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The Ultimate List Of Cold Brew Coffee Recipes: The Saturday Weekend Review #328

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Cold brew coffee recipes and iced coffee have long been our afternoon summer drink choices.

Today I’m sharing delicious cold brew coffee recipes, including our frugal iced coffee version.

There’s a difference between our quick cold brew coffee (iced coffee) and authentic cold brew concentrate.

I’ll explain the process below, and you can decide for yourselves which to make.

Perhaps you’ll want to make both, although the money you save is worth the process either way.

We turn to fruit smoothies with keto-friendly berries, coconut milk, almond milk, or macadamia nut milk for creamy summer drink recipes.

Save Money Making Cold Brew Recipes At Home

Save money and make summertime cold brew coffee recipes at home

In 2012 I wrote a blog post about the costs of buying coffee at the shops vs. making it at home.

The post was sincere and an eye-opener for anyone who didn’t realize how costly it was.

Local coffee shops such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons and McDonald’s are swamped this time of year.

While going through the parking lot of a shopping centre, I noticed that McDonald’s offers $1 iced coffee.

Forget about buying iced coffee as I’ll show you how to make it at home for nickels.

Small Expenses Add Up

It has always been the small expenses that boost budget costs due to recognition failure.

A few dollars here and there 2 or 3 times a day calculates into hundreds of dollars a month.

Besides the financial aspect of buying cold brew coffee creations, I wanted to explore new recipes.

Let me show you how to save your budget from exploding by making cold brew coffees at home.

How To Make Instant Cold Brew Coffee (Iced Coffee)

How To Make iced Coffee Cold Brew Coffee

While at Zehrs last week and at Costco, I noticed both stores carry cold brew cans.

Every time I see this, I have to laugh only because I thought cold brew is just cold coffee.

Although the way we make it costs significantly less, it comes with taste differences.

We take a Tupperware pitcher every two days and add four tablespoons of instant coffee and hot water.

Our way is typically called “iced coffee,” is quicker and cheaper because it takes less time.

We stir it up brewed black coffee and refrigerate it until it is chilled and ready to use.

That’s it, my friends. Cold black coffee = Iced Coffee Cold Brew in the CBB house.

Add a shot of cold espresso following the same procedure.

How To Make Authentic Cold Brew Coffee

Whole Coffee Beans Make Authentic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
Whole Coffee Beans Make Authentic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Little did I know, but authentic cold brew coffee that you get at specialty shops takes time.

Cold brew concentrate takes up to 12 hours and tastes sweeter, smoother, and has less acidity.

This is why there is a planning process for businesses that use actual cold brew concentrate.

Once the coffee beans are filtered, the concentrate is best used within two days for best results.

Cold-brew coffee, however, is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in room-temperature water for six to 12 hours. This creates a coffee concentrate you mix with cold water or milk. … (According to some estimates, “cold-brewed coffee is 67 percent less acidic than hot-brewed.”)

When the shop runs out of the cold brew concentrate, they are done for the day until more is made.

This is also why you will pay the high prices for a cold brew from shops such as Starbucks.

Time is money, as are good coffee beans.

Whether you make our frugal CBB version that you might know as “Iced coffee” or the “cold brew,” both are cheaper made at home.

Now to the fun part, cold brew coffee recipe creations.

Simple CBB Cold Brew Coffee Recipe (Iced Coffee)

Keto Cold Brew Coffee recipes made with oat milk or macadamia nut milk.
Keto Iced Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

As mentioned, we make a pitcher of the short version cold brew coffee at home as our base.

The following ingredients are added to make our Iced Cold Brew Coffee.

You can use this quick base recipe and add whatever flavours, sauces, and toppings you prefer.

  • 1 cup cold brew coffee (iced coffee)
  • 2 cups Unsweetened Macadamia Nut Milk or Oat Milk
  • 1 tablespoon S’more skinny syrup or salted caramel skinny syrup
  • 4 ice cubes
  • Stir
  • 1 tablespoon whipping cream blended with a milk frother until whipped for topping

Authentic Cold Brew Concentrate Recipe Ingredients

The good folks over at vine pair have the best and only cold brew concentrate recipe you’ll need.

Although it may cost you a bit more, it’s nothing compared to daily stops at fancy coffee shops.

Vinepair- How to make cold brew concentrate from coffee beans

As you can see, making cold brew concentrate is easy to do but time-consuming. Worth it, though.

Below is a mason jar sitting on our counter with fair trade 100% Columbian coffee beans.

In 12 hours, that jar will be authentic cold brew concentrate in any cold or iced coffee drink.

How to make homemade cold brew concentrate at home to cut costs.
How To Make Cold Brew Concentrate At Home

Kitchen Essentials For Making Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

Stocked kitchen pantry doors open
Stock Your Kitchen Pantry With Cold Brew Coffee Ingredients

Once the cold brew is cold, it’s time for us to make our favourite iced coffee recipes the frugal way.

Our cold brew recipes are simple, but if you like whipped cream and sauces, go ahead and add them.

We’ve made a salted caramel cold brew coffee with whipped cream and homemade sugar-free caramel sauce.

Yes, it was delicious, and it didn’t cost us $6-$8 to make a big glass per person.

Our top cold brew coffee recipe is the Dalgona whipped coffee which can be made hot or cold.

If you want to be summer-ready to serve cold brew coffee recipes, here’s what we stock in our kitchen.

We have both a hand mixer that is battery operated and a cold and hot whipped cream frother.

Both are inexpensive and purchased from Amazon Canada and are highly recommended.

If you make authentic cold brew, all you’ll need is a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth (Dollar Store) and coffee beans.

Products For Summer Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee

If you are going camping this summer, stock up and bring these coffee essentials with you.

Flavoured syrups from Jordan’s Skinny Syrups or Torani Syrups, both of which you can buy on Amazon Canada.

You can purchase the sugar-free versions or the regular coffee syrups.

  1. Salted Caramel
  2. Butter Toffee
  3. Vanilla
  4. Peanut Butter Cup
  5. Mocha
  6. Irish Cream *this one was pretty awesome too.
  7. Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  8. Vanilla Caramel Creme
  9. Glazed Donut

You may want to add to the list, but we try to keep our pantry stocked for the summer.

There are also fruity syrups you can add, such as passionfruit, cherry, and strawberry.

Tall clear glasses are great for showing your cold brew recipes to friends and family.

8 Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

As well, if you have Irish cream, Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Tia Maria, or Rum, include a shot in your favourite cold brew recipes.

Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

Cold Brew Iced Tea

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

Cold Brew Recipe With Cinnamon Almond Milk Foam

Starbucks Irish Cream Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

S’mores Cold Brew Coffee

Iced Coffee Lemonade Recipe

Check out my favourite Starbucks Copy Cat drink recipes that are popular year-round.

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