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Flashfood App Offers 50% Off At The Grocery Store

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Based out of Toronto, the Flashfood App is the newest way Canadians save money on groceries.

Today, you’ll learn about the most excellent food savings app in Canada that many Canadians are signing up for.

New FlashfoodApp Helps Fight Food Waste And Offers Grocery Savings For Consumers

If you are from Michigan or Wisconsin, you may want to keep reading because you’re included too!

Would you buy near-expired food products for 50% off for grocery savings and help conquer food waste?

If you just answered YES, then the Flashfood app is definitely for you.

Sign Up For The Flashfood App To Get A Freebie

Flashfood App

Honestly, right from the start, I will tell you that if you buy reduced products, sign up for the Flashfood app now.

Every person who signs up gets a $5 credit, a freebie offered by Flashfood for new app customers.


160 000 000 000 pounds of food in North America end up in the landfill

The Problem – Food Waste in landfills turns to methane gas

The Diversion – Retailers stock based on need and working with agencies like the food bank.

The Solution – Keep as much food out of the landfill as possible by offering it at 50% off to consumers when it expires.


Grocery Savings in Canada

Groceries are one of the most significant expenses next to paying your mortgage or rent so of course, cutting costs is a priority for many people.

When coupon savings apps such as Checkout51 came out, Canadians jumped on the app wagon because any grocery savings are a bonus.

The Flashfood app is the same, although its focus is on food waste in Canada and working with grocery stores and consumers to combat this problem.

After years of blogging over 300 grocery-related posts for Canadians on C.B.B. in my Ultimate Grocery Guide, food waste became of great importance to me.

Flashfood App Cover Photo

My wife and I always shop for the reduced rack at the grocery store.

It doesn’t stop there.

We scour the grocery store for reduced stickers, particularly 50% off stickers, at our local President’s Choice Loblaws stores, such as Zehrs and RCSS.

Those grocery savings are enormous for our monthly budget, which has helped keep it so low over the years.

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It has also allowed us to eat foods we typically wouldn’t purchase because the prices are far too high for our budget.

This also ties in with the solution of the Flashfood App, which allows consumers a wider variety of food choices.

By selling this food at 50% off the retail price through Flashfood, grocers are able to recover costs (i.e.: reduce shrink), and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Consumers are able to take advantage of healthier food items like produce, meat and prepared meals that they would ordinarily deem too expensive. – Flashfood and Food Waste in Canada

Can you earn P.C. Optimum Points On Your Flashfood App online order?

You cannot earn P.C. Optimum Points, which may be a shortcoming; however, the savings are enormous.

However, under the settings tab on the app, they do as for your P.C. Loyalty card number.

This is because they want to fill up their fridge with deals you’ll want to buy.

FTP do that; they want to learn about your historic purchases from your points card information.

As loyal P.C. customers, we already have a P.C. Elite MasterCard that helped us earn almost 5 million P.C. Optimum Points.

This is why we shop at grocery stores under the Loblaws umbrella.

The significant part about buying reduced food items is that we are helping to control food waste in Canada.

In return, consumers who buy these products are about to expire save money.

Flashfood App 101

Flashfood App Chilliwack B.C

What is the Flashfood App?

This is not a small empire with over 24 employees on the Flashfood App team. It’s growing and will reach various heights since costs are getting expensive for Canadians.

We want to save money, so I took the liberty of signing up for the Flashfood app after a C.B.B. fan asked if I had heard about it.

I had not heard about it, so I thought it was new, or I’d been living under a rock because the Flashfood App is awesome.

Flashfood App Grocery Haul

Until long-time C.B.B. fan, Christine McLean messaged me on Facebook to tell me all about it.

Here’s our conversation:

Have you tried the new Flashfood app?

No, I have not. What’s it all about?

Food that’s going to expire in a few days deeply discounted usually at a store near you.

I have Superstore.

I pick items that I want, pay for it and pick it up at the Superstore.

Oh really? Cool.

Last night they had all kinds of mixed boxes of fruits and then veggies – for $5 a box

Not sure if it available in Ontario but my nephew in Saskatchewan can use it and we are in BC.

