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Should kids go without lunch for parents debt? -The Saturday Weekend Review #57

little girl eating lunchFOOD WASTE FOR NOTHING


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all important meals of the day.

What is also important is making sure that we do our best to make sure that our children are getting their daily nutritional needs looked after.

I don’t care who you are or where you live if a child is hungry or asking for food and you do nothing about it then you must be heartless.

A child is so innocent that we should never turn our backs on them even if we have nothing to offer.


Don’t pay you don’t eat lunch


Even worse is when you feed a child and then take their lunch away and proceed to throw it in the garbage only because the child’s parents did not pay a lunch bill with the education system.

I wasn’t just shocked when I read this article last night on Yahoo about a Salt Lake City, Utah school that wasted 40 lunches of children whose parents failed to pay their cafeteria balance just moments after the meal was served to them.

Could you imagine sitting down to eat your lunch so pure at heart only to have someone take that lunch away from you and throw it in the garbage?

The ironic part is these are the people who the children look up to when their parents are not around because they belong to the education system.

They are nurtured from a young age to believe they are safe with them and will be looked after when their parents are not around.

I can’t even understand who in their right mind in the child nutrition department would even authorize this to happen without a better plan to deal with this.


No child should go hungry


Should the students be punished for their parents debts?

This is not a situation where the kids went out and ordered lunch at a restaurant only to have no money to pay and of course they don’t get their lunch.

This is the education system who in all rights does have the ability to revoke the lunches but should have never handled it the way they did.

That was so unprofessional and I could only imagine how embarrassing and crushing to these children it was. No one wants to know that their parents might not have enough money to pay the bills, especially a child. They also don’t want the rest of their peers to know either.

It’s bad enough we are doing everything we can to try to stop bullying in the education system yet the adults can’t think outside the box to figure out how to handle a situation like this.

No child should have to go hungry even if their parents can’t afford to feed them by paying a lunch bill but certainly something needs to be done about it.

Some schools in Ontario have a free morning breakfast program for children who come from low-income families and it’s something that I think is a wonderful way to give back and look after the kids.

I wish every family was fortunate in life and finances but that’s not the case. The children shouldn’t have to suffer because the parents might have lost a job or can’t find a better job etc.

I bet there are many parents out there that would feed their kids first before they starved their own children. Sure, these parents need to come to a settlement with their debts because as we all know debt doesn’t just go away and we must look after it.


If you owe you better pay


It’s important to teach our children about money from a young age and why it’s important to earn money but why we earn it in the first place, to put a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on the table.

I don’t think it’s imperative that we punish the children because of their parents misfortune with money for whatever their personal situation is.

I do think it’s important to raise financially confident children and sometimes like in this case it may be at the cost of the child where they learn the hard way.

Some of us who hold on to our money tight do so because we may have grown up living with parents who struggled and others learned how to be smart with money. Either way lessons are learned from a young age because children see and hear everything.

I know with a good heart I could never do that to any child but like I’ve mentioned before there is no free ride in life and no one will care about you more than you.

If anything I’d bring in food for a child in need or do my best to help if I had the resources but that’s not always the case for everyone.

This was certainly a hard article for me to read and I hope that it encourages parents and others to look at their finances and how sometimes not even the system will care if you pay or not. When you owe money be ready to lose if you don’t pay your bills.

This is just another example of why it’s so important to budget your money no matter your income level or have lots of debt etc. You need to know where your money is going and what you need to do to pay your bills every month even if that means earning more money. If not, well sometimes the consequences might be harsh like in this instance.

Be prepared that the people you owe money to may stop at nothing to get their money no matter who it hurts because all they care about is clearing the debt. No emotion is tied to debt only getting rid of it and moving on to the next person who owes.

The reality is for many businesses when a bill is not paid it’s a chain reaction because the next guy below may not get paid etc. so it may affect many people. Lots to think about but this is a unique situation and could have been handled much differently.

I’m not a fan of food waste and do my best to make sure everything gets used up in our refrigerator. After all, there are people who are starving around the world.

So, the next time you go to throw food in the garbage think about what your life might be like if you had no food and you wished you could go back to that very moment you threw away food in the garbage.

Food for thought maybe and I’m sure many people out there who waste food don’t give much thought to what life would be like without it.

Even though the Utah Elementary School issued an apology the people were so appalled that it didn’t matter.

How would you have handled this situation if you were the head of the nutrition department?


Canadian Budget Binder this week


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CBB at home and the blog


It’s been a busy week around the CBB household with frequent trips out-of-town and attending to appointments and work related issues.

It will be nice this weekend as we attend a birthday party for a family member so we get to eat lots of birthday cake and goodies while being around our loved ones.

I was planning a trip to go back home for this year but we’ve decided to hold off on the trip until maybe next year. Our mortgage company called the other day and tried to get us to switch over since our current provider is no longer accepting renewals.

I didn’t want to say anything to the guy on the phone but as you all know it’s been a long time coming that we will be officially debt free as of April 2014 once the mortgage is paid in full.

The exchange rate has done so well I am hesitant to move the money now but just like back in 2007 when I should have moved it I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. You never know when the rate will go up or down and it’s a money risk you take.

I’m just happy to see it jump up as high as it is for the time being and we’ll see how that will affect our Net Worth next week when I post the numbers.

How was your week?


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broke millennial Hi Mr.CBB and Fans!

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Currently I reside in the Big Apple, where I pay too much in taxes and constantly look on Zillow at all the big, fancy places I could afford if I just left the greatest city in the world.

My site started just over a year ago after a late-night conversation with a friend. She desperately wanted to quit her desk job to pursue a career in acting.

I encouraged her to chase her dream, at least for a little while, because she was young, with no dependents and debt-free. Sounded like the perfect combo.

No surprise that her fear was money. She told money scared her and each month she just hoped she had enough to sustain, but otherwise didn’t pay attention to her financial situation.

Then it clicked.

Lots of people behave this way!

As a long-time lover of all things related to the almighty greenback, I decided to harness my love of writing and natural inclination for sarcasm to create a place for other millennials to learn about finances.

I hope Broke Millennial serves as a way to increase financial literacy in my generation (but no age discrimination; Gen X, Boomers and Gen Z are welcome).



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  • Do men normally cook?– I suppose if they want to eat or the buy take-out but whether they will cook for you is s a different story.
  • Getting a dog while in debt- Is not smart
  • Where is no-name ketchup made?– In the no-name ketchup factory of course ;-p
  • Finding items in a dumpster than returning them- Lol.. I shouldn’t laugh but I bet it happens all over the place. Then people wonder why prices go up. We can’t keep screwing the system to make a buck it will always come back to haunt us.

That’s all for this weeks edition of The Saturday Weekend Review #57– Should kids go without lunch for their parents debt?

Have a great week and catch me here again next Saturday with more updates.



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