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Why Canadians Love FREE Product Samples?

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Do you love Free Product Samples like I do? I’m sure all of us have bought a product and were disappointed by it at some point in our lives whether it was a beauty, cleaning, or food product. 

Sometimes, I feel kind of “cheated” when I buy a full-size product for the first time, only to throw it away shortly afterwards.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to “try before you buy”.

If you are frugal like we are and use coupons you’re better off letting your coupons expire before you use them on full product especially if you haven’t had a chance to use the product before.

We like to try and find samples first and we don’t see samples we’ve been successful in the past asking the customer service associate if they have any samples of the product to test.

Not all products in-store will have free product samples you can test especially if it’s a taste test or something you need to add to your laundry but if it’s lotions, perfumes or food you might just get lucky.

How many of you run to the free sample booth at the grocery store to sample new food products? We do to plus it’s a great way to score some money saving coupons because the rep always seem to have a stash behind the counter.


Free Product Samples: A Consumers Point of View


The first best thing about getting a free sample is that…Well, it’s FREE!

One of the many reasons why Canadians love getting free samples and freebies is that they can be very useful for testing new products. Plus they help you make up your mind about a specific product.

Let’s say you request a free beauty sample, you try it, you like it. On your next shopping trip, will you get the full-size version of the one you tried, or the one you have yet to try? It’s doesn’t take a genius to figure out the answer.

Getting free samples in Canada is super easy, convenient, and hassle-free. You won’t lose anything, other than the few seconds it takes to fill out the request form. After that, all you have to do is wait for the mail.

One more reason why it’s good to get free stuff by mail or other means is to be able to save a few bucks.

How so you ask?

Let’s say, you recently received 2 free samples of a new laundry detergent; each sample will be able to wash one full load of laundry. Unfortunately, you ran out of detergent and you’re a little tight on money for the week.

Guess what? You can use one or both samples to take care of your laundry for that week (or for 2 weeks, if you have one load per week) until you have a bit more cash to get the full-size detergent


Free Product Samples: A Manufacturer’s Point Of View


Sending out free samples to Canadian households is a simple marketing tool that product manufacturers have increasingly been using the last few years. It’s a direction that is mainly used to introduce a new product to the market. It can also be used to present an existing product a new demographic.

Often we find coupons attached to our front door or baggies with free samples from the manufacturer that they want us to try. We think it’s a great way to spread the word to the customers.

Another “smart” reason why some companies would rather “advertise” their products through sampling is to give their potential customers a hands-on experience, rather than simply advertising products on a magazine or a billboard.


Top Free Product Sample Sites


Now that both sides have been covered I would like to talk a bit more about top free product sample sites in Canada. Other than the free product samples you can request products or even Canadian coupons for free samples directly from manufacturers.

There are a few Canadian free sample sites you should be aware of such as:

These are Canada’s most popular sources to receive lots of free samples. Keep in mind though that they’re not always available and that the demand is so high that when they go live their supplies don’t last very long. That means you have to be ready to spring into action to order your samples so if you belong to a coupon forum or coupon page you might start seeing your Facebook page light up with Go, Go, Go!

In the case of P&G’s BrandSampler for instance it comes out a few times a year (which is more often than the others) but in different “editions.” There’s the Costco Members Edition, Spring & Fall Editions, Holiday Edition, and even one that is dedicated to beauty products, the Beauty & Grooming edition.

Sample Source has been an awesome supplier of free product samples for us. They tend to load a box full of free samples and send it to your house with-in a reasonable amount of time. We’ve ordered them a few times and have been happy with the free service and the savings we get because we know whether we want to try a new product or not by testing out the free sample.

Why do you love getting samples and how do you get free product samples?

I would love to read about your experiences with different products.

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