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How To Make Easy Money When You’re Broke : The Saturday Weekend Review #180

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how to make easy money when you're broke


Over the last 6 months I’ve read article after article about increases in household expenses with Ontario Hydro in the spotlight.

I’ve had a few fans contact me with questions about using our budget who then confide in me that they can’t keep up with rising costs and they don’t know what to do.

It’s always hard for me to read personal stories because I wish I could take the financial stress away that people are feeling which is why I started this blog in the first place.

Not everyone is struggling because they spend too much or have piles of consumer debt either. Sometimes financial struggles are beyond our control so we have to find other ways to make ends meet.

If you’re not earning or saving enough money there are options for you to help keep you on your feet.

Falling on hard times is a wide-spread problem for some people who end up moving to a smaller city with cheaper rent or renting a room instead of an apartment or condo.

Easy Money Options For Homeowners

move to earn money

If you are a homeowner struggling to pay the bills there are a few options you could explore such as;

  • Downsize
  • Move to a less expensive city
  • Become a host family
  • Rent a room(s)
  • Turn your part of your home into an apartment

Our neighbour suddenly lost her husband to cancer and now rents rooms in her basement so she can continue living in the house with their son.

At almost $500 a room, that’s easy money for her and helps ease the financial squeeze.

The only part she doesn’t care for is the lack of privacy however she says that so far everything has been great.

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There are people who are juggling bills because they don’t know whether to pay their Hydro bill or take care of their other essential needs first.

When they go to make a payment it’s a constant battle of finding ways to make it all work without suffering consequences of utility disruption or even worse an eviction notice.

The good thing is that most communities have a food bank and other agencies that will help those in need with free clothing, diapers, formula, shoes and so on for adults, children and babies.

It’s easy to tell people who are struggling to get another job or go back to school but not everyone can do this.

Have you tried to find a decent paying job lately? Employees are complaining that they haven’t gotten a raise in years and minimum wage is just not enough to get by on.

The wide-spread competition for jobs is draining especially with graduates saturating the employment market because they can’t find work in their field of study.

Let’s not forget the massive student loans some of them graduate with too. The same thing has happened in the UK for years.

It personally affected me which is why I ended up with a shiny degree and a job working for a major company not in my field of study at all.

What you want to avoid is falling victim to the system when you can get out and work or work more to bring in extra money.

Even if you can’t work making financial cuts is not an easy task to do but it can be done.

Relying on the government for support and dealing with your own financial system is a strapping spot to be in especially during retirement years.

It won’t matter how you earn money if you’re not budgeting it correctly, nobody wins.

A fan sent me an email asking for help finding ways to help keep her finances afloat. If you have the Ability, Motivation and Attitude you can do anything.

I Need Easy Money

how to make easy money when you're broke

Hi Mr.CBB,

I struggle every month to pay my bills in an apartment I rent in London, Ontario especially with rising Hydro costs.

I was wondering if you had any ideas of how I could get money quick to help complement my income so I don’t have to start chopping the extras like internet and cable.

I also don’t care to move to another city as it’s hard to find a career in my line of work.



The most obvious here would be to budget your money to see where you can make financial cuts.

Yes, that means no more cable, no internet and taking the bus because you no longer can afford them without earning more money.

There are some ways you can earn easy money to help supplement your income to help you during the hard times.

Start off by asking your boss to pick up extra shifts or to work overtime when available.

This is how I earned enough money to pay down my mortgage in the UK and ultimately our mortgage in Canada.

Tip: Make sure to factor in an emergency savings fund even if it’s only $5 a month.

Budget Category Shifting

Having a bulging emergency savings fund is a dream for many people which means they are left to source other options when they are in need of fast cash.

You don’t have to go crazy to make money to help boost your current income but you do need to work with your financial numbers a bit to see what you can and cannot do to make things work.

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Having free community options available helps someone who is broke and in need of easy money to supplement their income to make ends meet.

Let me explain.

If your budget carries $200 a month for groceries but your Hydro bill is $100 and you don’t have the money to pay for it you visit the Food Bank to supplement your groceries. You then take the extra cash from your grocery savings to put towards other bills.

Save where you can.

This is what I like to call category shifting the budget with the money you save if you struggle to have emergency savings or enough money on a monthly basis.

