How Distraction Theft Will Make You Their Next Win : The Saturday Weekend Review #140

The Saturday Weekend Review logo- distraction theftDO YOU TALK TO STRANGERS?


It doesn’t matter where you are distraction theft seems to be the hottest way for thieves to steal what you own these days.

It’s not a new way for thieves to get your stuff but it sure does seem as if it has been revived. I wonder if scammers are running out of ideas or maybe this is the easiest way without much effort involved.

A few years ago a friend of ours told us how her daughter was almost the victim of distraction theft while studying at a local coffee shop. On the table she had her Apple iphone and wallet along with her school books like most students would.

A customer who had just purchased a coffee came up to her and asked a question looking for directions. While responding to him and looking out the window pointing she caught him trying to steal her cell phone.

She said to her mom, “The guy had his hand on my phone so I removed it and put it in my backpack”. He apparently laughed it off saying that it was a habit because he had an iphone as well which he pulled from his pocket to show her.

I personally think it was a ploy, luckily she was paying attention to what he was doing. Even though he may have touched it out of habit she wasn’t risking him walking off with it.

I’m pretty sure we can say that this dude was using distraction as a technique to steal her wallet and her iphone. He just got lucky that she didn’t cause a stir in the coffee shop to alert anyone and believed his story. Sadly, he will just move on to someone else.


Where can distraction theft happen?


Distraction theft can happen anywhere!

I was reading an article on Yahoo News which sparked this topic for me which detailed how thieves are now using distraction theft at the airport. I have flown quite a bit in my time to many countries around the world. I always held my belongings close to me and spoke to no one at the airport for this exact reason.

What’s happening is that thieves hang out at the airport and watch for people who they think have money or expensive belongings. It may be your clothes, jewellery, computer bags, cell phones or any other form of electronics.

They know their stuff when it comes to ‘Bling’ and they will go after unsuspecting tired tourists. I know when I got off very long flights I was tired and yes someone could have tried distraction theft on me and it may have worked. Most times we don’t expect it to happen, but it does.

The thing is, once your stuff is stolen you will likely never get it back. Even if they have surveillance cameras the likelihood of getting your valuables back is slim, especially if it was cash that was stolen. These thieves don’t hang on to things long and once they have something they sell or trade it for cash and fast.

Even having cell phone insurance may not protect you against theft but it’s best to ask your insurance provider this question if you don’t know. Can you claim theft on travel insurance? I don’t know if you can claim it on travel insurance but it’s best again to ask this question or read your policy. It’s better to be informed.

When I travelled I would bring limited amounts of money with me and use my credit card on the odd occasion or the local ATM which I never seemed to have a problem with. I used my credit card more so when I was visiting my now wife in Canada than any other country. I was always worried about where the credit card numbers would end up even though I was protected with credit card insurance. I just didn’t want to deal with anything.

My wife once had her wallet stolen and after cancelling all of her credit cards she found out that the thief did use the credit card to make purchases. Luckily, she wasn’t on the hook for the charges.

These days with ease of technology all you need is a credit card number, expiry date and those three little digits at the back also known as the Card Security Code (CSC) and you’re good to make online purchases. Sometimes all you need is just the credit card number.


When you least expect it


If you recall last year I wrote about a guy coming up to us in a grocery store parking lot asking us for bus money. It was a parking lot scam that still happens today all over Canada.

He too could have used distraction theft as a way to steal my vehicle, wallet or my wife’s purse the minute we turned around. You see if you are packing groceries in your vehicle and have multiple doors open along with the trunk anyone can distract you while another hops in and steals stuff.

Another way distraction theft may happen is at the grocery store where thieves look for unsuspecting shoppers who they can easily target. How many of you ladies leave your purses open or just sitting in your shopping cart. People chat at the grocery store all the time. It would take mere seconds to steal a purse and it’s so easy to come up with a question to distract your train of thought.

