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Not handing out Halloween candy makes neighbour feel cheap : The Saturday Weekend Report #145

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The Saturday Weekend Review Halloween Candy Edition(1)NO LIGHTS, NO CANDY FROM NEIGHBOURS BAHALLOWEENBUG!

Mrs. CBB was out with her friend for the afternoon when the topic of Halloween candy came up in conversation.

Her friend who is also our neighbour wondered if other neighbours would view those who weren’t handing out Halloween candy as cheap or boring.

These days it’s easy to be a neighbourhood target of gossip and conversation.

Many times while I’ve been around the block for a walk I’ve talked to neighbours who always seem to know something about someone in our neighborhood that they needed to share.

Every year while our neighbours have lived in their current home they’ve handed out Halloween candy to the kids in our neighbourhood.

Some years they would make up Halloween candy bags with mixed treats for the kids which the kids love because they get a mixed bag surprise.

This year is different as they have a one-year-old daughter whom they want to take around to her parents’ house to go trick-or-treating for the first time.

Her parents live in a small complex which makes going door to door easy and they get to be part of the first Halloween celebration with their granddaughter.

These days many parents with young children visit the mall or a shopping centre w they typically host Halloween for the young kids.

The various retailers will hand out Halloween candy and it’s a great way for parents to monitor their little goblins and keep them warm.

Her biggest concern was not so much where they would take their daughter for Halloween but the shame and guilt they would feel because they will be turning off their lights.

I guess it means something to them if other neighbours judge them or look down on them because they have a child and did not participate.

Almost all the houses on our street last year handed out candy.

They did purchase a pumpkin and carved it but considered not lighting it up as they didn’t want the little ghosts and goblins to think someone was home to hand out Halloween candy.

The thought of being the talk of the neighbourhood was really getting under her skin.

I don’t know why some homeowners assume other neighbours will feel they are hiding in the house and being cheap by not handing out Halloween candy.

Many homeowners may turn off their lights and venture into the basement because they have no interest in Halloween, but that’s fine too.

Not all homeowners who don’t hand out candy hide either as there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You might call these neighbours rude but it’s their house and their choice.

No laws are stating that we have to hand out Halloween candy so I don’t know why there are so many issues these days.

It seems there is always a crisis when Halloween rolls around whether it’s who is into the Halloween spirit, kids stealing other kids candy, damaged Halloween decor and property or tampered candy.

I also quickly glanced over a Facebook post the other day about someone posting a notice on an outdoor post (or mailbox) to their neighbours about what they MUST hand out for Halloween.

It was causing quite the stir from what I could read. Bully neighbours suck!

No Halloween Candy Allowed

Halloween Candy(1) teal pumpkinI’m sure you’ve all heard of the teal pumpkin movement which means that the homeowner is participating in handing out other treats that aren’t candy-related.

These treats would be for the kiddos with allergies or other health problems that don’t allow them to eat candy or chocolate.

I believe every child deserves to enjoy the fun and anticipation involved with Halloween.

My wife doesn’t remember anything like the teal pumpkin when she was younger but she imagines there were kids with allergies who didn’t participate.

Halloween for my wife brings back so many memories as a child and it’s important for her to have this for our son. My wife also loves to dress up and decorate the outside of the house.

This year we are handing out chocolate bars, Sunkist fruit candies and crayola crayons that we picked up on sale for $0.25 a pack earlier this year.

I’ll be creating our little teal pumpkin later today so the parents and kids know we have something good for their little Halloween hunters as well.

Halloween Candy At Our House

When I first moved to Canada I didn’t warm up to Halloween that fast as it wasn’t a big part of my upbringing.


Over the years my outlook has changed and these days I will answer the door to hand out Halloween candy and I would certainly hand it out if my wife were not home.

This year we will be heading out with our son for his first Halloween stint around the block.

Then we will come home to hand out Halloween candy.

Since we won’t be home for the first hour we will light our pumpkins and leave a bowl of each candy on a table out front including boxes of Crayola crayons.

The kids can pass by and take one or two each.

We aren’t doing this because we thought the neighbours would say we were being cheap if we shut our lights off while we took our boy around the block either.

