The Saturday Weekend Review #50: Should rich kids get off easy in the legal system?



I don’t know what it’s like to be rich with money but I do know what it’s like to be rich in love having both my parents teaching me right from wrong.

Drinking and driving is a huge problem all over the world and sometimes we have to learn the hard way even if it means we lose our own lives from the silly decisions we make or end up behind bars for taking someone else’s life.

I was reading a Yahoo article about a rich kid (well he has rich parents) from Texas who was drinking and driving with blood levels 3 times the legal limit (yes 3 ) who killed 4 people and injured 9 who were on the side of the road helping another motorist. The defense for his case said it was due to ‘Affluenza’ and so the teenager was only given probation.

What is affluenza you are asking? Good question…..they say it’s the failure of his parents to set boundaries for him. So in other words they are not that great at parenting.

Affluenza, a portmanteau of affluence and influenza, is a term used by critics of consumerism. The book Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic defines it as “a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more”.

The rehab center where he will be going to is more like a spa for the rich at $1200 a day with sports, yoga and massage and the people are upset that the judge obviously agrees with the defense that since he’s gotten off in the past there was no reason for harsh punishment this time around.

He’s a teenager and the only lesson that he has been taught is that if he messes up his rich parents influence may get him out of anything he shouldn’t have been doing. Being wealthy seems to have gotten him his ticket to luxury whilst learning his lesson about why drinking and driving is bad and the lives he’s claimed because of it.

Sometimes children of rich parents go hog-wild while the parents are off busy doing what they do to get rich and forget about their family. This teenager was given whatever he wanted, did what he wanted and raised himself according to his psychologist. I’m not shocked one bit but another reason why work life balance is so important.

Money can make people greedy and they keep wanting more and more and sometimes life falls by the waist and it’s only when something goes wrong they try to pay it off to make it go away.

Remember the movie, Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson… another case of rich kids parents coming to the rescue but forgetting about love and lessons along the way until it’s too late. You only have to look at the rich kids of Instagram to see how out of control many of them are.

They say this is a better fit for the child because they will be able to watch him over the next 7 years and if he breaks his probation that he will be sentenced to 10 years in jail.

The parents wealth seems to be from the facts shielding him from the harsh punishment that should be a reality kick for this kid.

Sometimes people don’t learn unless they learn the hard way. I’m betting the kid is breathing a sigh of relief he practically got out of this one but will her learn, likely not.

Whether it’s the parents spoiling children or in this case allowing them pretty much a slap on the wrist only shows society how flawed the system truly is.

How would this case have turned out if he was from a poor family? I’m betting different because money talks and how far the money took this case no one will really know but what is obvious is that this child is getting off pretty easy for his actions.

I’m not a parent and I don’t envy parents because it’s a tough role but what I do know is that if we teach our children wrong from right and instill values in them they might be less likely to do things that land them behind bars.

I’m not saying that’s always the case but not teaching them anything may have even worse consequences for them. I also don’t know if this would have had the same ending if in a Canadian court of law but either way kids need to learn and sometimes it may be the tough way, rich or poor… we are all human.

Do you think having rich parents influenced the judges final decision?

How do you teach your children right from wrong?


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This past week has been so busy for me with training and being back at school for it has found me studying again and doing more testing. When you work in a role with constant change it’s imperative that you are educated on the best technology around and that is my life I’m afraid but I love what I do.

This next week I am off and away again for a couple of days so I’ve been busy prepping the blog and finishing up loose ends here for Christmas. All we really have left to do is bake which really isn’t baking it’s just making our festive holiday balls that we make every year.  You can find all of my recipes in my recipe index that I will be making such as peanut butter balls, coconut balls and snow balls.

The snow has been coming down the past few days so shovelling has now been factored in to my time. It’s amazing how some people forget to factor in the winter warm up the car and shovel before you leave regime. Although we have a double garage and I park both vehicles inside I still have to get up earlier in the morning to shovel so those people using the path have ease of walking in less than optimal conditions.

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It warms my heart when I see how people open up their wallets and their stockpiles to give to the less fortunate. I know that anyone who needs to use these services are touched by the generosity of those who give and want to help out.

This Christmas if you can give what you can to help someone or make someone smile take that opportunity, giving is an amazing feeling inside.