Cool tip to keep grocery costs down.

I’m going to look. What a great way to sell stuff.

Thanks for letting me know.

You’re welcome. I’m always looking for ways to save money.

Yes, they have it in Ontario.

Cool. So do I go in?

Oh, add to the cart.

You place the order on your Flashfood app first then Pay for it and go pick it up.

I used my debit Visa card – so the money just came out of my bank account.

Make sure you take your bags with you. It’s quick and easy to pick up your products at customer service.

When you pick up – you go to customer service and they either get the items for you or you get it from the flash food cooler and then back to customer service to verify and then you leave

Just tell them you are there for flash food.

Have your phone handy with app opened so you make sure you get everything

Brilliant, O.M.G., so happy.

Thanks again, Christine.

My first order cost me $31.74 and I saved $35.42.

Flashfood App Grocery Receipt Canada

The Best deal was the bag of 3 whole chickens for $8.04- I spent last night cutting up chicken and deep frying two chickens for lunches, and the excess bones are thrown in a bag for soup broth.

Flashfood App Order Receipt

You can also add your P.C. Loyalty card to the Flashfood app for points.

Flashfood App Tip – set up the notifications so that you are notified when new items are posted so you can get the best deals fast.

I’m never doing a regular shopping trip again!”- Christine McLean

How to start using the Flashfood App

Flashfood App Mr.CBB

If you have an Android, Tablet, iPad, or iPhone, you must download the Flashfood App

  1. Set up your profile and location information in the app
  2. Click on the shopping carts on the map or your preferred stores below
  3. Browse for deals that are 50% off to see if you are interested in any of them
  4. Purchase what you would like at a discounted price from your phone
  5. Go to the grocery store and pick up your items at the Flashfood Zone
flash food app

That’s it!! It’s so awesome, and we love this idea at Canadian Budget Binder and 100% back them up on the concept.

You also save time by purchasing grocery products online, so you’re not doing it at the store.

You can also grocery shop for other items on your shopping list and simultaneously pick up your Flashfood products.

I suggest checking the Flashfood app often, as they add new 50% off deals.

Canadian Grocery Stores That Use The Flashfood App

rcss Canada

The grocery stores in Canada currently involved with the Flashfood App are:

  • Loblaws
  • Chris
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Dominion

This may expand as this concept grows across Canada since Food Waste is a massive issue for Canadians.

Locations For Flashfood App

Not only is the Flashfood app debuting in Canada, but they also offer the app to Americans in Michigan and Wisconsin, although it is still a tiny entity over there.

I’m sure that will grow to new heights in no time.

Let’s look at the different Loblaws locations across Canada and how many Flashfood app grocery stores are available to each.

By the time you read this, the numbers may change to give you an idea of where you live.

If you don’t see your city location on the list, you can let the Flashfood app team know what city you’d like to see the app in next by filling in an online contact form.

  • Alberta – 31 Locations
  • British Columbia – 28 Locations
  • Manitoba – 11 Locations
  • New Brunswick – 19 Locations
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 11 Locations
  • Nova Scotia – 28 Locations
  • Ontario – 125 Locations
  • P.E.I. – 4 Locations
  • Quebec – 139 Locations
  • Saskatchewan – 8 Locations
  • Yukon- 1 Location

The United States Of America

Flashfood App Michigan
  • Michigan – 4 Locations – Meijer Stores
  • Wisconsin – 3 Locations (Various location stores)

You can also sign-up on the app for new location notifications by entering your email.

By doing so, the Flashfood app will send you a notification to let you know if your area has a new grocery store added to the list.

You can also visit the Flashfood App for all the information and more.

Don’t forget to click on my credit code link, so you get $5 off your second Flashfood App order BEFORE you add the app. 🙂

Discussion: Would you buy near-expired food products for 50% off for grocery savings and help conquer food waste?

Drop me your comments below, as I’d love to read your feedback about this app.

Note: The Flashfood app links may be affiliate links available to all Flashfood app users after sign-up.

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