I don’t care what anyone has to say when it comes to how we choose to handle Halloween.

If our lights are off for Halloween that is the decision we’ve made and it’s none of their business.

Since we don’t normally get many kids between 5-6 pm as we live in an area where there aren’t lots of young kids we know we will be fine to leave our Halloween treats outside.

It’s not until later in the evening when all the teenagers and adults come roaming about from other neighbourhoods.

If it happens that the candy and crayons are all taken while we are out there’s nothing we can do about it.

Most years the parents are always at the door with their kids monitoring everything anyways.

Halloween When Nobody Is Home

Our neighbour asked my wife if she had any Halloween candy recipes so that she could make up some treats for the kids she knows before they head out for the evening.

Her plan was to take their son to a few neighbours with kids to hand out some treats to them.

My wife suggested she make some Scary Witch Finger cookies for the kids and that they would love them because all kids love cookies.

Making homemade Halloween candy is not a bad idea but there’s no way parents would allow homemade treats at the door for their kids if they don’t know you.

My wife told her what our plan was for the evening and then she started coming up with Halloween candy bag ideas that she could leave outside the house.

Her plan includes something like what we are doing but making up Halloween treat bags instead.

One basket would have chocolates and candy and the other bags would be filled with school supplies (pencils, erasers, note pads, stickers) for those with allergies.

She asked if we could go and check on the house and their pumpkin to make sure it was still lit and gave us a box of extra candy and supplies to replenish the baskets if need be.

We are good neighbours so of course, we would do that for them.

Once she came up with this plan she was relieved that she would be able to participate without feeling that other neighbours would think they were cheap and hiding out.

I honestly don’t think she has anything to worry about because not everyone hands out candy and we’ve never given a second thought about a neighbour who keeps their lights off.

Budgeting For Halloween Candy

Halloween candy can be pricey unless you score a great deal before or after Halloween.

One CBB reader mentioned that she doesn’t get many kids so she buys full-size candy bars to give out to the trick-or-treaters that do come knocking.

She saves money buying the bars in bulk as they are cheaper.

Some people who feel they don’t get many kids might just turn off the lights.

I’m sure they figure why bother but those kids really want you to because these are the years they are creating Halloween memories.

If buying Halloween candy is out of your budget but you want to participate you could wait until after Halloween when there is a massive Halloween candy sale.

You can store it in your freezer for the year and hand it out the following Halloween.

We’ve done that before with 75% off Halloween candy bars and they were perfectly fine the following Halloween.

Trust me as I have eaten my fair share of mini chocolate bars over the years.

Buying Halloween candy on sale also allows us to buy more so we have extras just in case we get more kids than we anticipated getting.

I’m glad that our neighbour sorted out her Halloween candy dilemma but it also proved to me just how far some people are willing to go so they aren’t looked down on as cheap.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to personal finance sometimes.


  • Have you left candy outside for Halloween if you were not going to be home?
  • What other suggestions do you have for homeowners that want to participate but won’t be home?
  • Why do some people feel like other neighbours are judging them because they don’t participate in Halloween? Do you judge your neighbours?

CBB Week At A Glance

Happy Halloween to all this evening!!

Now that Halloween is out-of-the-way you know what is next and I’m sure the stores will waste no time stocking the shelves if they haven’t started already.

With Remembrance Day around the corner and then the Christmas Holidays that means I have some time to finish up the yard work outside and then decorate for the holidays.

In the next couple of weeks, I will change the tires over to our winter tires and get our vehicle Krown Rust Protected as part of our winter maintenance.

Anyone who says it’s not worth it to spend the $100 every year I can tell you that our vehicle was purchased brand new in 2003 and has not one spot of rust anywhere. Worth it, yes and hopefully we get a few more years out of this vehicle if not longer.

This week I didn’t get too much done as we are baptizing our son which means we have sorted that out with the church, photographer and making arrangements for an after-dinner gathering.

I will likely write a post all about the costs involved with a baptism in the upcoming weeks and fill you in on how it went.

That’s all for this week… until then have a Scary Saturday Halloween Night and don’t forget Clocks Fall Behind 1 hour Sunday, November 1, 2015, at 2:00 am.

