Make The Most Out Of Black Friday Deals Without Crossing the Border

Black Friday Canada

With at least 18% of Canadians expected to cross the border to enjoy deals on Black Friday in the U.S., some might be wondering if it’s even possible to save money from within Canada?

I’ve been blogging about shopping deals and frugal living in Canada for a few years now, and I wanted to share some of my best tips to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping in Canada. That’s right, there are some great discounts to enjoy on our side of the border too!

Black Friday Deals in Canada

Since the Canadian dollar is now on par with the U.S., many Canadians have picked up the habit of crossing the border to shop the Black Friday sales. Now, Canadian stores aren’t blind, they have taken note, so that more and more Canadian retail stores are also offering comparable deals on Black Friday to keep paying customers on Canadian soil.

Shopping the Black Friday deals in Canada avoids the long waiting lines at customs and the crazy hordes in shopping centres while saving money on gas too. Some offers might not be as good as what’s on offer in the U.S. (it’s getting closer though). But you also need to take into consideration the amount of time you’ll save.

Spot the Deals Before Shopping

It is really important that before you go shopping on the high street, have a look at what the sales are going to be beforehand. To do that, there are many helpful tools such as a saving community blog, forums and of course flyers from the most popular stores.

This will allow you to spot which stores will run Black Friday deals in Canada and what kind of discounts you can expect and on what type of products (for example, expect electronic accessories to be heavily discounted). And with the number of stores participating increasing every year, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding offers for most of your favourite stores.

Make a List

Making a list before shopping for any kind of occasion should always be the first step to help us spend more wisely. It allows us to plan what we really need ahead of time, and if we manage it properly, it can also prevent us from buying items that are not on the list. Take a few minutes to do a list of what you really need to buy and put them in order of priority, starting with what’s most important.

Compare Prices

Merchants normally advertise most of the upcoming deals in their flyers, newsletters and/or on their website, so customers can easily spot the offers they are interested in. This price comparison allows you to compare the current price of the items with the upcoming one and analyze how much of a good deal it is. But you probably already know what the average price for it is and if what on offer is a tremendous discount or not.

Or go one step further, simply find the best price for the product(s) you are interested in, then find a coupon (if applicable) to get further discounts.

Read the Store Price-Match and Returns Policy

Some stores change their returns policy during the Black Friday sale, so make sure to be aware of the appropriate policy if you need to return the product. You might also want to have a look at their price-match policy—in case you find it cheaper later.

Print Coupons

Using a coupon (printable or on-line code) on top of a Black Friday deal is the best you can expect in terms of saving money. Make sure to read all the fine print on the coupon and all the terms and conditions of the store’s Black Friday sale to see if you can use it.

If you decide to shop on-line as the following section recommends, look for coupon codes to unlock better deals on select products. Canadian coupon sites, such as, normally list all the latest codes and promotions available for top merchants, especially for events as big as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Shop On-line

Since most U.S. stores are now on-line and Canadian customers can shop them from within Canada, shopping on the web is a great option to enjoy the U.S. Black Friday sales from your own home. Expect to pay for handling and shipping fees, but if you saved on gas and you didn’t have to fight to grab an item(s), you might be more comfortable with this option.

It’s not only convenient, but it could also be cheaper in some cases, owing to lower overheads for stores, which in turn can lead to lower prices for the consumer.

Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is another great event where products are highly discounted and deals are mostly available on-line  Customers can expect to find the same kind of promotions as on Friday, but all on-line a must see for avid shoppers.

Shop Early

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping on-line  in store, in the U.S. or in Canada, getting to the store as early as you can, will maximize the chances of getting the item you need, as most of the products are only available in limited quantities. For the on-line part, make sure you find out at what time the sale is going to start to be among the first cyber-shoppers. Some stores start it on Sunday night so be aware.

Voucher Codes Canada

Guest Post By: Erin is a Canadian savvy shopper and blogger at, an on-line savings community. She is always looking for the best deals available in Canada and for the latest tips on how to be more frugal.

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  1. I went state side once didn’t find it that big a deal. Stood in Walmart for four hours to get 2 pairs of Dickies for my son for 12 bucks each. It was a good price but to stand neck to neck for four hours no… I wasn’t that impressed. None of the big deals we wanted were left and It’s nuts and I wouldn’t reccomend it. I didn’t find their walmart any better any different or any different products or prices. Didn’t think it was worth it and it’s so crowded and the checkouts are lined from the front of the store all the way to the back of the store. After that carry on it took another 3 hours to come back over the border and they were miserable and I was pulled over for the first time in twenty five years.
    so no…. I would never do it again. I’d rather go on a random ordinary day and take my time and buy something if I thought it was a good deal. I’ll never pay any attention to black Friday ever again.

  2. I don’t make a specific trip to the US for Black Friday but as we like to vacation in November, many years we are there anyway.

  3. Congratulations to Mandy K for winning our Facebook Contest… please email me or PM me on FB with your address! Hey, I really really have to watch your prices and add in the cost of fuel and meals for the day to cross over to the states. With the price of fuel you could spend extra in canada and still be ahead! I am from a very small town and seem to find the best deals online especially with free shipping as my closest center is over 50 minutes away.
    THanks for the post today.

  4. I’ve been searching through the black Friday ads already in anticipation of the day! I NEVER go out on black Friday, but this year we’re really wanting to buy a washer/dryer for cheap!