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Every year at my work staff identify families in our own school that are “in need” to help out for Christmas. Each department usually takes a family or two to buy for and everyone tries to contribute.

Because I am a couponer I choose to donate items rather than money as it is better for my budget. I can donate hundreds of dollars worth of items for next to nothing. The products I donate go to whichever families need them the most.

I save items that I purchase through the year with coupons for free or nearly free, 50% pink sticker items, or free samples mailed to me in a large box to donate at the end of the year.

I also ask my dentist every year if he has anything to donate as they always seem to have samples for their patients.

This year he was able to contribute over 30 small tubes of Crest Pro Health, over 10 tubes of Pronamel for children, approx. 12 children’s and 15 adults toothbrushes.

Pictured is what I was able to donate for the 2013 year. Missing from the picture is two boxes of All Bran cereal.

I feel good being able to contribute to this every year as it helps a great number of people out and I can easily incorporate it into my budget.


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Hello, my name is Krista and my husband Jon and I started 2 Copper Coins, we are thrilled to be featured by Canadian Budget Binder.

We started our blog after realizing some of the challenges facing our peers in similar vocations. Jon and I hope to build careers in helping professions working for non-profit organizations.

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Knowing this was not true we brainstormed ways we could share our belief that anyone can live simply and secure their financial future if they’re willing to put in a little effort. From this conversation 2 Copper Coins was born.

The title 2 Copper Coins comes from the biblical story in which a wealthy man puts his money into the offering coffer at the Synagogue and impresses those around him with his generosity.

A poor woman follows him with just two small copper coins, placing them in the same coffer. Christ points out to those snickering nearby that this woman made a greater sacrifice, for these two coins were all she had.

There are obvious connections to this story and our belief in generosity. We also feel it’s important to remain open about your finances with those around you as both a way to release the idea that your income reflects your value and as a way to invite your community into your financial journey.

What we hope to offer our readers is both the invitation and the support needed to be generous with our income. Whether we’re making ‘pennies’ or millions, we have a lot (financially and otherwise) to offer the greater community and we should never let uninformed financial decisions hinder that contribution.

If this sounds like a conversation you would like to join, please swing on over to 2 Copper Coins and share with us.

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  1. I think whether or not the lawyer was creative enough to use Affluenza as a defense strategy, rich kids DO get off easy. Or at least, rich kids with good lawyers for one thing, and rich kids who may be celebrities (Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan.. anyone?)

    The fact of the matter is that rich and/or famous people live on another plane of justice, just the same as if you were to compare “normal” people (white collar folks) being pulled over in a car versus let’s say a guy who is a blue collar worker. Who is going to get off easier in this case? White collar folks of course.

  2. I’m betting that this kid you mentioned will not learn his lesson unless he does find himself in jail. Even then It is debatable. I feel so sorry for the families of the people he killed and injured. This kid has quite the feeling of entitlement and likely figures that no matter what he does Mom and Dad will bail him out. Their money clearly has paid for a very good lawyer.
    Our kids were expected to behave and to mind their manners and we took the time to make sure they knew what was expected of them. When they started going out with friends they needed to answer a few questions beforehand. Where are you going? With whom? How are you getting there? How are you getting home? Who’s DD? (Designated Driver). What time were you planning to be home????? It better be before curfew. They did try to get extensions on curfew but it didn’t usually work in their favour. Arguing for 10Pm when I just finished saying 9:30 was a good way to get a 9PM curfew. All of a sudden 9:30 didn’t look so bad…. This didn’t go over well with a couple of their friends which was too darn bad. I lost count of the times I was called a mean Mom …….I didn’t argue. I didn’t yell…. I just laid down the rules and that was that, live with it.
    Looks like I have a few more sites to look over!!! Jen did so well with getting samples and deals to help people out!!!! That veggie tree looks so neat!!! Might have to try that at a family get together….
    Have a good weekend and drive safe!!! Hope this snow stops soon before the boys run out of places to put it all!!! The younger boy has been out at least twice a day for the last few days, not that you can tell from the look of it right now!!!!

  3. I love the way you’ve been able to give through couponing! We’re all about creative generosity and this is a prime example. Nice work. It also shows that asking around for contributions pays off. Dentists, other professionals and even grocery stores occasionally will be able to help out specific requests. Don’t miss out.

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