The Saturday Weekend Review #47: How two children share their views about rip-off prices for used toys


Just when you thought kids didn’t understand value and quality they can tell you what’s hot when it comes to toys and video games.

Who knew that I would learn something from a child about personal finance, but I did just the other day while out shopping with my best friend and his daughter at the Bibles For Missions store.

Whenever we get together we enjoy cruising through the second-hand shops to see what bargains we can find.

It’s no different from when I’m with my wife except the fact that he brings his daughter so we end up in the toy department.

While my friend bolted off away from me he left me stranded in the toy section with his daughter and about 6 other children jamming their hands in bins looking for everything and anything that will beep, spin and sing a tune.

As I leaned on the wall I watched the kids start to get to know one another and to be honest I was in awe.

The conversation went something like this….

As both children were playing with their small toys they started talking..

  • Girl 1- My name is Elizabeth
  • Girl 2- My name is Sasha
  • Girl 1- I’m 8, how old are you?
  • Girl 2- I’m 9
  • Girl 1- I’m in grade 3
  • Girl 2- I’m in grade 4

So now that they established that they are around the same age and have become great friends they proceed to talk about the value of the toys they are playing with and what they want for Christmas.

It was at that moment when Elizabeth spoke up and said, “what a rip-off for this dollar store toy it’s broken, who would pay $0.50 for it?” that I realized that some kids might just understand about quality and the value of toys. What I mean is they can also tell what is from the dollar store and what is the real deal.

At that point Sasha looks over at Elizabeth to say “would you but this?” and she says, “no, it’s broken why would I spend my money on a broken toy?” Then Sasha starts to pull out some Chipmunks figurines and I speak up saying that I remember Alvin, Simon and Theodore from my younger years. They just both turned and looked up at me like I was old and strange when I’m not that ancient lol.

They both manage to pull out a full set of The Chipmunks but they were of different quality apparently. Sasha pulls out 2 similar figurines to go with the other 2 and says that they are better quality because the others are from the McDonald’s Happy Meal and are cheap and will break where the other one’s are worth more money and will last longer. I kind of made a silly face intrigued by the conversation and tilted my head to the left and went on to ask if she is ready to go find her father.

Sasha’s father goes on to tell me that she doesn’t even care about the toys in the McDonald’s Happy Meal any more because they just fall apart. He’s got many at home that are still in packages although every time they go she still wants the Happy Meal.

His daughter likes all things toys when shopping and certainly knows her stuff when it comes to generic vs name brand toys. I was impressed when we did find a toy at another shop with no price and she told her father if it was more than a dollar she would just get something that was less money. Hearing that from her I was hoping he was making some strides curbing her manipulative ways when it comes to her wants.

With the 2013 season coming to a close Christmas will bring little boys wanting Lego as their top pick with girls asking for Barbie dolls according to a Yahoo article I read about what kids really want for Christmas this year. To be honest, it wasn’t too shocking with the boys covering their bases with Hot Wheels to ever video game system that is hot and now with the girls screaming for Elmo, Furby, Tablets and Ipads.

It seems the kids know about quality but if they can score something second-hand that is a quality toy they don’t have a problem paying the money (or asking their parents to) for it as long as it’s in good shape and not a rip-off, in their eyes at least.

Do your kids know the ins and outs of all the available toys including price and quality?

How do your kids save up to buy toys that they want outside of special occasions?


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CBB at home and the blog


Christmas-decorating-treesWhat a wonderful week it has been at home cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, lol. We decided to drag out the Christmas decorations and deck the house with all sorts of holiday cheer.

We love the ambiance at night when we dim the lights, turn on the Christmas tree and have the fireplace lit.

A nice glass of wine each for the both of us and we could just sit here and chat the night away. Although we don’t spend the holidays here it’s nice to get festive at home to get in the holiday spirit. All I have left to do is put one more wreath up outside and I’m done for the season.

I’ll be off and away in the next week for another week of on the road training for work. I am always getting trained on something at various facilities around Ontario so you will all have to bear with me for another week of checking in and out on the blog and my social media accounts.

I know the last time I went away my fans took over and made me proud on Facebook. I think it’s simply amazing to have a team of fans who look out for you the way my fans do and that is why I do my very best to share my insight on topics that mean something to me and for the most part educational which is my goal.

Other than that it has been full speed ahead in the CBB household with Christmas shopping to begin in the next week or so along with getting the winter tires put on the vehicle.

Have a lovely week.

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I bought this as a Christmas gift for my friend’s son. I usually cap my spending at $50/person but if I get enough great deals I stay under budget but it looks like I went over 😉 lol

  • Nerf toy: Regular price $59.99
  • Sale price (Target) $39.99
  • Coupons $5.00 from Target flyer booklet + $10 Hasbro coupon from cereal box
  • Regular price with tax would have been $67.79

My out-of-pocket: $29.54.

Katrina also shares her grocery shop brag of the week… well done Katrina!



So here is my shopping brag bottles of Purex regular price $5.97 I believe…price matched for $3.00/ bottle minus save $2.50 wub 2(2 coupons) so paid $1.75 a bottle, sunlight regular price $6.97…price matched to $3.97 minus $2 off coupon, total cost $1.97. Lactancia butter regular $5.47 each price matched to $2.77 minus 2x $0.75 off coupons. Total for each was $2.02.


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During college I worked for a personal finance blog doing SEO and social media work and learned a lot from the blog owner. In particular, blogs have great potential as a side income source. I have an entrepreneurial itch and working in a corporate finance job certainly doesn’t help. I started the blog with the intention of running it as a business and creating a side income to help pay off my student loans, pay my mortgage, and more.

On my site I focus on a few broad topics – making money, saving money, and living better. I think that starting a side hustle can be incredibly empowering and write about that topic frequently. You learn new skills and develop ones you already have and ultimately bring in some extra money each month. Besides that I cover all sorts of other topics, and my two weekly contributors add their unique perspectives and ideas to the mix.

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  • I am paying too many bills– aren’t we all… but if we feel we can’t handle them all then a good look at the budget and our options might give us an idea where we can make some positive changes to remove any financial strains.
  • What to do when your husband takes you for granted?: Tell him how you feel, work on ways to improve the relationship, if all else fails then your options might be clearer.
  • How to not pay back OSAP: Boy oh boy you’ve got a rude awakening coming in life…. nothing is for free, nothing should be taken for granted and we must work hard for the debts we incur.
  • How to respond to a nosey neighbour who asked if my house is on the market: well, given that when it goes on the market it’s as public as it gets there are only 2 answers, yes or no. Once you list your home it’s out there for everyone to see if you include photos, open houses and listing price. Just worry about selling your home and moving on… it’s your life after all.


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  1. This blog brought back a memory from back when my kids were much younger. Our daughter had received her birthday money from her grandma. This was back in the days of the teenage mutant ninja turtles and she went to Bi-Way and got herself a TMNT watch with the money.a couple of days later the watch quit working. She still had the bill so we had a talk and went back to the store. I told her she had a choice…she could get another watch and risk having it not work as well,or she could get her. Only back and buy herself something else. She opted for her money. She learned then about quality and making sure she got the quality she wanted, as well she learned the advantages of keeping her bill for things for a while….. Just in case.
    Hope you have a good weekend in spite of the weather. Drive safe next week,we will miss you!!!!

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