  5. Some good tips here. I am so glad to see that many UK outlets are starting to jump on the bandwagon and offer black friday savings… a lot of people have no idea what this means – but hey a sale is a sale! 😀

  6. Ughh Black Friday. I would never deal with going over the border, I hate doing that on regular days even ! Just such a pain. I can’t stand the lineups that come with Black Friday OR with Boxing Day. I am glad that Canadian retailers are trying to keep more business here on that day though!

  7. I live in the US, and I loathe black Friday and everything it stands for, but you can get some good deals. I can’t believe that people camp out the night before and get into fights, though. We haven’t participated in black Friday in years, but are considering this year because we want to get some sort of tablet. We’ll see if the deals are good enough to make me want to fight the crowds.

  8. I am hoping to score some online black friday deals….Right now I need to score a good price on Halo 4 and the new Black Ops xbox game….hoping to not have to leave the house this year and then I will go with my Mom early Black Friday morning and I will splurge and get Starbucks and we will watch all the people frantically shopping thats the plan for now. Great post!

  9. Loved the article!!! My younger sister-in-law goes shopping in the US all the time but she lives in St Catharines ON so it’s no big deal for her, but I think I might send this to a couple of nieces who like shopping there on occasion. Doesn’t matter where I go shopping I have my lists in my hot little hands!!! Heaven help anyone that gets in my way… I want to get what’s on the list and get out!! I’ll spend two or three days working out the lists for a half day run into London or Stratford for shopping. I have a couple of places that I will shop online and have it sent to the post office (we’re in a small town- no door to door delivery) And just a mention…. I was talking to a lady while waiting for an appointment and she was saying she goes over to the US shopping and has found better deals the weekend before Black Friday!!!!!!!!! Might be a thought to look into if you are looking to avoid the crowds………..

  10. Great information! Thank you! I have never gone shopping in the U.S. for black friday but I did buy my laptop last year during Dell Canada’s black friday sales 🙂 I won’t be shopping any deals this year…I’m trying to make all of my Christmas gift purchases with reward points.

  11. Love that you talk about shopping in CANADA! I can find plenty of deals in my area or online and don’t have to cross the border for them. You can still have a “start the car” moment while shopping and saving here too!

    1. Hi Candice!
      It’s great how most of the Canadian companies are offering huge savings online now, and the numbers are only growing.

  12. great post 🙂 My aunt always goes down to the states for black friday shopping…i heard of it for the first time last year….im hoping to pick up a new camera…and dual dvd player for the car for the kiddies 🙂 It is good to watch prices and check different stores….i just managed to pick up a tv that i saw for sale for 250 somewhere for only 125 somewhere else because it was the last one in the store 🙂 not too shabby 🙂

    1. Hey Joanna,

      Thanks, glad you liked it 🙂
      I heard of a deal last year at a Future shop in Quebec that they were selling a nice 32′ TV that usually sells for $600 was only $200 for a limited time. Pretty insane!


  13. I am trying to get our shopping done ahead of time so that we can avoid that whole giant mess that is Black Friday. I got most of the nieces and nephews done!!!

    Have a great week!

    1. Hey Greg!
      Some stores release sales that last for the entire week before Black Friday! You should check those out too!

  14. My girlfriends husband is american and they go down for thanskgiving each year. She is going to be picking up some black friday deals for me while she is down there!

    1. Hey Shelley,
      Haha, that’s one way of doing it! Check out some of the Canadian ones though and compare them!

  15. Hey, I really really have to watch your prices and add in the cost of fuel and meals for the day to cross over to the states. With the price of fuel you could spend extra in canada and still be ahead! I am from a very small town and seem to find the best deals online especially with free shipping as my closest center is over 50 minutes away.
    THanks for the post today.

  16. Nice post. I am actually writing something very similar for my site next week. I love your tip to make a list before you go shopping! That can be a great way to stay on budget and not be tempted to overspend or buy something that wouldn’t be a good fit for the recipient.

    1. Hey John!
      I’m glad you liked it 🙂 When you write your post up, send me a link; I’d love to read it!

  17. You also have to consider hotel and restaurant costs if you’re planning on staying 48 hours to qualify for the duty free exemption. We went once, and had a lifetime fill of lineups (but a lot of fun too). We’ll stick to online shopping going forward.

    1. Hi Mandy!
      It’s true; most of the deals can be found online as well as in-store nowadays. Why not bring a cooler with you to pack lunches and food if you want to stay for the 48 hours or find a hotel that is equipped with a kitchen? There’s plenty of deals and coupons too for sites like and

      Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Anne! Black Friday sales are slowly picking up in Canada and are becoming better in better as more Canadians are aware of it. They are just as good, if not better, than those south of the border some times.


  18. Black Friday in 2012 is on Friday, the 23rd of November.

    Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

    LIst of Black Friday Dates to 2020:

    Black Friday in 2013 is on Friday, the 29th of November.

    Black Friday in 2014 is on Friday, the 28th of November.

    Black Friday in 2015 is on Friday, the 27th of November.

    Black Friday in 2016 is on Friday, the 25th of November.

    Black Friday in 2017 is on Friday, the 24th of November.

    Black Friday in 2018 is on Friday, the 30th of November.

    Black Friday in 2019 is on Friday, the 29th of November.

    Black Friday in 2020 is on Friday, the 27th of November.

  19. We’ve done our shopping for this year & won’t be taking in the Black Friday sales but we sure enjoyed them in Palm Desert last year! 🙂

    1. Hey Mary! You really should check out some of the awesome deals going on for Black Friday and even Cyber Monday! I’ve seen a taste and they are pretty epic!

      1. Hey Erin… I need to find a Quality Sound Bar for our television so that’s our goal.. it’s a Christmas Gift for us. Last year we picked up our SMART TV for less than half price… it’s an awesome television.

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