Survey Junkie Review: How I Earn Extra Cash

If you’re looking for fun surveys and surveys that pay money, sign up for Survey Junkie.

Today I will share my experience with the famous online website Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie is a website with legit paid surveys for Canadians, Americans, and residents of Australia and now the United Kingdom.

How I earn extra cash online with Survey Junkie

Why Companies Rely On Surveys

Companies worldwide want to know what their customers like and don’t like.

These surveys are a huge marketing tool used to understand consumer needs.

“Your voice can change the products of
tomorrow. Setup your Survey Junkie account to share opinions and get paid!”

Companies would rather pay consumers for taking online surveys than invest millions of dollars into products that will fail for the company.

Imagine if you wanted to start up a business selling various animal food products.

You wouldn’t want to market bananas to goats since they’d rather eat barley, peas, corn, and oats.

On the other hand, monkeys adore bananas, nuts, seeds, and flowers, so it’s essential to market correctly.

In other words, marketing products to consumers based on what they like and don’t like is big business, and you’re part of the solution.

Based on your user profile on Survey Junkie, they will send you surveys to complete.

What I like about Survey Junkie is how transparent they are.

Customer service is readily available if you need help.

Plus, there are many FAQs to guide you through understanding more about the process of surveys they offer.

There are no hidden costs, and all you do is give your opinion on future products.

List of surveys on Survey Junkie that a user can participate in based on their profile data.
Available Survey Junkie Surveys For The User

When I have spare time, I sign into my Survey Junkie platform and fill out a survey.

Sometimes I fill out 5 or 6 if they are available.

I often feel that if I don’t fill out available surveys, it’s comparable to leaving money on the table.

In other words, I complete my surveys before it is gone.

How To Become A Member of Survey Junkie

Sign up for Survey Junkie and receive 25 points.
How To Sign Up For Survey Junkie

Membership is free, and signing up is relatively simple.

All you need is your name and an email address, and you are over the age of 18.

Then you will start with a tour of the website, followed by answering some basic questions about yourself.

To enroll, Survey Junkie costs you nothing. All Survey Junkie wants is your opinion.

Survey Junkie will pay Canadians cash via PayPal or e-gift cards based on where they live.

What Are Survey Junkie Points Worth?

How much are Survey Points worth in Canada?
Survey Opportunities with Survey Junkie

Each point is worth 1 point, and once you reach 500 points, you can redeem it for $5.00.

Every survey that becomes available to you will offer different points amounts.

For example, the survey above will offer 55 points once completed.

You’ll also notice that each survey comes with an estimated time to finish.

You don’t have to redeem right away, as you can let the points build up.

As long as you’re active, it’s an excellent way to save extra cash.

Or you can redeem and deposit the money in your bank account to earn interest.

Use the money to pay off credit card debt, bank loans, OSAP, and vehicle payments.

I’ve always said that if there is an opportunity to earn extra money, don’t brush it off.

Lifetime Points vs Survey Points

Lifetime Points vs. Current Points for Survey Junkie Canada.
Lifetime Points vs Current Points

Once you sign up, you will see a section that says lifetime points and survey points.

The difference between both is straightforward.

Lifetime points are what you’ve earned since you signed up with Survey Junkie.

Survey Points are the points you have earned and have not redeemed.

Do Survey Points Expire?

They do not expire if you are active, but if after 12 months you do not log in and complete a survey, you will lose them.

That would be a pity, especially if you have many points you were saving on redeeming.

I often redeem my points at 500 to start putting the money to work for us.

Who Can Join Survey Junkie?

Take a tour of Survey Junkie to see what it's all about.
Join Survey Junkie and start earning points towards cash or e-Gift cards.

If you live in Canada, the USA, Australia or the United Kingdom and you’re over 18.

Why not have your teenager sign up for Survey Junkie and earn cash instead of wasting time on social media.

This way, they can save money to put towards something they need to purchase in the future.

How To Redeem Your Survey Points

Currency Converter
XE Currency Converter

First things first, you get paid in American Dollars.

If you want to know the actual amount you earn, use a currency conversion calculator.

For every 500 points that you earn, it equals $5.00.

You will need a minimum of 500 points to cash out.

If you convert USD 5.00 to Canadian, the current exchange rate will give you $6.12.

Not too shabby, just for giving your opinion.

Current points amount with Survey Junkie.
Your Current Points with Survey Junkie

How Much Money Will I Earn With Survey Junkie?

How much money will I earn with Survey Junkie?
Higher Paying Surveys By Filling Out Your Profile

You can learn as little or as many points as you like.

The number of surveys you will be offered based on your likes and needs means points can add up quickly.

You can answer other topics besides the initial sign-up questions to get higher-paying surveys.

  • Shopping Profile
  • Technology Profile
  • Household Profile
  • Health Profile

Each category takes a couple of minutes to fill out, so it’s definitely worth your time.

Survey Junkie Stats Are Impressive

Have a look at the latest stats provided by Survey Junkie and see why they are ahead of the rest.

The stats don’t lie, so I support Survey Junkie as part of the CBB community.

  • Completing just three surveys a day can earn you as much as $40 a month
  • The average survey payout is $.50 – $3.00.
  • Survey Junkie has paid out $25 Million
  • $1M+ Monthly Payout
  • $20M+ Members
  • Survey Junkie pays $40,000+ daily for members who take surveys and spend time online

I’ve always believed that it’s worth it if you can spare a bit of your time to earn extra money.

Survey Junkie Pulse Extension

You can also add an extension to your browser called the Survey Junkie Pulse Extension.

Once you successfully sign up for Survey Junkie, they will offer an extension to you.

I have this and summarize how it works based on your online browsing.

The extension does not get access to your personal information or any sensitive data.

Extensions will ignore credit card numbers, email addresses, usernames, passwords, etc.

If you use more than one browser, you can add the extension to each one.

This way, you’ll be sent more surveys based on your browsing.

You’ll have more opportunities to fill in additional surveys for more points by adding the extension.

Survey Junkie Rewards

Survey Junkie Reward Status

Depending on where you live, you can redeem points for cash via Paypal, e-transfer, or e-gift cards.

The e-gift cards available are from Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, Sephora, Target, Starbucks and Walmart.

None of the e-gift cards expire and will cost you nothing to redeem.

Currently, for Canadians, Survey Junkie offers only cash via Paypal.

However, I’d rather have the cash to do what I want with it rather than be limited by e-gift cards.

So, that’s no big deal; it’s a great deal.  

Online Paying Survey Sites – Final Thoughts

I always test what I share with you on Canadian Budget Binder, so you get my perspective.

Based on what I’ve experienced, I’d suggest signing up if you enjoy surveys.

The extra cash I earn I put into our bank account.

It will not make us rich, but it will pay for the small things that we need helping us save money.

If you’re looking for a legitimate Canadian survey website, sign up for Survey Junkie.


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  1. I will definitely be looking into this. Pennies (well, nickles now, I guess) add up to dollars eventually! Thank you for the article.

    1. That’s just it Stephanie and why I don’t mind filling them out to earn extra cash. Believe it or not surveys and lots of focus groups are what helped us pay our mortgage off quicker. We were able to use the extra cash towards groceries and other smaller expenses and put anything extra onto our mortgage.

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