This route may not seem like easy money to everyone but to someone in need this money is essential to keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Ultimately you’ll want your budget to balance so you don’t need to play with your numbers every month.

Here are a few other suggestions to help you earn some easy money that I may take on if I was in such a situation but they do come with cautions so tread lightly.

Easy Money Selling Your Stuff

how to make easy money when you're broke

I’ve seen this happen so often where someone is struggling and one of their last resorts to make easy money is to start selling their belongings.

Most people will start with the most expensive items they have that will net them some serious cash such as jewellery or cashing in their investments.

From there you can expect them to start selling clothes, household items and lastly vehicles and other toys that transport them back and forth to work.

In an instance where car insurance is too expensive, car payments become overwhelming or car repairs are left undone selling the vehicle first is the better option although it may take longer.

There’s nothing wrong with living a minimalist lifestyle especially if you have too much stuff.

There are people who have been condemned on social media for selling what they were given for free to make easy money.

For someone whose bank account is empty or when kids are involved parents can become desperate and do whatever they can to protect themselves and their family.

I’m not talking about the people who make a living picking up free stuff from generous people and reselling it to make easy money either because those types of greedy people end up ruining offerings of free stuff to those in need.

Earn Easy Money Buying Low Selling High

Ah, I bet most people don’t think about this but it is a great way to make fast easy money with quick turnaround if you can keep costs low.

Have you ever read a Kijiji Ad only to see the seller has 400 other ads? I have and most likely those sellers are out to make easy money buying low and selling higher.

They are master negotiators too which is a great skill to have however it takes practice.

When you are in a pickle for cash buying and selling is certainly an option.

If you’ve ever been to a garage sale or hosted a garage sale you’ve likely had early birds show up to see what you are selling.  These people are the smart scalpers of the garage sale industry. They buy low and negotiate even lower prices on items that will make them easy money by selling high.

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What they will target is antiques, jewellery, electronics, toys and even cheap name brand clothing.

If you can find a pair of $50 kids jeans at a garage sale for $0.50 you can turn that into $5 of easy money.

People will buy this stuff but you have to know what is hot in the resale market so you aren’t hoarding tonnes of stuff for too long.

Most often there is a buyer for everything that is resold.

Another way to do this is by hunting the second-hand shops for items worth money and selling them for more than what you paid for.

Keep an eye out for free solid wood furniture that you can buff up to beef up your bank account.

There are tonnes of homeowners who get rid of old furniture that gets scooped up fast by people wanting to clean it up and resell it for easy money.

If it’s worth money and even more if it can be brought back to life with a bit of elbow grease and a few bucks of supplies you can bet it’s a smart financial move for someone.

This is a busy market and one that can yield you easy money for those looking for a side-hustle hobby.

The problem with this way to make easy money is that you need to use your own money first to make money in most instances.

It does work though as I know someone who does this to earn extra income and managed to put a down-payment on her first rental home.

Odd Jobs For Easy Money

easy money odd jobs mowing grass

When my wife was pregnant we hired a lady to come to our house and help us weed the back garden for around $30.

That sounded like a bargain to us since we were trying to save for our new baby and balance our budget.

We had never hired anyone to do such a job before so it was tough handing money over for something we would typically do ourselves.

It was also a learning experience.

In the midst of conversation she also offered house cleaning because she said that her full-time job wasn’t helping her make ends meet and she was struggling to find a part-time job.

Instead of sitting on her butt she posted an ad online to do odd jobs for people.

This is certainly a great way to make easy money when you are in a pinch especially during the summer months when homeowners are busy with their families and don’t have time for property upkeep.

Sell Your Skills For Easy Money

There are many people who want to supplement their income or earn a bit of cash on the side who offer to do odd jobs.

A friend of ours who is an expert when it comes to fixing computers and earns a tidy side income doing so.

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He posts an ad on Kijiji and says it’s easy money for the most part unless it’s a job that will take longer to do.

Installing phone screens, laptop screens and simple jobs like this are his big income scores.

Another person we know who is unemployed started making crafts and selling them online which has become easy money for her.

Most of the items she makes come from thrift store finds or freebies that were passed along to her such as wood, yarn, paint and other craft supplies.

If you’re a University or College student offer to tutor at the library for cash in subjects that you excel in.

The spare money will come in handy to pay for school costs and you’ll help someone in need of educational assistance.