Oh and men don’t be too quick to say ‘I told you so’ to your better half because distraction theft happens to men as well. If you carry a wallet you are a target. If you have a man purse, you are a target. Everyone is a target.

Then there is the gas station, bus stop, bar, restaurants and so on. The list is endless because thieves will stop at nothing to get what they want, when they want it no matter where you are. Sadly, scams are everywhere and although the police can do their best to catch these thieves we have to look after ourselves.

The moral of this story is that we need to hold our belongings close, limit the amount of cash we carry and if we talk to strangers make sure we have a clear view of them. Always be aware of your surroundings in front and behind you.

It may seem like we are being overprotective with ourselves but if it means protecting our stuff, I’ll do it.

If you do find that you were the target of distraction theft contact the police right away and if it was at a store or place of business alert them as well. If there are other shoppers in the store you may help prevent the next person from being a target.

Has anyone ever tried to use distraction theft to steal something from you? Did it work? What did you learn from that experience and what tips would you offer?


CBB Week At A Glance


I have no time for anything these days since I’m working so much and what time I do have left I’m either sleeping or spending it with my family. The good news is that I was told my job role will be offered to me full-time likely next year which means lots of new decisions and changes for my career. I won’t get too excited though until then because anything can happen but it’s a good feeling knowing they like my work.

Other than that I cleaned up the back garden and brought all the summer stuff inside for the winter. It’s always a sad time when I have to do this. My wife suggested I leave the planters and hanging baskets out front for now until they die off.  I’m guessing that’s shortly after Halloween when everything should be packed up for the season.

This week I managed to get my hair cut finally when my wife said it looked similar to Adam Levine’s recent cut. I don’t know if that’s a good thing but judging that she’s a huge Maroon 5 fan I’m going to say yes.

My wife also enjoyed her moment at the spa to get her eyebrows threaded. This is always a wonderful sight having a woman ripping out hair with a piece of string. She used to get her eyebrows waxed for $7 but she says threading is much better and only costs $3. I let our son watch and he had a huge smile on his face. He was likely wondering what was happening to his mommy but with her smiling back he knew everything was going to be fine.

Not too exciting of a week but it certainly was a productive one. I have to balance my time wisely now until the end of they year. Everything I am doing is for my family and I keep telling myself this when times get tough for me.

How was your week?



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Editor’s pick (That’s me Mr.CBB) goes to Michelle at Budget Bloggess for “Who are your calling cheap, I’m frugal” which is a subject most us have dealt with. I know my wife and I could tell you stories about when we were called cheap or how something we scrimped on ended up costing us in the long run. It’s all about living and learning but hopefully we don’t learn the hard way.

Michelle also mentions a great Canadian Contest being held by Capital One and Credit Canada who are holding a #CheapvsFrugal contest on Twitter which you can read about in her post. You can also read the contest rules here for Credit Education Weeks CheapvsFrugal Twitter Contest. Win some cash CBB fans…. Go!


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  • I need $20,000 now in Canada– Yes master… haha! It’s not that easy I’m afraid.
  • Own home by age 23– Go for it, I did it!

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  1. Interesting read. I usually place my purse in the bottom of the cart and toss groceries on top of it! It gets buried pretty quick!! I have some cash in my wallet but not much. My cards for collecting points and such are in there as is my debit card. My M/C is elsewhere in my purse. Not in my wallet. I can’t say anyone has tried this with me. Even with our vehicle I keep it locked unless I’m sitting in it.
    I have heard of pickpockets putting up signs in airports and other tourist areas to beware of pickpockets and they watch people reading the sign, usually patting the back pocket to make sure their wallet is still there. Then they go in for the theft as you just showed them where your wallet is!!
    That recipe looks good, I might just make some up and some other spice mixes like apple pie spice mix!!
    Have a good weekend!!

    1. Isn’t amazing how we have to protect ourselves these days. I’m sure it’s been going on forever and we are just hearing more about it due to the internet but it sure does make me question just how bad it really is out there for some people. You would have to be at your lowest point to do this.

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