Black Friday Deals Are Not Just A One Day Sale

Black Friday

Black Friday Tips For The Smart Shopper Looking To Save

With Black Friday planned around the American Thanksgiving and originally being only an American sale day, Canadian retailers are trying their best to keep Canadians shopping for some exclusive Black Friday deals in Canada.

No more crossing the border for Black Friday as the sales are set to begin on our home turf, many starting today or at the stroke of midnight.

If you are not sure what to expect for Black Friday this year get ready to save some serious cash if you know what you are looking for.

There are lots of great deals to be found on Black Friday, many of which are in limited quantities.

What this means is that people are hoping to get their hands on a deal where only a few lucky customers will reign.



As part of an attempt to keep more Canadians shopping at home instead of crossing over the border into the United States, many retailers are now offering, Pre-Black Friday sales.

With the ability to access stores via the computer or smartphone retailers are taking leaps to get in front of customer’s faces.

Canadian Tire is advertising their first Red Thursday this year which some also call Black Thursday.

Though many people will still cross the border for what most would agree are still the better cheaper deals.

However, Canadian retailers are putting in more effort with more Black Friday deals being offered and longer store hours.

Getting Ahead With Deals

Many retailers, big and small, send emails to customers who signed up for an email subscription with the latest offers and promotions.

If you have your favourite stores that you visit often going to their website and subscribing to their emails can be of great benefit to you.

With Black Friday some companies offer a sneak preview of their flyer to their email subscribers.

Even Amazon Canada has jumped into Black Friday with tonnes of Black Friday Deals for Prime Members but an entire week.

These emails regularly often include exclusive coupons and promo codes as limited-time offers.

Personalized email offers are also becoming more common among retailers where they will track your purchases by your email address and offer deals exclusively to you based on your past purchases.

If you are going to subscribe to multiple companies that you make a separate email as your inbox will fill up quickly with promotions.

I am signed up with many retailers and only read them pending the subject and our needs at the time.

If we are planning a shopping trip or need an item it is nice to be able to take a quick look at what deals are currently being offered.

Save More With Cash Back Apps

Without hesitation, I suggest that any of you who are shopping online for Black Friday Deals to load the Rakuten App to your phone or computer.

  1. Click on the Rakuten App to find the store you plan to shop for Black Friday Deals to earn cashback
  2. Use a rewards card or credit card to pay for your order to earn more cash back or rewards based on the card you have
  3. Find the best Cashback Apps and Discount Codes in Canada without leaving money on the table.

Rakuten Canada

Earn Extra Cash when you shop online. Sign up with Rakuten Canada and receive money back when you shop!

They also have an amazing referral program where you earn $25 cashback when your friend or family member joins.

Then, your friend or family member gets $5 deposited into their new Rakuten account.

We LOVE it and have received 5 cheques in the mail since signing up in 2018.

Below is a screenshot of the last cheque stub we received in the mail in May 2020.

Check out my Full Rakuten Review for more info on this awesome cashback app

Flyer Apps For Black Friday Deals

Flip App Canada

Did you know that 50% of consumers read flyers in the palm of their hand?

There is an app for everything it seems, including your weekly flyers.

Reebee and Flipp are great flyer apps that are free to download on your phone. 

Flipp already having over 50 million downloads in Canada and the USA which goes to show you how consumers are shopping.

The apps load current and upcoming flyers to your smartphone or tablet for easy and convenient viewing of multiple flyers available.

For example, on Black Friday you’ll find flyers from every retailer in your area that is offering Black Friday deals.

You can set your city to obtain local flyers and change the city if you are shopping out-of-town and hoping for good sales.

Not only can this help in finding the best possible deals for Black Friday but can also be used if price matching is available.

I use both Flipp and Rebbee to price match, and it creates zero waste with all your flyers being right at your fingertips.

Price Matching Tips For Black Friday

A few things to remember when price matching on Black Friday or any other day of the week.