You can also opt to babysit for friends and family which will give you cash in hand and fast.

Protect Yourself And Your Home

One thing to keep in mind as a homeowner is to make sure that your home insurance has full liability coverage in the event that something should happen.

The last thing you need to do is be sued because someone you hired to do a cash job injures themselves and your insurance company runs the other way.

The other option is to hire a trusted family member or friend to help you for free.

Mrs CBB and I do want to mention that just because you are struggling to make ends meet that you should think about your safety first.

The same goes for whoever is hiring someone from an online ad.

When people get desperate they will do just about anything to make easy money but that rush can easily turn to horror for both parties.

The woman who we hired didn’t have transportation to our house so we offered to pick her up.

We didn’t know her and she didn’t know us. This could have turned deadly on our part because we invited a stranger into our vehicle to bring her to our house to help out without knowing anything about her.

She did not ask to go into our house but what if she needed to use the bathroom?

If you’re not paying attention she could ransack your bedroom and steal cash or jewellery.

Remember, you don’t know this person.

Would you allow strangers into your home by hiring a person from Kijiji or someone looking for work?

The good thing about hiring a business is that you are getting an employee of the business.

That doesn’t mean nothing can happen but it certainly is far better than hiring someone who can pretend to be whoever they want to be.

We were desperate for help and she needed the money.

She should have never gotten into our vehicle because we were strangers to her and we should have not offered to pick her up.

Just keep safety in mind when you are dealing with situations like this.

Learn from our mistake.

Discussion: What other ways can you think of to make easy money?

The trouble I got into this week

I was working on the sandbox for our son most of the week which I’m hoping to have completed by the end of next week.

The yard is looking a bit dry but it’s still very green so it was nice to see a bit of rain come down Friday night.

With the rising costs of hydro and water, not many people are interested in keeping their lawn lush and green any longer.

I wonder if this will put a dent in the lawn care business moving forward?

The boy has been a ball of fun this week as he’s so excited to have me home.

I’m taking the opportunity to do as much as I can with him every day while I’m home. A trip to the park, setting up the sprinkler, filling the pool and lots of walks around the block.

I’m even working on a bike for him and I so we can go biking. I just need to buy new tires and away we go.

The bike and new baby seat were given to me for free.

That’s my exciting week. How was yours?


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Jen is back with her weekly garage sale finds and what basket of gold she found this week.

jen garage sale july 2016(1)

Hi Mr.CBB and Fans,

Here are today’s garage sale deals and savings;

  • 2 bags of fake food (Adam will use it in his play kitchen) – free
  • 3 bags of Lego $1.50 (asking was $2.50)
  • Light-bulbs $.25
  • Wii game $2
  • The Lorax DVD $2 (asking was $5)
  • Green ball – free
  • Fisher Price Laugh & Learn tablet $.25 (asking was $.50 – this retails for $26.99 at toys r us!!!)
    Total spent $6.00

Making A Difference (MAD)

Making A Difference Canadian Budget Binder MAD

Welcome to the 2016 Making A Difference series! Join the networking movement of Personal Finance Bloggers around the world.

If you are a personal finance blogger (anywhere around the world) and would like your blog to be MAD featured simply drop me an email and I’ll explain the process to you.

This is my way of giving back to the personal finance community through networking and sharing knowledge with my fans. Today it is my pleasure to share with you the blog, Dames In Debt.

Hi CBB Readers!

damesindebt_logoSo, it’s kind of crazy that we’re on Canadian Budget Binder right now, but here goes!

My name is Kathryn and I write a personal finance blog with my older sister, Jessica.

Together, we’re the Dames in Debt!

The Dames in Debt are a pair of sisters working off their combined $250,000 worth of student loans and consumer debt while keeping it real about the struggles of being twenty-somethings in expensive cities with limited funds.

Representing both coasts of the United States of Indebtedness, the Dames blog about millennial budgeting, saving money without feeling deprived, and how to live a first-class life on coach-class funds.

We started the blog unofficially in January 2016 as way to keep track of our finance resolutions and share our money struggles with each other.

Since I’m on the East Coast, and my sister is on the West Coast, we don’t have a lot of time to talk to each other – especially with the time zone change.

Dames in Debt has become a really fun way for us to stay and touch and has grown into so much more than just a personal diary of our millennial money makeovers.

