywhere else.

  10. Phew! Its been a while since I was last here. Awesome work with the design and general improvements on the site 🙂
    Am totally dependent on the internet as it is, first for my livelihood, second, for news and entertainment and thrid, for education. I would be completely lost if one day I woke up and there was no internet!
    The internet has certainly opened up opportunities in so many facets of life and made our lives a whole lot easier. Would gladly welcome a service such as Amazon Fresh, it does save one the hassle of going grocery shopping and the temptations therein in terms of impulse purchases.
    Thanks for sharing our post, much appreciated.

  11. I prefer to shop in person BUT I could see myself using an online grocery service to get some of my gluten free products that I currently stock up on when we hit the Whole Foods in Bellevue…depending on the pricing of course. It may still be more economical to combine my specialty groceries with our little overnight get-aways. Time will tell. The products I am interested in ordering though are not currently shipped into Canada by Amazon, but one day they may be. 🙂

    1. You are so welcome! Thanks for sharing your recipe at The Free Recipe Depot. You have inspired me to try and make crackers now since I’ve always wanted to try. Cheers Telicia!

  12. Hello CBB! I like the way you presented this topic from many angles. Since we are paying off debt, I cannot see paying for this expense – no matter how much I dislike it. Later in life, perhaps! I think the time we spend grocery shopping could be used for writing or additional exercise or something more fun!

    I do love that the Internet is providing services we would not have without it. We don’t have phones with Internet, so we aren’t glued to our phones and get out a lot to enjoy conversations, nature, and “real” things!

    Thank you for another zinger! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Tammy,
      It really is one of those topics that does have many angles and depending on personal choice the internet will be a big part of someone’s life. How we choose to spend our money is another choice though that only we can make ourselves. Have a great weekend… CBB

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