Enjoy that extra hour of sleep, I know I will.


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  1. I don’t really see it as a big deal if you’re not handing out candy. I remember when I was really young I would be ringing the doorbell a couple of times and if no one answered, you would just move on to the next house. I also vaguely remember my parents telling me to skip houses where the lights were off to save myself the time and trouble of having to walk up and ring the doorbell.

    Despite living in our current home for three years, this year was the first year I was actually home on Halloween because it fell on a weekend. I was pretty excited about it. I carved a spiderman pumpkin and was pretty disappointed that we barely got any kids this year. I feel like we get less and less kids every year.

  2. I don’t think not handing out candy is being cheap or boring. Sometimes you can’t when you aren’t home and I’m sure kids get plenty of candy anyway without one more treat from you. 🙂

  3. I love the teal idea–have not heard of that. I’ll certainly tell my friends and neighbors about it. Also thanks for featuring my post in your Editor’s Pick. It was one of the most personal posts I’ve put on my blog. It was something that took me by surprise and was a bit hard to face. But face it I must. Again thanks!

    1. We saw a few teal pumpkins last night and our son received some non-candy items which was nice. We will certainly be doing the teal project every Halloween moving forward.

  4. Where we live, almost no one was handing out candy. We had to walk a good 15 mins to the first house that was.
    I would also like to say that as a parent of a child with food allergies (peanuts) I really appreciate the extra care that people take when participating in the Teal project. Every year I’ve taken my child Trick or Treating (to not feel left out) and once the candy had been sorted by what is safe and isn’t, about half the pile goes to work with Hubby to share with co-workers. Of course I always buy a box of peanut free candy to make up for the loss ahead of time. Items like stickers and pencils don’t really cost that much and they make my child very happy to receive them.

    1. We found a couple of houses with teal pumpkins tonight but not many at all. We did get a pencil, playdoh and a notepad to write in with the pencil which was nice for our son. I think it will catch on slowly where we will see mfg come out with Halloween Boxes that are for kids with allergies instead of just treats.

  5. When our kids were small I would take them out and around while hubby manned the door. We did hit the odd place where they had 2 bowls of treats as a neighbor wasn’t going to be home so they left their goodies with the folks next door. The kids were fine with that idea. The odd place would leave out a bowl of things and kids would grab a handful. A few times the last while I have had the fun of taking the grandson out around the area.
    A number of years ago, before we moved into town the small hamlet we lived in had a Halloween party for the kids at the local community center. So you would have about an hour or so of loads of kids then everyone went to the community center for the costume judging and a prize. Every kid there won something so all were happy.
    We have the winter tires on the truck but we do the rust proofing every other year and it was done last year. The old girl is still in pretty good shape, hubby and the older boy did some work on her over the summer. I still need to get some bags of water softener salt for the back end and get the older boy to pull the fuse for the ABS brakes again.
    Colleen got some sweet deals there!! Have a Happy Halloween and a great weekend!!

  6. We live in a large townhouse project, which has families of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Since our children, and most of the long-term neighbours’ kids have grown up and left, we have not had more than a handful of visitors for several years. Most of the kids that did show up were children or grandchildren of friends in the area.
    For the last few years, we haven’t even bought any treats, and now have made it our practice to go out at about six o’clock for a nice dinner. We haven’t put out treats as you said you do, but we have let our friends know that we wouldn’t be home, in case they pass by with little ones. No one has ever said (to our faces) that they disapprove of our actions, and I doubt they do.

    On another note, for nostalgia’s sake, when I was a kid, we used to get lots of fresh apples, along with candy and other sweet treats. In Western Canada (at least), apples from B.C. were plentiful and giving them out was a cost-competitive alternative to suckers and other sugary things. We even had a call at the doors: “Hallowe’en Apples,” in a sing-song chant, and we thought it strange when someone said,”Trick or Treat!” Today, of course, an apple costs many times more than a single Hershey/Mars/whatever brand of treat, so they are non-existent. The fear, which began, I think, in the 1970s, of people hiding razor blades in apples, contributed to the demise of fresh fruit as treats.

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