Since we started writing, we’ve both learned a ton about finances, were introduced to the concept of early retirement, and our well on our way to reaching financial independence.

We’re hoping we can make a difference to our readers by showing how it’s possible to pay off debt and get on track financially while still having a life.

Neither of us has the option of moving in with our mom, and we both make modest salaries.

We aren’t trying to pay off our entire debt in 6 months, but we show you how a modest goal of debt repayment in a few years still makes a huge difference.

We’re only six months old, but we’ve made so many friends in the blogging community.

If nothing else, we hope our readers know that we support them on all of their varied money adventures, and that we’d love to chat and swap savings stories when they like.

Dames in Debt is as much for our readers as it is for us – and we plan to keep it that way.

Thank you to Mr CBB for having us on M.A.D. this week, and thank you to everyone who reads Dames in Debt for making our blogging experience so great!

Yummy Recipe Find

Smores_Mini_Pies(1)Food and grocery shopping are relevant to us because food is a large part of the budget which people struggle the most with.

We all have to eat to survive but just because we have a budget doesn’t mean we can’t eat delicious home-cooked meals that are drool-worthy.

If you are someone who would rather buy convenience foods consider cooking homemade meals or baking from scratch.

Not only will you save money but you will be proud of what you’ve accomplished and you’ll see that from the smiles on those you feed.

For the past 2 years, I’ve had a second Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I exclusively share recipes from Food Bloggers around the world.

I also share recipes on the blog on Sunday either made by the home cook and mom Nicola Don or myself.

This week our Top Recipe Pick goes to Tonia over at The Gunny Sack for this MUST HAVE Summer Recipe- Mini S’ more Pie Pops. The recipe is dead easy to make and ready in 17 minutes.

You could make these ahead and take them with you camping to put on the grill or cook on an open fire where permitted. Delicious.

Totally Cool Pinterest Find

non toxic ways to clean your kitchen recipes

My wife and I used to get tonnes of cleaners for free or cheap with coupons and we still have lots in our stockpile however we are leaning more towards the DIY cleaners.

With a little one in the house, we prefer not to use chemicals if we can help it, making it is cheaper and better for the environment.

Right now we use lots of vinegar and water around the house for cleaning but I found this cool infographic over at Pure Living Space with some easy DIY Kitchen Cleaners that we’re going to try. Check out the full article for more info.

Editor’s Choice

Every week I will pick a blog post of the week from around the web that I found interesting and want to share with all of you.

Please head on over and give the post a read and let them know that Mr. CBB sent you if you comment. Thanks.

Editor’s pick (That’s me Mr.CBB) This week I read a post over at the Millennial Money Man who shares the real reasons he lives debt free.

I enjoy spending time with people who are older than me, because it’s like a glimpse into my own future.

This is exactly what I used to do and still do because I was always interested in what people had to say about their life experiences.

I wanted to learn from them because I figured they’ve already been through what I’m walking into so I might as well take notes.

Finance Quote Of the Week

ability motivation attitude quote

This is where I end my post with something for you to think about.

Take time to think about these three words today, Ability, Motivation and Attitude and ask yourself if you’ve done all you can.

If the answer is no then dig deep inside yourself to find ways to strip away the negative and work on the positives.

Google Search Giggles

Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog.

If you notice any spelling errors below this is because I share the exact way it was typed into a search engine query to land on my blog.

  • Neighbour obsessed with sealing driveway– I don’t know about you but I’m picturing this guy going out at least once a week to seal his driveway. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to walk on it. Could you imagine someone chasing you down with a roller? ha!
  • Can I vent about my job on social media in Canada?– Why is this even a question? You shouldn’t have to vent about your employer online. If you have any concerns talk to HR or if it’s a labour issue there are other governing bodies who will listen.
  • How long will it take to pay $100,000 in debt? – Depends on how much you are paying each month, lump sums and your interest rate.
  • Wife won’t tell me where the money went– Pretty soon you won’t know where your wife went.
  • How can you be rich and in debt?– Easy, rich on paper but you have debt to pay off. Just because people own stuff doesn’t mean they don’t “owe” money.
  • Does Costco sell Stamps? – I can’t get over how many people want to know whether Costco sells stamps or not and visits my blog to find out.

That’s all the fun for this week, thanks for dropping by and we’ll see ya all again next Saturday!


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