  • Not all stores allow price matching on sales such as Black Friday so understand the policy before you shop.
  • With the rare exception, price matching applies only to local competitors. What this means is that even if you are using a flyer app many stores will only price match locally. 
  • Price matching applies only to identical products advertised that are in stock in the store, no substitutions allowed for a similar product.

Certain stores such as Best Buy have advertised that their price matching policy will be taking a hiatus during their Black Friday sale, allowing no price matching to local competitors for any limited quantity Black Friday deal.

Social Media Customer Complaints

Creating a positive customer experience is something important for all retail stores, an unhappy customer may never come back.

As well,  who knows how many other people will be told about their negative experience.

Social media is a massive hub for customers to communicate shopping experiences which makes customer service, even more, important.

Stores want happy customers and we are starting to see more of these efforts applied to Black Friday sales.

Plan Ahead and Shop Early Black Friday Deals

In terms of planning so you don’t go into debt on Black Friday is to incorporate saving the day as a projected expense.

For example, if you typically spend $1200 on Black Friday you would save $100 a month in a separate bank account.

The majority of stores will open earlier than normal so if you are hoping for good deals, plan and shop early.

However, if you are eager to get a great deal camping out or lining up disturbingly early may be an option for you.

If you wait you may be out of luck since going into a store even a few hours after opening you risk the chance of the product being sold out.

Alternatively, almost all stores market their products online so you can stay in your pj’s and shop from home for the same deals.

If you get lucky you’ll even get free shipping on your order which makes the convenience hard to resist.

Resist Black Friday Impulse Shopping

Black Friday is a great opportunity for retailers to get foot traffic through their doors and for good reason, It’s a sale day.

Get ready for marketing tactics where strategic sales, product placing, and employees will motivate you to impulse purchase.

Sometimes the great deals will be stocked at the back of the store requiring you to walk through the store and past regular-priced products.

Often you’ll find clearance items that have not sold to be displayed with a significant price drop.

It’s important to resist these items if you are hoping to stick to your budget for that shopping day.

When you shop with a plan and purpose you are far better armed than going in blind.

Need vs. Want and Your Budget

Impulse buying is a great way for stores to motivate you to spend more money especially on one of the best shopping days of the year.

However, there are now many popular shopping events such as Black Friday Week, Boxing Day, Red Thursday, and Cyber Monday.

Discussion: Are you shopping in Canada, crossing the border, or just staying home this Black Friday?

Leave your comments below and any deals you managed to find.


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  1. Lots of companies are trying to cash in on the whole black Friday thing here in Canada which is an interesting thing because we never used to do it. I guess they don’t want people going over to the States to shop, but the prices are so much better there.

    1. The thing is that it’s getting worse every year… red Thursday now too, what next blue Wednesday, Green Tuesday… when does it end?

  2. I’ve seen a lot more of the Black Friday deals here in Canada as the US chains like Walmart have come here to set up shop. It works for them in the states so they go with what works. As more and more US brands move here there are more and more Black Friday sales to be had for those of us that don’t cross the border.
    I’m old enough to remember when stores were closed Boxing Day. I was working at a Kmart store the first year they were open on Boxing Day and there were so many people in the entranceway staff had trouble getting in. When we opened the doors it was scary!!!! This huge crowd storming right for us standing in the main aisle!!!!!! No Thank You!! I’m guessing a lot of places will be repeating that same scene on Friday morning and I have no intention of being anywhere near those places…..
    We will finally be getting the opening of the Walmart in Stratford on Friday, I’ll wait a bit before showing up there. Store opening plus Black Friday deals……. It’s going to be a madhouse……..
    I get my online flyers from a new site thanks to Coupon Christine, Flyerify… Seems to be pretty good for selection but I haven’t been able to customize it yet. I can live with that for now. There are stores on there I haven’t heard of, which can be interesting to look at just for the fun of it……
    Another great article Katrina!!!!! Have a good weekend….

  3. I’m not a big fan of crowds, fighting crowds or shopping in general. The stuff I need/really want can’t be bought at a store. I’ll most likely stay home and relax. It’ll save my sanity and my wallet. 🙂

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